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Take The Crown [Deluxe]
Take The Crown [Deluxe]
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4.0 out of 5 stars He Never Really Relinquished It, 5 Nov 2012
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This review is from: Take The Crown [Deluxe] (Audio CD)
He may have let others hold the crown for a while, but it's still his. As far as male pop stars go, it doesn't get much bigger or talented than Robbie Williams. He knows how to create a good pop album, and that's just what he's done again.

It is different to his last offering, 2009's Reality Killed The Video Star, which itself was also a great album. This time, Robbie focuses a lot on more uptempo material. There are hardly any real, slow ballads on this (only about 2), yet at the same time, most of the songs have a lot of heart. A lot of this album sounds like it has influences of U2 with a pinch of Coldplay and even a tiny bit of Keane. I begins with "Be A Boy", which is a great opener. This could have been the first single in my opinion (it's certainly much better than "Candy"). This is the kind of song that will have stadiums singing along with him. The only thing I dislike about this track is the saxophone (seriously, who uses a sax in 2012?) (10/10)

Next up is "Gospel" which is another big song. It starts off modestly but morphs into being very anthemic towards the end. I do feel that the swear words at the end kind of ruin the song a bit as they seems unnecessary, but otherwise this song is pretty good (8.5/10). "Candy" is up next, which (somehow) was the first single. This isn't a horrible song, but to me, it is very mediocre, and I can't believe it was chosen as the lead single to represent the album. It sticks out like a sore thumb on the album, as it doesn't sounds like any of the other songs. I could do with or without it (5/10).

"Different" is THE track on this album. This will be the second single in December. It's easily the best track on the album and probably Robbie's best single since his Escapology days. This has the potential to be a big hit and the potential to join other classics like "Angels", "Come Undone", "Feel" and "Millennium". It's a well, written uptempo ballad. Gorgeous (10/10).

The next 2 songs are both uptempo dance/rock songs. "S*** On The Radio" is a feel-good song, in the vein of "A Place To Crash" from 2005's Intensive Care album, but more care-free with 80's influences (8/10). "All That I Want" follows, which I love because it has a dance/pop beat but it's still has guitars (8.5/10). Both of these songs are very catchy. Track 7 is "Hunting For You", which is lovely. A little more downtempo than the previous tracks, but not by much. (8.5/10).

"Into The Silence" is the second best song after "Different". This one could (and should) be an upcoming single, in my opinion. The lyrics are amazing. "when karma reaches you I want to be there just in case it needs help." They sound really angry on paper, but in the context of the song, they are heartbreaking. A lot of U2 influence on this one (10/10).

A lot of people will consider "Hey Wow Yeah Yeah" as the filler track. Certainly, it seems more like b side material, but I actually don't mind it. The lyrics are not very deep, but they're not supposed to be (6.5/10). "Not Like the Others" is another great uptempo rock track. It's a good, catchy song, but there are so many other greater songs on the album that overshadow it a bit (7.5/10).

"Losers". This is the one track I just really don't care too much for. I know Robbie loves it, and a lot of other fans love it, but to me his vocals are too screechy at times. Not too crazy about the lyrics either. I didn't even know this was a cover song, but I guess it makes sense. (4/10)

The deluxe edition contains 2 bonus tracks: "Reverse", which reminds me of Keane, and "Eight Letters". "Reverse" is another big, uptempo ballad in the vein of "Different" (but not as amazing). Its serves well as a bonus track. (8/10) "Eight Letters" is a nice song, but this version needs a little more polishing up, especially Robbie's vocals. Sounds a little too rough around the edges (it may be a demo version, but I'm not sure. Plus, it's just a pinch too sappy for me (7.5/10)

Overall, I'm very pleased with this album. I give the entire album and 8/10, which is well above average. I hope Robbie keeps churning out songs and doesn't wait too long until his next album.

Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars track list, 1 Sep 2010
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This review is from: Shame (Audio CD)
Here is the tracklist according to his official site:

1. Shame (album version)
2. The Queen (non-album b-side)

In And Out Of Consciousness: Greatest Hits 1990 - 2010 [3CD+3DVD Ultimate Edition]
In And Out Of Consciousness: Greatest Hits 1990 - 2010 [3CD+3DVD Ultimate Edition]
Price: £29.92

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4.0 out of 5 stars The King Of British Pop Closes Off An Amazing Chapter, 22 Aug 2010
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Being a big fan of Robert Williams, I was extremely excited at the idea of him releasing a career-spanning comprehensive collection of hits, music videos and b-sides. Already having released his first Greatest Hits album back in 2004 which spanned his first 5 studio albums, Robbie now brings us In And Out Of Consciousness, which oversees all of those albums as well as his 3 albums since. And while Greatest Hits omitted some of his singles, this new collection includes ALL of his solo UK singles to date. The first 2 CD's contain 39 tracks including 2 new songs, "Shame" (UK Peak Position #2) and "Heart and I", as well as his rare first solo single "Freedom" (UK Peak Position #2), which was a cover of the George Michael song. Robbie's version had been previously unreleased on any album until now) and a sole track from his original tenure with Take That ("Everything Changes" (UK #1)).

