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Dave's Picks Volume 1: The Mosque, Richmond, VA 5/25/77 (US IMPORT)
Dave's Picks Volume 1: The Mosque, Richmond, VA 5/25/77 (US IMPORT)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Yet another Grate 1977 outing, 4 April 2014
With all the GD live albums available these days, it makes me wonder why there weren't more released in the 70s when they were flying. I personally think that many of their live albums available now have surpassed or at least equal to Live/Dead, Skull & Roses, and Europe 72.
This one is a good one and in my opinion one of their live albums up with those previously mentioned albums. 1977 was an excellent year for live shows for the band.

Track Listing:
Disc 1: Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo, Jack Straw, They Love Each Other, Mexicali Blues, Peggy-O, Cassidy, Loser, Lazy Lightning =>Supplication, Brown-Eyed Women, Promised Land
Disc 2: Scarlet Begonias=> Fire On The Mountain, Estimated Prophet=>He's Gone, Drums=>
Disc 3: The Other One=>Wharf Rat=>The Other One=>The Wheel=>Around And Around, Johnny B. Goode

Some highlights:
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo starts proceeding nicely to set up what turns out to be a great show. A smooth & relaxed version of this track has Jerry playing with a lot of feel.
More sweet Jerry guitar on Jack Straw complements Bob who is in fine voice. Excellent version.
Bob's Mexicali Blues at 3:40 long is the perfect short-track between two 7+ minute tracks. And a damn good rendition at that.
Cassidy is another Bob winner. And again, beautifully played and paying special attention to carefully laid out vocal harmonizing. Donna Jean is working it competently.
Jerry chips away at an emotional solo in Loser.
It's obvious the guys have purposely wanted to start the show with a mellow, easy to digest flow. It may sound safe, however, it's as far as possible from being boring with them all playing in such well-executed form.
Lazy Lightning=>Supplication follows on with an outstanding intricate rhythm provided by Phil, Micky, Bob, and Bill. Weir is a brilliant rhythm (if you could call it that) player. Jerry fires up with a heap of excellent lead.
Scarlet Begonias=>Fire On The Mountain falls into an infectious groove that is irresistible. It however does have Donna threatening to wreck this version with her moaning and over-reaching till her vocals break - it is off-putting when the rest of the band are delivering seamlessly. Still a great version of this coupling though.
Estimated Prophet coming off their latest album at the time "Terrapin Station" was very fresh and this inspired version lives up to its potential - really cool track.
Drums=>The Other One=>Wharf Rat=>The Other One=>The Wheel=>Around And Around is a brilliant sandwich containing an extremely strong Wharf Rat & The Wheel. Bob keeps trying to lead into Wharf Rat during The Other One until eventually the rest of the band take the bait. The Wheel is a excellent. Jerry's vocals and guitar brilliant throughout. The last part of the sandwich, Around and Around, surprised me as I don't normally care for it - this version rocks!

Overall, it is very noticeable that the vocals are at the right level (almost) throughout, and in fine shape.

If this is ever re-released, or if you can score a reasonably priced copy, go for it! I highly recommend it.

Rock on!

Classical Music: The Great Composers and Their Masterworks (Mitchell Beazley Art & Design)
Classical Music: The Great Composers and Their Masterworks (Mitchell Beazley Art & Design)
by John Stanley
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Carefully & Brilliantly presented, 4 Jan 2014
This book is an excellent source to get a decent grounding on Classical Music from.

The foreword is by Sir George Solti. He gives his blessing to the book's intention, and the great achievement of John Stanley in which the latter collated all of the information provided. And very importantly, made it user-friendly with its presentation.

It is chronologically set out with information of the growth and choice of instrument usage as the periods/eras progressed.

The book is broken up into chapters: The Middle Ages & Renaissance; The Baroque Era; The Classical Era; The Romantic Legacy; The Early 20th Century; and The Late 20th Century.
A selection of highly-regarded composers from each chapter are included and explored.
With each of the composers selected, Gramophone have provided some great recommendations for excellent renditions of some of the composers most important and favourably accepted work.

