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Chelsea FC Season Review 2015/16 [DVD]
Chelsea FC Season Review 2015/16 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jonathan Sides
Price: £9.99

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great DVD!!, 17 Jun. 2016
Im not a Chelsea fan but i like to to buy other clubs season reviews DVD's and im please to say that this is actually really good DVD review of the season, i like the fact that Chelsea have continued since the 2013/14 DVD by including SKY Commentary for the Premier league games instead of those awful Chelsea TV commentators that made old releases of the season reviews dvds dreadful to watch, also nice to see they have included BT Sport commentary for the champions league games but for the FA Cup they have included Chelsea TV commentators, im not sure why they did that as they could have used the World Feed/BBC commentary on the FA Cup games but for some reason they included those Chelsea commentators but as Chelsea lost 2-0 to Everton in the 6 Round so its not a big issue but it does de value the Cup tradition by not treating it properly which is quite common, also making its debut is the score bar on the top left so you can what the score is, past dvds did not include this feature so this quite handy and you can tell they put proper effort in this time around even though it was quite a bad season for Chelsea...

Tthere were some good results like 5-1 vs Newcastle at Home, 5-1 vs Man City at Home in the FA Cup, 0-1 away to Arsenal, 1-1 vs Liverpool away at anfield with that pretty amazing goal by Hazard but it was pretty bad season with losses at home against Crystal Palace (1-2), Southampton (1-3), Bournemouth (0-1), Liverpool (1-3), draws against Watford (2-2), Swansea (2-2), West Brom (2-2), West Ham (2-2),
Everton (3-3)....

DVD quality is really good, no macroblocking or compression evident and really smooth quality all the way through, Bonus is the John Terry interview which is nice and the UEFA Youth Cup Final PSG and Chelsea with 4mins20secs highlights...

So in all good DVD to watch, nice to see the contunity and proper effort being put in and hope this continues for all season going forward....

Leicester City Football Club: Premier League Champions - 2015/16 Official Season Review [DVD]
Leicester City Football Club: Premier League Champions - 2015/16 Official Season Review [DVD]
Price: £14.99

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Save Your Money Dont buy This Crap!!, 13 Jun. 2016
Absolutely Awful, What the hell is this, how can they release this DVD in this state is beyond me, its clearly rush job and no thought put in this at all just to get it out quickly, No Sky/BBC/BT Sport Commentary (besides the trophy ceremony including the original SKy commentary) on any of the games instead they used a no name nobody commentator that i have NEVER heard of in my life, he sounded bloody awful, usually im really good at identifying commentators espically the likes of Martin Tyler and this DVD needed to have sky commentary which was a must because the are more professional and sky have the best commentators around, a lot of other season review dvds had this problem with other clubs with the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal using Cheap Nasty commentators, its such a big shame...

I dont even support Leicester but i was glad they won it because the actually deserved it and even though i have the big games collected in HD already from this season i just wanted one place to watch all the goals and highlights and keep a record/collection but they just failed here, it feels cheaply produced, yes all the goals are there and include the goals from the main camera angle instead of the all over the place zoomed in crap that usually producers go with so in that sense they got that right and did something right but thats its, the negatives far outweigh the positives, you dont get barely any recap or story of how the season unfolded, No mention of chelsea beating tottenham and vardy having his team mates around his house as it just goes straight to the draw with United at Old Trafford to the game against Everton...

I really wanted to have this DVD in my Collection but its not worth it, it just rushed to get out quicker so they want to sell them quick, instead of taking proper time and paying money to include sky commentary and telling the proper story of one of the historic seasons in the premier league they just failed, like i said i dont even support leicester but imagine how the actual leicester city are fans are going to feel watching this, some wont even care about the commentary and want the goals but the commentary is big MUST for me so i wont have any dvd in my collection that doesnt have the proper commentary included, it just does not feel like a proper DVD to put together, £14.99 is complete rip off for the DVD and tbh dont even bother with the Blu Ray version, even with that featuring goals in HD it wont save it how bad this is put together...

i could go on but i'll end it here, its up to you to buy this but you have been WARNED!!
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 14, 2016 11:32 AM BST

