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HMDX HX-P230GRA-EU Jam Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker - Green (discontinued by manufacturer)
HMDX HX-P230GRA-EU Jam Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker - Green (discontinued by manufacturer)

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1.0 out of 5 stars Great when it worked..., 5 April 2014
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Upon first using this speaker, I found the sound to be surprisingly good to be coming from such a small speaker. It also paired ok with my nexus7 via bluetooth. Only complaint was some sound problems when changing tracks; they would begin sounding muddled before playback. This would sort itself after a couple of seconds.
Unfortunately, upon turning on for a second use, it then inexplicably stopped working. No sign of life from it at all; it would not charge or operate and there was completely no sound coming from it.
I am returning it but I am hesitant to purchase another as I have read a few other reviews from people online that have also claimed that their jam speaker malfunctioned. Would be grateful to hear from others who have experienced similar issues because I really did like the sound and portability of it.
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Whales and Leeches
Whales and Leeches
Price: £7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A thrilling album from start to finish., 20 Mar. 2014
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This review is from: Whales and Leeches (MP3 Download)
Red Fang truly deliver the goods on this album with 11 tracks of riff heavy sludgery. opener, "DOEN" is simply one of the best heavy rock/metal tracks I have heard in ages with ultrasaurus sized riffs and hard hitting drums. I really like the different vocal styles of Aaron Beam and Bryan Giles; they really compliment each other well. Bryan's vocals often remind me of Buzz Osborne from The Melvins. Drummer, John Sherman is a force to be reckoned with. The fills on the last track, "Every Little Twist" conjure up the ghost of John Bonham, complimenting the swampy space-metal perfectly.
Other highlights? "Blood like Cream"-an instant classic. Very pleased they got to play this on David Letterman; I hope this brings them greater exposure. Also very much into "Dawn rising" which features the impressive vocal talents of YOB's Mike Scheidt.
If you are into Sleep, Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Melvins, Electric Wizard, The Obsessed,Torche, Mastodon etc then you probably know and hopefully love these guys already. Anyone into heavier rock/metal/punk; also the heavier side of grunge (Soundgarden, Tad, Skin Yard, A.I.C.), should certainly check this out. Go and see them live too. They're fantastic.
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iGadgitz Black Leather Case for Sony Walkman NWZ-E585 with Detachable Carabiner + Screen Protector
iGadgitz Black Leather Case for Sony Walkman NWZ-E585 with Detachable Carabiner + Screen Protector
Offered by iGadgitz
Price: £10.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Fits perfectly, provides great protection and looks great too., 20 Mar. 2014
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Very pleased with this. It allows for easy operation of all of the controls on my Sony Walkman NWZ-E585 mp3 player whilst providing excellent protection and practicality. The black leather also looks great.
A screen guard and cloth is included with the case as well as a metal clip to attach to belt loops (the case also has a loop which fits on to your belt). It is still slim enough to fit into your pocket easily. I am thankfully now no longer worried about accidentally dropping and damaging my mp3 player.
If you are spending a fair bit of money on a good mp3 player then a good case is an essential purchase as far as I'm concerned and you definitely can't go wrong with this iGadgitz case.

Vanishing Point
Vanishing Point
Price: £8.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars Mudhoney release another blinding album., 22 Jun. 2013
This review is from: Vanishing Point (Audio CD)
I should make an admission first that I am a rather ultra-humungous fan of this band (I even have pet gerbils named Superfuzz and Bigmuff) so this review will show (ahem) just a little bias!

The last two albums Mudhoney have released have really demonstrated just how strong their staying power is as a band.
This is a fine addition to their catalog and this and "Lucky Ones" are both my favourite albums I have heard from them since 1995's "My Brother the Cow". (Although I can't say Mudhoney have ever really dipped in quality) My personal favourites from the album include "Slipping Away" (The intro lead guitars are just pure fuzzed up Steve Turner awesomeness!) and "Sing this song of joy".
Whereas "Lucky Ones" showcased Mudhoney's garage-rock/punk sensibilities, "Vanishing Point" is a great blend of both Mudhoney's psychedelic side and punk rock side which brings alot of depth and density overall to the sound of the record, despite its short running time of under 40mins. Guy Maddison's (who replaced Matt Lukin after he decided against continuing with the band) bass playing really shines on this album on songs like "What to do with the Neutral". "I like it small" is one of the catchiest things they've ever come up with. Dan Peters and Guy really do make up a great rhythm section. "Chardonnay" and "The only widow of the son from nain" are the two punkiest tracks on the album. The latter combines latter day Black Flag style guitar riffage with Mark Arm's intense gut wrenching vocals. In "Chardonnay", I love how upset Mark sounds over this particular kind of wine.
The album has a real swagger to it and you would really have no idea listening to it that these guys are actually in their late 40's/early 50s! They really show, with age why the hell do you need to mellow out? Younger bands should take note. This is how to rock!

