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KosiPet® BLUE CHECK Fleece Deluxe LARGE Waterproof Dog Bed,Dog Beds,Pet Bed,Dogbed,Dogbeds,Petbed,Petbeds,
KosiPet® BLUE CHECK Fleece Deluxe LARGE Waterproof Dog Bed,Dog Beds,Pet Bed,Dogbed,Dogbeds,Petbed,Petbeds,
Offered by Treeline Products
Price: £59.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars only that it seems to be very poorly stiches or the fabric is of poor quality. Perhaps more suitable for a smaller dog, 3 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Thoroughly unimpressed. My huskies slept on it once and it split the same day. It appears to be very weakly constructed, I'd steer clear of this item. I can only assume their claws must have punctured the bed and that was that. There is no sign of damage caused by chewing etc it destructive behaviour. It just seems to be a poorly made item. Seriously, one use and it's torn?!? For thirty quid? So unfortunately I can't tell you if it's truly waterproof etc, only that it seems to be very poorly stiches or the fabric is of poor quality. Perhaps more suitable for a smaller dog? I wouldn't buy it folks just in case. Hope this helps you make a decision.

Seiko Men's 5 Automatic Watch SNZG13K1
Seiko Men's 5 Automatic Watch SNZG13K1
Price: £109.76

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5.0 out of 5 stars For the price it's amazing. I've had quite a few autos over the ..., 1 Oct. 2014
For the price it's amazing.

I've had quite a few autos over the years from omega to breitling. My last auto was a breitling super avenger which I had a series of problems with. I bought this whilst the breitling was away for service and I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed so far.

After a short bedding in period its accuracy has settled to within approx six seconds a day. I wear it all day and leave it off at night. I checked its timekeeping regularly through the day to look for any erratic behaviour and I'm happy to report its been superbly accurate. All autos have a daily variance, to put it into perspective my £4200 breitling lost five seconds per day and it's cosc certified lol. From the strength of some Of these lower end watches I'm not going to bother with the higher end stuff anymore. They really aren't worth four thousand pounds more than this. I regularly get the watch wet and it gets bashed around but so far great. The glass on front and back have remained scratch free so far. The bracelet is actually quite nice and the whole watch has a rolex explorer one simplicity about it which is nice. The luminous hands are brighter and quicker to charge than my breitling too. Surprisingly. Face is clean and fit and finish is great. Obviously if you're a regular diver it's probably not up to it, but as a day to day watch that's suitable for any kind of wear it fully recommend it. It's probably the best auto at this price and punches way above its weight. Hope this helps you make a decision! I'm fussy about my watches but honestly guys if I had known about this one first I truly wouldn't have paid what I've paid before! Can't think of a better recommendation than that.

Nikon Sportstar EX 10x25 DCF Binoculars (London 2012 Olympics Edition)
Nikon Sportstar EX 10x25 DCF Binoculars (London 2012 Olympics Edition)

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4.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING VALUE AT THIS PRICE., 30 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought these simply because the same binox WITHOUT the london olympics logo went for around £90- £110 pounds so for these at under £40-00 they were a bargain. Must have been a job lot that nobody now wants because of the london olympics logo.

At this price it's a no- brainer folks. For full price they would are certainly good enough. Weight is fine, another reviewer thought they were heavy but not for me, they're very compact and easily portable.

Optics are good, slight amount of chromatic aberration (that's a slight colour fringing around objects when looking through the binox, usually shows as a purple or green aura around things on a bright day. That kind of thing), but it's very slight and often found with most optics in this kind of price range. Images are sharp enough for continued use, bright, and it's easy to focus and adjust these to suit yourself. It's worth buying a "brand name" pair of binoculars as the quality control is better than some of the other cheaper brands. I've seen cheaper binoculars which are "cross - eyed", in other words the two tubes are misaligned preventing them from being barely useful! You won't get that with Nikon. They'll last forever, they'll probably never fog up and the images you see through them will be clear enough. Plus you probably won't get a headache after looking through them for any longer length of time. This you often get with cheaper optics!

For the price you can't miss these. Seriously. Nikon Sportstars for 40 quid?! They're not going to last long at this price! PS- I'm a pro photographer so I'm a bit geeky about optics and so on, these are fine for the price. I think they're the best you can get for under £100-00. I had more to spend but bought these because they were such a crazy bargain. Glad I did!

