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World of Warcraft: War Crimes
World of Warcraft: War Crimes
Price: 6.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A great read, 2 July 2014
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I very much enjoyed this story and it is a nice set up for the coming expansion! Slightly different from the other Warcraft novels I have read due to the court room setting but enjoyable non the less.

The Elder Scrolls Online (PC)
The Elder Scrolls Online (PC)
Offered by Gameline GmbH.
Price: 15.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars An Elder Scrolls MMO, 13 May 2014
Going into the game I knew what it was going to be. It was going to be a MMORPG set in the Elder Scrolls Universe.

There have been a lot of reviews of this game stating that it is boring and bland and in some ways I can agree with that however this game is not Skyrim 2 or a follow up to any of the single player Elder Scrolls games that have come before so you will not get the same type of immersion that you will have in them games. I had expected this due to it being an MMO and if you have never played a MMO before then please do some research before purchasing the game.

PVE Gameplay

Gameplay and content wise there are a huge amount of quests in each zone that you will travel to and are the main focus of the game. Quests involve the main story, faction quests (fighters and mage guilds), and also a huge amount of side quests. Each zone can take a number of hours to get through depending on your playstyle and there is a ton of lore to be read in each zone if you are into your lore. Some of the quests are very well written and played out so if you like questing in an MMO then this is the game for you. One improvement I would say for quests would be the reward system. Sometimes you will find when completing a quest, the item rewards you will receive are useless to you so they either become vendor trash or are used for crafting if you are leveling that particular crafting skill.

The exploration part of the game in the hype up to release I feel was a bit exaggerated. Yes you can wander around any given zone to find quests but I have never felt like I was just walking around exploring the landscape - I have always been going to another destination when coming across additional quests or landmarks. You may find the odd chest or random npc event but I feel the shear amount of quest content in a zone severely limits the exploration a player can do.

There are 3 types of dungeons in the game at present. Solo and group public dungeons and the more traditional private instanced group dungeon which all have a background story to them so there feels like a point to actually completing them. The public dungeons which can be completed solo are relatively quick depending on the number of other players in the same dungeon. You may find that you will not encounter an enemy until the final boss of a public dungeon if another player has been through just seconds before however the respawn time for mobs is quite high so if you are wanting to wait for them to spawn you will not be waiting around for long. There are also more difficult public dungeons which will require a group of players to be completed and these generally take longer to complere. All public dungeons offer a small quest, experience on completion of the dungeon, and also a skyshard which I will come to later.

My one criticism of the solo public dungeons are how similar they all are. Literally every one that I have come across has exactly the same layout as the next but with a different skin. You will find around 3-5 public dungeons in each zone and I was a bit disappointed by this.

The private instanced group dungeons are excellent and I believe if Zenimax can produce more dungeon content tailored towards smaller groups of player I think that may be the making of this game. The dungeons are fast and furious and although you will typically have the archetype of a tank, healer and 2 dps fights do not seem to follow the traditional flow of the tank grabs everything, the dps nukes everything down and the healer keeps everyone alive. You will find that there seems to be of a responsibility on the player to survive rather than to rely on the tank and healer to keep you alive which is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise bloated genre.

PVP gameplay

From my time dabbling in the PVP side of ESO I can say that it is highly enjoyable, Basically you have the huge zone of Cyrodiil for pvp and the 3 factions are constantly at war. There are a large number of keeps each faction fights for control over and also for control over the elder scrolls which offer faction based buffs if controlled by your faction. There are also a number of quests which can be completed daily which range from scouting missions, taking control of an enemy keep or kill a number of enemy players.. PVP combat at the moment seems to be a huge zerg fest but it is, if nothing else, fun - which is why we play game right!?


The skill system in ESO similar to that of Guild Wars 2 in that you will have an action bar with a a set number of skills on it. As of now you can have 5 skills plus one ultimate ability which is basically your panic button. Skill points are earned by leveling up, completing certain quests, or finding skyshards which are found frequently accross Tamriel - 3 of which will grant you a skill point. Each of the 4 classes in ESO can perform all the different rolse within the game so you can pretty much create whatever you want.

Currently i'm playing a stealthy nightblade character that destroys enemies from afar with a bow but if you wanted you could create a warrior who uses a staff to tank or you could make a plate wearing support character that buffs his allies but also can deal damage or heal if needed. This appears to be one of the strongest points of ESO as it gives the player a large variety of choice in what they want however I do feel having only 4 classes available slightly weakens its appeal.


If you are looking for a new MMO then I would suggest at least checking this out, However do not expect this game to be ground breaking or offer anything that you have not seen before within the genre. Yes it is Elder Scrolls but it is also an MMO and I feel Zenimax has done an excellent job of combining the two. I have only really touched on the appeal of the game as there is a vast amount of content in this game.

If this was a single player game I would give it 3 out of 5 but due to the games potential and the updates that this game will receive in the future I am giving it a 4.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Price: 2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars brilliant, 8 Sep 2013
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This review is from: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (App)
Works perfectly fine on my Kindle Hd without the 8.0 update. Oh and it is awesome! Takes me back to playing this on my N64 :)
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