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Lewis - Series 7 [DVD]
Lewis - Series 7 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Kevin Whately
Price: 8.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars The End of an Era for some of the finest tv drama we have ever seen., 11 Feb 2013
This review is from: Lewis - Series 7 [DVD] (DVD)
Reviewing this magnificent series on the morning of February 11th 2013 when the final episode of possibly the last instalment in the Lewis series goes to air

I was particularly sad when due to illness and the eventual death of John Thaw that the incredible Inspector Morse series came to an end, and like with all television classics we just hoped there would be a sequel to that remarkable series.

It took some while for me to realise that "Lewis" was a class act, and not until the release of the box set did I realise what I had been missing, that was the same for my all time favourite " Foyles War", I forgot to watch most of the episodes when first televised, and blessed the BBC when they released the box set.

Like I have said before in another review ,not every episode of Morse was an out and out classic, some were slightly disappointing , but that cannot be said about the "Lewis" series.

Maybe one or two episodes were not quite up to the remarkable standard, Counter Culture Blues still had great acting, an interesting plot and the magic partnership of Fox and Whately, but it was only good television, not the remarkable tv associated with the entire Lewis drama.

From episode one to this final instalment, everything including plot and storyline was of the highest order, taking the ideas for plot straight from the Morse formula and still for me it ranks as some of the best tv I've seen on ITV, since the likes of Morse and The Sweeney.

When Kevin Whately arrived in a new series titled "Lewis" we could never have imagined that we would see a series to rival and probably surpass Morse, but every single episode of Lewis was drama of the highest quality with Whately and Laurence Fox making the entire series a great viewing treat.

We can all guess what will happen in tonight's final instalment, Lewis has hinted on retirement and if this is to be the very final episode of this long running series then what a great way to end, in the arms of his new found love Dr Laura Hobson.

The drawing to an end of their partnership with the final few minutes in the last episode where Hathaway has self doubt and decides on handing in his notice are beautifully presented and really was a superb ending to this remarkable series.

Likewise I thought those final few moments in the pub garden contrasted ever so well with Lewis relationship with Morse, all the important decisions were discussed over a pint, and for Lewis to say to Hathaway " Call me Robbie" was a classic ending, at no time in their relationship had they become so close so this could be the last time we will see both Lewis and Hathaway together, and for them to go their own separate ways after so long together as firm friends was special indeed.

Thankfully none of the principal actors have been killed off so there is a slim chance we may see a few more episodes, but at over 2m an episode, Lewis is very expensive tv for Uk standards.

Kevin Whately has been involved with this drama for nearly thirty years and most actors would wish for the formula to continue, but production costs are extremely high so maybe series7 will be the last.

Really there is no way back, that is officially the end of two amazing decades of crime drama, first Morse and its sequel Lewis.

They will remain classics for many years to come and I cannot imagine any series equalling them for entertainment value.

Few box sets will remain as must have classics, Morse & Lewis can be watched again and again, and we can marvel at some of the best drama seen on our sets.

Thank You ITV for some truly magnificent tv, drama that will remain in our memories for many years to come.

We all wish Robbie and Laura all the best for the future, and I am sure Hathaway will return to his Theological background.

There ends possibly the finest tv we are likely to see for some considerable time, and if any future comparable series continues for season after season they will always be judged against what has gone before, and its an almost impossible task to surpass the Morse,Lewis formula.
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OMM Kamleika Race Jacket
OMM Kamleika Race Jacket

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5.0 out of 5 stars Quality costs, and the Kamlieka series of clothing is an impressive performer., 15 Jan 2013
This review is from: OMM Kamleika Race Jacket (Apparel)
In my effort to find a top quality fully waterproof & breathable jacket that I would be totally confident to traverse the Carneddau in appalling weather, I eventually decided on the OMM Kamlieka Smock instead of the jacket, mainly because the smock being slightly cheaper and for me a little bit more versatile.

Made out of a very pliable material called Gelanots, it has performed beautifully, and breaths far better than other items of clothing I've owned including Goretex.

Both the jacket and smock are designed for the endurance athlete especially fell runners due to the very athletic cut. If you are considering buying either the smock or jacket for general hillwalking and want to wear a heavy fleece underneath then the Kamlieka waterproof will not be for you.

My large smock is generous in size but anything thicker than a thermal top and you will have problems, due to the body hugging nature of the material.

The one thing you will notice about either smock or jacket is that they are beautifully made, and considering their purchase price either garment represents decent value for money.

