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Giant Mechanical Man [DVD] [2012] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Giant Mechanical Man [DVD] [2012] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Topher Grace
Offered by supermart_usa
Price: £11.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars Intriguing slow paced romantic drama, 1 Mar. 2015
I recently watched this on Netflix partly attracted to the rather odd title for the film, which hints and the occupation of one of the lead character.

The story starts off with Tim (played by Chris Messina) who is a street performer dressed up and painted silver (hence the title of the film) his street act is a release for him and something he enjoys. However whilst Tim has found satisfaction with his "job of sorts" it's not paying the bills leading to tension in his current relationship which ends quite quickly at the start of the film.

Next we meet Janice a quiet but attractive girl (Jenna Fischer) who is also struggling and has to move back in with her sister having fallen on difficult times. Neither character has met the other until Janice sees Tim in the street performing. The two meet properly when Tim takes up a job at the local zoo (where Janice also works) , however Janice is "dating" (reluctantly) still and the obvious attraction between the two is tested at times.

The plot is simplicity really two people approaching middle age and neither having really "settled" either in relationships or in their careers/work both lack direction but this seems to bring them together. Acting wise the two main characters are very good and quite believable in their roles showing some chemistry at times, a considered performance from both actors here. Cast is quite small, Topher Grace (Doug the other potential love interest for Janice) not a character you can warm to though that is probably the intention of the director (Lee Kirk - who is also married to Fisher off screen) Quite a sincere film there is no complicated sub plot to explore, nor is this a steamy romantic drama either. It's not the fastest moving film but it feels genuine even if at times you wish you could "wind up" the pace and story a little.

Don't expect a dramatic ending it suits the offbeat style of the film though there were times I felt a bit more "drama" between the two main characters would be something the movie would benefit from.
Not a film that everyone will like if you want something a little more intense (or complicated) this will likely be a bit drawn out for you, but if you like a slower burning romance film that isn't graphic and has a simple story it's well worth a watch.

JJC DSLR CCD/CMOS Sensor Cleaning Swabs - Pack of 8. Perfect for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Minolta, Pentax, Samsung, Sigma, Sony (D)SLR cameras
JJC DSLR CCD/CMOS Sensor Cleaning Swabs - Pack of 8. Perfect for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Minolta, Pentax, Samsung, Sigma, Sony (D)SLR cameras
Offered by PowerPlanet UK - typ. 5-7 working days
Price: £6.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Well priced swabs that do a decent job, 28 Feb. 2015
I bought a few batches of these to have as spares and for a few friends.
The JJC swabs are all individually sealed in a pack, unlike some swabs these are made with high density foam. They come with basic cleaning instructions. The swabs have a long handle that is flexible quite easy to get to the corners of the sensor with these.

There are a few available from the maker these are the "dry swabs" (there is a pack of wet ones where you break the tab in the handle to release the cleaning fluid) this set can be used wet or dry. Dry can be useful to clean off small marks that don't require fluid, if you want to use them "wet" simply apply a very small drop of cleaning fluid to the top (the less the better) single swipe across in both directions should do the job fine. You should discard the swab after use.

These are good value swabs and they work well just make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Volutz® 3-Port USB Car Charger + Long Micro USB Coiled Cable FluxiQ Technology for Mobile Phone Tablet Hi-Speed Charging Hub Adapter Samsung Galaxy LG HTC Motorola Sony
Volutz® 3-Port USB Car Charger + Long Micro USB Coiled Cable FluxiQ Technology for Mobile Phone Tablet Hi-Speed Charging Hub Adapter Samsung Galaxy LG HTC Motorola Sony
Offered by The Ago!
Price: £27.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Triple port" USB charger with robust cable and intelligent output, 27 Feb. 2015
Note: The maker supplied a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal view

No shortage of USB charging options on the market but this one seems to strike a good balance price/quality, a nice extra is the "intelligent" output of the 3 ports. No need to worry about which port to plug in to (usually rated at 1 or 2 amps on most chargers) this one is smart enough to provide optimal charging for whatever you are using be it Apple or Android phones/tablets as well as the advantage of running an in car GPS or Dash camera off the ports if you want. This can fast charge all 3 ports too at up to 2.4 amps per port not something you see on many 3 port chargers.

