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Camkitmate Camera Lens Hood For Sony DT 18-55mm/18-70mm F3.5-5.6 SAM Lens Replacement Bayonet ALCSH108
Camkitmate Camera Lens Hood For Sony DT 18-55mm/18-70mm F3.5-5.6 SAM Lens Replacement Bayonet ALCSH108
Offered by trams
Price: £6.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Decent third party lens hood, 31 Mar. 2015
I bought one of these as a replacement hood for an 18-70mm lens this one also fits the newer 18-55mm kit lens too that doesn't come with the hood "out of the box" as such the 18-70mm does.

Fit and finish are good really not much difference between this and the original I have for the 18-70mm, this is a bayonet fit simply twist to lock it's also possible to reverse the hood for storing it. The hood is short though neither lens suffers hugely from flare it can be useful to help protect the lens though giving a bit of distance between the front element and objects.

Very close to the OEM part minus the branding it's a decent third party offering for those two lenses. If you want a really deep petal hood there are a few 55mm screw in hoods around to meet that need.

Cutting-Edge PANASONIC - RP-HT225 - HEADPHONES, HI-FI + VOL CONTROL - Pack of 1- Min 3yr ClevaUK Warranty
Cutting-Edge PANASONIC - RP-HT225 - HEADPHONES, HI-FI + VOL CONTROL - Pack of 1- Min 3yr ClevaUK Warranty
Offered by go4products
Price: £28.13

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3.0 out of 5 stars Handy to have the extra long cable, though the sound is merely "average", 31 Mar. 2015
I've owned these for a while now and picking up some newer headphones recently wanted to compare them to the Panasonics.

The main advantage of these are the longer than normal 3m cable and built in volume control., though the length can mean you get more cable tangle than some other phones. Build is as expected fairly basic but not unacceptable for the asking price. These are somewhat larger phones if that's what you are looking for, just bear in mind the portable aspect (better suited to home listening)

Audio wise I compared these to the Sony MDRV150's I bought and possibly unfairly to the much more expensive (though not crazy priced) Yamaha HPH 200's. Running through my Asus Xonar PC sound card to ensure a quality signal.

No prizes for guessing the Yamaha's clearly won and sounded the best by a long shot. What was surprising was the Sony MDRV150's sound much better than the Panasonic phones. The HT225's sounded quite weak on bass and with fairly poor tonal seperation and response. I was quite disappointed though you might find the sound adequate for basic use, they're fairly low volume and require quite a bit of pumping on the EQ to try to wring out better sounds.

I'm not shocked a pair of cheaper phones sounded "ho hum" I was just surprised how much better the MDRV150's sounded, much better bass and frequency response. These are clearly better than the £2 car boot sale ultra budget offerings, possibly worth considering if you need the cable length or in volume control, and they are fairly comfy too. But recently I've looked at quite a few lesser known makers in this price point and some of these genuinely sound very good Panasonic have their work cut out here small makers are showing them up a little. Sound wise these are passable but nothing more

Kington Jewellery Vintage Stainless Steel Fashion Earrings/Studs Clock Roman Numerals Zircon Colour Rose Gold and White Never Tarnish, Gift for Women and Girls
Kington Jewellery Vintage Stainless Steel Fashion Earrings/Studs Clock Roman Numerals Zircon Colour Rose Gold and White Never Tarnish, Gift for Women and Girls
Offered by Kington Pro
Price: £17.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Lovely set of ear rings, smart and refined, 31 Mar. 2015
Note: The maker sent me a review sample, the review reflects my own personal opinion of the product

For this review I got a few second opinions from female friends to help me with the evaluation
This arrived gift boxed, the set I looked at are the "rose gold colour" I assume they are not gold plated, but you would be pushed to spot the different. The rose tint is a little cooler and more copper in appearance than normal gold though it's attractive in it's own right.

In the middle of each ear ring is a small crystal or stone, surrounded by a white section described as "Zircon" this varies hugely in colour it's a gemstone that is often used for jewellery this type is quite white when you look at it directly but has a texture and banding it's not a single solid white area. If you look at it from the sides the white takes on a green/blue/purple effect and it shimmers if light hits it looks rather nice to my eye.

Surrounding the Zircon area is a clock in Roman numerals looking at this closely the details are excellent very clean and defined. Edges are smooth and the back of the ear rings are the same gold colour as the front area, the expected retainers on the back. These are not huge ear rings and fairly light but discreet and practical enough to wear for work or day to day, but quite classy and would go well with an evening dress.

