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3.0 out of 5 stars Be Careful, 26 Jun 2007
This review is from: Ghosts (Audio CD)
Now, I love Siobhan Donaghy's music, which is why I have to give it a 3 out of 5 without actually having the album. When the album was sent out to me by Amazon, the contents were in fact a 20-track album of the greatest hits of the 50's and 60'. This is in spite of the markings on the actual disc, which have Siobhan's name plastered all over them. So be careful what you are buying when you purchase this album.
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Super Extra Gravity
Super Extra Gravity
Price: £7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars It needn't be nicer, 18 Oct 2005
This review is from: Super Extra Gravity (Audio CD)
This fell through my letterbox this morning and I have to say, I am not disappointed. While the album definitely has a theme going unlike some of the last albums, which were a little disjointed at times, there's a good feeling to this album, even if some of the lyrics can be a little bit eerie in places. Dog-training? Diamonds and a rubber knife? Someone's spent too much time trying to be a little weird. But the song writing team of Persson and Larsson are especially strong in this album, especially in tracks such as "Little black Cloud" and "Godspell".
And run down of the tracks with ratings follow here, so brace yourself.
Track 1: "Losing a Friend", it's a very nice opener, and is a little slower than most of the rest on the album, but it's also a lot more special and ambient, and with lyrics such as "It's the ribbons I tied / I'd rather just die", the song gets its message of bitterness across well. 7/10
Track 2: The fantastically blasphemous "Godspell" refers to religion as "a great big swindle", and while it's clear they set out to shock with tracks such as this, it doesn't matter at all, because it's a solid tune, and is one of the best on the album. 9/10
Tracks 3 and 4: "Drip Drop Teardrop" and "Overload" are two of the less effectual songs on the album, and they don't have the appeal of the rest of the album. However, if I were to compare them to songs from previous albums, I'd have to say they have the appeal of "Explode" from the Gran Turismo album - decent lyrics and essentially growers. 6/10, 6/10
Track 5: The single released from this album, and though it didn't chart, it's one of the highlights of the album. In "I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need to be Nicer" there are a lot of references, and this song showcases some of Persson and Larsson's best work. Talk of "killing the bottle" and "you're handsome in the fog" tells you just what this song is about - a relationship which has been going south for a short time. 10/10 for this track. It's wonderful.
Track 6: "Diamonds" is a great song with one little problem - some of the lyrics are bordering on the obscene. Tune wise, this is one of the best tracks on the album, but a real lack of intelligible lyrics does this song no favours what so ever. Nice family reference as the subtitle "Don't Blame Your Daughter" is well used as a recurring lyric. 7/10
Track 7: A well polished piece of downbeat rock-pop, "Little Black Cloud" shows just what you can do with a bunch of exclamations dotted throughout. "Oh yeah!" just happens to come up a lot, but it doesn't detract from the song, and the brilliant percussion in the chorus gives the song an edge on this album. A big, whopping 9/10.
Tracks 8 and 9: Two more slow numbers placed quite close together. While "In the Round" is a far softer track that is quite upbeat in the context of this album. A simple track about feeling lonely is followed up by the equally risqué "Holy Love", where Nina compares her love to that of an angel, and speaks of "throwing rocks through the windows of a monastery" - this is also where the title of the album, "Super Extra Gravity", is to be found.0 This much heavier track is the better of the two, though, earning a 6/10, while "In the Round" only gets 4/10 from me.
Track 10: "Good Morning Joan" is the fastest, most pop-oriented song on the album, which couldn't come at a better time. After the depression and upset of "Holy Love". A good use of name-dropping, but the upbeat tune hides some seriously sinister lyrics. Joan is in fact lonely, unhappy, lost, and confused. It's a great, standout track, worthy of a 9/10.
Track 11: "And Then You Kissed Me II" is an ultra slow ballad which is a good way to finish the album. It gets rockier half way through the middle with some disturbing lyrics to top off the whole album. This song, particularly, is a call back to "Gran Turismo", their least widely accepted album. But it's still great. 7/10
Track 12: Bonus tracks! A 20 second stint of choral loveliness.
Track 13: The first bonus track on the album is "Give Me Your Eyes", which is easily the best of the two bonus tracks. Rocking, fast, good intelligent lyrics, this song has it all and really is the only one to compete with "I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need to be Nicer" - 10/10, but only just.
Track 14: "Slow", well, the name says it all. A country ballad with a perpetual bass line doesn't do it for me sadly, but there are some nice little lyrics here - not my thing, but then, it's not representative of this album at all. Again, only 4/10. Sorry.
A good piece of Swedish rock-pop in which the lead singer, Nina Persson, had a hand in every song. This makes the album all the better as we can really see where the talent lies. A great album deserving of the 87% it has been given in this review. I'm waiting for the next "The Cardigans" album to come out now, because if it is anything like this one, I'll love it.

