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The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation and Psychic Development (Penczak Temple)
The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation and Psychic Development (Penczak Temple)
by Christopher Penczak
Edition: Paperback
Price: £15.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars Superb foundation work, 21 April 2004
Anyone who wishes to follow the Wiccan Path, or who simply wants todevelop meditation or psychic skills will find this book an invaluabletool. This book offers more than the average basic text on wicca althoughit does not cover casting circles, rituals and magickal tools. lessonsare related to daily living, giving extra value to the subjects withinregardless of wether you wish to become a witch or just live you life as amore spritually aware person. Added to this Penczak writes in asensetive, easy style backing up his teaching with personal reflectionsand encouraging the same in the reader.
The inner Temple of Witchcraft is designed to be the first in a series ofwiccan books, and as such, it lays a solid foundation on which to developpsychic and magickal skills. Those wishing to follow the wiccan path ordevelop psychically are likely to find this book a core text.
Most 'how to' books on witchcraft start with a brief history, but thefirst four chapters are devoted not only to this but to explaining thedifferent schools of wicca and other magickal traditions in a much moreinteresting way than usual.
The design of the book then continues as a year and a day "quest". Thereader is invited to carry out an intention ritual at this stage andembark on a journey, not only of magickal learning but alsoself-discovery.
The next thirteen chapters are lessons with theory augmented by practicalexercises, assignments and tips at the end of each.
The most important skill. appearing early in the book, is meditation. Thereader is then taught to develop this ability and use it to explore andreflect on personal meanings of the lessons. For example, rather thanjust being told what certain colours 'mean' the reader is first asked tomeditate on how colours affect them. In this way, Penczak allows personaldevelopment rather than taking a dogmatic 'this is right that is wrong'approach.
The chapter entitled 'The Science of Magick' covers Hermetic Philosophyand other laws of magick. 'The Magick of science' chapter deals withfields of conciousness and the holographic universe. These are certainlynot the easiest chapters to read and may be seen by some as attempting touse scientific reasoning to argue the validity of that which cannot beargued. However, Penczack explains that an understanding of theseprinciples will assist a wiccan practitioner later on, and they certainlyadd something not found in other beginnrs books on wicca.
Other subjects covered in this book are; energy, auras, protection,healing, chakras, astral travel, dreams and spirit guides. The bookculminates in a self-initiation ceremony if you choose to perfom it.
Another feature that makes this book a good one to read are the lists ofrecommended reading which appear at the end of every chapter. These helpthe reader select books on subjects they are interested in rather thanhaving to wade through a long and boring list at the back which may or maynot be relevant.
This book has wide appeal due to the breadth of subject matter included. If you imagine a book on magick to be one that wil instantly turn you inoWillow (the witch from Buffy the Vampire slayer) and are not prepared toput in any effort then you will be dissapointed with this book. Butwhatever your expectations when you begin reading you may find this bookis a doorway to a journey you did not expect, and if you put in the workyou will find the benefits.

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