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Page of Life
Page of Life

5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Version of Page of Life, 24 July 2014
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This review is from: Page of Life (Audio CD)
This CD was released in 1998 on Higher Octave lable and it was release of the album Page of Life (1991) for the American market. Main part of the songs from Page of Life were recorded even earlier - back in the 80s.
It's easy to note differences between two versions of this album.
As editor and producer Jon Anderson worked for Higher Octave very professionally. Here you will find very impressive new song "Change We Must" (though it was edited and shortened), different tracklist (it's much more easy to listen to Jon's choice of the songs), improved sound, slightly different mixes of some tracks. In general - this edition of the album is much more impressive.
Sad but Jon released this CD without proper approvement from Vangelis side. Because of it for now (2014) this album is the last studio work from Jon&Vangelis project. I can understand Vangelis, but I can understand Jon too - from my point of view he saved Page of Life.
If you didn't heard Page of Life - start with this edition. If you are having official 1991 version - this edition would be pleasant gift for you.

Man On The Rocks
Man On The Rocks
Offered by wmdservices
Price: 34.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Positive emotions, best edition, 24 Mar 2014
This review is from: Man On The Rocks (Audio CD)
If you are waiting for TB-2014 or Ommadawn-2 - it's not your album.
If you are waiting for postive guitar music from Mike and for the songs in style of Crises - that is it!
Young singer Luke Spiller perfectly fits for the Mike's music. Sea wind and a portion of sunny weather from Bahamas are in these songs.
One hit following another, no instrumentals at all - and the best album by Mike for the last 10 years is here.
Listen before buying - if you'd like such songs as Sailing, Nuclear, Moonshine, title track - you would like the whole album.
If you like it - buy this Limited Superdeluxe edition.
The third CD presents demo-version of the album with Mike playing all instruments in company with the drummer and with vocals by Mike.
If you like not polished sound but sincere music - this additional CD would be true Man on the Rocks for you. Authentic Mike Oldfield. Demo version of the song "Whiskey in the Wind" (Moonshine) should be included on the main album. Real hit.

Away With Words
Away With Words
Price: 10.40

5.0 out of 5 stars If You Like Classic Jethro Tull Sound - It's Your Album, 28 Dec 2013
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This review is from: Away With Words (Audio CD)
Do you remember your first impressions from the albums by Jethro Tull of the 70s - flute, acoustic guitar, sometimes - riffs and solos? Minstrel in the Gallery, Songs From the Woods, Heavy Horses... At last you could experience this unique sound once more. Martin Barre re-arranged his favourite songs by Jethro Tull and made them a part of his new compostions. Attempt to reinvent music by Jethro Tull and to present his own new music in the same time. The album is mainly instrumental, mainly with acoustic sound (Martin plays guitars and flute), electric guitar solos by Martin are rare but impressive. Much positive energy - so I can't see any reason not to listen to it if you like classic Jethro Tull.
Thank you for the great record, Martin - and it's really a crime that Martin Barre is not present on last album by Jerhro Tull's Ian Anderson!

The Great Silence [DVD] [1968]
The Great Silence [DVD] [1968]
Dvd ~ Klaus Kinski
Offered by Beyond Electronics UK
Price: 18.98

5.0 out of 5 stars Great atmospheric and unpredictable EuroWestern, 28 Dec 2013
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The film is very impressive because of 3 things - atmosphere of frozen winter world where violence rules, great actors - Jean Louis Tretignant and Klaus Kinski who could create 3D images of their heros even without speaking, unpredictable development of the events and unpredicatable ending. Add to this the music by Ennio Morricone.
Sergio Corbucci creates the image of society opressed by social elite. The director is mixing the language of the Westerns with the images taken from Renaissance art and stories by Jack London - and the result is stunning. If you want to see something more simple and more dynamic comparing with Sergio Leone's works i.o. if you are prefering entertaiment most of all - that's not the case.
If you want to see the film to think about yourself, about society, about world created by the director (and this world is realistic and fantastic in the same time) - you would like it. You could return to this film many times.
P.S. The Great Silence should be restored much better.
On this DVD you could also see alternative ending which could completely destroy the film.

Price: 13.84

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5.0 out of 5 stars Good Old-Fashioned Ken, 10 Nov 2013
This review is from: Trouble (Audio CD)
Not all solo efforts by Ken are as impressive as his early work but "Trouble" is among his best solo albums.
If you like albums by Uriah Heep from the second part of the 70s ("Firefly", "Innocent Victim") this album was recorded especially for you.
It isn't as good as "Firefly" but it could remind you the mood, the style, the energy of this epoch.
Rocking, melodic, energetic with signature Hammond solos by Ken - this album is a real gift for all fans of classic rock.
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Price: 10.63

5.0 out of 5 stars Best Release From Lenny Wolf In The Last Decade, 29 Aug 2013
This review is from: Outlier (Audio CD)
Well, if you are reading this review - Kingdom Come is known for you.
Kingdom Come now are the singer and multi-instrumentalist Lenny Wolf (who recorded this album in Mike Oldfield way by playing nearly all instrumental parties) and Eric Foerster who added guitar solos.
From my point of view the main mistake of Lenny is that his records are sounds predictable - playing Kingdom Come record usually you are knowing what could be next.
To my amazement this album became pleasant surprise for me. First of all, Lenny changed the sound by adding more keyboards and by making them more clear in the mix. Secondly, Lenny added songs in different styles - there's no feeling of copy'n'paste heavy riffs in every song. As a result - the album sounds fresh, interesting, clear, unpredictable. Though Lenny is faithful to classic hard rock style his music sounds heavy, melodic, energetic, positive in the same time, and no any thought of Robert Plant/Zeppelin cloning - it's true Kingdom Come sound.
I'm listening to Outlier again and again. Thank you, Lenny!
P.S. The sound and mood of the album could remind you of Hands of Time, so if you are searching for unstoppable riffs style record - buy other album from Kingdom Come.

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