Remember you can pay in excess of 300 for the top manufacturers Goretex jacket, but this Gelanots material breaths almost as we'll as Goretex and is just as waterproof.

The benefit of Gelanots is that it stretches and moulds to your body in a way that Goretex can never achieve, and when you are constantly aware that you are wearing Goretex sometimes you forget that you are wearing this Kamlieka jacket due to its body moulding properties.

The hood on either Kamlieka is nicely designed and can be tucked away if needs be, but both smock and jacket only come into their own when you are wearing the matching trousers.

If you are a keen hill runner or endurance athlete then currently there is no better waterproof clothing than the OMM Kamlieka series, it's the choice of the majority of ultra distance or mountain marathon competitors.

On paper it looks like overpriced clothing, but its beautifully made and its performance is without question.

If you are the lucky owner of both jacket/ smock and trousers then you are in possession of some of the best kit on the market, and because of their overall design they will not appear out of date even if you keep them for many years.

Aquapac Waterproof Case for iPad
Aquapac Waterproof Case for iPad
Offered by Marine Chandlery Centre
Price: 33.82

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5.0 out of 5 stars Top quality case that works a real treat like all Aquapac cases., 16 Dec 2012
Ive owned a smaller Aquapac designed for smaller items such as mobile phones and hand held Sat/Nav for a number of years and i am still very impressed by the overall quality of the nylon plastic used for these wallets.

My case is fully watertight even if fully submerged under water, and it is the clever design of the locking mechanism that provides a totally condensation free and fully waterproof seal.

Aquapac make many other such totally waterproof cases for much smaller items and they are impressive performers so i was pleased to see they have made one for the Apple Ipad.

This case may be slightly more expensive than its competitors but this is the case to buy for top quality construction ,and a case that is totally watertight where ever you choose to take it.

If you must take your precious IPad to an area where every known nasty is waiting to wreck it then buy this case.

Near a swimming area, the beach or for someone who requires their IPad for outside work in all weather, this Aquapac will provide a totally waterproof environment for that precious tablet.

Timex Ironman Women's Digital Watch with LCD Dial Digital Display and Black Resin Strap T5E971
Timex Ironman Women's Digital Watch with LCD Dial Digital Display and Black Resin Strap T5E971
Offered by Dream Pieces
Price: 55.48

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5.0 out of 5 stars With a customer service this good stick with Timex, 13 Dec 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've owned many Timex Ironman watches over the past thirty or so years and they have proved totally reliable in use.
One model I owned in 1984 had a Indiglo light that failed within four months of purchase but Timex replaced it with the same model and to add iceing to the cake they returned the other one which was fully functional bar the Indigo light.

These watches provide all the features any sports person will need, stopwatch, countdown timers, telling the time and loads more, but over the years Timex have provided one of the best customer services I can remember so I will stick with a watch that has been around for years THE IRONMAN.

The Battle of Towton
The Battle of Towton
by A. W. Boardman
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars A skillful narrative recounting probably the GREATEST GRUDGE MATCH In English history., 10 Dec 2012
This review is from: The Battle of Towton (Paperback)
Forget the criticism that this incredible read is a disappointment for it's lack of maps or diagrams because Mr Boardmans magnificent writing skills will certainly make up for that.

It may help to have a little background knowledge to the back stabbing and infighting between the Duke of York and Somerset but there was a huge sense of anticipation after the other several battles, St Albans 1&2 , Blore Heath and the penultimate rout at Ferrybridge on the 28th March the day before Towton.

The fact that an entire chapter, a full 30 pages gives us a step by step account of events as we know them on that fateful Sunday from around 11am to 9pm in the evening.

Mr Boardmans analysis and build up to the eventual battle is handled magnificently, one almost can visualise the tension and apprehension of so many men, some as young as 16 and even as old as 60.

The description of the battle is so thought provoking that it made me want to visit the battlefield myself, and this was achieved in the very hot July of 2013 and the battlefield has been converted into a nature styled walk of around two miles in length with information boards at important locations around the battlefield.

Still it's hard to imagine the brutality that took place three miles down the road from Tadcaster and a walk around the battlefield cannot convey what must have been on the minds of the many thousands of troops lining up on that bitterly cold Palm Sunday morning.

The layout of Towton & Saxton Heath has hardly changed since 1461 and a vist to the battlefield is a must to those interested in medieval history.

There have been few books over the years that have left me in suspense due to the magnificent writing style and narrative that the anticipation of starting a particular chapter was almost unbearable.

The actual known facts of the greatest grudge match on English soil where either the newly crowned King Edward IV would userp the very weak King Henry VI are shrouded in mystery.