Manchester United Season Review 2014/15 [DVD]
Manchester United Season Review 2014/15 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jon Champion
Price: £15.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Di Maria!!, 12 Jun. 2016
Not a Great Season from United's Standard, but the season will be remembered for Di Maria only playing for 1 Season and getting sent off hilariously against Arsenal in the FA Cup so in that sense this DVD is a great collectors item to watch say in between 2020-2025 then when you can look back on and want to remember what 2014/15 was all about, speaking of DVD there really needs to be a Blu Ray release, i know United are releasing a BluRay for the 1st time regarding a Season Review for 2015/16 (which i will buy) but as you know with DVD there is a lot of compression and artifects espically around fast moving objects so Sports releases always warrant a HD release, once you watch HD it can be hard to go back to watching sub standard SD but not much you can do and DVD SD quality is always better than TV SD quality so this DVD will make do, There was some Decent results in the 2014/15 season most noticeably the 4-2 win against Man City at Old Trafford and 3-0 wins against Tottenham and Liverpool again at Old Trafford and then that cracking Volley by Juan Mata against Liverpool at Anfield when United beat them 1-2 and beating Arsenal 1-2 away so there were positives but there were also quite lot of negatives like losing 5-3 to Leicester City after being 1-3 up and Di Maria scoring that great goal, Losing 1-2 at home to Swansea on the opening day of the Season, losing 1-2 at home to Arsenal in the FA Cup Round 5 when we should have won that despite Di Maria stupidly getting himself sent off, losing 4-0 away to MK Dons in the League Cup in Round 2 but the season 2014/15 was a progression under Luis Van Gaal as he ended up winning a Trophy at least in his last season in 2015/16 when he won the FA Cup and then being replaced by Jose Mourinho!!

Liverpool FC Season Review 2011-12 [DVD]
Liverpool FC Season Review 2011-12 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jon Champion
Price: £6.95

4.0 out of 5 stars Bonus Disc is Great, 8 Jun. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Great to see the bonus disc Full Carling Cup 2012 Final included with the original Sky Commentary of Alan Parry and Alan Smith its worth the purchase alone i think with it being such a great final, the season review is not too bad and goes in depth with all the goals scored and against being shown, was not bad season for liverpool for 1 Trophy being Won...

Arsenal Season Review 2011/12 [DVD]
Arsenal Season Review 2011/12 [DVD]
Dvd ~ James Cooper
Price: £7.44

4.0 out of 5 stars Great DVD, 8 Jun. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Great DVD with this DVD being the last one were they use the proper TV Camera angle to see the goals and using SKY Commentary unlike the 2012/13 and 2013/14 Arsenal Season Review DVDs which were ruined by awful camera angles which were all over the place not using SKY commentary which has then made Arsenal completely skip releasing 2014/15 and 2015/16 Season Review DVDs, anyways back to this Season Review DVD 2011/12, some great games on here and nice to see all the goals included, the only thing that was marginally disappointing is not having the original commentary on the Milan 4-0 Arsenal 1st leg match instead had the narrator talking over, i like that they even include sky commentary from the games that werent broadcast live by sky i.e the 3.00pm kick off games, i dont like BBC or ITV commentators so it was great to hear the more proffesional and better commentators from Sky, other than that its a great DVD that i will watch reguarly even though Arsenal did not win anything...

Hugo Boss Bottled Night Eau de Toilette Spray for Him 200 ml
Hugo Boss Bottled Night Eau de Toilette Spray for Him 200 ml
Offered by Perfume Shop LLC
Price: £40.67

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Avoid Do Not Buy!!, 21 Mar. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Just Recently brought this from Amazon and it smells very weak like you put it on and it starts to fade around 20mins or so, i tried this on boots and its the same aswell, initially when i tried this on around late 2015 the smell was strong so i dont know whats happened as the versions available now are very weak, i generally think EDT for men are weak anyway and dont last the proper amount of time like the women perfume do...shame as i had to give this back, smell is ok but would not recommend buying this avoid!!

Cerruti 1881 Homme Eau de Toilette - 100 ml
Cerruti 1881 Homme Eau de Toilette - 100 ml
Price: £17.26

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Classic!!, 21 Mar. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is by far the best 100ml EDT available, i tried some via a tester and the smell is pretty amazing, it starts off quite strong but when it settles the smell is georgous, smells very much like a classic and it last for a while even though intially the smell after 5hrs is more subtle and not strong or fresh when intinally sprayed on, personally i couldnt smell it after 5hrs unless i smelt it very close but i think thats due to my nose being used to the smell of other EDT sprays but others around inc the family could smell it which is a plus for me, the fresh smell like i said is georgous, i think im going to use this more around the summer.. Cerruti 1881 and Hugo Boss Bottled Night i think are the 2 abs best EDTs available, they very much come close to ED Parfum for the smell and longetivity which for guys is very much limited quanties available.. Recommended !!

