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Apple iPod nano 8GB black
Apple iPod nano 8GB black

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars User Friendly, Compact, Easy to Use.......maybe?, 9 Jan 2008
Here goes, Just like the iPod Nano, quick easy and simply, this is my simplistic review in favour of the iPod Nano.

Good Points:
- Bright Screen
- Album cover flow, nice touch and works well**
- Plays Videos well and is easy to use, although upload is mentioned further down
- Small, discreet, and light, be careful you still have it in that pocket though lol!
- Photos, can store many albums and acts for me as a backup, should by Laptop die perhaps.
- Apples assured build quality, this is a tough and sturdy little device, sit on it, and chances are it will never snap in half, no matter how wide somebody may be.

Bad Points:

- Scroll wheel is too sensitive for some
- Converting Videos to the iPod Nano is difficult if not purchased from the less than perfect iTunes webstore :(
- iTunes is again notoriously difficult to use, if like me a full time 1st user, it can be damned frustrating and different than other medi interfaces in places (Note: Only the Latest iTunes will work with this Nano, so be mindful and download from the website before hand, otherwise it will not work at all).

In Summary: Thet are bound to be bad points, but if you are buying this for another person who has never had and iPod before, they will long for nothing but in the future for their music collection i'm sure, if you are upgrading, the iTunes download and interface is a major concern for many people, I personally found it ok, not great but not that easy to navigate and use at times, but once mastered, it is good and the Sync fuction is just simplicity at it's best.

Overall the Nano is a nice small little player, ideal for music, ok if you like watchng videos on something so small, and a useful backup for pictures, easy to use, and once mastered, the fiddly little scroll wheel that requiers nothing more than the tiniest touch to move will get easier with time.

A worth while purchase, Cheaper than other iPods such as the Touch, Classic and Phone, below this is the Shuffle and isn't really worth looking at as a good player.

**The Album cover flow is touchy and quite fiddly to use, also iTunes will not always in many cases get the album art to fill the menu with the images of your favourite bands and artists, I personally and very methodically copied and pasted using google images to insert them all in, which takes many hours dependant on the size of your music collection, I feel this to be a maajor letdown but if like me you can be patient and thourough you will learn to love this iPod nano.


Driving Test Success Hazard Perception (PC/DVD ROM)
Driving Test Success Hazard Perception (PC/DVD ROM)
Offered by AMSLTD
Price: 6.63

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Value For Money Indeed, 8 Nov 2007
I bourght this after I had used the DSA DVD, this is far better than the DSA which is more expensive and far less helpful, This has more video clips than you can remember which is refreshing and helpful considering the DSA DVD only had about a dozen which got old real fast, following my failure as a result most likely to the DSA DVD and my overconfidence I found this very helpful.

Anybody thinking of buying this for a theory test I would recommend it above the DSA version at the very least, I'm not sure if there are any better interactive DVD's out there like this, but considering the price, I would buy it.

All that and I don't even work for the guys who makes this DVD, I should get paid for reviewing this product lol!!

Farscape: Season 3 [DVD] [1999]
Farscape: Season 3 [DVD] [1999]
Dvd ~ Ben Browder

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Yet!!!, 9 Oct 2006
I'm so glad that I bourght this DVD Boxset, out of my collection of various DVDs this has to be my favourite, the theme that was carried on from season 2 goes way beyond better in season 3.

For those who were fans I think the agreement is that this season peaked, the ideas come thick and fast and each episode is more or less a follow on from the last making season 3 more so like a long version of a movie than just a compilation of great episodes.

A must buy for Science fiction fans, Farscape was very unique and season 3 and also into 4 and beyond in the mini-series was some of the very best science fiction on TV in that the humour is so well tuned and the ideas and creativeness surpassed many other Science fiction shows before during and I'm not afraid to say after, after watching it is sad that the show was this good and was cancelled after season least the entire show ended on a good note though!

Sliders: The Complete Season 3 [DVD] [1996]
Sliders: The Complete Season 3 [DVD] [1996]
Dvd ~ Jerry O'Connell
Price: 10.00

11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars The Second Half Is it's main failing: (, 4 Oct 2006
Good Points:

1] The Adventure continues, the series kicks off and goes on to bring us some classic science fiction moments.

2] The chemestry and characterisation goes further, the family feel that the first two seasons set in motion grows and peaks in the episode two part "Exodus".

Bad Points:

1] The show losses the unique feel

2] The second half is poor due to the loss of one of the shows main characters in leiu of some chick with a gun that may be great for some but offers not philasophical debates between the group and no time to fully appreciate the worlds they go to like they did in season 1 and 2.

3] The ending is poor, the cliche's are aplenty and the revenge plot that rears it's ugly head after "Exodus 1 +2" is so poor and rather boring i found myself watching the episodes after the two parter based on reviews in no order but to see the highlights amidst the murk.

Overall season 3 is ok not that bad but nothing better than the first two seasons at least, if you are a fan or just looking for a little nostalgia it may be worth buying since the chemestry between the 4 is there until the fateful mid season two parter.

What a shame they did what they did half way through and didn't wait untill season 4 to make the changes like they did with the horrid Krommag story arc in season 4 when the show's two final seasons hit rock bottom for the most part.

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