Shakespears Sister #3
Shakespears Sister #3
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Price: £9.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars Purely excellent, 24 Aug 2005
This review is from: Shakespears Sister #3 (Audio CD)
It was a long time coming, but after getting of the bitter break up of the band, Siobhan decided to go out on her own and produce the best album under the name 'Shakespear's Sister' that there has ever been. Edgy, fantastically dark, and annoyingly catchy, you have to have it in your album. Although it's completely unlike the other two previous released from Shakspear's Sister, you can get a good gauge of the kind of album it is if you ever heard 'The trouble with André' on their second album, Hormonally Yours.
The best tracks to be found here are 'Go', 'Do I Scare You?', 'Singles Party', and the fantastic 'Older Sister', but by far the best song here is the amazing 'Opportunity Knockers'.
'I Can Drive', 'Can You Wait That Long', and 'Excuse Me, John' all make for very good filler tracks, even though they are the kind of music that would be the outstanding tracks on any other album. The only two disappointments on here are 'Oh Dear', which is... rustic, and of course, the final track, 'Never Could Sing', which is an incredibly poor track to close on. For me, this album effectively ends after 'Singles Party'
All in all, it really is a five star album, five stars for effort, and while her voice might not be as high pitched as Marcella Detroit's, Siobhan's deep crooning tone makes this album 100% listenable.

Beautiful Collision [New Version with Bonus Track]
Beautiful Collision [New Version with Bonus Track]
Price: £6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Massive Hit, 8 May 2005
Bic Runga is fantastic, there's no doubt about that. She's calming and creative, and some songs on this album really give me the shivers. This was the soundtrack to my travelling Europe, and having listened to it so many times while on buses and planes, I really grew attached to it, but that isn't why I'm giving it five stars - I'm giving it five stars because it's good.
'When I See You Smile' - a really good opening track, the best choice she could have made. Simple, but lovely. Sadly, it's a little short, but it gets the feel of the album across brilliantly. 8/10
'Get Some Sleep' - hey, this is quite poppy. One of the better pop songs on the album, and almost the best track on the album. It's very good, and it's helped me feel at home in some pretty grotty places. 10/10
'Something Good' - sadly this track can be stuck with the next two, 'Precious Things' and 'The Be All and End All', as these are the three average tracks. Very dull, and while they are good fillers, putting three in a row is a little off. 6/10 for each of the three.
'Election Night' - this is by far the best song on the album, I absolutely adore it. So imaginative, the lyrics, signing, music, it's all incredible! One of my favourite songs ever, seriously. 10/10, I'd give it more if I could.
'Honest Goodbyes' - a very nice track, but by no means spectacular. A little bit of a let down between the two best tracks on this album to be honest with you. 8/10
'She Left On A Monday' - this is very good. Extremely good, bitter lyrics put to a good piece of music. Not exactly 'Election Night' in standard, but it is very close. I love it. 10/10.
'Beautiful Collision' - the title track, and not something to be sniffed at. Odd, but nice. It falls into the category of 'mysterious and reassuring'. 8/10 for this very good track.
'Listening For The Weather' - much like the second track, but not really as good. I'll give it a 7/10, but only for the fact that it is so similar to 'Get Some Sleep'.
'Counting The Days' and 'Gravity' are two quite good songs to finish off the album, but I have to say, I would have been disappointed had I not bought this album. It has an extra track, and while these two are of a good standard, they are not album finishing material. 7/10 each.
'Sway' - GASP! I adore this song. I heard it first on American Pie, but that is not why I bought this album. It's such a good song, and it made me feel so warm and fuzzy while dossing it in Poland. If you have nothing else to buy this album for, this song along with 'Election Night' are reason enough!