Historians have been able to assertain roughly what happened that day but all that is known is that as many as 70,000 possibly more English,Welsh and French troops gathered on the plaines of Towton Heath and by 9 pm 28,000 of them lay dead or dying.

The chronicler Edmund Hall in the late 1500s estimated that with the battle of Ferrybridge the day before Towton on 28th March, aswell as the main battle itself and the resulting barbaric Lancastrian rout possibly resulted in as many as 38000 Englishmen being slaughtered over a four day period , by far the greatest casualty numbers for any British soil conflict.

A battle lasting nearly ten hours in bitterly cold snowy weather saw the eventual rout of thousands of fleeing lancastrian soldiers over a distance of ten miles, with both rivers adjoining Towton Heath accounting for well over three thousand men and all because the Duke of Norfolk arrived late with his contingent of 5000 extra troops who had been a days march behind the rest of Edward IV main army.

Mr Boardmans descriptive writing almost makes you imagine this was a confrontation that happened recently because the detail of known events is handled magnificently.

If one can imagine that after a savage hand to hand combat KILL OR BE KILLED battle that lasted nearly ten hours, a realisation that the battle was lost, many thousands of Lancastrian soldiers flung down their weapons, took off their protective armour and fled the battlefield.

In other battles fought during the Wars of the Roses the defeated were allowed to depart the battlefield tail between their legs fashion, but once King Edward realised the day was won he released several hundred horsemen,part of the bageage train and the ROUT began.

It is quite possible that more defenceless lancastrian soldiers were butchered once they tried to escape Towton Heath battlefield than were killed in the main conflict.

No mercy was shown, and it was King Edwards idea that to attempt to consolodate his new kingdom, every possible opponent was to be removed.

The rout continued even as far as York itself a distance of ten miles, and certain key nobles were beheaded and their heads set up high.

If you want a particulary fine read on this most grusome period in English history Mr Boardmans book is almost without equal.

A great read and a beautifull fluid writing style that brings the Wars of the Roses to life.

So well written infact that one could almost imagine this was an eyewitness account of a battle in someones living memory

Belkin Pleated Sleeve for iPad  - Black
Belkin Pleated Sleeve for iPad - Black
Price: 12.56

5.0 out of 5 stars Cannot fault this Belkin Case It's perfect in every way., 30 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Like the majority of reviewers i bought this Belkin Ipad case on the strength of the hundreds of glowing reviews saying how good it was.

Firstly the delivery was lightening fast with next day delivery and i was very pleased with my purchase.

It's a soft case not heavily padded and i am sure it would not offer great protection if you dropped your Ipad onto a hard surface such as a concrete floor.

What it does offer for the careful owner is a very well designed and functional carrying case for either Ipad 2 or Ipad 3.

The interior is lined with a soft cotton fabric that will not leave any scratches or nasty marks and is spacious enough to allow your Ipad and another protective case to fit snuggly inside.

In all this is the perfect carry case for the busy executive or person who uses their Ipad for work or on a ery regular basis.

For just under a tenner it's a star buy and looks like it costs considerably more.

Belkin Striped Cover with Stand for iPad Mini in Black
Belkin Striped Cover with Stand for iPad Mini in Black
Offered by iZilla
Price: 10.00

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Superb quality & the perfect case for the new Mini Ipad, 29 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Having recently purchased the larger Ipad 2&3 version of this very case i was really pleased at how well it is made and even though it's not a cheap purchase amongst the huge array of Ipad cases it represents decent value for money.

The attention to detail is clearly evident with the careful stitching and powerful magnet used in the clasp, this is certainly one of Belkins most attractive Apple cases, and looks stunning in blue .

There is an air of quality with this case and even though it's not made of leather, the material used is excellent and is reflected in the initial purchase cost.

You know that careful consideration has been taken in it's manufacture,when the internal clasps that hold the Ipad,fit perfectly on each corner,there is no movement or risk of your precious little item falling to the floor,and when the case is closed the internal magnet activates the on off button on the left hand side of the Ipad.

All the holes for the camera and connections on the Ipad are a perfect match.

You may be struggling to think which case to buy for either Ipad or Ipad Mini, this Belkin Striped case will be a sound purchase and will cope with a fair amount of punishment.

Shop around because the price variation can be quite significant but this is a case well worth looking at for your expensive friend and certainly looks quite upmarket.

