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New Mini Protank Pro-tank e shisha top ce4 ce5 ce6 Clearomizer Cartomizer Atomizer eGo 510 thread + 2 free coils set (BLACK Color)
New Mini Protank Pro-tank e shisha top ce4 ce5 ce6 Clearomizer Cartomizer Atomizer eGo 510 thread + 2 free coils set (BLACK Color)
Price: £2.92

4.0 out of 5 stars Quite a good value offering and a step up from the CE models, 30 Aug. 2015
l bought one of these in a local shop to try out. Have to say so far I'm quite happy with the Mini Protank; Metal tip (non removable) this tank fills from the bottom and has a capacity of 1.6ml which is not huge but then it does make it fairly easy to slip into a pocket.

Bottom coils are replaceable and you get one pre-fitted with 2 extra ones. On average I'd get about a month or so out of a coil though I wouldn't use really high voltages on these they are fine for a bit of a boost. Biggest appeal is the price once you add the 3 coils into the mix this single pack should last months just on it's own. "Vape" is moderate to quite good bump the volts up a bit and you can get a fairly decent one via the two air holes, draw is moderate not too light or heavy so will suit many users who want a replaceable coil rather than the disposable type.

No real problems with leaking very small residue as I've had from most Clearomisers no breakages so far (take your time filling it the gap isn't huge). For the price I'm quite happy with this for a normal capacity tank size it's a solid offering with decent quality materials.
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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Legendary Edition (Prima Official Game Guides) by David Hodgson (4-Jun-2013) Paperback
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Legendary Edition (Prima Official Game Guides) by David Hodgson (4-Jun-2013) Paperback
by David Hodgson
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars A "comprehensive and complete" guide for Skyrim players, 30 Aug. 2015
I bought this as a reference guide for Skyrim, there are some good online resources and "apps" available, however there are times you just want a good book that has everything you might need in one place.

The book is meaty to say the least with a page count of 1120 it's a got a bit of weight to it, not unexpected considering the vast content included. Paper quality is "OK" it's thin but has a coating and with care should be fine for normal use. I'd imagine thick paper would double the size of the already large book, not to mention add cost.

This isn't a book you can just dive into you do really need to use the contents to find what you are looking for though after a while you will have an idea where some sections are (ie weapons, spells etc) One area I might change is add some colour coding to the top of pages that might make it a bit easier to navigate. Included is a large pull out map double sided one side has the entire map of Skyrim and the primary/secondary locations listed, the reverse has Soil Cairn, Forgotten Vale, and Solstheim.

Tips and hints are included, this isn't just a "how to beat it guide" it tells you everything you could possibly want to know from the location of items, quests, characters, weapons, spells crafting level progression. Nothing is missing and just to help players there are specific references to PC/Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

Main contents includes:
1: Training (this covers skills such as combat, restoration, books, alchemy, enchanting and adventuring characters you will meet, travelling etc)
2: Inventory, a detailed section on spells, weapons/armour, crafting the list is extensive with all the stats such as damage, cost upgrades etc
3: The "Bestiary" all of the creatures/animals and enemies you encounter their stats and their special abilities as well as tips if it's moving and alive in Skyrim it's listed here.
4: Quests including the sub quests some of these have maps and additional information some quests are less complicated this is a big section as you can imagine
5: Dawnguard/Dragonborn Quests ones specific to the expansion packs
6: The "Atlas" of Skyrim, whilst the included pull out map shows the major locations this gives you much more detail about specific areas including overviews of the local population, points of interest, location of traps and maps of rooms and areas
7: Appendices, this covers achievements/trophies, shrines, unique weapons/armour

It's a good idea to read the first section this has important information on races and development very useful for newer players but also worth a look if you are fairly experienced moving into combat using tactics and training essential reading for those keen to start a new game with a strategy.

Later stages can be read as and when required I prefer to use the book for advice and knowledge rather than as a direct play guide but you can use it as a direct walk through if you wish. Skyrim is such a huge game it's an achievement to have put all this information into a single book. A must have for Skyrim fans.
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Electrolux Oven Egg Shape Cooking Timer. Genuine part number 50286479006
Electrolux Oven Egg Shape Cooking Timer. Genuine part number 50286479006
Price: £6.31

2.0 out of 5 stars Works great, until the "markings" wear off, 30 Aug. 2015
I bought one of these about 3 years ago simple concept a mechanical timer in the shape of an egg. Whilst the egg look is quite nice it's also small enough to fit anywhere easily even in a cramped kitchen. Simply turn the top section fully (to wind it) then turn it back and select the time required up to 55 minutes, I would have liked a slightly longer time, but it's good enough for many cooking activities.