Crumpler Singapore Sling DSLR Camera Strap, Cannon, Sony, Nikon - Black/Dark Nickel
Crumpler Singapore Sling DSLR Camera Strap, Cannon, Sony, Nikon - Black/Dark Nickel

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5.0 out of 5 stars works just fine!, 18 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It's a very practical sling. I chose this over a black rapid in the end....
I'm a professional user and I've had all kinds of straps and slings etc over the years. I use a billingham shoulder bag which means that I usually wear the camera around my neck and work from the bag off my shoulder. This strap is easily adjustable using the two quick adjust clips so I can quickly swap from my neck to a cross body position in seconds. This is SOOOO useful and versatile! The strap is grippy enough when over one shoulder and very comfortable around the neck. The plastic clips are strong and secure but I always add a velcro strap to quick detach clips in case they suddenly fail. Yet to have that happen to be fair but better to be paranoid with four grands worth of gear isn't it?!
The strap itself is quite long even when fully shortened but not freakishly long. I'm six feet and pretty well built and it goes around my chest and across my body to hang at hip level when fully extended so plenty of room for you if you're a bigger person. All in all its the comfiest strap and the most practical I've owned. I don't like the black rapid design as cameras weren't designed to be hung from a tripod bush despite what people say, and the black rapids are a one trick pony. This strap still allows verrry fast movement and also can be used as a neck strap as well. I like it. Cheers folks!

Billingham SP40 Leather Shoulder Pad - Black
Billingham SP40 Leather Shoulder Pad - Black
Price: £29.07

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5.0 out of 5 stars typical billingham gear, 18 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It helps spread the load on my hadley pro quite nicely. Don't forget the physics of this though, and expect a shoulder pad- ANY shoulder pad- to make your bag feel half as heavy etc. Of course, it won't. This pad does a few things. It stops the strap from binding on your clothes but grips nicely so helps stop your bag from slipping. It takes some of the bite off your neck and shoulder area. Ive been lugging billingham bags all over the world throughout my career and guess what? the only way to make them feel less heavy is to A - CARRY LESS STUFF or B - MAN UP! this pad makes your life easier and for me its worth the money but it won't stop your neck from aching it'll just make things a bit better. Should you get one? Yes. It does help. Just don't expect miracles just expect a beautifully made leather and foam pad. This one by the way is better than the older version to me. Its comfier and grips better. My last one managed ten years though! If you get shoulder ache with your bag just buy it. Cheers folks!

Nikon MB-D14 Multi-Power Battery Pack for Nikon D600/D610
Nikon MB-D14 Multi-Power Battery Pack for Nikon D600/D610
Price: £148.91

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5.0 out of 5 stars its a very useful accessory!, 18 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Ive bought battery grips for all the nikon cameras I've owned over the years (apart from the pro bodies of course, they don't need them!) And I've always found them an invaluable add on. Mainly because it allows me to use aa batteries which are easily and readily available. The fit and finish is an exact match with the camera body, verrrry slight movement but really you'd have to be a pedant for it to bother you. A good thing about the d600 or any other "prosumer" body ( I hate that word. I use my d600 professionally and it is more than capable of delivering the goods. Great camera) is that with the grip removed you've got a nice light and compact body, its a modular system. With the grip attached you obviously gain weight and bulk but its not dramatically heavier. All the function buttons are customisable like on the body, and you can even assign the batteries in the grip to be used first. I found my 2000mah duracell rechargeable batteries lasted me one or two sessions, thats around 500 raw files. You can leave the standard camera battery inside the body and use it as a kind of reserve. I haven't had to resort to it yet though. As with all nikon stuff its very well made. It's expensive but its a tool so I can't really skimp on it. If you're considering an after market unit just remember folks buy cheap buy twice. Don't mess about you bought yourself a great body don't skimp now! Yes I know its overpriced but really, it won't damage your camera and it'll always work. My stuff gets A LOT of work and I only review things I think are good. This is a fine bit of equipment. Thanks folks!
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Sony NEX5KB Alpha Compact System Camera - 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS Lens - Black
Sony NEX5KB Alpha Compact System Camera - 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS Lens - Black

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5.0 out of 5 stars Professional photographers review., 22 Aug. 2011
Hi folks- if you can't be bothered reading the whole review here's the synopsis...

It's one of the best cameras I've owned. I love it. I was a travel photographer for a few years would have killed to have had this instead of my bulky Nikons!! PLEASE read through to the end, because there is a facet to this camera I haven't heard anyone mention yet and it's the reason I gave it full marks and took the time to review it. Thanks!

Now for the review!
This depends on so many factors, chip size and performance, lens quality, settings etc. We will start with the chip. It's a full size DSLR chip at the end of the day so that speaks volumes in terms of performance. I've shot all kinds of stuff, from hideously bright and contrasty scenes to real pushin' my luck dark shots and it's taken everything in it's stride. The sensor works brilliantly. Images have masses of detail, low noise at high ISO, great colour. THE LENSES are pretty good. I got the kit lens and the 16mm pancake. both very good. I am using both of them professionally so that's gotta tell you something I hope. Very little barrel distortion with either lens. (Just a pointer- you know when you look at lens reviews on websites and they have photo's of straight lines etc to demonstrate lens performance? Just take a look at some of their PROPER photographs. they're generally abysmal. These guys are just camera geeks in my experience....You can worry too much about "distortion" and the like but don't be fretting about NEX-5 image quality. It's great.) The 16mm lens has a liiiiiiitle bit of fringing at the extremities and loses some of it's sharpness at the edge but all the images are fine to A4. If you want perfectly sharp all the way across you ain't gonna get it for £500. sorry. But you WILL get very good pics. And I'm fussy, believe it or not. The kit lens comes with optical image stabilisation which works really well.