Sony KDL-40R453C 40 inch Full HD TV (2015 Model) - Black
Sony KDL-40R453C 40 inch Full HD TV (2015 Model) - Black
Price: £299.00

10 of 14 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars ... my intial reaction is that al though its a great TV there a few things that make it drop ..., 23 Feb. 2016
Just Managed to grab this Song KDL TV (40inch model) after thorough look at the reviews and my intial reaction is that al though its a great TV there a few things that make it drop to 4 stars instead of the perfect 5 which i will go into detail now:

[Design] - 4.25/5
Right off that bat its not a bad looking TV, very thin from the sides and back and very easy to handle and frankly not heavy at all which i was quite surprised, you mainly get the screen with no bulky edges or sides like you would get with older LED TV's and the stand is fairly neetly done and easily assembled which barely takes your time, for the price you pay is certainly not perfect in design but also does not look cheaply made so in that regard it gets great score...

[Picture] - 3.95/5
Picture quality is fine, as i have this in the bedroom you do get much better picture with a 40inch than you do with 32inch so things seem much more better, black levels are fine with deeps black but i believe this panel has slight unformity issues were patches of bleeding can be noticeable during dark scenes or viewed from angle but viewing straight on you dont notice those white patches of cloud it just only noticable when viewed from an angle, its not a major issue but might annoy some people but you will get use to it like i have as no tv sets are perfect when it comes to unformity, speaking of viewing angle like i said straight on everything is fine but even the slighest change of angle the picture does diterate slightly so you lose a bit on the quality when viewed from an angle, freeview hd is fine with slight blur due to the 25hz motion on 1080i content but could be due to the size of the tv and the viewing distance but is generally acceptable and fine, motion blur is ok its there and evident particuarly when watching football or anything moving fast but not enough to distract you, normal people wont notice it but people who have a habit will notice but this due to the low 100hz motionflow but dont let put you off as it does much better job of fast acting than other sets even with high refresh rates, you will get this with all led tvs and the only way to completely eliminate motion blur is if buy a plasma which you cant now anyway, to sum up the picture quality is actually great for the price but dont expect miracles or magic so in that sense its get a fairly good score...

[Sound] - 3.5/5
To be fair the speaker sound is not great, you really need it on high volume to get the best out of it, its not bad in anyway and might be ok for some people but for me its the biggest let down but you only need to get some external speakers with a sub and connect those to the headphone jack and volla sound is much better.. not much more i can go into and 3.5 is probably a fair score...

[Connectivity] - 3.75/5
For a 2015 model i at least expect 3 hdmi slots but it only comes with 2 and also with usb slot you only get 1 as 2 would have been ideal so its let down in that aspect everything else you expect to get will be there i.e scart, anntena for ariel etc etc...

So to sum up its a great tv but its let down on a few things, whether your picky like me and pick on certain things it comes down how do you feel, for me its just fine for the bedroom and the price is great so it depends on where you going to have it and how its used, would i recommend for a living room probably not better off looking at high end models, but for everything else then yes i would recommend as it fits nicely in the budget range..

Thank you for reading my review!!

Samsung UE40J5100 Full HD 1080p 40 Inch Television (2015 Model)
Samsung UE40J5100 Full HD 1080p 40 Inch Television (2015 Model)
Offered by Co-op Electrical
Price: £259.99

1 of 5 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars DO NOT BUY this Poorly made TV!!, 13 Feb. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Very Disappointed, There is lot of flickering when watching any sports espically football, plus the black level does not great very whitesh but the pic quality looks great when watching anything besides sports, will see how the replacement item fairs but have a feeling its a issue with the set so hopefully the replacement item goes well, will update review...

Intially Updated via comment to add to the review, how can anyone buy this set and not point out the most obivious glaring noticeable blur/flickerling around objects and people when there moving fast and or even slow, when watching eastenders even the characters moving from one place to another there were was a noticeable blur, for 2015 made model this not acceptable, please like i said just save some money and get the sony models!!
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Feb 15, 2016 8:45 AM GMT

Calvin Klein Escape For Men Eau de Toilette - 100 ml
Calvin Klein Escape For Men Eau de Toilette - 100 ml
Price: £19.95

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Calvin Klein Nails it with this EDT!!, 29 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Great EDT by Calvin Klein which goes nicely with my other Calvin Klein EDT's, nice smell that sort of grows the longer its of writing this review i can still smell the EDT on my shirt that was sprayed on the previous day, even though people can smell it on you as i have got couple of compliments about it..its not a strong perfume even though the smell is strong, i dont know what is but womens perfumes tend to smell far stronger than mens (because for men they had to downgrade the ingredients) so the initial strong smell that starts off strong starts to wears off about 2 hrs but hey maybe its just me and some people dont want over powering perfumes but sits nicely along my other EDT's and overall i can recommend this as its quite a good deal as i got it for £15 here at amazon..

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