Build is decent enough stainless steel exterior a brushed effect, the alarm is very similar to a mechanical bedroom clock though a bit thinner in depth but it's easily heard which is important for any time product. Now onto the the "big fail", any product like this is going to get handled frequently and sure enough a few months into use and the markings started to show some signs of wear. Right now the timer is "almost useless" for accurate time measurements as most of the markings have come off. The maker could have overcome this by engraving or embossed marks rather than black paint, an epic design failure and clearly a huge oversight. When it works it's pretty good, it not likely to last long. Back to the digital timers, which is a shame as this could have been a brilliant product

Event Horizon (Special Collector's Edition) Blu-Ray
Event Horizon (Special Collector's Edition) Blu-Ray
Offered by Atomic Movies
Price: £17.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Worth a look for "sci fi/horror" fans, 30 Aug. 2015
I've had mixed feelings about this film for a while, whilst I like a good science fiction film...the thoughts of mixing in a horror element didn't really appeal. I did however take the chance and picked up a copy of this a good few years back.

The story unfolds: Event Horizon is a starship that has been "lost" for a number of years (7 in total), but suddenly a distress signal is being picked up. A crew is dispatched to investigate what has happened to the ship and it's crew. Dr. William Weir (played by Sam Neill) is the ships designer and joins the rescue/investigation mission.

It's not the most original plot for a science fiction film (but it's ok all the same), the movie was a bit of a flop at the box office and got some fairly mixed reviews. My own take on it is..well it's not as bad as some say and in a lot of ways it's quite good. But it's not for everyone.

Cast wise Sam Neill does a decent job of the ship designer who later becomes somewhat "obsessed/possessed" with the ship. Supporting cast is quite good with Laurence Fishburne taking the part of the mission ship Captain Miller, Joely Richardson as the Lieutenant and a few other familiar faces...Sean Pertwee, Jason Isaacs and Kathleen Quinlan are all respectable enough in their roles.

Effects are quite good, setting the dark and moody scene with some effective lighting and sound effect. The horror aspect is a mixed bag, it turns out that the ship has been to a strange/evil place and the crew were losing control of themselves mentally. Despite the unlikely storyline, I quite liked the film. It falls into that place where it's certainly not a classic masterpiece, but really nowhere near as bad as some critics made it out to be. Script work is fine, acting generally good from most of the cast. Some folks will find it quite scary and creepy, it does manage to convey this quite well.

If you fancy something a bit different and like both the horror and science fiction genre, it's worth investigating more.

Vida IT vBud Bluetooth Speaker For Asus Google Nexus 7 MOBILE PHONE - Connect Wireless or with Audio Cable - Stereo Music and Phone Audio
Vida IT vBud Bluetooth Speaker For Asus Google Nexus 7 MOBILE PHONE - Connect Wireless or with Audio Cable - Stereo Music and Phone Audio
Offered by MemoryCardsIE
Price: £29.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Solid build and a good sound output, 30 Aug. 2015
Note: The supplier sent me a review sample for evaluation, the review reflects my own personal opinion of the product

Taking this out of the box I was surprised to see a very thick metal rim on the casing this has a nice brushed effect finish to the aluminium and it certainly makes the speaker feel very solid build wise. This is one of the smaller speakers I've tested standing just 5cm high and a diameter of about 19.5cm.

Controls wise a phone icon indicates the "Multi function button" used for taking/ending//redialling call and you press and hold this on for about 7 or 8 seconds to enter "pairing mode" you get a blue/red LED flashing when it's ready to pair up. There is a small microphone hold, a micro USB charging port, and a 3.5mm input for inputting non Bluetooth devices to the speaker.

You get a micro USB lead for charging, and a surprisingly long 3.5mm male, to 3.5mm male stereo cable for the aux input this measures about 1.2m in length way longer than the cables normally provided. It's also gold plated and a "flat design" the quality feels very good here.

Back to the speaker on the base there is a removable cover, one taken off this has a surface like the underside of a gel mount mat, you also have a supplied "mini mat" which has the same glossy grip surface and a matt side too. Placing the speaker on the mat and it holds the speaker firmly in place and also dampens any vibrations and seems to beef up the bass response a bit too. It's a nice touch and a good bundle overall some way better than most makers

No issues to report pairing it up or range which I tested at over 8 metres, I played the speaker most of the day so that's over 9 hours use and it's still holding up battery wise no complaint endurance wise but this will vary depending on the volume and use. The built in microphone worked fine a little above average in clarity quite acceptable for a speaker like this.