The main charging unit is plastic but it feels quite dense and covered with a nice "soft touch" rubber finish it adds a bit of class to the product. 3 ports sit on the top section with an LED power light below that. Metal areas are gold coloured and with a smart blue trim it's an attractive item but the icing on the cake is yet to come.

Included is a "coiled cable" not any old cable I would add, a normal micro USB cable which plugs into the charging port this is not. Coiled up it's about 70cm long, but extends to over 2 metres with ease allowing you to connect up devices for back seat passengers with no problems at all. The cable deserves a special mention not just for the "coiled" part but the build on the cable is something else. It feels ultra robust and has quality grips on both ends, the cable girth is significantly higher than most cables I've seen (the maker states it is optimised for charging and won't work for data transfer) it looks and feels super strong and likely to withstand some serious abuse.

At this price point this is easily one of the best I've used overall in terms of the package on offer (the ultra tough longer USB cable alone is worth the asking price almost) No problems to report this charger is well made, very competitively priced and oozes quality, the fact it also has a high output on all ports and they are all intelligent ports makes it an outstanding buy in my books. Highly recommended
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SplashETech Mini 0805 Ambarella A7LA50D Chip Full HD 1296P(Upgraded Mini 0803) Car DVR Recorder,With GPS Logger
SplashETech Mini 0805 Ambarella A7LA50D Chip Full HD 1296P(Upgraded Mini 0803) Car DVR Recorder,With GPS Logger

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4.0 out of 5 stars Well featured with good video quality, mounting system might not suit everyone, 27 Feb. 2015
Length:: 1:04 Mins

Note: The maker supplied me with a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal view

This is one of the smaller in car dash cameras I've looked at to date that has some advantages, but also some drawbacks in this case the main appeal is the small footprint which won't take up a lot of windscreen area, the downside is the smaller 1.5" LCD which makes changing settings a bit more fiddly than it could be.

On paper the unit has quite a good specification the Mini 0805 model I looked at has built in GPS, and a raft of settings in the camera including lane detection warning, multiple video resolutions and compression settings, the ability to adjust G sensor settings and a HDR mode to help in harsher lighting conditions. I ran the unit through some fairly extensive field testing and rounded up a list of stronger and weaker areas of the camera.

Good points:
+ Strong feature set includes higher resolution (2560 x 1080) video setting, GPS imprinting/data log
+ Video quality in normal light is good, decent sharpness and resolution. In lower light levels the camera does a reasonable job though benefits from some adjustments in camera
+ Many settings can be changed from resolution, compression, G sensor levels of sensitivity, white balance, motion detection levels, reg no. imprinting, watermark for GPS/speed
+ Lane detection system (and calibration)
+ Accepts larger memory cards (up to 64GB)
+ Build quality is good with fairly strong casing and the small size makes it discreet once mounted in the car
+ Lens is sharp with good performance across the wide 135 degree image
+ Sound quality is quite good, though I couldn't find a menu setting to turn it off
+ 3 metering modes (average, spot, centre) unusual for a dash camera
+ Efficient video codec
+ Can add car registration (up to 9 characters)

Could be improved:

- Mounting system has limited scope for camera movement unit attaches via sticky pad 90 degrees Max angle adjustment
- Some settings need to be tweaked to get the best performance (ie HDR Mode), still image quality is fair at best (no point using the highest resolution it's up-sampled stick to 4 mega pixel)
- Auto white balance can be thrown off by sodium street lighting
- Small LCD and font makes changing settings more challenging when mounted, not the most intuitive controls.

The unit which is straight forward to operate but has only 3 buttons to operate and you will have to press and hold the top/bottom buttons to enter the main menu/playback mode.

