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Max Value 3.5 inch USB Hard Drive Enclosure for an IDE or SATA Hard Drive
Max Value 3.5 inch USB Hard Drive Enclosure for an IDE or SATA Hard Drive

4.0 out of 5 stars Works well, fast. Why the stars on it???, 27 Dec. 2010
Work's really well. The Power connection is loads better than many others (sumvision included). It feels solid and holds the drive solid. The stand provided is fine. I've had read/write speeds comparable to SATA speeds with my green SAMSUNG drive. The power switch works very well, unlike this product

It's just the stars on the front. They light up like a christmas tree and look awful. Why do I want that?


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1.0 out of 5 stars Works sometimes. Switch Unusable, 27 Dec. 2010
I have the SATA version of this.

The quality of this thing beggars belief. It's just not worth it. Spend a tiny bit more, get one with a working on/off switch and longer cables. The switch on this flexes instead of actually switching correctly, I can only switch it with a screw driver.

This will not work when plugged into my front USB ports on my PC, but I've NEVER had a problem with them before?

Would recommend this

Cherry eVolution SIRIUS Wireless USB Keyboard and Mouse Black
Cherry eVolution SIRIUS Wireless USB Keyboard and Mouse Black

4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, but poor wireless range, 27 Dec. 2010
Keyboard is EXCELLENT. Absolutely the very best you'll get for less than about £40.

Mouse is a weighty thing with a really really nice feel. The weight makes it feel much nicer than other mice I've used. Forward and back nav buttons are in the middle on a rocker just back from the scroll wheel. This is actually very convienient and means that leftys don't catch them.

The wireless receiver is FULL SIZE, not a little dongle. It's about this size of a small mouse. It comes with enough cable to sit it on your desk - this is handy, cos you'll need to. I have to sit my receiver on my monitor stand to get a decent signal at all times. Given line-of-sight, range is at least 5m.

Great great deal at under £25. My Dad has the new M82-24810, This older model has a Nicer keyboard button feel and much nicer mouse. The newer M82-24810 mouse feels really cheap and nasty. But the newer model does have much better wireless capability and a micro USB wireless dongle.

Apple iPod - 30GB - White [video playback] MA002FB/A
Apple iPod - 30GB - White [video playback] MA002FB/A

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4.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING - but get the 2yr warranty, 28 Oct. 2005
I have had a 4th gen ipod for just over a year and it broke yesterday. While i had it i was a little dispointed with the battery life but otherwise over the moon with my ipod.
-Scroll wheel: Once you've got 50 artists or more in your collection using anything else apart from an apple scoll wheel to navigate it is REALLY annoying. The scroll wheels are fast, intuative and look great.
-iTunes: Not actually the best, but the EASIEST music organisation program. iTunes music store hasnt got everything, but is pretty good especially for single tracks (albums are probably cheaper to buy from amazon, cdwow, cd101 etc)
-Acessories: Available from amazon or ipod accessories are really amazing. Car chargers, carry cases or skins (essential to keep ipod looking good), audio cables, docking posts, remotes, speakers, stands, armbands and best off all itrip that makes your own radio station with about 10yards range on any frequency playing any song on your ipod, for use in cars, on portable radios etc!!
-The Look: Can you really say any other MP3 jukebox looks better?
-RELIABILITY: Having known people with 4g colour and non-colour ipods I can tell you this is the reliability over view. ipods themselves are highly shock resistant, for example mine survived a car crash and also fell through about 1.5 metres onto concrete. The non-colour LCD screens are also highly durable. The colour screens have been known to break falling from a table onto a carpeted floor!! beware!
Nearly all my friends with ipods have encoutered terminal faults (battery or HDD) at the end of their first year of ownership. Apple give a 1 year warranty, DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND BUY FROM APPLE ONLINE AND GET THE OPTIONAL 2 YEAR WARRANTY for £39. The standard warranty does not cover the battery which WILL go wrong inside 2 years (£80 ish to repair from apple) and the extended warranty does cover it. I don't think screens are covered in any warranty but as shown with the nano, this can be argued with apple.
And just to clear up the debate - ipods do scratch VERY easily unless you have a case and despite the claims the earbud headphones are pretty poor in sound and tend to blow

Rubber Factory
Rubber Factory
Offered by Media Vortex
Price: £29.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Give it 3 listens, then a million more, 17 Oct. 2004
This review is from: Rubber Factory (Audio CD)
This album takes about 2 or 3 listens to grow on you, but once you can understand The black keys you will not be able to stop listening.
This album seems to perfectly fuse their old contempory blues style with a some exciting new 'Hendrix'esque guitar decoration. My favourite tracks have to be 4, 6 and 13, but the whole album is brilliant listened to as a whole.
The only complaint i have about this album is that it hasn't got any tracks that are quite as brilliant as "have love will travel" from their previous album "Thickfreakness".
Buy it

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