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The Use and Abuse of History
The Use and Abuse of History
by Friedrich Nietzsche
Edition: Paperback
Price: 6.24

Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Exceptional poor addition of the text at an extortionate prize for what is basically glossy .pdf.

I have unfortunately bought several of these Amazon Own Brand editions of books and it seems very clear to me that they are intended to be a cash cow. In terms of quality they are reminiscent of a illegal copy of a DVD. The cover is blurry and poorly reproduced. The size of this edition was unusually large looked like a children's book. The text within (as another reviewer has already stated) is of a poor quality.

It my suspicion that the particular copyright of this version has ended or was available very cheaply. Amazon have been churning out older texts in the same fashion as this essay with no concern for quality or readability. I highly recommend avoiding Amazon published versions of books in future they are of exceptionally poor quality and the pricing doesn't even reflect this.

You're Gonna Lose Us [7" VINYL]
You're Gonna Lose Us [7" VINYL]

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5.0 out of 5 stars Proper Descriptions Amazon!!!, 10 July 2009
Track listing:
A. You're Gonna Lose Us
B. The Wrong Way To Be (Live in Reading)

This is the bands best single yet, the song was originally a B side on one of the 'Hey Scenesters!' releases but its appeal was so great the band decided to re-record it and make it a single in it's own right. A commendable decision. 'You're Gonna Lose Us' immediately hits the listener with an energy that makes you want to jump around until you break something. The lyrics are stupid to a point of being laughable yet still bear sincerity in Ryan's unique vocal delivery. An addictive masterpiece you'll still be wanting to hear it again long after you've worn this vinyl out.

The B side is a live version of 'The Wrong Way to Be' one of the strongest songs on the bands second album 'The New Fellas' and a personal favourite of mine. This track showcases the Cribs incredible ability as a live band and is a thoroughly enjoyable listen. I highly recommend it.

The vinyl sleeve features a very cool panoramic-esque photo of the band performing in a recording space. Disappointingly however the Vinyl itself lacks The Cribs usual colourful flare, being your run-of-the-mill black vinyl. To compensate this blandness your single will come with a white display box bearing The Cribs crest perfect for housing your other 7" aswell!

Star Trek Voyager Elite Force 2 (Mac)
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force 2 (Mac)

4.0 out of 5 stars Mac's Rule, 16 April 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I sold my Mac mouse to be able to afford this game. Was it worth it? Yes, now Im saving up the 38 to buy a new mouse to play it! Can't wait XD XD XD

Up the Bracket
Up the Bracket
Offered by samurai_media_JPN4UK
Price: 24.67

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon has given yet another incorrect track listing, 17 Nov 2008
This review is from: Up the Bracket (Audio CD)
Amazon are giving you yet more false information. The track listing featured on this products page (at the time of witting) is for the Libertines second self titled album, not up the bracket. However I have no idea what the track listing actual is for this import. The UK versions is mint though.

Offered by b68solutions
Price: 3.79

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1.0 out of 5 stars R.I.P Bloc Party, 28 Sep 2008
This review is from: Intimacy (Audio CD)
Bloc Party were an amazing band. Their first album Silent Alarm was close to (if not achieving) a master piece. An album that a first seems bland and lacking variety, but after several listens a new layer and depth is unlocked and continues to be unlocked even now years after its 2005 release. The second album A Weekend In The City was a little bit morn grown up with a few poor lyrics and slightly damaging of Bloc Party true abilities. Perhaps a step in a different direction to some but not entirely my cup of tea.

This new release Intimacy seems more of a leap in a different direction perhaps inspired by the success of the track Flux which was original a non album release but it success meant record-labels added it to the second album to increase sales. It's unusual emphasis of electronic sound effects meant the guitars took a back seat. And this has worsened in the Intimacy with tracks having a even heavier focus on synths. This invasion at first harmless becomes annoying when electronic additions ruin some the beauty of track like Biko. The band still try to appeal to the indie fans with one track in particular Halo early on in the album but it seems nothing but empty promises as the electronics take over as the album progresses.

Perhaps Bloc Party have succeed in creating innovative new sound for there new album but as an electronic band. This revolution means the death of a brilliant band in the process to other die-hard fans.
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Anthem (Ltd. Edition)
Anthem (Ltd. Edition)

5.0 out of 5 stars Hay Amazon describe this product in more detail., 29 July 2008
This review is from: Anthem (Ltd. Edition) (Audio CD)
This is the best Less Than Jake album at the moment in my oppinon. I would like to say its worth buying it with a bonus DVD but amazon doesn't list what is on the DVD and if its just the 'She's gona break soon' video than maybe not. But at least the album is worth it, definatley and these are only 6.

I was hoping this was a re-release with a DVD from the recent tour of every album and its b-sides; as all of a sudden all the album seem to have been repackaged with altered covers and a bonus DVD. How awsome would that be to see every album live and all the videos and the b-sides, hint hint LTJ. But list the only DVD release of Anthem as having She's 'Gonna Break Soon' Video and Video 'Making Of' as well as an album 'Making of'. Might be cool but amazon give details, now!

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