Offered by MasterDVD
Price: £9.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars Tis Good, 7 April 2005
This review is from: Exodus (Audio CD)
This album is good, but I wouldn't go as far as excellent. As a couple of people before me have said, the lyrics tend to be a bit hit and miss in significance, and a lot of the time, you think 'How does she ever dare to sing that'. 'Easy breezy Japanesey' is a good example of how ridiculous some of the lyrics are. Nevertheless...
Devil Inside - a very good track. Fast, heavy beat, something you'd hear in a night club, but it is very, very good. Good synthesiser action throughout, and very good lyrics (surprisingly). Great vocals from Utada, too. 10/10!
Exodus '04 - another very good track, which meakes for a very good opening to the album. Much slower, and another set of very good lyrics with beautiful vocals. Tells a story, and is everything that I like in a song. 10/10!
The Workout - ouch. Slipped up there, didn't we? The lyrics are average to poor, with a slightly irritating synthesised beat. It's repetitive, and although the chorus makes the song a lot better, I don't like this one much. 4/10.
Easy Breezy - here we go. It's the one with the ridiculous choral lyrics! Fortunately, the rest of the song is quite advanced lyrically. Changes throughout the song of tempo and tune mean it's quite an interesting song to listen to. Enjoyable. 9/10.
Tippy Toe - not so keen on this track at all. The lyrics are too fast and high pitched, average in content. The tune isn't bad, but this is one of the more distinct filler tracks. 6/10.
Hotel Lobby - a weird little tune, but the lyrics are very telling. Some of the best on the album, this is the story of a prostitute and how she works the hotels. It's a grower, but this is a very good song. 8/10.
Animato - I had to listen to this track to know which one it was talking about, if that means anything to you. Very plain, but piano based which is unusual for this album. An average filler for the album, but not bad my any means. 7/10.
Crossover Interlude - plain and slightly confusing. Dull lyrics, but a nice upbeat tune. There isn't much to this track at all. Strange. 5/10
Kremlin Dusk - one of the songs on the album that can be described as 'nice'. It's a slow track, but those synths are still in there. The chorus is frankly bizarre. A filler, but not a bad one. 6.5/10.
You Make Me Want To Be A Man - this song is very, very, VERY good. This is definitely my favourite on the album, and it's so catchy. Fast paced, but very good lyrics, and ever so imaginative. So significant to me right now, so I shall give it... 10/10!
Wonder 'Bout - ouch, irritating. Very unpleasant, I'm sorry to anyone who likes this tune. Strange, bongo-based sub muzak. It's really odd, and slightly unsettling. 3/10
Let Me Give You My Love - let's face it. It's about her desire to reproduce. Quite blatant, but everytime I read the lyrics, I laugh. It's quite incredible anyone let her record this one, but I'm glad they did. Great. 8.5/10
About Me - the only guitar based track on the album. It's a nice, sparse little number with a slightly Alanis-y feel in the beginning, but it soon turns more upbeat. Slightly R'n'B with a bit of Indie thrown in. An odd fusion, but it's nice. 8/10.
It's good, but don't expect too much of this album. There is a lot of filler, but five very good songs really lift this album. Good for your money's worth, and who knows? You might fall in love with it. I'm close.

Hormonally Yours
Hormonally Yours
Price: £7.23

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hormonally mine, 7 April 2005
This review is from: Hormonally Yours (Audio CD)
I bought this album after hearing it at a friend's house. Since we tend to have the same taste in music, I bought it, and I saw that it was good.
This album seems to go through stages. The first three of four tracks seem to be very upbeat and synthetic, but with depressing lyrics in the most part. These include 'Goodbye Cruel World', 'I Don't Care', 'My 16th Apology', and 'Are We In Love Yet?'. The best of these, to me, is 'Goodbye Cruel World'. Very good.
Then we seem to slip into darker, more earthy and depressing tones from tracks five through nine. The best of these more depressing tracks are 'Emotional Thing', and the incredible 'The Trouble With Andre', which blew me away when I first heard it. It's VERY good.
We get back more into the pop-rock section at the end of this album, with 'Catwoman', 'Let Me Entertain You' (now you know where Robbie got the title from), and 'Hello (Turn Your Radio On)'. While I think this is a slightly strange way of laying an album out, I can't fault a single song.
So in conclusion:
Goodbye Cruel World - 8/10
I Don't Care - 7.5/10
My 16th Apology - 7/10
Are We In Love Yet? - 7.5/10
Emotional Thing - 9.5/10
Stay - 9/10
Black Sky - 8/10
The Trouble With Andre - 10/10!
Moonchild - 9/10
Catwoman - 7.5/10
Let Me Entertain You - 6.5/10
Hello (T.Y.R.O) - 8/10
Very good album, and since it was released during the 90's, it won't be expensive to acquite. Buy it, love it. Or don't. Up to you.

