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Panasonic Viera TX-L42ET60B 42-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080P 3D LED, Smart Viera, Wi-Fi Built in with Freeview HD
Panasonic Viera TX-L42ET60B 42-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080P 3D LED, Smart Viera, Wi-Fi Built in with Freeview HD
Offered by Hyper-Fi
Price: 549.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Review for the everyday user, 18 Oct 2013

Brilliant TV and worth every single penny. This deal is an absolute steal at 550 with the specs this TV has. Similarly priced products of the same quality and generation cost around 700-800. The Picture is amazing at all times - it is truly exceptional on Netflix and Blu Ray films. Perfect TV for Video Games and the 3D is first class and managed to make me change my mind about 3D. If you're a first time buyer then and don't know what you're looking for I'd fully recommend this and I've written a simple (but detailed review) below so you know what you're fully buying. The internet is easy to connect to - the dongle is very good as I'm in the attic but buffering on Netflix and YouTube is seemless. The sound is no problem but a TV like this deserves a surround sound system to do the picture produced by this TV justice.

I bought this TV (42 inch) from a store that had a 5 year warranty promotion that's being offered by Panasonic from certain stores. Check below in the longevity section of my review to find out which stores have the promotion.

Set Up:

From opening the box to having everything done and the TV completely set up was about 30 minutes. It wasn't hard and no issues occurred. The set up included:

Taking everything out of the box
Assembling and screwing of the stand to the TV (have a star screwdriver handy!)
Setting up freeview channels
Connecting TV to internet
Setting up Netflix and YouTube
Tweaking the 3D settings on my Xbox 360 and PS3 for optimal settings.

Connection Ports:

2 x USBs ( I Think, might be 3 not sure sorry!), 3x HDMIs, 2x SCART, Composite (RGB) and AV inputs. Optical output and 3.5mm headphone jack. Only thing lacking is AV L/R outputs (for my gaming headset, this was easily dealt with though) and a VGA input so I can connect laptops up to the TV. All newer laptops have HDMI outputs so I wouldn't worry about this. This TV has more connections available than most TVs in the similar price and size range so I'll let it pass as this is a problem with the entire market not just this TV.

I haven't checked the USB function out as it's easier for me to just plug my laptop into one of the HDMI ports on the TV to view photos/DivX/Xvid/MKV/WMA/etc files as opposed to sticking everything on a USB in my opinion.


The sound isn't anything special but with all TVs nowadays being so thin this isn't anything that should shock you. Thin TV = much smaller speakers = lower sound volumes. With that said I have no problem with the sound. My bedroom is probably 7m x 5m and the sound is clear and precise. There's not as much bass as my old Samsung but this TV is 25-33% the thickness of that TV so no real qualms from me here. Left and Right sounds can be distinguished but if you want Surround Sound either invest in a surround sound system or a sound bar. If sound does really matter you should already have a surround sound system or sound bar - if you don't then you won't find the sound a problem at all.

Viewing normal TV channels and DVDs:

The image is extremely crisp and seem to be upscaled very well on both Sky and Freeview, there is still an obvious difference between the normal channel and the actual HD ones but after coming of a 40 inch 1080p LCD Samsung which is 3/4 years old this exceeds what I've seen. DVD upscales look like full HD when played through my PS3 so that's very good. The colours also seem to be sharper and more precise than my Samsung, which tended to be more vivid and pop out more to me.

Viewing HD channels/Blu Rays/PS3/Xbox 360:

Phenomenal. I'm absolutely blown away - the 600Hz frame rate really does show, especially when watching Sky/BT Sport HD and playing video games. The quality is insane and the image is very sharp making everything really stand out. My friend recently bought a Samsung equivalent to this TV (same spec apart from the framerate) and we both agree that GTA V plays and looks better on mine than on his.

3D Video Games & Movies:

Not a really big fan of 3D and I see it as a gimmick but this TV's 3D works extremely well and I love it. When I bought this TV I didn't even bother to check the 3D that's how uninterested I was in it. So after watching Transformer 3, Avatar and Star Trek Into Darkness on here I can properly say I'm on the 3D bandwagon. In cinema and even in stores when trying on the 3D glasses it all felt gimmicky but on this TV after a couple of minutes of adjustment it felt proper and good. Batman Arkham City and Gears of War 3 both look and feel unreal when played in 3D.

SMART TV Functions (Netflix and YouTube):

Netflix and YouTube are all I really use out of the SMART section of the TV and I love it! YouTube works perfectly and can be controlled using the YouTube app on my phone to load videos. Netflix can stream in "Super HD" on this TV and wow, just wow! Honestly if you have a Netflix and watch Breaking Bad watch the pilot episode. The level of quality is insane even for something that was filmed in 2007! I felt like they were sat in the room next to me such was the quality.

The quality of image was akin to 4K TVs I've seen in stores. House of Cards, which was filmed with 4K cameras, looks amazing and speaks volume to the quality of image being produced by this TV.


Only had the TV for a week but it's not showing signs of falling apart like one of the reviews I read on Amazon. Between now and 1st March 2014 Panasonic is offering free 5 year warranty on this TV which is available at selected stores. Just head over to Panasonic's website and look for the promotion on there to see which places are offering it near you. In my house we generally replace the TVs every 4-6 years so I know my new TV is going to last one way or another!

The next step up for TVs after incorporating 3D, SMART TV, Freeview HD, and a high frame rate (600HZ this, most TVs in same price bracket by Samsung/Sony are 100Hz) is 4K resolution. Since the 4K TVs I've seen are 12,000+ I believe this is the best and most complete TV we're going to get in the affordable/absolute steal range for quite sometime.
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