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Claudio Abbado - Abbado in Concert (2 DVDs) [2008]
Claudio Abbado - Abbado in Concert (2 DVDs) [2008]
Dvd ~ Claudio Abbado
Offered by RAREWAVES
Price: £19.20

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5.0 out of 5 stars Schubert's last Mass. Unforgettable version, 21 May 2012
This double DVD has one new release: the All Saints Concert 1986 in Wien. In this evening Abbado conducted one of the most moving execution ol Schubert's last Mass. I believe that the E Flat Mass is one of the great sacred composition of the beginning of the XIX century.In this concert the chorus and the orchestra are really outstanding .But the soloists are even more amazing. Never the "Et Icarnatus" sounded like here. The tenors are phenomenal: Jerry Hadley and Jorge Pitta. Together with Karita Matilla......we are in heaven. This recording , of the mass,appeared in CD. Now, fortunately , we have the images.Tne other things are very good too: The Brahms Concerto with the young Pollini is amazing, Mozart's Laudate Dominum, with Matilla, and the Rossini's ouvertures are fantastic. But what is really exceptional is Schubert's last Mass.

Schoenberg: Gurre-Lieder [DVD] [2011] [NTSC]
Schoenberg: Gurre-Lieder [DVD] [2011] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Schoenberg
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £16.84

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great performance, 23 Feb 2011
This Gurrelieder's performance is really outstanding. It was recorded in october 2009 in Munich , and is funny to see, at the end two important conductors in the auditorium - Kent Nagano and K. Thielmann . Gurrelieder is a typical work of Schoenberg's first phase. One mix of Wagner, Mahler and Strauss. But the result is far from one simple "imitation". Gurrelieder is a masterwork ,and it uses the most large Orchestra ( largest than Mahler's eight )even used.The first part consists of alternate songs from the two lovers: Waldemar and Tove. Deborah Voigt is one splendid Tove , but the great surprise is the tenor Stig Andersen as Waldemar.I know only one recording of Andersen : Brahms Rinaldo. To me Andersen is diferent from one Heldentenor. He has force but he has too a lot of expression. The Wood Dove , Mihoko Fujimura , is perfect in every sense . I really never heard her aria so well done.The others soloists are very good too. The orchestra is simply fantastic, as is the chorus . But the great star of this DVD is Maris Janssons. He isn't one specialist in the Vienna Second School. He conducts Gurrelieder in one romantic way, that is very good for the work.Jansons makes here one strong performance.
This is one Gurrelieder to be seen, but principally to be heard.

Schoenberg: Moses Und Aron (Moses Und Aron: Ruhrtriennale 2009) [DVD] [2010] [NTSC]
Schoenberg: Moses Und Aron (Moses Und Aron: Ruhrtriennale 2009) [DVD] [2010] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Bochumer Symphoniker
Price: £24.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars One new (and very good) DVD of Schoenberg's great opera, 9 Jan 2011
"One new (and very good) DVD of Schoenberg's great opera" , my re-view's title , explain something difficult to cry : one of the most complicated music scores played this way: in the middle of the public, fast from the conductor, even with the "Golden Calf" passing in the middle of the orchestra ,in a place not designed to be one opera theater... And no musical errors !!! Michael Boder conducts in a very clear manner , and the score sounds all the time soft and expressive. The orchestra is good, but the Chorus is the great star: really amazing.Scenically and musically perfect all the time. The last scene with naked and blooded people is a prove of this chorus's desire to do all they can to make this performance unforgettable. Dale Duesing as Moses convince all the time and Andreas Conrad as Aron is really perfect.All the others singers are superb too .A spectacular staging by Willy Decker , very respectful with the libretto ( a rarity today), is one more reason to see this production. After the DVD conducted by Gatti , this new DVD is so good or even better than the first.