I have personally acquired many of the recordings recommended here and to say that I have appreciated them would be a gross understatement.

There is much more invaluable detailing in this book than I have provided in this short review.

I totally recommend this book to all newcomers, casual classical listeners, or anyone that wants to explore the brilliant world of classical music.


Sunshine Daydream (Veneta, Or, 8/27/72)
Sunshine Daydream (Veneta, Or, 8/27/72)
Price: 18.03

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5.0 out of 5 stars Convert a friend today!, 30 Sep 2013
Amazing! This is one monster release. Serious Deadheads already know this show and have been requesting it for official release for what seems to be forever. And for good reason. For those that have several of the Europe '72 shows, you know what I am talking about when I say that this sits with the best of them.

From the opening number 'The Promised Land', the band are in tight and unbelievably relaxed form. Weir mentions at different intervals as to the heat of that day in Veneta, Oregon. I can't understand how the band can play so well in such heat (100+ degrees fahrenheit, 37+ degrees celcius).
There is an atmosphere at this show that makes me feel like I am there.

The versions of nearly all of the tracks are quite brilliant. Plenty of 'established' fan's favourites are included in the set. I would imagine that many of the tracks would capture the attention of newcomers as well, based on the variance of the musical styles, and comfort the band explore & deliver within those styles. The jamming at different times is jazzy, calm, frantic - altogether controlled and inspired at the same time as it is improvised. Their chemistry when they are in this form is sublime. They show how switched-on they are at this show. Infectious stuff.

The China > Rider included here are amongst the best that I have heard. Playing In The Band is great. Dark Star - wow! The different moods contained within take you to another world. These tracks contain my favourite jamming on the album.

Thankfully, the clarity of the vocals are a highlight on this - not forced, in key, well-harmonized, and heartfelt where needed. Sing Me Back Home is so good...

This version of Greatest Story Ever Told is my favourite version. It clearly shows that the band are really enjoying themselves.

The cowboy tunes work nicely.

Overall, this album is best heard from head-to-toe in one sitting. Not only because of the musical content - the atmosphere of the show with the announcements etcetera is captured between the tracks as well.

The DVD contains several uncut highlights including the 30+ minutes of Dark Star, the 'very special' rendition of China > Rider...and more. Although it doesn't contain the whole show, what you get is an excellent account of that magic day.

Established fans: you know what you are getting. It's a no-brainer!

Newbies: this very well may introduce you to the (mostly) wonderful world of Grateful Dead live albums.

Enjoy :-D

Psych Out - Original Soundtrack
Psych Out - Original Soundtrack
Price: 12.22

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5.0 out of 5 stars God is alive and well and living in a sugar cube, 21 Feb 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The title of my review comes from the film. No offence to anyone reading this.

I've hoped for many years that this would one day eventually make it to cd. And here it finally is - better late than never. The movie was responsible for me looking into Strawberry Alarm Clock & The Seeds in much more depth, which in turn led me to so many more great 60s psych acts.

Ok - the music. Released on vinyl (duh!) in 1968, the album contains music by Boenzee Cryque & The Storybook which cannot be found anywhere other than on this soundtrack. The quasi-incidental dreamy music by those 2 acts is vital for filling in the gaps between the more accepted song-structured tracks. So until 2011 when this cd was finally released, if you didn't have the vinyl (which goes for mega-dollars if you can find it), or as in my case, downloaded mp3s off someone else's 'aged' vinyl, it was unavailable. I did my downloading a couple of years or so ago and so was absolutely shocked when I casually did a search on Amazon a couple of weeks backs and found it. Yeeehaaaaahhh!!!

I noticed that there was some criticism about the sound quality of this cd release. I can tell you that there are no pops & crackles on this as opposed to my old mp3s. It's cleaned up, never been available on cd beforehand, it's complete - what's to complain about?

