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Philips HQ7390/17 Williams F1 Mains Rechargeable Shaver
Philips HQ7390/17 Williams F1 Mains Rechargeable Shaver

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic shaver, but where's the case?, 4 Nov. 2011
I was content using foil shavers and for holidays I would pack my battery operated Boots single foil shaver until I lost the cutting block over the edge of our balcony during cleaning ! I had to wet shave the rest of the holiday which was a real pain, but at least I now had a frame of reference for comparison to a new electric shaver. Once back in England, I came across this Philishave HQ7390 going for £39.99. I had used Philishave shavers in my teens and later but changed to foil shavers, as I felt rotary shavers were no longer cutting it (sorry for the pun, lol). At least I was in a perfect position to compare wet and dry shaving results!

My curiosity as to whether rotary shavers had improved over the years was well satisfied. This is a terrific shaver and I am glad I took the plunge. Technology has improved no end. Others have commented on how 'plasticky' shavers had become over the years, but I consider the use of any durable light-weight material an advantage as I remember the old ones were very heavy and cumbersome like my present Braun shaver which is too heavy to pack in a suitcase these days.

Using this Philishave shaver for the first time felt weird, as it was very quiet and vibration-free unlike the noisy shavers I had grown accustomed to. I charged it for only half an hour and it lasted exactly 7 days. A full charge would last longer. Very good. In the past I had used alcohol-based pre-shave lotion, but have recently been using shaving oil and it really does make a big difference. This is not a wet shaver as such, but is washable. Important, because I found that I needed a lot of water for lubrication using this shaver as it does get warm and tends to dry out your skin making it difficult to 'glide' the shaving heads over your stubble. Needless to say, I was using it cordless. The end result was a smooth, hairless face.

After a week, I found I was getting more adept and the resulting shave seemed even closer than the one before, yet didn't leave my skin sore or irritated. There is very little stubble remaining after a shave, if any. All my previous shavers left some stubble behind no matter how long you shaved or how much pressure you applied. Application of a little bit of aftershave balm and I was done. The trimmer needs to be a little shorter as you can't really get a precise trim of your sideburns, but this may be because its a new shaver and I'll get better at using it. I had not intended to use this shaver on holiday, but owing to its lightness and shaving ability as described, I shall now.

In conclusion, then, this Philishave is light enough even with its charging cord to take on holiday. It's very quiet and the floating heads are a good product of engineering as their range of movement has increased a lot over the years. The ability to safely use water or other lotions of choice whilst shaving increases the potential for a close shave equal to, if not better than a wet shave. The battery life is exceptionally long even for 'long' shaves.

Are there any downsides? The lack of a case has been mentioned. It would've been nice if Philishave had thrown one in. The cleaning afterwards can be a chore if you choose to just use a brush without water, so its much cleaner and more effective to wash the heads under the tap. The pop-up trimmer could be more functional and effective.

I see many unhelpful, frills, bells and whistles have crept in to the manufacture of electric shavers over the years, while not making much difference to the end result. So its refreshing to find this gimmick-free shaver, yet producing a shave that in many ways for me, is better than a wet shave. As such and based solely on its shaving ability, I would have still been happy to purchase this shaver at its original price, around twice what I actually paid for it. Highly Recommended.

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars Bubblcious, 12 Oct. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm always chewing gum so I tend to run out of it a lot so I got this through Amazon very cheaply indeed. Lovely bubble gum and very cheap when ordering through Amazon.