Video settings: Resolution is up to 2560 x 1080 @30fps, 2304 x 1296 @30fps, 1920 x 1080 @ 30/40fps, 1280 x 720 @ 60/30fps/ HDR mode is set to 1920 x 1080 @30fps.
Footage has 3 compression settings super fine, fine and normal. Video is in the .MOV container format with H264 codec. GPS data can be imprinted on the footage and it is also written to a log file on the card.

At 1920 x 1080 @30fps in "super fine" files are approx 80 MB for 1 minute of footage
At 2560 x 1080 @30fps "super fine" uses around 120MB per minute of footage, in "normal" the highest compression files are about 80MB per minute

Motion detection settings: off/low/medium/high. Battery life is about 20 minutes (recording) during my tests.

The camera can be connected directly to a computer when removed from the mount this allows you to pull data off the card when you connect it via a micro USB cable, it does not function as a web camera.

Test card was a Samsung EVO micro SD class 10 I didn't experience any issues with this card and the camera.

**In use**

The unit comes with a car charger (to micro USB), a normal micro USB plug, the GPS unit is in the mounting section. There are two micro USB sockets one on the camera and the base unit as well as a mini HDMI output and 3.5mm socket.

Installation is via 3M sticky pad there is one pre-fitted to the unit and one in the box, the grip is quite firm when mounted, but there is less adjustment possible then a normal windscreen sucker. You can move the camera up/down to 90 degree there is no side to side movement with this mounting system. The main base unit has contract points where the camera clips in this is quite tight in fit.

Settings I found that you should take care with the metering mode spot will react to a small area only in the middle of the frame (bright or dark), the average works off the entire image area and seems to be better suited to general use, central is a larger area in the middle.

I found the HDR mode to be useful in both normal light and darker conditions this might be limited to a single resolution (full HD) but there wasn't a huge difference between this and the highest resolution on the camera. HDR helps tame brighter skies and helps avoid the "white sky" effect, in low light shadows could be a little plugged some adjustment of the EV can help here.

**Final thoughts**

The Mini 0805 puts a good quality video camera into a small casing and largely pulls it off, however I personally am not a huge fan of the mounting method used here. It's quite secure once fitted but it can't be easily moved and the angle can't be adjusted on the side this has some drawbacks changing settings for example means you can't angle the camera around and the menus whilst logical enough require long presses for playback and settings (workable but not as user friendly as it could be), maybe the maker wanted to make the smallest unit possible some some sacrifices were made here for me a normal sucker mount would work better. Saying that once you have the camera set up how you want you probably won't need to hit the menus very often.

Footage wise not much to complain about bar lower light levels where you really need to adjust the camera to get the best out of it. Daylight shots showed good details smooth frame rates and the many resolutions/file settings mean you can squeeze more footage into the card. GPS worked well in my testing locking on quite quickly and the imprinting doesn't invade the image area much. You might need to tweak the motion detection at the lowest level it might not trigger the automatic recording I would raise that up in the settings.

Quirks aside the camera does spit out good video footage and in many ways that's one of the most important aspects for any dash camera, this is one model of many from this maker. Really it comes down to how you want to use the camera if you want to have a camera you can move around easily this isn't ideal (you can buy additional mounting pads but this adds to the cost) But if you are fine with a fixed camera position and value the small size/footprint this could do the job for you.

AVANTEK AR53 Amplified Freeview HD TV Panel Aerial Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna for DVB-T Television Tuner Receiver
AVANTEK AR53 Amplified Freeview HD TV Panel Aerial Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna for DVB-T Television Tuner Receiver
Offered by Avantek UK
Price: £39.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent signal reception even in fairly poor coverage areas, 26 Feb. 2015
Note: The maker sent me a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal view

I've tested quite a few internal aerials over time and good as some of the super compact aerials are for good reception areas if you are in a patchy location they're just not up to the job. This one whilst it's small enough to fit in a room without taking up a ton of space is still reasonably small.

