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G-Paws GPS Data Recorder
G-Paws GPS Data Recorder
Price: 49.95

4.0 out of 5 stars Ideal, worked straight away., 12 April 2014
This review is from: G-Paws GPS Data Recorder (Misc.)
Must admit I was nervous about trying this device out to start with. If your cat loses it's collar then it's 50 down the drain...

So to start out I got my cat used to wearing a collar again after several years of not wearing one. Then attached the device holder for a couple more days, before eventually inserting the tracker.
Even after just 2 nights I have been amazed at how far the cat has travelled, and how much time he spends in each location. The data files produced come with a '.gpx' file extension which is readable by both Google Maps and via G-Paws own website. Both are good at showing exactly where your cat has been. However the G-Paws website is better at fine control on the timeline of when/where etc.

Overall well worth the risk to satisfy a long held curiosity.

Edit (16/4/2-14):- After 7 days of constant usage - about 1 in 3 of the data files have corrupted lines in them, which make them unreadable by the G-Paws or Google Earth websites, this seems to happen either when the unit switches to a lower power mode when your pet is inactive and/or has lost the GPS signals, and when the battery has run down/exhausted.
However, because these are simple text files it is possible to edit them and remove the corrupted data, and to terminate them correctly. This might introduce some inevitable jumps in location, but the files are then readable by the G-Paws website & Google Earth.

I've knocked off a star from 5 to 4 because of this inconvenience, but it's still a nifty little bit of kit, and still worth the wonder of knowing where your cat has gone!!

Anker 4400mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy SIII/ Galaxy S3/ Galaxy GT-I9300, with NFC/Google Wallet
Anker 4400mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy SIII/ Galaxy S3/ Galaxy GT-I9300, with NFC/Google Wallet
Offered by AnkerDirect
Price: 39.99

5.0 out of 5 stars More than double normal battery life, 16 Dec 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Well OK, it's a tight squeeze to fit this oversize battery into my S3, but it's been worth it.

Heavy usage here is defined as being Wi-Fi and GPS enabled, and some web surfing, couple with typical average phone/text use, and power saving features turned off.
Light usage, would have Wi-Fi & GPS turned off, and all power saving features enabled, with usage then only texting, occasional phone calls, and some light web-surfing.

Under everyday use with the factory standard 2100mAhr battery, I get from 1.5 days to 4 days usage, heavy to light usage respectively. With this Anker battery that's more than doubled to 3 days and 10days respectively. The inclusive battery cover is just as shiny as the original, although again a tight fit. It does appear to have some hollow empty spaces behind the cover shell, to allow for a nicer profile, but I didn't find this interfered in any way with the phones handling. It certainly does not interfere with the camera lens either.

I would definitely recommend this battery. Get good battery life from your phone, maybe the original makers will cotton on eventually that not all of us want ultra slim (as paper) phones, but something that is worthwhile.

GoPro Hero 3 Camcorder - White Edition
GoPro Hero 3 Camcorder - White Edition
Offered by Euro Tech
Price: 177.00

5.0 out of 5 stars White Lightning, 20 Nov 2013
I bought my 'White' edition in Walmart in the states ($200 not 200), just before learning to scuba dive and going zip-lining. With little experience I found it worked as advertised straight out of the box, without fault and without any problems whatsoever. I did later upgrade the firmware, via the manual method, but this didn't stop me using it straight away.

Pros;- the original skeleton housing, suction cup and time lapse frame rates of 0.5 or 1 second gave me some superb videos of driving up Mt Haleakla on Maui, and the Hana coast. Used underwater in the waterproof housing down to 90ft, provided no problem either (though I did find the red front colour correction filter trapped minute bubbles which needed to be cleared semi-regularly). Due to the extreme wide angle nature of the lens, what I though might be jerky video from a car bonnet seamed to be ironed out with no effort on my part at all. Sound quality was pretty good in the skeleton housing, and was even fairly good in the waterproof housing at depth too. Battery life was pretty good, well in excess of an hour and a half, using 1s timelapse photos, and you could easily get an average afternoons stop start video from it if turned off in between events.