(I have honestly lost count how many rotations this album has had on my stereo/plays on my Mp3 player this has had now. The new tunes sound great live too. Would also recommend getting the 7" of "New World Charm" which they released just after the album too. It's a corker!).

Fist Remixed
Fist Remixed
Price: £7.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Trippy powerful rock from Seattle., 7 May 2013
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This review is from: Fist Remixed (MP3 Download)
This is a review of the remixed version of Skin Yard's third album, "Fist sized chunks", now entitled simply "Fist (remixed)". Upon reviewing this, It should be stated that I have only heard the remixed version of this album, which I have been informed is of great improvement to the original mix which has been described by some as 'muddy and lacking in definition'.
Skin Yard are one of lesser known bands to come out of the Seattle "grunge" scene of the late 80s/early 90s. They are one of the more metal-oriented bands (for the latter part of their career) and well worth a listen if you enjoy bands like Soundgarden (particularly the stuff they released on Subpop and SST) and Tad.
Alongside Tad's fantastic record "Inhaler" (which I would encourage any fans of this sort of music to get listening to immediately) and The Melvins "Gluey Porch treatments", this is one of the most intense albums I have heard to come out of the scene. (Listen to all these and this, actually).

Reference points would include the already mentioned early Soundgarden, Motorhead and Black Sabbath; Ben MacMillan has an Ozzy Osbourne-esque quality to his voice on this album and a few of the tracks echo classic 70's Sabbath (particularly "Through Nothing" and "Hungry and Hanging").
Hardcore punk in the vein of latter-day Black Flag (e.g. "My war", "In my head") is also evident, juxtaposed with a strong psychedelic element and echoes of post punk acts such as Bauhaus and Killing Joke. The guitar playing is exemplary; frantic, metallic and yet heavily atmospheric, dark and textured at the same time. Some trippy Floyd elements and it might just be me but I even hear traces of the Gun Club coming through in a slide guitar section in "Through Nothing".
The musicianship present on the album is to be very much commended; the bass and drums lock together perfectly and this is where much of the heaviness comes from. They also at times play much faster than much of the other Seattle bands of the time. It is far too left-field an album to be easily described as "metal" but it is densely heavy. 2nd track "Go to sleep" even seems to have elements of NWOBHM... before it goes all space rock halfway through.
My personal favourite tracks are the following: "Slow Runner"- very Tad... possibly scarier and more apocalyptic,
"Drunk on Kerosene" It is opened by a very post-punk style angular guitar riff and then this absolutely immense bass line kicks in. Zeppelin-style riffs kick in later and great trippy psychedelic elements. Then, "No Right". Imagine Bauhaus playing Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir"! Really wonderful track. "No Control" is another. Ozzy meets Lemmy vocals meets psychedelic heaviness. All of these songs draw just as equally from 80s underground punk/noise rock.

If you like Seattle rock/grunge and/or heavy music that is a bit different, I'd recommend this strongly. The sound is so dense and textured it draws you right in.
For fans of Early Soundgarden, Tad, Melvins, Helmet, Kyuss, Early Monster Magnet, Mudhoney and Bleach-era Nirvana.

Also would heavily recommend the albums "1000 smiling knuckles" and "Inside the eye" (Screaming Trees Barrett Martin actually plays drums on these) and also Ben MacMillan's other band Gruntruck.

Price: £10.48

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4.0 out of 5 stars Every Screaming Trees Fan should own., 1 Mar. 2005
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This review is from: Clairvoyance (Audio CD)
Mark Lanegan sounds young on this album and his voice isn't yet his familiar baritone but his singing is still inspirational. The music is like The Doors and The Who with an 80's punk/lo fi thing mixed in. Some really great hooky songs on it like "Lonely Girl" and "I see Stars"(very Who). "Strange Out Here" has Lanegan's vocals come over very Jim Morrison- always an obvious influence on him with The 'Trees stuff (and even some of his solo stuff).
I defy you not to go mental to "Orange airplane" with its massive Stoogian riff and the kid screaming "Orange Airplane!" over and over in the background!
The 'Trees get much better obviously later on but this is a nice album that every fan should own.

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