Opening up the box you get the aerial with a built in coaxial cable (about 1.5 meters) and a power lead that runs straight into the unit no adapter for this model (this is a mini UK plug no fuse) and an F-Type Male to Female RF connector.

Casing is plastic glossy type but quite decent for this level of offering likely a fingerprint magnet but it looks quite nice. On the back part a wheel to adjust the "gain" this unit can go up to 25dB at the maximum setting. A red LED lights up when gained up high. Frequency coverage is stated as:

VHF 40-230 MHz
UHF 470-860 MHz

For my test run I put the aerial in a bedroom with pretty poor coverage a standard small aerial won't hit the spot at all. This one though when gained up was able to pick up all the channels no problem you might have to fiddle a bit with location and rotation, there are two metal antenna's which pull out and can be angled and extended (to a max of around 75cm) to aid signal reception. Digital isn't like Analogue TV the signal is either there or it's not if you get frozen frames, blocking or just nothing at all then the signal is weak, the older style TV's would just turn into a snowy mess gradually improving until you got a clear picture.

Now if you are in a really low valley or another very weak area then you'll probably have to get a boosted full sized internal aerial, this one seems to work well though if your signal is a bit hit and miss moderate to poor. Once it's locked in though the picture and sound quality will be as good as any aerial, but every area is different and bad areas really need either a roof aerial or an internal loft one.

Quick note on the Freeview HD there are no specific needs for Freeview aerial wise you either get enough signal to pick it up or you don't every house is different the better signal you get the more channels you will pick up. If you live in a weak signal area you probably want an full sized aerial. But for the size of the unit it's to date given the best reception for a smaller internal boosted aerial I've used there are a lot of products out there so try to pick one that suits your requirement (ie no point buying a super compact one if you have a poor signal all around the house, but if you have a good reception it will work just fine) Most TV's about 7 years and newer have Freeview built in, if you are using an older TV then you can buy a box to pick up the channels on that.

Only one place I'd improve the product and that's add a few small rubber feet to the base, in all other areas this does exactly what it's supposed to and I like the lack of adapter and built in cables, so a thumbs up from me on this one.

H2Off - Spray Kit for Smartphone & Tablet PC's such as iPhone & iPad - Alcohol Free, Environmentally Friendly - Super Smooth Screen - Protect Your Expensive Devices Against Water Damage - Money Back Guarantee
H2Off - Spray Kit for Smartphone & Tablet PC's such as iPhone & iPad - Alcohol Free, Environmentally Friendly - Super Smooth Screen - Protect Your Expensive Devices Against Water Damage - Money Back Guarantee
Offered by Gekku
Price: £12.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Unusual product that works rather well, 26 Feb. 2015
Note: The maker sent me a review sample for review, the opinion of the product is my own personal view

I got the H2Off kit to test out on a few devices and so far it's doing a good job and exactly as I would hope a product like this would. The kit comes sealed in a pack with a small spray, included are dry and wet wipes and a small microfibre cloth.

There are instruction inside the pack on how to apply the fluid, make sure you follow these. I decided to test a budget Samsung phone, clean off the case first, then spray the fluid on the front, rear and sides as well as the ports (speaker and charging port) wipe off the excess and then buff it off with the microfibre cloth. It's fine to touch it after a few minutes but the instructions say to use it lightly for the next 24 hours and it improves over time up to a week. Now on the phone I tested it works well it does repel water (I did pour some over the handset and it flies right off) but this won't protect a phone from water submersion (just take note of that)

After application there is no obvious change in the casing or feel of the phone I tested it's not sticky and the screen doesn't look any different at all. The 3ml bottle should be enough for maybe 3/4 phones or a couple of tablets possibly a little more. So far I've found the product to work well (can't comment on the anti bacterial aspect but it did make a tablet screen a lot less prone to picking up dirt and fingerprints), I'll be field testing it on other items too to see how it stacks up over an extended period. The kit is simple so is the product, I'd possibly like to see a slightly larger amount of fluid included in the package, it depends on how many items you want to water protect. It's certainly something a bit different and worth further investigation.