Very nice quality overall and excellent finishing
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IFEEL Jewellery Floating Charms Bottle Pendant Murano Glass Fashion Rose Gold Plated Necklace For Women and Girls
IFEEL Jewellery Floating Charms Bottle Pendant Murano Glass Fashion Rose Gold Plated Necklace For Women and Girls
Price: £21.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Attractive gold plated pendant, 31 Mar. 2015
Note: The maker supplied a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal view

This necklace arrived in a gift box the main feature of this is the clear pendant section which consists of a transparent covering (which is firm to the touch) inside are clear crystals these move around whilst wearing the necklace.
The chain is 46cm (total length) like the other areas this is "rose gold plated" this has a different look to normal gold the colour has a more copper tonality to it, makes a nice change from the norm.

On the outer rim there are crystals encrusted all around the entire circumference a nice glimmering effect when it moves.
Quality wise little to fault here at this price point gold plating is expected but the workmanship is to a high level the with good detailing and finishing, a small note connecting ring from the chain to the pendant is closed off with a bulbous part this avoids the problem of the ring opening up and should ensure it stays put a nice touch to see.

Really a very good little necklace and pendant elegant and refined.
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Dynamode USB 2.0 Sound Card
Dynamode USB 2.0 Sound Card
Price: £2.87

3.0 out of 5 stars Build is a bit "light" but it gets the job done for a very low cost, 31 Mar. 2015
I bought one of these for a friend who had a damaged 3.5mm jack on their laptop and was unable to connect their external speakers. As they use their laptop to hook up to a TV to watch DVD's and films (this is the primary use of the notebook) they were stuck with the weedy onboard speakers and the usual bad sound quality.

The device is very simple, plug it into a USB port, Windows 7 sees the device instantly and that's it you get a microphone and headphone jack, there are no drivers needed to install. Output quality is quite reasonable for such a low cost device, build is best described as passable at best (light plastic case, could be better here, it's not going to take a beating) You can adjust some settings via the control panel, though don't expect the tweaking of a high cost dedicated USB sound card.

Considering the low cost, and ease of use this is a pretty good purchase if you need an inexpensive way to get sound from a computer via a USB port. Don't buy it though expecting superior sound quality, it's ok but it won't give better sound quality than the one on board it's just a convenient way to hook up sound if you want to use the USB port.

Gripfill 350ml Solvent Based
Gripfill 350ml Solvent Based
Price: £9.58

5.0 out of 5 stars An essential item for DIY enthusiasts, 31 Mar. 2015
This review is from: Gripfill 350ml Solvent Based
I've used this since it first came to the market (in the 80's) since then another type has turned up (this is the original stuff)

First off this really does work. I've attached sinks to walls, stuck floor tiles down with this and hung wooden shelf brackets up too. This is the normal adhesive version and is suitable for porous and non porous application. There is another version which can be used only if one surface is porous (Gripfill Solvent Free) and that one has a much milder smell but is effective esp when wood is used.

I would recommend this type for tougher items that need securing but would caution on a few areas. Firstly this sticks very firmly so make sure you won't want to move whatever it is you are fixing as removal could pretty much destroy the item (it sticks that well) the other point to note is in some cases you might be better off looking at the solvent free option esp if you are fixing wood be it skirting boards or joints (or the various other options such as no more nails and equivalent products). This original one though is the champ for sticking thanks to the strong adhesive used, but there is quite an odour off of it until it's cured.

Do note that this is "flexible" where as some adhesive offerings are not this won't snap or crack so use it where some movement or strain might occur (for skirting this isn't going to move so use the water based adhesives there)

As a side note whilst this is great for fixing plasterboard I wouldn't recommend trying to stick heavy items to plaster board with this, purely because unlike a "solid fixing" this sticks to the surface (which is fine if it's a normal wall) the surface of plasterboard though won't hold heavy loads but it can be useful in other areas as an additional adhesive (I've put bathroom units with fixings and this to help with extra bonding) Thanks to the gap filling properties this works a treat on many areas where you need a fix "and" to fill gaps hence the name, it's really extremely useful to have around. Working with gripfill is fairly straight forward but I'd be somewhat less generous with application so cut the top to a small point to give a moderate flow of the adhesive don't over apply. Also avoid contact with clothes once this has set it's difficult to remove easily.

I've used this for many years and certainly has a place in the house/shed for various jobs.