**Sound quality**

This is obviously important for any speaker but I have to take into account the small size of the unit, clearly you're not going to get that "big stereo sound" from such a small 3 watt speaker. For the most part the sound was quite impressive with a decent spread across the spectrum not bad in the bass area and vocals to mids/highs were quite clear too. It's also fairly loud and I can see why the mat was provided as the speaker can move a bit at high volume settings despite the added weight of the case.

Areas for improvement:

At high volume levels with the Aux input being use you'll have to dial down the volume a bit from the device you are playing music from I found at high levels sometimes I got some distortion, but in some cases not so much so it seems to vary depending a lot on the device being used playing at normal volume levels the sound was quite clear and defined though. Maybe the speaker needs a volume limiting chip in the circuit design I didn't notice any audio problems when paired with Bluetooth devices sound was very good for the size of speaker.

I'd like to see maybe a volume control on the unit, it's not a huge issue but you'll have to control the volume from the input device be it 3.5mm or Bluetooth. In most ways though this is fairly impressive speaker and it comes with a good bundle I esp liked the long 3.5mm lead which is handy to have. Despite a few minor points this is an very nicely made speaker and worth looking at.

600W EVGA 80PLUS Power Supply
600W EVGA 80PLUS Power Supply
Offered by Fuzion
Price: £44.58

4.0 out of 5 stars Reliable budget power supply, 30 Aug. 2015
I bought one of these to replace a lower cost but moderate gaming system PSU (single card GPU)
Cost was a factor in the replacement, but fairly good power output was also needed.

The EVGA is quite nicely made, glossy finish on the unit. It can cope well with high loads and with good energy efficiency.
It's price is a little cheaper than the equivalent Corsair CX model, though quite comparable in most ways (build, cabling and output)

Good points:
+ Well priced for a budget 500w PSU
+ Fairly quiet at mid to low power outputs
+ 80 plus bronze good energy efficiency
+ Over/under voltage, temp protection (this is why it's a good idea to avod the super budget offerings)
+ 3 year warranty

- Cables not modular
- Sleeving could be higher quality
- Fan noise more audible at higher wattage output (500w and over)

There is a good selection of connectors, 2x PCIe and 4 SATA should be enough for most and length is just fine for even a larger sized case. If you are very fussy with cables in your case you are probably better off with a modular design, but for mainstream users this is a good cost effective solution, and a very decent alternative to the Corsair CX power supplies.

The PSU has been in the PC now for a good few months with no issues at all. If you are a heavy gamer you might want more power for a dual card set up, but for most requirements/moderate gamers this is a really good affordable choice.

Will update the review should any issues arise.

Samsung Memory 64 GB EVO Plus MicroSDXC UHS-I Grade 1 Class 10 Memory Card with SD Adapter (Frustration Free Packaging)
Samsung Memory 64 GB EVO Plus MicroSDXC UHS-I Grade 1 Class 10 Memory Card with SD Adapter (Frustration Free Packaging)
Price: £26.07

4.0 out of 5 stars Updated card offers a speed boost over the lower level "EVO" cards, 30 Aug. 2015
I bought this card as a reasonable compromise between capacity and cost (the very fast cards are quite expensive at this size) and 128GB ones even more so, thus I opted for the 64GB offering.

Samsung appear to be offering this model in addition to the entry "Blue" and "Orange" cards both are reasonable speed wise though not particularly fast for write times (the Orange EVO is about 15MB/s or a little over that) On paper Samsung quote "80MB/s" but that's the transfer speed (read)
In testing I found the speeds to be (on a USB 3.0 card reader):

Read: 78-82 MB/s
Write: 21-23MB/s

A little variation between tests but not much. That's a pretty good read speed as fast as many cards at the top end almost (some hit 90MB's just) write speeds are about 5-6MB/s over the lower down EVO that's a respectable write performance though not ultra fast still satisfactory enough for many users.

Taking the price point into consideration I'm pretty happy overall it's a fair cost for a larger capacity and performs well enough for most users.

Umi-Iron Smartphone Cover-White
Umi-Iron Smartphone Cover-White
Offered by EUOU EASY
Price: £19.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Slimline case offers some protection and a built in stand, 30 Aug. 2015
Note: The manufacturer supplied a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal view

Available in two colours (a slightly off white and black) this case is made from synthetic leather and feels quite good to the touch. Unlike many phone cases which tend to feature a "slot in" design ie push the phone into the case; this model has an adhesive strip along the inside to attach the phone. That might sound strange but the strip is quite strong and grips very firmly to the phone (it's quite wide)

You have to be careful positioning the phone so I would suggest placing the phone first (line it up with the holes and cut out areas for the camera/LED flash) inside the case then pull back the flap (it has a crease in the back) then remove the strip covering the sticky section this works much better than trying to get it in one go. Also take note of the lens on the back and avoid any overhang it can cause flare with the LED flash if the case even slightly covers the lens.