Bartók - The Miraculous Mandarin; Pieces (4); Dance Suite
Bartók - The Miraculous Mandarin; Pieces (4); Dance Suite
Price: £15.15

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5.0 out of 5 stars New edition of a materpiece, 5 Dec 2010
This recording is really exceptional. First because it's a rarity records with David Robertson, one of the most competent conductors of his generation. I really can't understand the reason of this .The CD begins with the Dance Suite very well played and one of the most interesting readings of the Four Pieces for orchestra. But the high point of this cd is "The Miraculous Mandarin" .Bela Bartok had a lot of problems with censorship because the plot of "The Miraculous Mandarin" . Because of this , in Germany, for a planned execution ,he reduced some bars of this magnificent music , and the version first published by the Universal was this one , in some places shortened (30 bars at all). The son of Bartok rediscovered the original music and published this again in the Universal. This is the first recording that uses this complete version. I know the two excelent recordings of Boulez ( Boulez used the new edition recently in a concert with the Berlin Philharmonic), The Sandor at the integral, and the recent recordings of Fischer ( fantastic) and Chailly. But Robertson was in 2001 the first that used this version. These 30 bars are very revelatory , with glissandos in the piano, and special effects in the strings.Robertson is very accurate with all details , and his lecture is very impressive .Alsop (Naxos) uses this new edition, but she is by far inferior.

Debussy - Entre Quatre-Z-Yeux (Barenboim) [DVD] [2011]
Debussy - Entre Quatre-Z-Yeux (Barenboim) [DVD] [2011]
Dvd ~ Daniel Barenbiom
Price: £15.49

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1.0 out of 5 stars Bad film, 2 Oct 2010
Debussy was one of the greatest composer of all the times. Barenboim is one excellent pianist. Why this fantastic music played in such manner needs this ridiculous set of images.Why we can't hear the Preludes until the end. Before of the end a voice begins to speak.What is this " dancer" making gestures during "Voiles" ? .What are the two bored persons playing chess during "De pas sur la neige" ? In short : This film is a trash .

Miraculous Mandarin Suite
Miraculous Mandarin Suite
Price: £21.99

5.0 out of 5 stars One rare gem, 28 Feb 2010
One rare gem .First of all these recordings , made at the beginning of the fiftieths ,are with a fantastic sound. It is very sad the problems that Kubelik, one of the greatest conductors of his time, had as music director of the Chicago Symphony from 50 to 53.The principal problem: he was a champion of the modern music.This rare record shows it. And the surprise is that the execution of the Five pieces opus 16 by Schoenberg is really amazing, one of the best recording of this important work. As "Le monde de la musique" wrote , this version is by far superior of the versions of Boulez, Gielen, Barenboim and Levine. The clarity of the polyphony and the drama is really very difficult to find in other versions. And this exceptional recording was realized only three years after the death of the composer....Kubelik was really too modern to his time.
The Hindemith is very good too, and the item conducted by Dorati are very well played too. But this CD, so difficult to find, is obligatory because of the pieces of Schoenberg.

Mussorgsky: Salammbo
Mussorgsky: Salammbo

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5.0 out of 5 stars Very important work, 17 Oct 2009
This review is from: Mussorgsky: Salammbo (Audio CD)
Mussorgsky was born in 1839.In 1863 ( 24 years old) he began to work in a opera based in a text of Flaubert : Salammbo.As always he wrote the libretto . Unfortunately he didn't complete the score. He used some material in Boris Godunov , and he orchestrated only one part of the music he composed.Zoltan Pesko did a very good job writing one edition of the work, and he recorded it in Italy in 1980. This CD is a rarity . I found it in Milan in 2005. If the orchestra isn't one first rate ensemble, the soloists are in general very good. I must say that Shemchuk portrays a fantastic Salammbo .
But lets speak of the music. It 's impressionable that one young man could write a music like that, so consistent and so beautiful. I really think that Mussorgsky was the greatest genius of the Russian composers of his century . And he was so modern for his time that everyone changed what he wrote.I would say Thank You for Zoltan Pesko. Because of him I discovered one impressionable work.

Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras (Complete)
Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras (Complete)
Price: £14.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Finally one good recording of the complete cycle of the Bachianas Brasileiras, 26 Sep 2008
Finally one good recording of the complete cycle of the Bachianas Brasileiras . The recording conducted by the author was the best recording available , but Villa - Lobos wasn't a good conductor .The musicality is really good, but the orchestra sounds bad in some moments and the sound is very old.After the recordings of several conductors sometimes good sometimes bad, we have here the entire cycle very well played
Bachianas Nº 1 , for cellos , was at the beginning one homage to the Preludes And Fugues by Bach, but the author wrote after the first movement.From the Preludes and Fugue now we have the structure of a Concerto. The first Bachianas is the only one condcted by Andrew Mogrelia, since Kenneth Schermerhorn died before the recording finished.Andrew Mogrelia makes a very good Bachianas , by far more musical even comparing with the one of the Cellos of the Berlin Philharmonic.
The Second Bachianas is in my opinion the best of the cycle. Villa Lobos puts the voice of the man of the "sertão" in instruments like the sax, the cello and the trombone . Is a music full of sadness, and to understand this music you must read Guimarães Rosa . The recording is amazing.
The Third Bachianas is for píano and Orchestra. Naxos had the brilliant idea to invite the excellent Brazilian pianist Feghali , to play this wonderful Music.The result is fantastic . Very slow and very clear.
The Fourth Bachianas has two version : for piano ( very well played in another Naxos CD by Sonia Rubinsky)and for Orchestra. Schermerhorn folows the modifications in the violin solo at the Prelude tha Villa Lobos did in his recording. Other fantastic version
Naxos had other fantastic idea.For the Fifth Bachianas they invited Rosana Lamosa , one of the leading Brazilian sopranos . Finally we can understand the text (the only one with a perfect Portuguese was Anna Mofo), and we have here one example of the art of one of the leading Brazilian poets : M. Bandeira .
The Sixth Bachianas is one return to the Choros. It was Written for two instruments. The soloists of the Nashville Orchestra are excellent musicians.
Bachianas 7 and 8 are by far more conservative in structure.Reflex of the involvement of Villa Lobos with the " Estado Novo" by Getulio Vargas. But the fugue of the Bachianas 7 is a good example of the inspiration of the author.
The last Bachianas was writtnen for chorus . The difficulty of this version forced the author to transcript it to Strings, and was premiered by my teacher, Eleazar de Carvalho in 1945 .
Maybe the Cycle of the Bachianas is Less important than the Cycle of the Choros , but is a very important part of the production of our most important composer.Kenneth Schermerhorn was always one admirer of Villa Lobos. His last recording is one service very useful . Now we can hear this important music well played and well recorded.

Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov (DECCA The Originals)
Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov (DECCA The Originals)
Price: £11.55

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2.0 out of 5 stars Boris by one criminal version, 21 Jun 2008
If you yet insist in hear this masterpiece in these criminal "revision" by Korsakow , this is not the the best recording.The singers are good but the conductor think that it is Puccini.But if you want to know Boris in the way the author wrote, you must hear the recordings of Gergiev, Abbado, Fedoseyev , Tchakarow....Hearing this "soft" version you will hear less than the half of one of the most...
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J S Bach: Bach Edition Complete Works (Includes CD_Rom with texts)
J S Bach: Bach Edition Complete Works (Includes CD_Rom with texts)

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2.0 out of 5 stars Good Things...Bad things, 20 April 2008
The Organ Works are very well played. The Orchestral Suites are fantastic.The B minor Mass and the Passions are good.The Secular Cantatas are old recordings but very well directed by Peter Schreier. But the Sacred Cantatas are very bad .The soloists are out of tune , and the impression is that they used a record fast time to record all that fantastic music.60 Cds for nothing.For a Collection of 155 Cds it's too much.If the Short Masses are very ancient recordings using enormous orchestras and the soloists are more to Wagner than to Bach ( Adam, Burmeister)I believe that we have here more honesties performances.The price is the principal star of this album. For documentation is OK.But I Think , specially the Sacred Cantatas , that it is one work that deserve something better played.
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