Cons;- well not really a con more of a learning curve issue - with no LCD backpack I found I had to guess at the aim of the cameras POV, only experience showed me the right way to do it.

Tips;- get the GoPro app on your phone or tablet and use that as a guide to setting up your POV (Point of view). Buy the 'Wasabi' twin battery pack and charger, it's worth it and will work round the world to keep you going. Buy good brand TF cards of at least speed class 10 if you plan to use the fastest time lapse modes.

All in all very happy with my purchase.

Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Digital Camera with 50x Ultra Wide Angle 24-1200mm Lens (12.1 MP, 50x Zoom) 2.8 inch Vari-angle LCD
Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Digital Camera with 50x Ultra Wide Angle 24-1200mm Lens (12.1 MP, 50x Zoom) 2.8 inch Vari-angle LCD
Offered by Fonz Mania
Price: 285.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, easy to use, and fast., 16 July 2013
I'm not going to go over the minutiae of how this thing works, except to say it is effing brilliant. Changed up from the Kodak Max Z990 (with the same size and tech of sensor = 12M CMOS), and there is no comparison. The pictures are so much sharper, focus is easier to acquire, and shot to shot speed is just superb. Particular favourites are the 'stitch-assist' feature, the multi-shot feature, the HDR feature, and the HD movies where the zoom is totally silent.

If you are in America (as I was recently) then you can get this on Amazon dotcom for just 245 equivalent. Even though the misers at Canon won't give it a worldwide warranty, and Squaretrade at the moment are backing that up, it was worth it. The savings alone will let me get accessories like lens hoods, extra batteries, and still be on the up.

There are various comments online about battery life being poor compared to the SX40HS. However, I actually found in real world use, that I went back to using the EVF as if it was an SLR like old times. This will save battery life, and I had no problems at all with using the camera all day, in a mix of situations, pictures, videos, zooming etc, and I only recharged it every 3-4 days as a precaution.

Get one, immediately, you won't regret it!

Let Them Talk [Special Edition]
Let Them Talk [Special Edition]
Price: 11.92

5.0 out of 5 stars A new take on New Orleans blues, 9 Jun 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As Tom Jones says himself on the included video, Hugh doesn't try to sing like anyone else. He has his own style, and is the better for it too. He obviously loves his music, and this shows through on both the CD, and the live DVD / documentary. Well worth the asking price.

Canon PowerShot SX150 IS Digital Camera - Black (14.1 MP, 12x Optical Zoom) 3.0 inch LCD with Wide Viewing Angle
Canon PowerShot SX150 IS Digital Camera - Black (14.1 MP, 12x Optical Zoom) 3.0 inch LCD with Wide Viewing Angle
Offered by GSM-Fonz
Price: 94.00

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Handy little hi-zoom compact camera, 17 April 2013
Originally I bought this as a replacement for a faulty SX200is (one of the first hi-zoom cameras around). I wasn't expecting much from it, with a 14Mp sensor, I was expecting more noise in the pictures at lower ISO levels than before. A function of squeezing more pixels onto the same size piece of silicon. However I have been pleasantly surprised with the photo quality, and some of the included features. I won't go into huge detail, except to say that in everday use it is superb, and very easy to use at a moments notice for those instant photos you might otherwise miss.

Some pros:- superb 'tracking' feature allowing you to track a subject in focus even when they move about the photo frame; light and quick to start up; large 3" display on the rear; a flash with quite a good range and that doesn't pop up constantly (you have to open it up when wanted); 720p movie recording via a dedicated button on the camera back; the addition of several fun modes including a 'miniature effect' function; a quick acting 12x zoom, and if you reduce the pixel count (e.g. down to 7Mp) that zooms further without loss of quality; standard AA battery usage, not dedicated Lithium-ion, means replacements are easy to find if you're caught out, though this is balanced out by poor battery life on alkalines they are still good for emergency usage.