Offered by Teclasoft Informatica
Price: £79.58

4.0 out of 5 stars A nice little tablet for the price, 25 Feb. 2015
This was bought as a replacement for an older tablet, initially I wondered if the performance would be up scratch but I'm pleased to say (taking into account the price) the Archos 70 Xenon is really a bit of a bargain and stacks up better than I expected

The tablet also supports a sim card and 3G meaning you can also use it for phone duty, the unit I got was supplied with a micro SD card (16GB Sandisk) which offsets the 4GB storage as you can install apps to the micro SD card (bringing you up to around 20GB in total minus the space used for the O/S) I've been testing it for a while and will list out a few stronger and weaker areas

Good Points:

+ Build is good with a solid case and decent quality feel to the construction
+ Performance is quite nippy, this has a "dual core" 1.2 GHz processor and 512MB of ram but it ran along better than expected just take it easy with tons of apps being open (which consumes memory)
+ Screen is pretty good, it's a 1024 x 600 pixels IPS panel resolution isn't astonishing but it's very clear with good viewing angles contrast and colour pretty sharp considering the pixel density
+ Well featured it has 3G mobile phone support (sim free 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz networks) Blue tooth, GPS built in not bad for a budget tab
+ Micro SD card up to 64 GB means you can boost the storage quite a lot (these cards are quite affordable now)
+ Archos have a good bundled media app suite installed makes it very intuitive for music/video playback
+ Has a front 0.3mp and rear 2mp camera, these are welcomed if a little limited in quality (nice to see they included them though)

Weaker Areas:
- Camera and Video are fairly basic they do the job but the frame rate is low on the 720p video and the camera is passable at best (at this price I think it's less of an issue)
- Battery life is somewhat average, about 4.5-5 hours it's not a huge battery demon stamina wise if you disable unused battery sucking functions like GPS, Blue-tooth (if you are not using them) and drop the screen brightness down a bit it can last a bit longer, also worth looking at a few battery saving apps this can extend the endurance a bit


The tablet comes bundled with a micro USB plug charger and a micro USB to normal USB cable. The instructions are simple but do the job well for new users

This runs Android 4.2 "Jelly Bean" not the newest version but you can at least install apps to the micro SD card
Sound quality is acceptable for a tablet in this price region ie you can hear it ok but you'll get a better experience with decent headphones or speakers (wired or Blue-tooth)

No custom interface this runs the normal stock Android look and I think all the better for it (you can customise it if you wish with a launcher)

Compared to budget tablets going back a few years things have moved forward quite a bit, you used to get fairly poor screens (low contrast and resolution) and a single core processor could get bogged down after opening a few apps, here much improved in both areas despite the 512MB ram (I'd like to see 1GB as standard) it runs really very nicely and the graphics are good enough playing normal android games even some of the more up to date 3D games ran to an acceptable level.

There are a few downers the battery isn't amazing (adequate if care is taken) the camera isn't going to blow you away either but at least they have front and rear ones on offer. It's also good to see a micro SD slot this offsets the relatively modest supplied 4GB of on-board storage and the pack I got had an included 16GB card in the box which should be enough to keep
you going for a while. I had no problems with the Wi-Fi or GPS/Blue-tooth they all worked just fine.

With tablets it's true that you pay more "get more" so moving up the price range you get more memory and faster processors and higher resolution screens too, but Archos have done an admirable job of balancing cost, with the overall package on offer. Sometimes it's tempting to look at specification sheets in detail and put the real world experience to one side, but using one in person really it's a very decent tablet for a very reasonable low cost. For a first tablet or on a tight budget this is very much worth a look
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Hitachi Travelstar 1000GB 2.5 inch SATA Internal Hard Drive
Hitachi Travelstar 1000GB 2.5 inch SATA Internal Hard Drive
Price: £44.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A viable second drive or laptop replacement, 25 Feb. 2015
I bought this drive at the same time as the faster 7200rpm Hitachi the performance difference between both drives is about 25 MB/s with this pulling in around 105 MB/s read and write times, still quite good for a modern drive and more than acceptable for most users. The difference comes partly with the spindle speed of this drive being less (5400) and the smaller 8MB cache account for the gap. Still it has to be said this is still a good drive if you don't need that extra boost to speeds

Whilst it's 1TB the actual capacity when formatted is around 931GB, so don't feel you're being cheated this is just how they count the pre-formatted capacity.