I personally found the camera interface very simple. You can customise the buttons a little which is good because there aren't that many. The NEX-5 isn't set up like a DSLR, it's very minimalist but I like that. Once you play with it you will find it very easy indeed. Haven't missed a shot yet because of it! It has a great idiot mode, a pretty smooth panoramic mode, and my personal fave- EXCELLENT black and white. I mean, it's REALLY good. I boost the contrast on my black and white images in camera and they just look beautiful. Remember how B&W hand prints used to look?

Battery life isn't great, I had to buy a spare. Can't have it dying in the middle of a shoot! The screen is partly to blame, it's highly detailed and really sharp but I think it's a battery hog. I also shoot in RAW which may possibly drain it quicker. Use RAW by the way. JPEGS are dire if you want to take really good pictures, and you can mess a shot up and rescue it in RAW later. Software for doing this comes with the camera too.

Autofocus is quick, but the manual focus works beautifully. Why bother with manual focus though? ahhh.... this brings me to...

Oh boy. it's SUPERB. No rolling shutter artefacts, smooth, hi-res, just magnificent. and you can manual focus during filming which is a must have for me. This is MORE than capable of replacing your video camera. With manual focus you can play around so much with your footage. So absolutely no problem with the video mode, it's the best camera video I have seen, and honestly better than most camcorder footage I've seen too!!

The camera flash is quite weak. Not like my HUGE Nikon speedlights by any margin! But guess what? I haven't had to use it yet. I love ambient light. It's ALWAYS better than flash. The NEX-5 is excellent when using available light, and I've taken some truly beautiful shots with little more than streetlights. I took a shot of a power station at night- hand held believe it or not- and it's one of the best photo's I've ever taken... which brings me to...

So it takes great photo's, superb quality video, it's got all the right features in my opinion, the lenses are workmanlike and as I've said fine for pro use so if you just want a good solid performer you will do fine.


What I've written is half the story. There is something about this camera that just makes me want to go out and shoot things. Like I used to do when I started photography years ago. It's just FUN! It's fun to be able to smoothly manual focus between foreground and background when filming.... it's great to shoot in truly low light areas and yet get excellent results.... it's fun NOT to have a big DSLR that everyone notices during street and travel photography, and yet get the same kind of results....It's lovely to get a black and white mode that REALLY works well. I've started making movies on this thing too, I enjoy it so much, and the results are spot on. I guess this camera has struck a chord with me. It's helped me find more creativity and given me more satisfaction than any other camera I've owned. Just love it.

One last thing. If you researched this camera as much as I have you will have inevitably read this particularly vacuous comment- "It's a great camera.... but... it will never replace my precious DSLR". When manufacturers release new gear, especially if it's quite innovative, they will get real top notch pro's to go play with it. Just to show off their new baby. Go and look at what some of the big name pro's have been doing with this little machine. If you're considering this either as a back up for your DSLR or a replacement, you won't be disappointed. I bought it as a back up but it's totally replaced my big kit. The image quality for 90% OF THE TIME is indistinguishable from my big camera. But my DSLR lenses are only slightly superior optically cos they cost £900. And you can always get some of the Carl Zeiss or alpha G lenses for it in the long run if you want more flexibility in your shooting. But truthfully I don't feel the need to do this. I actually LIKE the kit lens.

I hope this has helped. Honestly though.... if you go for the Panasonic Lumix, or the Pen, or even a Nikon D90....They are all great cameras and I defy anyone to tell from a photo which camera took it- see what I'm saying? Remember a camera is only useful if it helps you create the vision that's in your head. My NEX has done that for me. It's a real helper. Thanks for reading to the end!!
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Canon IXUS 850IS Digital Camera  (7.1MP, 3.8x optical zoom)
Canon IXUS 850IS Digital Camera (7.1MP, 3.8x optical zoom)

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5.0 out of 5 stars PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS REVIEW, 3 Nov. 2006
I am a pro user, working in the travel and fashion fields, and i got this little camera to use personally when on holiday- my normal kit consists of a hasselblad and nikon digi slr, and i bought the ixus 850 cos i got sick of carrying my slr around with me when travelling! obviously the picture quality from a little compact can't be as good as an slr, but i have to say it isnt far behind. you can go to the n'th degree when reading these reviews and deciding which camera to buy i know, but i am very fussy when it comes to imaging as you can imagine, and i love this camera, so hopefully that will give you the push you need to buy it. the image stabiliser works ok, lens quality is as good as is needed, flash ok but limited of course, start up time rapid, screen good, little in the way of lens abberations which is pleasantly surprising in a compact, price good, overexposes a little in bright conditions so check your pics after shooting, battery life amazing! i treat my holiday snaps like a commission from national geographic (!), i like to come home with images that would slip into my portfolio, and this camera can do it. REMEMBER- its not what you've got, it's what you do with it!
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