Some cons:- poor battery life with standard alkaline batteries means you really have to use hi-capacity NiMh rechargables to get a good life span from the camera between changes (I reccommend a minimum 2100mAhr at least); no view finder means you have to rely on the large rear panel (but on the up side it's easy to view in most conditions so far), the loss of the 'panorama stitch assist' function is a big downer for me as I used that one an awful lot.

P.S. Search on eBay for this camera, and if you don't mind a refurbished item direct from Canon (with a full 12mth warranty) you'll pay less than 50 for this excellent little camera. I did.

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Blade Shredder (40 mm Cutting Capacity)
Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Blade Shredder (40 mm Cutting Capacity)
Price: 179.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Superb design, and well worth the money over cheaper models., 24 Sep 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have been using a generic cheap impact shredder, with self sharpened blades for years. Then a small bearing blew apart and a repairable machine became useless when the manufacturer refused to sell the spare parts.

So this machine is a big move forward, because Bosch do sell replacements parts readily, from blades to switches etc.
Now I've tested it over a weekend of shredding tough Pyrocantha branches of up to 30mm in thickness, and some light fresh and dry garden prunings.
In use it has been excellent. It is so much more steady in operation compared to previous units, i.e. the motor hardly seems to vary away from it's top speed, even on inch thick branches. It hums away with a whistle that is quieter and bearable without, but is still advised to use ear defenders with, for extended work periods. Material is easy to feed in even with horiziontal sprouting side branches. For which the included plastic paddle seems light, but is actually very good at helping to feed through branches.
Output of the woody material varies from small chippings on the branch stems to some stringy bits on smaller thin twigs, with leaves chopped up medium to roughly. However as the aim is to provide material to be composted, this is excellent stuff, because all the bruising and chopping provides the edges/wounds that help to break it down quickly.
After a day and a half of solid pyrocantha shredding work I only just needed to turn the blade over. Here is an innovation too, it is a single blade not two seperate blades, and so much easier to turn over. Also, never once did it block or jam up over the whole weekend.
The power switch is a useful design too. To start you turn it to position 2, until the motor spins up, then release it to return to position 1. To stop the shredder, simply hit the power switch in the middle, it depresses and instantly turns off the power. So much safer in case of emergency usage to have a simple action stop switch as this.

The whole unit is well built, with superb attention to design detail. It's well worth the money, wish I had bought one years ago.

Kodak EasyShare Max Z990 Digital Still Camera - Black (12MP BSI CMOS, 30x Optical Zoom) 3.0 inch HVGA LCD
Kodak EasyShare Max Z990 Digital Still Camera - Black (12MP BSI CMOS, 30x Optical Zoom) 3.0 inch HVGA LCD

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5.0 out of 5 stars Good camera, but needs experience for best results., 3 Jun 2012
My nearest options were more than twice the price of this camera, and I found it really hard to seperate them from each other technically (i.e. Canon SX40hs, & Panasonic Lumix FX150).
However after a week of practise on a recent holiday I have some real life comments to make on it's performance.

To start with it is relatively slow to turn on and be ready for the first picture, from 2 to 3 seconds or so. This could be an issue if you want a quick picture, but you have to wait. Then the shot to shot times are quite long, in that you take a picture and it can be several seconds before you take another. This is presumably down to the camera processing the picture as it is stored on a card. However on that last point the camera does allow you to take bursts of pictures at various settings from 5 up to endless bursts.
The on-screen menu system can take some getting used to, in that it obscures the top and bottom of the screen when taking pictures. It is very informative though, and fairly intuitive to use. It involves a combination of icons, relating to the picture setting you use, and the 4-way switch and the 2-way dial both control it in use. When everything is set, you can clear the display to the minimum of info needed.
Picture quality is variable, and will need practise to get the full benefit from it. This can simply be a result of choosing the correct one of the colour settings. There are a myriad of other settings to tailor the camera with in the 'scene' settings. I haven't tried them all, but one that does work well so far is the close up shots of flowers. The panorama setting is a little awkward to use, and I only got decent pictures from it about half the time. The camera 'stitches' them in camera too. You can forget the automatic panorama sweep, as it is fairly difficult to get right, and returns pictures just 1920x720 in size, no matter what pixel settings you use. The HDR setting does exactly what it says it does. With a swift set of 3 pictures taken and processed in camera to give you that 'high-def' contrast look. It works fairly well, but you need to keep the camera steady. Apart from that I used the automatic 'smart scene' and the Prog settings the most. Another great feature is a seperate button for taking HD film videos with, meaning you don't have to reset a dial or other function.