Been running a few of these drives for a couple of years with no problems to report so far. Cost is reasonable, consider the faster model if you have a laptop that is doing more intensive disc work, or if you are looking to use the drive in a desktop pc (quieter and lower power consumption) Overall a good drive, not really much between this model and the Western Digital Blue (WD own both brands they perform very closely in most tasks)

R.M.S. Titanic Scaled Model (SLIGHTLY IMPERFECT)
R.M.S. Titanic Scaled Model (SLIGHTLY IMPERFECT)
Offered by Giftware Ireland
Price: £12.95

3.0 out of 5 stars Not hugely detailed but quite an attractive basic model, 25 Feb. 2015
I bought one of these for my son a while back this has been played with and shows signs of use. The main boat is in shape a reasonable representation of the famous ship, most of the major details are here. Being die cast there is some weight to it, and the build overall is satisfactory for the price. Paint wise it's not an model I'd like to have a go at painting myself and I can see some overlaps, but it looks quite good from a normal viewing distance.

Size wise it's about 23cm long (at the base) thus quite easy to find a spot for this in the display cabinet or just on the mantelpiece. If you tame your expectations to the price it's not a bad model to have. If you're after something with ultra high details you might want to look at something different. Can't really complain for the price, but take care with some parts as it's all metal the extended thinner parts means it's not suitable for very young children
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Top of the Range Mini Dash Cam with GPS Full HD 1080p Video Recording HP F800G Car Camera / Camcorder 140° Wide Angle Lens, WDR, LDWS, 2.7" Touchscreen BUNDLE: Mini USB Cable and Car Camera Case - Exclusively from i360Direct® (BUNDLE 1)
Top of the Range Mini Dash Cam with GPS Full HD 1080p Video Recording HP F800G Car Camera / Camcorder 140° Wide Angle Lens, WDR, LDWS, 2.7" Touchscreen BUNDLE: Mini USB Cable and Car Camera Case - Exclusively from i360Direct® (BUNDLE 1)
Offered by i360Direct®
Price: £199.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars "Fully loaded" dash camera, a few minor points but the footage is excellent, 25 Feb. 2015
Note: The supplier sent me a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal view

Model: HP F800G

This higher end "dash camera" offers quite a bit in terms of functionality over lower priced cameras. Size wise this is a compact 8cm by 5cm and features a decent resolution "touch screen" for ease of use. I tested out the camera in various conditions and have listed out some of the stronger and weaker aspects of the unit.

Good points:
+ Video quality is superb to date the best I've seen in a dash camera, lots of details, smooth frame rates impressive quality and wide dynamic range
+ Excellent low light performance, colours and resolution are strong even in dim conditions clarity and resolution equally impressive
+ Reliable and consistent exposure and white balance even in difficult lighting (it's almost always spot on)
+ Has both GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning
+ Advanced features including driver safety functions, speed camera alerts, driver fatigue, 3 settings for collision detection and 3 axis G sensor
+ Touch screen LCD is clear (good contrast and visibility even in strong light) and easy to operate/change settings
+ Built in battery (some of the specialised features require constant power though)
+ Compact size - main unit and the windscreen mount
+ "Grid" display option rather than just watching the live feed you can use this display to see the speed, direction, time and speed camera alert
+ Useful "Super Car" software supplied on CD (though could be more refined)