The songs on the first 2 discs run in reverse chronological order, starting with the 2 new songs, then from the newest hits to the older classics.

From Robbie's 1997 debut solo album, LIFE THRU A LENS, the singles "Old Before I Die" (UK #2), "Lazy Days" (UK #8), "South Of The Border (UK #14), "Angels" (UK #4), and "Let Me Entertain You" (UK #3) are included. The songs showcase the rock-n-roll / pop beginning of Robbie's career, with "Angels" being his signature song.

From 1998's I'VE BEEN EXPECTING YOU, all 4 of the singles are here: "Millennium" (UK #1), "No Regrets" (UK #4), "Strong" (UK #4), and "She's The One", which was released as a double A-side with the non-album track "It's Only Us" [UK double-A side #1], which is also included in this set. By this point, the songwriting in his work was a bit more mature, and the production more solid. "Win Some, Lose Some", another track from the album, was released only in New Zealand as the final single, and is sadly not included on this greatest hits collection.

Robbie's third album, 2000's SING WHEN YOU'RE WINNING, produced 6 big international hits: "Rock DJ" (UK #1), "Kids" with Kylie Minogue (UK #2), "Supreme" (UK #4), "Let Love Be Your Energy" (UK #10), the double a-side release "Eternity" (at the time, a non-album track) coupled with "The Road To Mandalay" (UK #1), and "Better Man", which was only released in Australia, New Zealand, and South America. With this album, Robbie had found his stride, and had become a bonafide pop star. All of these singles are included on IN AND OUT OF CONSCIOUSNESS with the exception of "Better Man", one of Robbie's best songs ever, in my opinion. This is understandable because the song was not a UK single, but I feel that an exception could have been made for this beautiful song.

From Robbie's one-off 2001 swing standards album SWING WHEN YOU'RE WINNING, his duet with Nicole Kidman, "Somethin' Stupid (UK #1) is featured, as well as the European only double a-side tracks "Mr. Bojangles" and "I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen".

In my opinion, 2002's ESCAPOLOGY is still Robbie's all-time best album, easily shown by 4 excellent singles: "Feel" (UK #4. i still can't believe this didn't chart higher!), "Come Undone" (UK #4), "Something Beautiful" (UK #3), and "Sexed Up" (UK #10), which had originally been released as an acoustic b-side back in 1998 on the "No Regrets" single.

In 2004, Robbie's first GREATEST HITS album was released, and featured 2 new singles: "Radio" (UK #1), and "Misunderstood" (UK #8). Both songs are included on this new hits set as well, which kind of renders the original GREATEST HITS useless, except for the gorgeous album covers.

2005's INTENSIVE CARE contributes the 3 official singles "Tripping" (UK #2), "Advertising Space" (UK #8) and "Sin Sin Sin" (UK #22, at the time his first solo single to miss the top 20), as well as the airplay only single "Make Me Pure".

2006's underrated electronic/dance RUDEBOX album also contributes 3 singles: "Rudebox" (UK #4), "Lovelight" (UK #8) and "She's Madonna" (UK #16). "Bongo Bong" was released as a single in Europe and South America but is not featured on this collection.

From Robbie's latest album, 2009's REALITY KILLED THE VIDEO STAR, the featured singles are "Bodies" (UK #2), "You Know Me" (UK #6) and"Morning Sun" (UK #45, his lowest-charting UK single to date).

The third CD is where all of the major flaws come in for me. This is the disc of B-sides and Rarities. First things first: Robbie has nearly eighty (80!) b-side / non-album / compilation-only tracks (most of those being -b-sides) yet they only serve us up ONE disc including 18 tracks. Seriously?? To add insult to injury, the selection of some of the tracks that they DO include are questionable ("Lonestar Rising"? "Do Me Now"?? These are FAR from his best.) Where are "Ugly Love", "Come Take Me Over", "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye", "Berliner Star", "Appliance Of Science", "Bag Full Of Silly", etc.??? There are a few b-sides that exist only on DVD singles that should have been included because most people cannot rip DVD audio very easily into am mp3. The b-sides section should have been 3 discs, AT LEAST. and what about some remixes thrown in for good measure?

This Ultimate Edition also features 2 DVD's (Discs 4 and 5) with all of the videos of the songs featured on the first 2 CD's. It's going to be nice to have all the official videos in once place for the first time, although I wish they had included some bonuses like the U.S. version of "Angels" or other fan-release videos like "Dance With The Devil" and "A Place To Crash".

The 6th disc is a DVD of a previously unreleased 2005 concert in Berlin, Germany.

