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The Spy Lover
The Spy Lover
Price: £3.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars In war it is the innocents who suffer the most, 19 Oct. 2012
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This review is from: The Spy Lover (Kindle Edition)
Kiana weaves a tale of war, of loss, of separation, of injury and like a beam of sunlight on a stormy day a tale of love that reaches across the divides of race and loyalty.
Long on the American civil war this story at times reads like a distillation of excessive research. The detail grounds this tale and breathes life into the central characters, at the cost of loosing the reader in the blood and gore of combat.
I understand a little better now how the American civil war divided and gave hope to many, only to be disillusioned.
The ending was I thought appropriate, a healing and a future after the horror of civil war.
A good book, worth reading, a worthy reminder of the horrors of civil war and the eternal nature of lover across the divide.

Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby
by Douglas Coupland
Edition: Paperback
Price: £11.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Liz boring ?? No !!, 22 July 2012
This review is from: Eleanor Rigby (Paperback)
Fabulous book.

In creative book writing workshop I was taught to create character profiles, with what you would expect and also something unusual. This book is a perfect example of characters full of surprises :-)

Liz is an overweight spinster in a boring job, ignored by family and colleagues until a phone call changes everything !!

Come Back to Me
Come Back to Me

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4.0 out of 5 stars "You stay away from my daughter", 13 July 2012
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This review is from: Come Back to Me (Kindle Edition)
Angie and Meryl are forced apart by Meryl's father who threatens to use his influence to have Angie's scholarship revoked.

Meryl agrees to marry the boy her parents choose for her want if they don't harm Angie.
After two years Meryl walks out on her marriage and tries to find Angie, but she has disappeared.

Meryl builds and independent career as a book reviewer but no other woman means as much to her as Angie.

Heartbroken Angie had taken solace in writing, but to have her books published had to use a male pen name and hide out in Key West.

Seven years later Meryl writes a scathing review of Angie's latest book and goes in search of the mysterious author.

Lies, angst, sisters, friends, mothers and fathers come between them.
Favourite quote: "She'd heard once that the opposite of love was indifference."

Payntor has written a beautiful intricately knitted story that shows her potential. Clunky in places in comparison to her later book "Survived By Her Long Time Companion", this is still a lovely feel good romantic book to cuddle up with :-)

Rainey's Christmas Miracle (A Rainey Bell Thriller)
Rainey's Christmas Miracle (A Rainey Bell Thriller)
Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Can Rainey survive Christmas with Katie's family ?, 8 July 2012
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Short, sweet and poignant. Christmas is supposed to be a time for families, with all the stress and strains that brings. Can Rainey survive Christmas with Katie's family ???

Very sentimental and emotional, but buried in all the Christmas spirit are some core questions about Rainey's relationships with Katie's family. What is her role ? Where does she fit in ? Should she be in the kitchen with the women or the den with the guys ??

Finally, how will Rainey feel when she sees her children for the first time ?

Another emotional roller coaster from Bradshaw, have your tissues ready ....

Sweet Carolina Girls
Sweet Carolina Girls

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4.0 out of 5 stars It's hard being blamed for trying to do the right thing, 8 July 2012
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Harper moves to Durham on a research project and joins a local softball team where she meets Lauren, who is already in a long term relationship with Shelby. Her attraction to Lauren is spotted and she is told that she can look but not touch.

When Lauren makes a drunken pass at her Harper backs off and calls Shelby to collect Lauren. Shelby is too preoccupied with her work to notice the attraction between harper and Lauren until Lauren moves out of her house and sets up home in her art studio.

Can Harper resist Lauren's charms ?

Does Lauren know what she wants ?

Does Shelby realise what she is losing because of her dedication to her work ?

How will their friends react and whose side will they take ?

What will Lauren's mum say ?

Bradshaw's book is brilliant in places and rushed in others. Her narrative is strong and she explores a very topical and sensitive issue in the breakdown of Lauren and Shelby's relationship.

It's heart breaking to see where Shelby is going wrong and Harper's dilemma in trying to do right even as she is blamed for being the catalyst for the crisis between Lauren and Shelby.

All the characters have the strengths and flaws which makes them interesting and keeps the dramatic tension to the end of the book.


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4.0 out of 5 stars Read for what's under the surface of this story, 8 July 2012
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Jamie was in a 16 year relationship with Mary Ann until it all fell apart.

Sandy was married to Doug for 15 years until Jamie's return prompted Sandy to ask herself what she really wanted from life.