Netgear DG834GT 108Mbps Wireless ADSL Modem Firewall Router with 4-port 10/100 switch
Netgear DG834GT 108Mbps Wireless ADSL Modem Firewall Router with 4-port 10/100 switch
Offered by NETWORK LTD
Price: £63.89

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3.0 out of 5 stars Minefield, 7 Oct. 2011
I've had this router for about 6-7 years and would not recommend it to anyone in the dark about such things. I'm no slouch to computers, but I couldn't get this set up for the life of me. I had to wait until something unrelated went wrong with my computer (I was still on a wired router) for an engineer to come fix it and at the same time set this router up for me at my request. The enclosed leaflets are useless and confusing. The Netgear website isn't much better. After it was set-up, it worked for a while and then it would scramble the configuration settings which I, again, failed to reset to working order. This time I had to call an engineer to specifically reset it and he also did a firmware update. Ever since, it has remained stable but I dread the day when something goes wrong with it.

I hate not being to setup things and even more when failing to fix things. I was tempted to give this 3 stars as once set-up properly, it functions very well, but writing this review brought back fearful memories in the early days when something went wrong with it which also means being fearful of the future when it does eventually pack-up. I shall replace this with a modern non-Netgear up-to-date router which has virtually a plug and play set-up.

*Update* 11/11/11
I've just read less than 4 star reviews on newer Netgear models and the common theme is drop-outs on signal and incompatablity with ISP's like Talk-Talk. Also, after so long, installation still seems to be a problem with some. It seems very little progress has been made in making modem routers easier to install. Given that I've had no problems whatsoever with this router since its software was updated , I have up-rated my review from 2 to 3 stars.

Apple 2TB Time Capsule Dual-Band
Apple 2TB Time Capsule Dual-Band

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3.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing and confusing -this is not a modem/router, 5 Sept. 2011
Apple make great computers and in recent years have made significant in-roads in mass-marketing their products like iPods, IPads, iPhones etc. So one may be forgiven for thinking that ALL their products are good. Not so. I ordered this Time Capsule together with my iMac earlier this year, hoping to keep things simple for compatibility's sake.

The Time Capsule is touted by Apple as being both a wireless router and an external hard-drive. The first surprise upon unpacking it was when I found that there is no on/off switch. This would have been irrelevant if it had adequate cooling and ventilation. The truth is that it becomes very hot and one can't help thinking all that heat generated 24/7 can't be good for the innards of the thing. Indeed, the average life of a Time Capsule is 18 months according to web-sites actually dedicated to the demise of your valuable Time Capsule! Pulling the mains lead as a way of shutting it off is merely storing up trouble for the future, since this tends to create short-circuits and wear and tear on its hard drive. The adverts make a great play about its ability to back-up every hour. If you do not have it on all the time, it will alert you when you plug it in, that it wants to do a back-up from scratch which can be inconvenient as you have to have your computer on for a few days until the back-up finishes. It seems you can't turn it off without it starting backing up from scratch.

I also mistakenly assumed this Time Capsule (TC) would provide a medium for copying my iMac's hard drive onto. However, it provides only restoration of individual files and folders. So, for example, if you've accidentally deleted an important saved letter, you can retrieve it using TC. Another plus is that if you accidentally lose your internet settings, it is relatively easy to restore the TC without too much hassle.

But after six months use, I still haven't figured out how to use the TC as a stand-alone wireless router (addendum*: modem). I may be confused here. When I say wireless router, I mean like my Netgear wireless modem/router to which the Time Capsule is currently connected. I was under the impression I could use the Time Capsule to replace the Netgear router. Another misunderstanding ? I welcome any light shed on this subject.

With the acquisition of Apple's new operating system, Lion OS X, I desperately wanted to clone my Snow Leopard OS on to an external hard-drive in case of problems with the new operating system; I could re-install Snow Leopard if Lion proved problematic. After a bit of research, I got the Iomega minimax external hard-drive and with this to compare to the Time Capsule, I can honestly say TC is so much more inferior as a means of backing up. I can now back up my files on to the mini-max using Apple's time machine as well as cloning my entire iMac's hard drive. Since I've owned the Time Capsule for the last six months, I have managed to accidentally erase my back-ups on it with no sufficient warning(s) given and now it is 'hanging', trying to connect to my computer's hard drive. So it's become useless as a back-up. (I will try to get it up and running if only to make the most of whatever short life it has left.)