Weaker areas:
- High end spec comes at a price premium some features are useful others might be less so
- Touch-screen could be more responsive (works fine but requires a bit more pressure)
- 720p video resolution is a "crop" of the Full HD (does not down sample) field of view isn't as wide
- No menu settings for manual white balance/contrast adjustment, no option for lower compression on footage
- Fairly average still image quality (somewhat over-processed but clear enough for a dash camera)
- Card size limited to 32GB (would be useful if it could accept larger sizes)

Video footage can be recorded in 1080p, 720p (30fps) and at 720p (60fps) there are no compression settings clip length can be set at 3 or 5 minutes
1 minute footage in full HD 1080p uses about 135MB of card space
Still images are 2 mega pixel resolution
You can power the camera via a USB car socket instead/adapter or the supplied cable (this is useful if you wish to power other devices at the same time like a sat nav). It's also possible to charge the camera via a "mini" USB cable if you are connected to a PC the camera enters "data transfer" mode this allows you to transfer files off the card, or charge it but you can't use the camera as a webcam or change settings whilst connected (battery life seems to be around 40 minutes)

In the box you get the user manual (the full manual is on the CD), dash camera, a long car power lead, there is no mini HDMI output on the unit and at the time of writing the review the supplier is bundling a case and mini USB cable with it. This camera does not have IR LED's for night vision (in complete darkness)

**Software & Advanced Features**

On the mini CD you have the "Super Car" software this allows you to watch footage and see a map of the area (if you are online) via Google maps, it shows your route on the map and the G sensor readings, direction and speed as well as audio levels making it quite simple to find incidents.

Some of the "high end features" that are on this camera include:

LDWS - Lane departure warning system this shows a display on the screen and trigger and warning if you deviate from the lane
Driver Fatigue Alert - This is a simple alert that sounds one hour after the device is powered on and every 30 minutes thereafter, possibly some use for longer motorway trips
Motion Detection - Useful for a parked car the camera will start recording if it detects movement in front of the lens
Emergency Recording - This imprints the emergency word on the footage and protects it preventing it being overwritten
Speed Camera Alert - You get a voice and screen warning you about a speed camera (radar detection)

Other functions:
The camera also has a rapid acceleration/deceleration alert, a speed limit alert (this can be user defined if required), front vehicle distance alerts either too close or too far from a vehicle in front.

**Operation and Use**

Menus are split into "tabs" and options can be selected cycling though this (lower left section of the screen): System, File (for playback), Driving Safety, and Record (settings for video resolution, exposure compensation etc)

In use very much fire and forget you can access settings easily and most will have the camera set up for automatic recording. The 2.7" touch-screen works well though does require a decent bit of pressure to operate

**Thoughts and Conclusion**

The camera overall is solid in construction and small it doesn't take up a lot of windscreen space the mount is also quite tiny (this is a light camera and doesn't need a GPS sized mount) it sticks well to the windscreen, ideal positioning is really below the rear view mirror
In terms of performance video footage wise it's hard to fault very crisp and clean footage even in night driving, whilst the contrast and white balance can't be set the camera did a near flawless job during testing rarely making a mistake. Exposure is very consistent and it's not easily fooled.

Features wise this has just about everything you could want in a dash camera (bar possibly Wi-fi or IR LED's) some of the advanced settings and functions could be considered non essential, but to some they might genuinely be useful. Compared to mid level offerings this does have some obvious advantages built in GPS gives your exact location and speed, the sensors are more advanced as well as the customisation and alerts.

There were a few niggles though the software was quite good but could be a bit more refined in places. Some minor points could be sorted out with firmware but most don't detract hugely from what is in most ways a very good camera. However I would like to have seen an option for higher compression on the video footage to extend the length of recording.

I'm not sure I'd find a use for all the functions but some are genuinely useful (speed cameras, and the GPS is really handy to have) other less so (lane departure only really useful for straight roads ie motorway driving, you'll soon tire of the warnings on bendy roads) Output wise this is as good as I've used to date with great detail in the footage and with the fast lens does extremely well for night driving. A serious contender if you want a higher end offering.

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