If you're into the dreamy, floating soundscapes that so many 60s psych acts were so good at creating, this is a must. I'd recommend watching the movie first if you aren't already familiar with it because the less lyrical tracks will make more sense that way.

Favourite track - The World's on Fire (long version).


Straight Out Of Hell: Premium Edition
Straight Out Of Hell: Premium Edition
Offered by SourceMediaUK
Price: 6.58

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5.0 out of 5 stars Champion album!, 19 Feb 2013
Yep! They've done it again with their class. However, I'll try to not compare it to their previous material.

To my ears, this album is a perfect example of utilizing every instrument without sounding tiresome, complacent, or self-indulgent. Just exactly perfect.

Those riffs and powerful rhythms.....The drums - man, Dani Loeble is one hell of a machine! Andi Deris has the right combination of power, menace, and emotion that makes each track all the more convincing. The genius of Michael Weikath's song-structuring skills is outstanding. Sascha Gertsner & Marcus Grosskopf round out what is an awesome band.

Whoever was in charge of selecting the track order has got it right with the flow of the album. Starting the album with Nabataea is a stroke of genius as it contains Deris at his best delivering a very memorable chorus to set off an album you could say is a `chorus-fest' which never gets boring. I too have also taken advantage of downloading the Japanese-only bonus track `No Eternity' - a worthy addition that should have been on the album anyway.

I find it too hard to pick highlights from a consistently strong collection. It's one of those special albums that are excellent to sing along with whilst driving. My car audio system is going to take a pounding in the years to come.

I luv it! Give it an open-minded go and make up your own mind.


Dicks Picks 3
Dicks Picks 3

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5.0 out of 5 stars Full of flavour, 9 Nov 2012
This review is from: Dicks Picks 3 (Audio CD)
I bought this back in 2001 as my first live GD cd and I certainly didn't realise then that it was going to open up a whole new world for me.
The songs, jamming, and in particular the segues immediately caught my attention. One track joining another and a concert setting can be an exciting adventure for the band to play, and for the listener to experience. Another thing noticeable was the way the rhythm section worked together to bring it all together during tricky and or risky passages.

I'd previously read that GD's 1st sets were often lacklustre and used as a warm-up only. This gig doesn't show that at all.
The entire first disc from 'The Music Never Stopped' onwards is a trip to enjoy. And much tighter than I was expecting. Garcia's improvised soloing shows a high level of intellect that is indescribable. 'Sugaree' is the perfect vehicle for showing such intellect.
Then comes Weir's Lazy Lightning > Supplication. By this stage I knew I was on a winner. 'Help On The Way' > 'Slipknot!' > 'Franklin's Tower' was the icing on the cake. There was pure magic being made right there. Disc 1 = outstanding!
The excellence of disc 1 continues throughout disc 2. It's the stuff that dreams are made of. 'Estimated Prophet', 'Eyes of the World'...and the rest that follows is like a flow of the best wine available.
The weak tracks on this 2 disc set aren't weak at all. It really is that good.

Beautiful stuff.

Dick's Picks 8
Dick's Picks 8

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5.0 out of 5 stars Acoustic & Electric Heaven & Hell, 9 Nov 2012
This review is from: Dick's Picks 8 (Audio CD)
A giant amongst giants. This gig has it all. The warmth of an acoustic set. The ferocity of a lion in the electric sector.

I knew that I was in for a treat as soon as `Don't Ease Me In' was about half way through. I hadn't previously heard acoustic versions of some of these tracks and was totally floored by them. The band are relaxed and comfortable from word `go'. Great versions of `Black Peter', `Cumberland Blues', `Deep Elem Blues'.....the list goes on. I never skip any tracks on disc 1. It's so full of atmosphere and intimacy. An outstanding `Uncle John's Band' finishes what was a dream first set.

The New Riders of the Purple Sage played a set with Lesh, Garcia & Kreutzman lending their services, none of which made it onto this Pick.