EVGA 100-W1-0500-KR - 500W 80 Plus Power Supply (100-W1-0500-KR)
EVGA 100-W1-0500-KR - 500W 80 Plus Power Supply (100-W1-0500-KR)
Offered by IvoryEgg
Price: £38.71

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4.0 out of 5 stars Reliable budget power supply, 31 Mar. 2015
I bought one of these to replace a lower cost but moderate gaming system PSU (single card GPU)
Cost was a factor in the replacement, but fairly good power output was also needed.

The EVGA is quite nicely made, glossy finish on the unit. It can cope well with high loads and with good energy efficiency.
It's price is a little cheaper than the equivalent Corsair CX model, though quite comparable in most ways (build, cabling and output)

+ Well priced for a budget 500w PSU
+ Fairly quiet at mid to low power outputs
+ 80 plus good energy efficiency
+ Over/under voltage, temp protection (this is why it's a good idea to avod the super budget offerings)
+ 3 year warranty

- Cables not modular
- Sleeving could be higher quality
- Fan noise more audible at higher wattage output (500w and over)

There is a good selection of connectors, 2x PCIe should be enough for most and length is just fine for even a larger sized case. If you are very fussy with cables in your case you are probably better off with a modular design, but for mainstream users this is a good cost effective solution, and a very decent alternative to the Corsair CX power supplies.

The PSU has been in the PC now for a good few months with no issues at all. If you are a heavy gamer you might want more power for a dual card set up, but for most requirements/moderate gamers this is a really good affordable choice.

Will update the review should any issues arise.

Vida IT vBud Bluetooth Speaker For Nokia 6310i MOBILE PHONE - Connect Wireless or with Audio Cable - Stereo Music and Phone Audio
Vida IT vBud Bluetooth Speaker For Nokia 6310i MOBILE PHONE - Connect Wireless or with Audio Cable - Stereo Music and Phone Audio
Offered by MemoryCardsIE
Price: £29.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Well made speaker with a solid sound output, 31 Mar. 2015
Note: The supplier sent me a review sample for evaluation, the review reflects my own personal opinion of the product

Taking this out of the box I was surprised to see a very thick metal rim on the casing this has a nice brushed effect finish to the aluminium and it certainly makes the speaker feel very solid build wise. This is one of the smaller speakers I've tested standing just 5cm high and a diameter of about 19.5cm.

Controls wise a phone icon indicates the "Multi function button" used for taking/ending//redialling call and you press and hold this on for about 7 or 8 seconds to enter "pairing mode" you get a blue/red LED flashing when it's ready to pair up. There is a small microphone hold, a micro USB charging port, and a 3.5mm input for inputting non Bluetooth devices to the speaker.

You get a micro USB lead for charging, and a surprisingly long 3.5mm male, to 3.5mm male stereo cable for the aux input this measures about 1.2m in length way longer than the cables normally provided. It's also gold plated and a "flat design" the quality feels very good here.

Back to the speaker on the base there is a removable cover, one taken off this has a surface like the underside of a gel mount mat, you also have a supplied "mini mat" which has the same glossy grip surface and a matt side too. Placing the speaker on the mat and it holds the speaker firmly in place and also dampens any vibrations and seems to beef up the bass response a bit too. It's a nice touch and a good bundle overall some way better than most makers

No issues to report pairing it up or range which I tested at over 8 metres, I played the speaker most of the day so that's over 9 hours use and it's still holding up battery wise no complaint endurance wise but this will vary depending on the volume and use. The built in microphone worked fine a little above average in clarity quite acceptable for a speaker like this.

**Sound quality**

This is obviously important for any speaker but I have to take into account the small size of the unit, clearly you're not going to get that "big stereo sound" from such a small 3 watt speaker. For the most part the sound was quite impressive with a decent spread across the spectrum not bad in the bass area and vocals to mids/highs were quite clear too. It's also fairly loud and I can see why the mat was provided as the speaker can move a bit at high volume settings despite the added weight of the case.

Areas for improvement:

At high volume levels with the Aux input being use you'll have to dial down the volume a bit from the device you are playing music from I found at high levels sometimes I got some distortion, but in some cases not so much so it seems to vary depending a lot on the device being used playing at normal volume levels the sound was quite clear and defined though. Maybe the speaker needs a volume limiting chip in the circuit design I didn't notice any audio problems when paired with Bluetooth devices sound was very good for the size of speaker.

