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Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator In-Ear Earphones - White
Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator In-Ear Earphones - White

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2.0 out of 5 stars Dissapointed, 15 Feb. 2006
I was expecting much from these earbuds but was quite disappointed.
Although the sound quality was fine, they fall down their design.
1. As both a professional sound engineer and a motorcyclist I've been using earplugs and in-ear monitoring for years without any problems. So I was surprised how uncomfortable these buds were when in place. (I tried all 4 different sizes of tip.)
2. The wire is far thinner than most mid to high priced earphones and feels similar to what you'd expect on earbuds costing less than £5.
3. The driver units themselves are EXTREMELY small. The problem here is that they can be quite difficult to get out of your ear. The instructions state that you shouldn't pull on the cable to remove them (and considering how thin the wire is I have no reason to doubt that wisdom) but the only way I could find to get them out was to claw them out with a fingernail.
4. (And this is a minor point) I bought these to use with an iPod but the length of the cable was long enough to be a nuisance. It is significantly longer than for the earbuds that came with my iPod and by the time you add the length of the remote cable it is quite excessive.

Apple iPod 40GB - 3rd Generation [M9245B/A]
Apple iPod 40GB - 3rd Generation [M9245B/A]

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1.0 out of 5 stars Apple 40gig iPaperweight, 16 Aug. 2004
I bought a 3G 40gig iPod for a PC in June (from Amazon US).
Mid August and I still haven't got one to work!
I'm waiting on my third iPod to be dispatched as a replacement for the iPod itself.
I've also had a remote control failure.
My PC is a higher spec than Apple suggest.
There have been sugestions that despite getting an expensive Belkin Firewire card, because it is not one of the (only) 2 that Apple have tested and Microsoft have certified, that there's a good chance it SHOULDN'T work.
I've replaced the firewire card which didn't help.
(Excuse me, but isn't Firewire a Standard - ie they're all meant to do the same?)
Other than that:
The supplied Firewire and Remote cable plugs are a bad design - they're so smooth that it can be very dificult to extract them from the socket without hauling on the cable itself.
The supplied headphones are well documented as poor at best. (See and for reviews) And I agree whole heartedly!
The capacative jog wheel isn't as easy as it looks and it's very easy to over-shoot the menu item you want from a menu list.
If you want to use Musicmatch v8 (which was supposed to be possible) and then load iTunes, you won't be able to go back to Musicmatch without uninstalling everything and starting again. (Musicmatch 9 is now available - I don't know if it works with the iPod.)
I got the impression form that a 3G iPod would be supplied with Musicmatch for PC and iTunes for Mac. It was only supplied with iTunes for PC and Mac. In my opinion Musicmatch has a far superior system for dealing with file management and Tagging and is a much more versatile peice of software.
Being honest, most people want to get audio OFF their iPod. It's designed so that you can't. (Third party software is available to do the job but you can't do it otherwise.) This might not seem major until you run into problems: one of the common reset sequences suggested by Apple wipes the hard drive in the iPod - so if you haven't got all your MP3s backed up, you loose them all.
AAC (iTunes recommended audio file format) isn't well supported amongst other software as yet.
All in all, my iPod had been a very sleakly designed paperweight. As a sound engineer (with a degree in audio electronics) I WISH I'D BOUGHT AN iRIVER.

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