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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PC DVD)
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PC DVD)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Review -, 7 Jun 2006
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
For the ease and benefit of any Potential Buyers, il make my review clear and concise

i have the game for the Xbox 360, and the PC, and let me just say, this was money well speant, as any Morrowind Game, you start out a prisoner, soon to be released and as such your journey begins, but with this game, its so much more deeper, the Emperior has had "Profetic" dreams, and knows his time in the world is coming to an end, but the problem is, their are no "heirs" to the throne known to us at first, and as such once the Emperior dies, the Gates of Oblivion open, and the world once more needs a hero to save it.

for a Game like Oblivion, it simply is, to better words owe inspiring, from the moment you start the game to the moment you end it for the day i can guarentee this game will make a positive impression, the world is huge, the world is beautiful, and there is simply so many possible things you can do

for example, after finishing the first portion of the game, and first making it into the wide open world, you can literally go in any possible direction, you can even jump in the near by lakes and go for a swim, heck you can fight the monsters..

but just a suggestion, the Guards really are unforgiving, if your going to commit a crime ingame, do it in a way that you dont get caught, since if you resist arrest or cause trouble and the guards get alerted your going to get either a fine, or a prison sentence, and if you resist arrest, lets just say may god have mercy on us all, the guards will chase and chase you till you die, no joke

that being said this is a world, one of the best and responsive worlds you"l ever see for a while, a world of which you can take a quick 10 minute dive into and have a little fun and return for the more "serious" stuff like quests and finishing the storyline, the game has many epic events, and awe inspiring moments, and so many different options, their is many guilds to join, and you can also do quests to up your ranking in the guild.

as of right now for the Xbox 360 the game has around 5 updates, or should i say bonus"s of which you need to buy using "Points" on xbox live, not to sure about PC, but these quests aditions provide an evenings worth of fun, and some only a short period of time.

its worth noting that if your planning on buying the game or have bought it already, head over to the official elder scrolls website and join the forum and find out about the new mods..(Mods are modifications like extra levels, new skins, music etc) that genually add and make a game more fun.

i wont lie to you, you need a fairly good PC to run this game, but its worth while, and you"l be future proofing yourselfs for the next gen games that we"l most likely be seeing like this one in the coming years.

All in all this game is a 9/10 game if not Perfect, i just hope theirs a full fledged expansion out soon..

by the way the Emperor Uriel Septim VII on this game is Played by Patrick Stuart, you know Captain Picard from Star Trek TNG

and you"l recognise someone else if your a fan of him a short while into the game, moms the word lol

i hope this non spoilific review has helped you all in some way or form, i reccomend you all try this game, it wont disapoint

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