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The Book of Enoch
The Book of Enoch
by R. H. Charles
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars A much neglected key to a better understanding., 12 Jun 2002
This review is from: The Book of Enoch (Paperback)
This impressive translation is a true masterpieceand worthy of the uttermost attention. Any book that had the Church "Fathers" as spooked as this one did demands to be read. Unlike the mostly ridiculous Gnosic gospels also excluded from the Bible, this ancient Jewish text carries a divine authority that demands it be taken seriously. The very fact that the prophecies of Enoch were fulfilled to the letter in the timeframes suggested, should be reason enough for Christans to want to study it. The prophecy concerning the judgement of a wicked generation, seventy generations from Enoch (Christ's contemporary generation according to the gospel of Luke) found a devastating fulfillment in the fiery destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, exactly as Christ predicted would befall his own generation!The majority of Christians may not accept Enoch as scripture but clearly Christ and his disciples did and I'm sure that Christ would agree that the majority are rarely, if ever right. Why not read these texts for yourself and make up your own mind what you believe? Maybe, as more and more Christians explore the Jewish roots of their faith, true Christianity will be restored and the foundations of "Churchianity" will be trampled into the dust where they belong! A truly compelling read and I very much urge you to try it.
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The Second Coming: Signs of Christ's Return and the End of the Age
The Second Coming: Signs of Christ's Return and the End of the Age
by John F., Jr. MacArthur
Edition: Hardcover

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1.0 out of 5 stars a begginer's guide to christian mythology, 24 Mar 2002
On the possitive side, this book is well presented and thoroughly doccumented, providing an easily accessible reference for the begginer to Eschatology. It is unfortunate, however, that the writer could not have dealt with so serious a subject in a more realistic and responsible manner. The conclusions reached by the author are nothing short of ridiculous and serve only to reduce Christianity and the scriptures on which it is based to a collection of silly fairy tales and unfulfilled expectation. Employing the age old technique of "Index finger Theology" the author singles out the verses of scripture involved and takes them completely out of context, shamelessly distorting them in order to give some colour to his ludicrous yet sadly popular vision. Were that not in itself reson enough to utterly discard this glorified comic book, the writer then sets out to utterly demonize any theologian that does not share his views without even attempting to answer any of their arguments. Thankfully their are many very good books written on this subject that offer a far more rational perspectve and I for one am glad that I have taken the time to explore a wide variety of different perspectives and not based my faith on a book like this one. I urge anyone who is searching for answers on this subject to keep an open mind and to carefully consider other perspectives and not allow themselves to be mislead by books like this one which serve only to reduce the Christian faith to an utter complete joke! Not recommended to any serious Bible student!

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