Overall then; Pros - good pictures possible, good choice of pixel size settings including a 3:2 for old film devotees, plentiful settings to tailor picture quality and composition, that superb 30x zoom, the control buttons all work very well with no touch sensitivity problems, nice large rear screen and an electronic view finder, also takes 'raw' pictures for users to alter later on, takes full HD 1920x1080 video at 30fps and at a bitrate of around 20-24 mbps; cons - can be slow to start and between pictures, will take practise to get the best shots depending on the way it is used, does use batteries up fairly quickly if constant AF is used, the sheer number of picture quality scene modes means forethought is needed for best results.

In conclusion - a superb camera with a myriad of features, at an amazing price. If you can take a little time to get used to it you won't be disappointed.

N.B. :- My camera had an annoying slight fault with the date and time storage, i.e. it kept resetting the time forward anywhere from an hour to 9 hours ahead. Reset it and it would happen again and again. No amount of new batteries or factory defaulting cured it. All credit to the Kodak chat support service, who led me through some checks and then advised a firmware upgrade. Previously firmware was v1.11, now it is v1.12, and I can honestly say after a couple of weeks all sign of previous time resetting has gone. Top marks to Kodak for support services, and I'm raisng my rating to 5 stars accordingly.

Edit (May 2013):- I have found a means to speed up the shot to shot speed. Currently if you take a picture and wait for the review to release the camera to a new shot it can take anything up to 8 or even 10 seconds, depending on picture quality, and programme settings. However;- if after a shot & a quick review you immediately 'half-press' the shutter release button (as if to refocus on a new subject), the review picture goes away and you can usually take another picture almost immediately. So shot to shot speeds can drop to less than 5 seconds, a big improvement. Hope that helps.

NATPC M010S 8GB Capacitive Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream, Sandwich) , 7" Android Tablet PC Responsive Capacitive Screen - Flash Player 11.1 - Compatible with BBC iPlayer / Youtube  / Facebook - HD 2160P - compatible with SKYPE VIDEO calling
NATPC M010S 8GB Capacitive Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream, Sandwich) , 7" Android Tablet PC Responsive Capacitive Screen - Flash Player 11.1 - Compatible with BBC iPlayer / Youtube / Facebook - HD 2160P - compatible with SKYPE VIDEO calling

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brill little device, perfect to fit in a jacket pocket, 26 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Twice as fast as my previous tablet. The ICS (Android4) operating system is much more intuitive to use than the previous Gingerbread I have been used to. The screen is a breeze to use, and much more sensitive than previous resistive screens. It works superbly with a simple capacitive stylus pen if you need more precision than your fingers. Although the internal memory is relatively small, it is more than adequate for my everday use, and it reads my 16Gb TF cards no problemo. Video playback is good;- any video format I care to throw at it runs on the MOBO player, even up to full HD mp4 files. Wi-fi is good, i.e.;- range isn't exceptional but it is steady in use. To top it all, battery life is superb, with anything from around 4 hours up to 7 hours of light use, depending on what you are using it for.
Definitely a tablet to reccomend to my friends and relatives!!

Asus USB-N53 - 300Mbps Dual Band Wireless USB Dongle. 802.11n, (Win7), 3 Year Warranty
Asus USB-N53 - 300Mbps Dual Band Wireless USB Dongle. 802.11n, (Win7), 3 Year Warranty
Price: 19.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great little dongle, does what it says on the tin., 16 Jan 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Need I say more? It does what it says on the tin, in both 2.4 & 5 Ghz flavours. Signal reception is great, a worthwhile upgrade to my old laptop.

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