As a serious back-up machine, this model (2011) needs a lot of improvements and upgrading to match that of other manufacturers like Iomega. If I knew what I know now back in February '11 when ordering this Time Capsule, I wouldn't have included it with my computer. I'm sorry Apple, but as much as I love your other products, this falls far short of your usually high standards. Either make a better router/back up machine, or keep them separate. In conclusion as a consumer, you are much better off buying other superior (and cheaper) brands like Iomega if you just want a means to back-up your material.

*Update* 11/11/11. So I finally cleared up my confusion, ironically by (accidentally) buying a Belkin router WITHOUT a modem and as such needs connecting to a modem. And so I checked on Apple's online store and lo and behold the Time Capsule is a router only ! As a result, and because my wireless devices are operating successfully using the TC, I have uprated it to 3 stars. Where I've stated 'router' in my original review above, I have now inserted 'modem' as well. However, I still stand by the downsides as expressed which, in my view, still apply.
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GP AAA Ultra Alkaline Battery. Blister of 12
GP AAA Ultra Alkaline Battery. Blister of 12
Offered by PoundMax
Price: £3.42

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very cost effective, 4 Sept. 2011
I think as long as you don't expect these to last as long as Duracell batteries or use them in high-drain appliances, they are good for the price. I used four GP Ultra AA batteries for my high blood pressure monitor, which literally sucks up electric juice, and was surprised to discover that it was showing low battery charge after only a week. So, I paid for high-end rechargeable Duracell batteries which are expensive as an initial outlay, but I hope will prove cost effective in the long run.

I, too, saw these batteries recommended on "The Gadget Show' which is why I bought them from Amazon. I haven't seen these batteries in the shops. I bought a couple of other things after watching the same programme and have come to realise that you shouldn't take their findings as gospel. I remember buying an Epson printer which they highly recommended and said it was the best at the time, but I had to return it for a refund as I found it was worse than the cheap printer it was replacing.

Creating Inner Peace & Calm
Creating Inner Peace & Calm
by Glenn Harrold
Edition: Audio CD

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2.0 out of 5 stars Rodney!.........., 3 Sept. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Sorry to be the party pooper, but this CD is not for me. As others have stated, certain techniques are better for some people. There is no preparation or introduction to this CD. I am used to visualizing and concentrating on relaxing muscle groups in succession as a technique. But this CD relies merely on the presenter's voice for around twenty minutes. And he has a voice like Del Boy. There's no getting round this fact and as you continue listening, along with giggle-inducing images of Del Boy selling this CD at the market stall, is the increasing irritation of his voice. I've used the CD for over a week now and have not noticed any significant improvement in myself, either when I am listening to the CD or afterwards.

Others have done much the same, but far better.

The Epic Masters
The Epic Masters

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5.0 out of 5 stars Good ole Shakey, 2 Sept. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Epic Masters (Audio CD)
This is a wonderful collection on disc of Shakin' Stevens music.

I've been a fan since the 80's when Shakey got to no.1 with 'This ole house' and built up a collection of LP's and cassette tapes. Although I had one or two cd's, the majority of tracks were spread out over the early formats as stated. More recently, I copied my tracks onto my iPod. Again, they were disparate songs spread out over three decades. So I decided to try and get ALL songs on the one format from which I could pick and choose tracks to transfer onto other formats. This collection did not disappoint. The only downside in my situation is that I've got a lot of songs replicated. But I knew that before purchasing this collection anyway. So I am not factoring this in my rating.

Shakey's songs are great to work-out to as a lot of the rock n'roll hits are extremely fast tempo. I think you need to be a fan or at the very least just like ole style rock n' roll if you're contemplating buying this collection. Rock n' roll may be the only type of music that I may have a preference of vinyl or digital format, opting for the former. But I'm really not that much of a connoisseur.
This collection is fab. If you've bothered to read this review, then you must surely be thinking of purchasing. Wonder no more. Buy this!