Also worthy of note is that the digital edition of this album feature 2 bonus previoulsy unreleased tracks "Dogs And Birds" and "Email From A Vampire". They should have added both of these the physical CD. You would think they would want to give people more of an incentive to buy the actual product to help the already dying cd industry.

STANDARD 2-CD Edition: Comes in a trifold cardboard case with one disc inserted on each of the side flaps, and a booklet in the middle.
DELUXE 3-CD Edition: Comes in a CD sized casebound book with the same basic booklet as the standard edition, but with a few additional additional photos.
ULTIMATE EDITION: comes in a longer version of the Deluxe packaging at 2 times the length. The booklet is much more expanded with lyrics, release dates, single cover, and UK chart positions. One of the first things I noticed is that the release date and peak position for Tripping is incorrect. Sorry, but I am a nerd and minor details like this get on my nerves SO much. The bad news is that the discs are inserted into flaps on the side panels, and then almost rub up against each other so there is plenty of opportunity for scratches on the discs with time.
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Reality Killed the Video Star
Reality Killed the Video Star
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.17

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5.0 out of 5 stars Robbie's Best Album Since Escapology., 9 Nov 2009
I've actually had this album for a couple of weeks before the release date, so I'm completely immersed in it and ready to review it. By far, this is his best offering since Escapology. Intensive Care, while good, was a bit monotonous and slightly generic (although there were some outstanding tracks like Sin Sin Sin and Spread Your Wings). Rudebox was...well, I'm not exactly sure what Rudebox was. I actually liked that album, but it seemed odd that it was only released a year after Intensive Care, and the direction of the music caught everyone off guard. That said, tracks like "Lovelight", "Kiss Me", "Burslem Normals", etc. were really good.

So now, after a VERY long 3 year absence, Robbie has released Reality Killed The Video Star. The music is so good, I almost want more (speaking of which, WHERE are the b-sides??).

The album starts with "Morning Sun". This one was a grower for me. Supposedly, this is the song that was written about Michael Jackson. The song is a nice intro, and is very lush and grand. Actually, this one could have fit nicely into Intensive Care. (8/10) "Bodies" is up next, and I have to say, I like this song a lot more within the context of listening to the entire album. I wasn't crazy about it when I first heard it but now I love it. (9/10).

The third track is "You Know Me", which is the second single. While not the best song on the album, I can see why they chose this as the next single, with it's 1950's vibe, majestic piano, bells, and 'shoo-bee-doo bop-bop' background vocals, the song is bound to do well during the Christmas season. (8/10) Next up is "Blasphemy". This was another grower for me. It's a bit simple in the beginning but evolves into a warm, cinematic song. It's actually quite beautiful. (8.5/10)

Track 5 is "Do You Mind", and at first listen, this one might sound like filler, very similar to "A Place To Crash" from Intensive Care, complete with a Ba-Bab Ba-Dum guitar riff, but as soon as the bridge and chorus kick in, this one will be stuck in your head all day, It's very catch (8/10) "Last Days Of Disco" is the first of 2 electronic-inspired songs on the album. This one is very similar to "In And Out Of Love" (an unreleased song from circa 2007/2008), except a little darker. I like this one. (7.5/10)

"Somewhere" comes out of nowhere as a 1-minute interlude that ends right before you know what just happened. At first I didn't know what to think of it, but it's actually gown on me and i almost wish it was slightly longer (7/10)

Next up are my 2 favorite songs on the album, which have BOTH already cemented themselves in my top 10 Robbie Songs ever. Now THAT'S an accomplishment. "Deceptacon" is just plain gorgeous. If "Angels", "Love Calling Earth" and "Eternity" had a love orgy and had a baby, this would be it. The music is beautiful and the lyrics and mysterious. I love this track. I listen to it over and over. It might not be accessible for radio, but this track alone was worth the wait for this album for me. (10/10). "Starstruck" follows, and the beginning sounds like something that would play when you die and step into paradise. It's a very soulful pop track, similar to something George Michael would have recorded in the mid 90's. The "ready, steady go, everybody famous" lyric is probably the catchiest line in the whole album. This HAS to be the third single. (10/10)

"Difficult For Weirdos" is the second of the electronic-inspired tracks, and this one is the better of the two. This one is very similar to "Kiss Me" from Rudebox. Very dancey and addictive. I love it. (9/10)

Upon the first 2 listens of the whole album, "Superblind" was one of the least memorable. Not because it's bad by any means, maybe because it's towards the end and following 3 stellar tracks is a difficult task. But it's a nice, lovely song. Similar to "Love Calling Earth" from Sing When You're Winning, but a little more acoustic. (7.5/10)

"Won't Do That" is a nice closer. it's a slightly mid temp track, nothing spectacular but it's a nice sing-along track. (7.5/10)

I was really in need of some new Robbie music, and BOY did he ever deliver. I give it up to that man for being able to repeatedly make truly great pop music. Now the only thing I ask again, is Robbie: please release some b-sides from this project! If the album tracks are this good, the b-sides must be nice as well.

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