I'd like to see maybe a volume control on the unit, it's not a huge issue but you'll have to control the volume from the input device be it 3.5mm or Bluetooth. In most ways though this is fairly impressive speaker and it comes with a good bundle I esp liked the long 3.5mm lead which is handy to have. Despite a few minor points this is an very nicely made speaker and worth looking at.

Zalman ZM-M500WL - ZM-M500WL 3000 DPI Wireless Optical Mouse
Zalman ZM-M500WL - ZM-M500WL 3000 DPI Wireless Optical Mouse
Offered by LambdaTek ComponentShop
Price: £29.74

4.0 out of 5 stars Attractive and responsive mouse, Nano reciever could be improved though, 30 Mar. 2015
l bought this mouse to replace a Logitech LX-7 laser mouse and pleased to say in most areas the Zalman is a superior mouse, though it does have a few areas which could be better.

Opening the box you get the mouse, a soft beige drawstring bag to store it in, the Nano USB receiver, and a set of Energizer alkaline AA batteries.
This isn't specifically designed for notebook users but it's not a big mouse at 107mm by 58mm by 36mm it's suitable for desktop and laptop users and the included "bag" is useful for travel if needed.

The mouse has a very nice "piano black glossy finish" no question it will need a polish from time to time with fingerprints but it does look good. Onto the sides we have some recessed groves to add a bit of grip, on the back section a button which opens up the case you insert the AA batteries here and there is a space to store the Nano receiver too. Design is better than most here it's often a struggle to insert batteries, a bit more space with this mouse and less hassle.

On the top deck the usual left/right paddles, the scroll wheel has a smooth rubber finish with a slight notched feel rotating it, very quiet too moving it this has a press down button but not a side to side scroll.. A neat feature is the button behind the wheel this has DPI marked on it push it forward/back as per web navigations if you press it down it cycles through the various DPI settings 1000, 2000, 3000 DPI a beep indicates the setting (ie 1 beep up to 3 beeps and then back again with another press)

Pairing up worked well you'll need to give it a few seconds for the OS to find the mouse (not long about 10 seconds on my Win 7 PC) OS support is from Win 2000, up to Win 8.1. No additional drivers are included this uses the standard ones. One you power on the mouse 2 beeps indicate it has connected to the receiver.

Onto the weaker points and there is only really one and that's the Nano receiver location wise it wasn't overly happy at the bottom of the PC case at the back, improved at the top but worked best on a front USB port or with a USB extension to move it away from the case. To be honest not the first time to see this and once you find a good spot the signal is reliable and accurate but Zalman have a bit of work to do to make the receiver stronger and less prone to interference. This does take the shine off an otherwise excellent mouse the build is good, very comfortable in use, easy to fit the batteries and micro switches are to a high quality in short it's great bar that one point. This won't be an issue for laptop users but desktop ones will need to experiment a bit location wise. Range was about 8-9 feet receiver to mouse, it's a bit early to comment on battery life but you can turn the mouse off if required. Being symmetrical it's also a suitable for left handed users.

Some might not be overly impressed with the beeping sound it could be a bit quieter or have an LED indication it's useful to have this to switch DPI (not a gaming mouse as such but it's not out of place styling wise)
For me a 4/5 great mouse average Nano receiver
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Ronseal HWFSNC750 Hardwood FurnIture Stain Natural Cedar 750ml
Ronseal HWFSNC750 Hardwood FurnIture Stain Natural Cedar 750ml
Price: £12.83

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3.0 out of 5 stars Does what it says on the "tin" but needs many coats to provide good protection, 30 Mar. 2015
I bought a tin of this for some garden furniture which is in good condition but required some treatment.
Now I did read the label and the Ronseal 3 year claim isn't unrealistic, however be aware that in order to achieve the 3 years protection you will need to apply 3 coats of the stain.

This isn't a huge problem, as this is water based and quick drying (under 1 hour in warm ish conditions) so you can apply multiple coats in a shorter period of time. But being honest having used Sadolin's extra durable woodstain the finish on that is superior and longer lasting. The Ronseal is pretty good, but it can blister and a few coats simply won't cut it for outside furniture even on well prepared surfaces.

Don't expect to put a single coat on and get the desired results. If you're happy to apply the 3 coats then this isn't a bad woodstain, but despite the pain of Sadolin's being oil based (very slow drying time) it does last longer and with less coats. The upside is that the brushes are easy to wash out simply use water and a bit of washing up liquid

I painted a number of garden items with this and the finish is fine, it's just not the best out there.

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