Casio Men's G-Shock Mudman Watch G9000-1V
Casio Men's G-Shock Mudman Watch G9000-1V
Offered by EuroLux
Price: £71.92

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2.0 out of 5 stars Each to his own........, 21 Aug. 2011
I have owned and used this watch continuously for two and a half years and if I had my time again, I wouldn't buy it. I've paid over the odds for features that are either difficult to use (like pressing the red control buttons) or I don't need. I wanted a watch that was radio-controlled, had automatic illumination and was tough and accurate. Sadly, I have found all expectations lacking. The illuminator only works if you push the button very hard and even then you have to sustain the pressure otherwise it'll switch off. Regrettably, I didn't buy from Amazon (bought it from the famous high street catalogue shop) so the description was very skimpy.

The instruction booklet is tiny, hard to read and very confusing. I have tried several times to make adjustments using the aforementioned red buttons, but got so frustrated I gave up each time. If you have anything wrong with your hands or fingers such as arthritis, don't buy this watch because you'll find these red buttons impossible to press.

I have had Casio watches before (the simple, inexpensive ones) and have been satisfied with their performance, but I am afraid this watch is the exception.
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Omron M10-IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Dual-User Facility and Dual-Size Cuff
Omron M10-IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Dual-User Facility and Dual-Size Cuff
Price: £45.95

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3.0 out of 5 stars Mac users beware, 16 Aug. 2011
This machine is fairly sophisticated and, as far as I can tell, accurate if you follow the instructions. In fact I bought this for its accuracy on my GP's recommendation (he didn't specify a model, just an Omron BP monitor) and the fact that I can get a printout on my computer of the results. However, a couple of words of warning.

The software supplied is compatible with Windows NOT Mac. Omron do not cater for the latter at all. I recently converted to Mac and discovered this only then. The cuff size is an issue with medium to small arms. Its consumption of batteries, especially in the three-readings-mode, is massive. I personally don't have this setting on, opting for the single reading instead for this reason. The back cover for the battery compartment is not a good fit and tends to fall off a lot.

Pros: Accuarate, sturdy build, large visible display, velcro secures a tight fit to arm

Cons: Cuff size too large, battery consumption excessive, battery compartment lid insecure. There is no excuse for Omron not catering for operating systems other than Windows.
UPDATE: 17th June '12
I gave up with this gadget as it was a hassle getting printouts of my readings following my conversion to Mac and I was also getting suspicious of the constant low systolic pressure readings it was giving.I recently bought a Withings BP monitor which instantly records readings on my iPad and synchs with my iPhone. Sure enough, it showed higher systolic pressure readings than the Omron, nearer the normal range.
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HP CN216B Photosmart Plus e-All-in-One Web Enabled Printer
HP CN216B Photosmart Plus e-All-in-One Web Enabled Printer

2.0 out of 5 stars Wireless and useless, 17 Jun. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm giving 2 stars for this product instead of one because HP got the ball rolling in resolving my issue, but Amazon eventually gave me the refund. I thought I'd add a wireless printer to my new iMac. Apple were recommending this one (although they have now dropped this product in favour of another HP printer). Initially, this printer behaved itself for about a day after I set it up. It's not as slick to set up as other people make out. Printed out a couple of test sheets which were ok. Next day, it wouldn't work at all. It wasn't a simple issue as, when I contacted HP they went through a few suggestions which I tried, but the assistant eventually conceded defeat and offered me a replacement.

At this point, I contacted Amazon and told them my story and they offered a complete refund which I accepted. My gut was telling me the replacement HP offered was going to be trouble too. I'm very wary of purchasing a HP printer again. I'm sticking with my Canon MP600 printer for now. It has a few minor issues compatibility-wise with my iMac, but it essentially does everything I want it too and produces excellent photos too.

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