There are weaker areas to the case (can't access the volume or power buttons when it's in the stand position) and it doesn't offer any side protection to the phone (bar the edge that is covered this has embossed power/volume controls so you know where they are) The stand is useful and it doesn't really add any size to the phone either. I'd like to see Umi offer a few cases of different designs, this is quite good if you're not accident prone with phones.
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GeForce 210 Silent 512 MB GDDR3 PCI-Express 2.0 EN210 SILENT/DI/512MD3LP
GeForce 210 Silent 512 MB GDDR3 PCI-Express 2.0 EN210 SILENT/DI/512MD3LP

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Low cost upgrade graphics card for light gaming or medial playback, 30 Aug. 2015
This is the type of card that isn't going to blow you away with pure graphics performance (there are better ones from Nvidia and AMD at a somewhat higher cost)

But it is a cheap way to beef up an older pc that might be struggling with playing back HD video content
If you're updating an older pc maybe a single or even older dual core this card comes into it's own bang per buck wise. If you have onboard graphics then that will certainly be better here, but this isn't meant for playing the latest games (it can manage ok with lower res games a few years ago though) Or if you are happy to drop the settings down (AA is a big performance hit on graphics cards) you can even manage more up to date games at more modest settings (skyrim will play ok on this if you cut down the graphics and draw distance) 512MB of built in ram also frees up system ram if you are using the motherboards built in graphics.

The GPU supports H.264, VC-1, WMV, DivX, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 HD as well as playback for Blu ray. Even on the single core pc's fitted with this card breathed new life into somewhat dated technology. A lot of users simply do basic tasks but would like to watch media in high def, and without stuttering on frame rates. I've fitted a few of these cards to older pc's and everyone has been very pleased with the improvement for a very modest outlay. The card is low power consumption, has a fanless heatsink so there is no annoying fan noises to distract, and Gigabyte have managed to keep it a lower profile so it shouldn't cause problems with adjacent cards.

It also adds HDMI, and DVI outputs for various monitors giving you the 3 main connections you might need

A recommended buy for anyone looking for a budget card, just bear in mind more serious gamers will need to look at higher more recent offerings

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Minecraft: Blockopedia by Wiltshire, Alex (2015) Hardcover
Minecraft: Blockopedia by Wiltshire, Alex (2015) Hardcover

4.0 out of 5 stars Comprehensive "block guide" for Minecraft players, 30 Aug. 2015
I picked this up for my son to add to his growing Minecraft book collection, and had a good look through prior to wrapping this up for Christmas

The book comes in a rather big presentation box with a clear front, taking the book out of the box there is a bit of "heft" to it (at over 300 pages not unexpected), this is quite a bit larger than previous Minecraft guides and rather than a normal book shape this is hexagonal design it looks quite attractive with the block on the front cover.

At the start you have a well laid out contents section the main parts are:
- Naturally Generated (this lists out the normal blocks like stone, dirt, sand, gravel etc)
- Ores & Minerals (gold, iron, coal, diamond, emerald and others)
- Plants (wood, leaves, various flowers, mushrooms, potatoes and more)
- Liquids and Gases, there are only 3 here water, lava and fire
- Nether and End, this covers the Nether portal/rack/brich, glowstone, dragon egg, etc
- Player Created (planks, glass, bricks, TNT, stairs, carpet, farmland among others)
- Utility this lists out the various blocks that function such as chest, furnace, crafting tables, jukebox, cauldron, ladder and many others
- Mechanisms covers areas like doors, rail, levers, buttons, trapdoors the various redstone items like lamps, sensor this section is quite big.
- Creative Mode a few pages which touches on Mob Heads

Moving through the book it struck me how detailed this is there are a lot of different blocks in the game and the book has a comprehensive listing on the block properties such as blast resistance, light emitting properties, flammable or not, stackable. For each block section these "stats" on the block are shown in an easy to read graphic way so you can instantly see what the properties of each block are.

You also get information on crafting (if it's relevant chests/doors/glass etc) and how you can use mechanisms to help make a more creative world and how blocks function, interact with the world and how they behave (like lava which flows etc)

This covers just about all you possibly need to know about "blocks", there are other guides out there for creative ideas on building and on monsters/combat & weapons, this sticks firmly to the block aspect of the game (which is the major part of the game) Print quality is good, though I'd prefer thicker paper (it's fine but the shape of the book means a smaller spine thus possibly not ideal for younger children)

Whilst the outer box does look nice it's not really needed though you could store the book in the box but it's bigger than it needs to be. Overall though a very complete and informative guide or Blockopedia (as it's described). Probably of more interest for intermediate players but new ones will find very useful information in this too.

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