On the surface this is a classic lesbian romance including straight woman turning lesbian but under the surface is a much more subtle and sophisticated story about apparently successful relationships and why they fall apart.

Jamie's affair ripped apart her relationship with Mary Ann but under the surface Bradshaw explores why Jamie had the affair and the latent risks of complacency in long term lesbian relationships.

Sandy appears to change her sexual orientation and abandon her husband because of Jamie but under the surface Bradshaw explores the pressure on women to suppress their own feelings to conform to society's expectations. Does Sandy have the right to walk out of a relationship she is not happy with and what are the implications on her family ?

Here Bradshaw gets into her stride, parts of the book are still rushed but the character development is sophisticated and compelling. This is a fabulous exploration of why we should risk everything to be who we really are and fight for our true love, whoever that should be.

Waking Up Gray
Waking Up Gray
Price: £3.61

5.0 out of 5 stars A beautiful mellow slow burning lesbian romance, 8 July 2012
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This review is from: Waking Up Gray (Kindle Edition)
Lizbeth, divorcee with a grown up daughter, heads for Hatteras Island to research the local dialect for her master's degree. Hatteras Island is where her family used to vacation in the summer in her childhood and she has rented her great aunt's cottage for the duration.

When she is invited across the road to meet her neighbour Fanny she is introduced to her granddaughter Gray. Lizbeth is surprised to find out that Gray is her age and that she is attracted to her.

What follows is a beautiful mellow slow burning romance, where both women come to terms with Lizbeth's past then Gray's past.

Fabulous cameo role for Molly Kincaid who with Lizbeth's daughter Mazie try to help, and sometimes inadvertently hinder but the star of the book has to be Fanny :-)

The island and it's people form an exquisite backdrop as Bradshaw explores the shades of sexuality, the power of attraction, the difference between love and lust and the barriers we erect to protect us from being hurt.

Will Gray let Lizbeth through her barriers and can Lizbeth trust Gray to stop being a wampus cat and stay loyal to her ?

RAINEY NIGHTS (A Rainey Bell Thriller Book 2)
RAINEY NIGHTS (A Rainey Bell Thriller Book 2)
Price: £3.61

5.0 out of 5 stars The pressures of working in law enforcement, 3 July 2012
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A serial killer on the loose, it's up to the FBI Behavioural Analysis Unit to advise the police what sort of person they are looking for and where to focus their search.

Here Rainey Bell is working for the FBI before "Rainey Days" but then jumps to the present where she is settling down with Katie.

This is a much more complex thriller than "Rainey Days" and keeps Rainey and Katie constantly in danger, fighting for their lives. Yes, I did get out of bed to check the door bolts and window locks !!

I loved the way the relationship between Rainey and Katie develops, especially as the initial honeymoon glow wears off and the reality of their situation pulls on their commitment to each other.

Bradshaw also explores the tension between law enforcement officers and their families, could you live in a relationship where you never knew if your partner was going to come home ?

A fabulous enthralling book.

RAINEY DAYS (Rainey Bell Mystery Book 1)
RAINEY DAYS (Rainey Bell Mystery Book 1)

4.0 out of 5 stars The magic of love at first sight, 3 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Rainey Bell is hiding from her past, the serial killer that got away, drowning her memories in alcohol.

A favour for a childhood friend brings the killer back into her life and she has to confront her past to save the ones she loves.

What I loved about this book was the characters and the way the way their relationships developed. Bradshaw bases her story on two straight women who fall in love, which defies conventional lesbian wisdom about being born gay but highlights the magic of love at first sight, whatever the gender.

The plot is rather predictable but the narrative still hums along nicely sucking the reader in to the action, drama and romance.

OUT ON THE SOUND (Adventures of Decky and Charlie Book 1)
OUT ON THE SOUND (Adventures of Decky and Charlie Book 1)

4.0 out of 5 stars Lesbian romance against the odds, 3 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Decky, successful author meets Charlie at a soft ball game. Charlie has just moved to the area to teach mathematics at the local university.

Decky has never been in love with woman before and Charlie has just left a 10 year lesbian
relationship. Are either of them ready to commit to a relationship ?

Will they survive the stress of Charlie's ex lover and Decky's mum ?

This first published book from Rebecca Bradshaw already shows her mastery of characterisation and setting. What starts off as a straight forward romance turns into a much darker thriller showing the author's ability to create suspense and anguish.

A little rough and stilted in places but still well worth a read and a great introduction to Bradshaw's writing.

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