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Justification - God's Plan & Paul's Vision
Justification - God's Plan & Paul's Vision
by Tom Wright
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful paradigm, but uncharacteristically uncourteous and lacking in specificity, 13 July 2013
This response from NT Wright, I must confess, is frustrating at times. Firstly, he has written it very quickly- which shows, and it is frankly rather 'sloppy' at times, not quite thought through- which is a striking contrast to Dr. Piper's clarity and precision. Nevertheless, this is partly due to Wright's way of saying things, and he cannot be blamed too much for that. Secondly, and more worryingly, he seems to be surprisingly (and uncharacteristically) angry that people do not understand him (a crime he is not altogether innocent of), which lends itself to a tinge of arrogance when asserting his own views. Thirdly, he does not actually address many of Piper's objections, which is self-confessedly the way he wrote it. The bulk of the book is spent showing how the New Perspective interprets the broad themes in Galatians and Romans, and so lacks the specificity of Piper's book and it is rather annoying to not actually receive an answer to a number of problems that are raised with his position.

Having said that, the coherance of the paradigm which Wright shows in the actual texts is absolutely wonderful, and frankly moved the New Perspective from 'perhaps they've got a nugget of truth right somewhere' to 'the framework is right even if some details are missing'. This is why this book is essential reading for anyone interested in the New Perspective, particularly if you don't want to read the larger books available. Nevertheless, the terminology used in the book is considerably advanced beyond the typical books penned under 'Tom Wright' and not 'NT Wright'.

Well worth reading, but please please do not read it and not the original book by Piper or another 'Old Perspective' advocate- there's no room for that attitute in genuine faith.

3 1/2 stars

The Future of Justification: A Response to N.T. Wright
The Future of Justification: A Response to N.T. Wright
by John Piper
Edition: Paperback
Price: £11.99

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A good book by a good author, but perhaps left lacking?, 13 July 2013
Perhaps I should start by first commended John Piper's courtesy to you all. He writes the book in such a style in which one is just heart warmed by the love and charity which Dr. Piper wrote this with, even though it was clear there was much concern on his part. This is a remark that I would usually be able to make for NT Wright, however his response (despite the commendations of his reviewers) was not up to scratch and frankly was just rude at times (e.g. 'Piper, predictably but frustratingly manages to screen out this central element of Paul's exposition' (p.232, Justication: God's Plan and Paul's Vision, 2009). Added to his credit is the clear way he has written it, trying to explain what Tom Wright actually means at times, and it is clear that much thought has gone into the book: again, something I could not say of Wright's response.

Nevertheless, all the charity in the world does not make one right. In many aspects I believe Piper hits the nail on the head. He is absolutely right to say that our primary means of knowing the author's use of the word is the author himself, and trying not to force meanings from other sources through the word is very important (it appears that some people think that he thinks we can't interpret 2nd Temple literature, but he never claims that, he only says that is generally harder since we have less familiarity with it). Also he points out well that the language of imputation is like that of a record, whereby work is considered yours though another did it, rather than an air of righteousness which one breathes in when one believes.

On the other hand, he is very specific in what he deals with- dealing with a few dozen specific issues he takes up with Wright. This leads to a remarkable emptiness in certain areas but more controlling- where is the paradigm, the worldview? How does he account for what Romans 9-11 are talking about? Wright does this much better. (Though one feels that he has not really addressed Piper's points well-enough). Frankly Wright shows a view that is so cohesive it has taken me a bit by surprise, and I have been left in a sense of agnosticism by two very different but good monographs.

I would recommend this book- particularly if you want to find a wedge into the deep and dark secrest/treasures that the New Perspective has opened up (since no other book is so readable)- but don't read it without also read Justification by Tom Wright. It is pretty hopeless just to listen to one side of the argument and it is- as another reviewer has mentioned- better not to read at all if that would be the case. I'd also recommend reading 'Counted Righteous in Christ' by John Piper, which is an excellent addition to these works.

ESV The Holy Bible
ESV The Holy Bible
by Crossway
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Cheap and very useful, 26 Mar. 2013
This review is from: ESV The Holy Bible (Paperback)
I have not had any trouble with missing pages, perhaps they have sorted them out now. I am throughly impressed with these Bibles and having bought 5 for the meagre price of £10 I have already distributed two out.

God Bless

Reasonable Faith
Reasonable Faith
by William Lane Craig
Edition: Paperback
Price: £17.49

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Informative and understandable., 26 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Reasonable Faith (Paperback)
Having just concluded the book I felt obliged to review it and give my appreciation for such a fantastic book. Naturally, as some reviewers have commented, it is not a book which will instantaneously make a Christian out of a non-Christian, but I do feel that the arguments presented are very compelling and Dr. Craig makes a point out of establishing them over the course of many pages. Perhaps I cannot comment, as a believer in Christ, yet it is necessary to understand that it is, as he introduces it himself, a book for the student 'in Seminary'.

The book, note wisely, is not concerned at all with the 'negative' aspect of apologetics (i.e. explaining the problem of evil etc.) but rather the positive aspects (i.e. the arguments for God's existence). Finally, I would just encourage you to buy this book and read it with an open mind!

Rugby World Cup 2003 - Official Review [DVD]
Rugby World Cup 2003 - Official Review [DVD]
Dvd ~ Rugby World Cup 2003 - Official Review
Offered by Champion Toys
Price: £1.19

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Exciting and Atmospheric!, 8 Jan. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Having watched the Rugby World Cup 2007 about 40 times (no exaggeration!), and then seeing this at a cousin's house I decided that this DVD would be a good buy.

I would say it was better than 2007 as it is much more atmospheric and it picks out larger bits of the match, and doesn't contain the backroom- which of course should be noted- but quite frankly I would personally prefer to see the match!

A very good buy- good entertainment

(By the way it is 135 minutes- not 180 as shown in the stats for the DVD)

Complete Conditioning for Rugby (Complete Conditioning for Sports Series)
Complete Conditioning for Rugby (Complete Conditioning for Sports Series)
by Dan Luger
Edition: Paperback

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Non- productive, 25 Sept. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Reason for grade: Primitive and Well-known concepts covered by the Rugby community

Overview: This book covers a wide base of Rugby conditioning, however fails to go deeper many times. As such it is good for beginners, but not much further. It also has black and white photos, which are too obvious to all but the most basic beginner. In fairness, it is a small book.

The Long: the book touchs down on points too fast, and then has dozens of pages showing exercises which have taken specificity too far (for instance there is a exercise called lunge and dummy pass, where you step forward while giving a dummy pass, in this context the player will most unlikely not reach the point of failure, also they have some ridiculous exercises like lying on the ground and tensing your knee stabilizers, and then advocates exercises like those before every session. It also spends half a page on the reasons to be flexible yet spends what seems like half the book on the exercises themselves.

The Short: It teaches nothing new.

My opinion: I wouldn't buy this book, no offence to the authors, they may have whatever prestigous award they do but telling us that carbohydrates are good and fats are bad is a very limited response, and without ruling about important factors, it doesn't consider the fact that your body can synthesize it's own glycogen, and carbohydrates are just as likely to be fattening as fat.

So...Don't buy this book unless you are a beginner, as it covers a range of things that are beneficial, but you will need more depth

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