Armchair Theatre
Armchair Theatre
Offered by sellerfellauk
Price: 15.09

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5.0 out of 5 stars A timeless classic which improves with age, 30 Oct 2012
This review is from: Armchair Theatre (Audio CD)
I can remember purchasing the cassette of this magnificent album when it was released way back in 1990 and played it until all the catchy melodies on the album were printed in my memory.

You can clearly hear a little bit of ELO influence in certain songs but all are unmistakeably Jeff Lynne compositions with very tight melodies and superb lyrics to match.

Strangely enough this is an album that improves every time you listen to it and until recently it was around 16 yrs since i had heard it.

All those distant memories came flooding back of when i was at university in 1990 and i played the tape until it had just about worn out.

Why i didnot buy the cd i do not know but thinking such a fine album must still be available in 2012 i enquired at my local HMV branch.

Imagine my amasement when i was told it had been deleted as far back as 1994 and has not been released since.

I eventually tracked down a brand new sealed copy from America and i now play it almost continuously in my car.

It still sounds just as fresh as 22 yrs ago and by the look of second hand prices it remains an album much in demand.

If you enjoy Jeffs ELO work then you will most certainly enjoy this album, it's slightly less orchestra and more of Jeffs own compositions but it is still a great favorite of mine and will continue to be for many years to come.

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird Manual: An Insight into the Design, Operation and Maintenance of the Secret US Cold War Reconnaissance Aircraft (Haynes Owners Workshop Manuals)
Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird Manual: An Insight into the Design, Operation and Maintenance of the Secret US Cold War Reconnaissance Aircraft (Haynes Owners Workshop Manuals)
by Steve Davies
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 14.95

8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars GET THIS BOOK - A REMARKABLE READ, 13 Oct 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I did not think the Haynes manual on the Apollo Lunar Module and Saturn V Moonrocket could be excelled for the quality of information given but here is a book that has surpassed all my expectations.

When you see a new publication about possibly the most impressive jet ever built being the Lockheed SR71 you hope that there may be yet unbublished photographs and new information to discover on this remarkable jet.

I can promise you some of the photographs are totally new and one in particular will make your eyes pop out, if you buy the book you will know the photograph i mean, it's only a shame it covers two pages because i think the photograph was taken from onboard one of the refuelling aircraft and would make a trully remarkable poster for any enthusiasts wall.

What marks this book out as something really special is the new information about how the jet was built and operated, and possibly for the first time we are taken on a very detailed tour of the jet.

It's almost as if the American Government have decided to release all the blueprints and technical knowledge surrounding the jet.

Take the fuel tanks and the various fuel pumps controlling the Pratt & Wittney engines, we are told how many there are and where in the jet they are situated and how they are constructed.

Also the design of the wheels and tyres including their dimensions right down to the exact pressure they took aswell as the special silver paint that covered the tyres to aid cooling due to the extreme temperatures they had to endure.

It's the amount of detail we are given that will fasinate the reader because i cannot recollect any book going into this amount of detail, and not that many years ago some of the information given would be very sensitive indeed.

This is the first book ive read on the SR71 that actually goes into great detail on how the jet is construced,the use of asbestos and a particular shade of black paint to cover the titanium spaceframe, even how the angle of the chines on the wings reflected the radar signals.

That kind of detail is still in use with today's American airforce Stealth technology, obviously things have moved on considerably since the early 1970s but
not that long ago such information would have been highly classified.

This is the first publication of many on the SR71 that has let us in on the secret of Stealth radar technology.

The detailed description of how the Pratt & Wittney J58 engines work and are maintained, this section on the engines gets rather technical and confusing but it's still great too be able to read about it.

A very interesting section on the David Clark pressure suit and just exactly how the pilot puts it on, and the different layers and materials used.

Quite an indepth analysis on the various surveillance cameras used with photographs showing where in the plane they were installed and actual photographs taken during a mission.

We are even told the exact model camera and length of film aswell as how sensitive they were at various altitudes.

The one section i thought that would never be put in print is the various missions the SR71 undertook over North Korea, Russia, during the Gulf conflict and the famous Cuban missile crisis.

We are even told in some detail about how during one mission above North Korea the oil pressure reached critical levels in one engine resulting in the jet having to fly at Mach 1.2.

The jet was identified on North Koreas radar instruments and a surface to air missile was launched.

If several USAF jets had not been in the area and coming to the SR71 assistance it would probably have been shot down.

We are even told which SR71 was involved during this incident including the name of the pilot and roughly the kind of mission they were undertaking and the airbase they had to make an emergency landing at.

The book really is unique in that vertually everything that can be told to a reader without compromising US security is finally revealed.