The Way It Really Is
The Way It Really Is
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £23.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars Pretty damn good., 6 April 2005
This review is from: The Way It Really Is (Audio CD)
Lisa Loeb, for me, can be a little bit hit and miss. For example, 'Cake and Pie' was a masterpiece, with a few very poor songs on. 'Tails' was a showcase of ho-hum music with two or three outstanding pieces. For me, this album is more towards the Cake and Pie end of the spectrum. This is a very good album overall. The songs are as follows:
Window Shopping - an opening track like none I've heard before. Normally Lisa open with a superb track, but I'm not sure this time. The lyrics are amazing, but the song overall is a little too folksy for my taste. 7.5/10
I Control The Sun - this is much better! Much more the Lisa I learned to love on 'Cake and Pie'. Innovative lyrics which, while they aren't the deepest ever, they're well formed to the song. Poppy/rocky, and very good. 9/10
Hand-Me-Downs - quite easily the second best slow song on the album. Much better lyrics than the previous two in this song, which is why I like it so much. Downbeat, but somehow uplifting. 8.5/10
Fools Like Me - this is more like it! Nice indie-pop that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Very, very good. In fact, the second best song on the album! 9.5/10
Try - whoops! And after such a promising start. Too slow for me, and although it carries a tune unlike another one of the songs which we'll come to, it is only alright. Nice enough. I always seem to compare it to Nelly Furtado's song of the same name, and it just doesn't compare. 6/10
'Diamonds' - this song blows me away, absolutely. I love this song, and I've only heard it two or three times! Not a grower by any means, you hear it once and love it. Poignant lyrics that make me smile, I love this song. What more can I say? 10/10!
'Would You Wander' - this song is very good, my favourite of the slow songs. Very nice, slightly faster than the others, and over all brilliant. A good run of songs starting at number four continues! 9/10.
'Probably' - so good! Lisa is really doing herself proud with these songs now, with four brilliant ones out of seven! Rockier than any of the songs up til now, this song really makes me smile. And almost makes me mosh. 10/10!
Accident - woah, Lisa! What happened? You were doing so well up until this little mosntrosity! This song has little tune, the lyrics are slightly sadistic, and I don't like it at all. Too long, too slow, and too dull. 3/10
'Lucky Me' - Another poor slow song, but this is so much better than 'Accident'. It has a defined tune, and has an air of Tori Amos about it. Limited lyrics don't help this attempt out at all, though. 5.5/10
'Now I Understand' - much better to finish the album off! This is more upbeat, with some slightly bizarre lyrics, but nevertheless, quite a good attempt. Of the same calibre as the opening track, it's very folksy. 7/10.
Strangely, this album does not have a title track. That would be found on 'Cake and Pie' (go figure). Overall, this album gets an average score of 8/10. Several good songs are let down by the weaker efforts, but in my view, this is better than 'Cake and Pie'. But only by a bit.

Daria [VHS]
Daria [VHS]

5.0 out of 5 stars Ultimate, 1 April 2005
This review is from: Daria [VHS] (VHS Tape)
The first Daria video was a bit of a milestone for this show. A deep, sarcastic offshoot of Beavis and Butthead which is much, much funnier, these three early episode show why the show got commissioned in the first place. While the voices are a little bit off (Tiffany, Jane, and Brittany seem to have swapped voices somewhat), this video shows the origins of the Fashion Club, Daria and Jane's friendship, and *gasp* Brittany's house!
With an extra section tacked on at the end, the animated schematic of the pilot episode 'Sealed With a Kick', this video is fantastic. Buy, enjoy, repeat.

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Price: £3.50

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2.0 out of 5 stars It's alright, I suppose..., 1 April 2005
This review is from: Comatised (Audio CD)
This is alright. Some songs on this are fantastic, like 'Charm Attack', 'Anything', 'Chase', and 'New York Baby', but this album is too bluesy for me, and I'm not a fan of blues at all. 'All I Want' and 'Chosen Family' are too cheesy for me, and some of the songs like 'Northern Star' are just dull to the extreme. If you like a mixture of blues and good rock, then buy this album. I just don't like blues, personally.

Bill Bailey: Live - Part Troll [VHS]
Bill Bailey: Live - Part Troll [VHS]
Offered by pkeylock
Price: £11.89

5.0 out of 5 stars The Anthropomorphic Drama Of Our Love, 6 Mar 2005
Incredible. I missed this when it was on television the first time, but while at my boyfriend's house, I saw it, and I laughed. Very, very hard. He's very, very talented musically and comically. Cynical views of the Royal family and Chris Rhea all make up the laughs.
'Evil. Taxi. Evil. Taxi. Evil. Taxi. Broody Evil'
And yes, I have tried melting four giant kit-kats together and pretending I'm a little pixie. I've also done the thing with the washing up bowl and the salad trays. I'm sure everyone who watched this has done the same.

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