The Dead then came on to continue their gig with amazing electrical storm energy.

The first half or so of `St. Stephen' is missing and has to be faded in. From here on disc 2 is wicked. "Cryptical Envelopment' > `Drums' > `The Other One' > `Cryptical Envelopment' > `Cosmic Charlie' is a ride not to be missed. The whole band play like they're possessed. 'Casey Jones' chugs along nicely, but it's Jerry on fire in 'Good Lovin' that closes disc 2 perfectly with mouth-watering soloing.
Disc 3 contains a classic `Morning Dew'. Then comes my favourite teeth-grinding version of `Viola Lee Blues' - wild to say the least. Garcia is an animal on this. Its peaks blasts out of the speakers. You could imagine that your head would warp if you witnessed this gig in the flesh. `We Bid You Goodnight' is the perfect way to warm down from the rigorous brain exercise of the entire experience leading up to the finale.

Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: May 7, 2013 4:45 AM BST

Offered by Hausmusik
Price: 19.87

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1.0 out of 5 stars Warning!! Not for casual fans, 7 Nov 2012
Stay away from this one unless you're a Zep nut that will collect any unofficially released Zep stuff.
The band had this professionally filmed, but I'll warn you now that the performance is terrible.
Page was so strung out by this stage that any solo, long or short was so sloppy that it was embarrassing. Plant's voice continually cracks and hurts the ears.
They did put on some great shows during this tour even when they were erratic. Sadly, this Seattle 1977 gig is possibly the worst I've heard by any band.
Zep are my fave band ever. The only reason I've reviewed this is to warn any curious casual fan so that they don't get put off by this performance so much that they judge Zep on this performance alone. There are loads of great live Zep performances out there on audio, especially from pre-72.

All You Need Is Now
All You Need Is Now

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4.0 out of 5 stars All You Need Is This, 27 April 2012
This review is from: All You Need Is Now (Audio CD)
First of all, I need to say how refreshing to the ears this album is. It's hard to imagine how a band can come up sounding so fresh & vital so late in their career. And yet, so many of the fans that were obsessed with them in the 80s wouldn't even get to hear this album at all - I know this from speaking to old friends.

Some of the tracks like 'Girl Panic' & 'Safe' would've been big hits if given the airplay that their 80s hits received back then.
My favourite track would have to be the very cool title track `All You Need Is Now'. I can hear slight resemblances to U2's `Achtung Baby' in the production, which isn't a bad thing at all.
Blame The Machines, Being Followed, Leave A Light On, The Man Who Stole A Leopard, Other People's Lies, the interlude Return To Now, are all very good to excellent tracks. There are no actual throwaway tracks, which means the album flows very nicely.
Overall, a very good album that's still growing on me - my star rating for this album may grow as well over time as a result.
This album has also inspired me to dig into their back catalogue such as 'Astronaut' which I've found to be a winner as well.

Well done boys.

Listen Like Thieves 2011 Remaster
Listen Like Thieves 2011 Remaster
Price: 7.33

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5.0 out of 5 stars Consistently Brilliant, 20 April 2012
I finally bought this on cd after owning the vinyl back when the album was originally released in 1985. I thought it was amazing back then and time has certainly not done it any damage. In fact now that the singles aren't rammed down your throat by radio stations, a fresh listen after many years has confirmed for me at least, that this is as a great a pop-rock album as any I've ever heard. The production is crystal-clear and the songs flow perfectly in the order they're listed.....seriously perfect!
It's very hard for me to highlight individual tracks although I will point out a track with a driving beat that I couldn't understand why it wasn't a single - Same Direction.
I can't paint a better picture than I've already painted about this album. All I can do is (VERY) highly recommend it.

The only thing I don't understand and annoys me a little with this remaster is that there were no extras included. What You Need was also released as an extended remixed 12" vinyl single that used to be played in nightclubs back then. At least that track could have been included as an extra. It still won't annoy me enough to drop its star-rating though.

Give it a listen and see what you think.

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