I am sure the majority of readers may have guessed that the SR71 was called into action over North Korea and during the Gulf War but here it is in print in quite revealing detail confirming the facts.

This i believe is the first publication on the SR71 that has been written over the many years that has revealed once classified information.

That up until now was classified information and has not been featured in any book on the SR71 past or present.

The authors Steve Davies and especially Paul Crickmore have written about the SR71 in other publications but obviously certain classified information has been declassified and even though the information is not in great detail we are told exactly where a particular SR71 visited during the Cold War.

By Haynes standards it's quite a small publication with only 155 pages but it's a book you simply cannot put down once you have opened it.

Ive looked at quite a few books over the years about the development and testing of the SR71 but one chapter in this new publication amased me, that being the testing and servicing of the Pratt & Witney J58-P4 engines.

There is a chapter by itself describing how the technicians serviced these engines with some simply stunning photographs showing the engines being removed from the aircraft and how the engines worked.

If the book had only included this chapter i would have been pleased because i have never read any other publication on the Sr71 that outlines the servicing and repair of these amazing engines.

The book also explains how the engines worked at different altitudes and temperatures and the photographs included show technicians covered in aviation fuel, simply stunning (THE BOOK IS WORTH IT ALONE JUST FOR THESE PHOTOGRAPHS)

The jet had the ability to fly at around 85,000ft at near Mac 3.4 with the pilot being able to control the temperatures and thrust of the engines to suit the altitude and outside temperature.

One very interesting aspect is how the engines nose cone could be manually adjusted to suit the engines thrust and temperatures.

Remember the Pratt & witney J58 engines were developed so that they would work continually using the afterburner, and still remain unique in aviation history because the pilot flying the SR71 was able to adjust the internal temperatures of the engines, used because of the incredible heights the jet could fly at.

There are quite a few new photographs in the book that i believe have never been published before, and if they have then in only very obscure publications that few people have seen.

There will be few books that will be in big demand once they go out of print, but i can see this publication being hot property on the secondhand market once it goes out of print, and usually a book goes out of print very quickly indeed.

If you only have the slightest interest or are a avid fan of the fastest jet ever produced then this book is a must purchase.

I was hoping the book was going to be a good one before i ordered it but nothing could have prepared me for the contents of its pages.

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Snowdonia Adventure Atlas (A-Z Adventure Atlas)
Snowdonia Adventure Atlas (A-Z Adventure Atlas)
by Geographers' A-Z Map Company
Edition: Paperback
Price: 5.57

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Almost the perfect addition to any walkers kit, 10 Oct 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Like countless thousands of walkers who enjoy the British countryside every year I only recently discovered this superb Snowdonia map in a book format when i saw it on a friends kitchen table and thought the idea quite brilliant, so good infact that i cannot understand why it had not been reproduced before.

All i can think is that the Ordnance Survey have refused permission until now.

Last year i managed to get permission from the O/S in Southhampton to reproduce a section of O/S map showing the Great Orme in llandudno so that it could be reproduced on a porcelain mug.

Permission was only granted as long as very strict criteria was adhered to, such as size of image and number of images produced.

You see reproducing several O/S maps in one easy format is in effect taking away valuable revenue from the O/S.

Remember the Snowdonia National Park is visited by countless thousands of walkers a year, with over half a million going up Snowdon alone, and just imagine if all those visitors decided to buy the neccessary O/S maps covered in this book, you see giving permission for a publication such as this map book was not given litely by the O/S.

It is so effective in it's task of shrinking several O/S maps into one book that if it had been shown to the Dragons in the Dragons Den it would have received worthy praise.

This map book covers vertually the entire Northen and Middle section of the Snowdonia National park in the higher detailed 1,25000 scale, and is the perfect companion to anyone venturing into the mountains due to the emense detail the 1,25000 scale allows.

You would normally require four separate O/S maps to equal the contents of this book and it's a real shame the book was not produced in the waterproof paper used by the Harvey map series.

Recently i walked from Gerlan above Bethesda to Foel Grach along the Bera Bach ridge, this booklet would have proved invaluable because that entire area of the Carneddau is infront of you on two pages.

If you had used the normal O/S map you would have needed to fold and unfold the map in various directions to see your route.

Let's not forget this is the Snowdonia version, you can also get the version for the Lakes and other popular areas of the British Isles.

For the serious walker or for just somebody who wants to study the contours in and around Northern Snowdonia this book is a steal for the price, but what a shame the paper is not waterproof because it would have been faultless.

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