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Apollo 13 [DVD] [1995]
Apollo 13 [DVD] [1995]
Dvd ~ Tom Hanks
Price: £4.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars A film thats out of this world SHEER CLASS, 25 Dec 2007
This review is from: Apollo 13 [DVD] [1995] (DVD)
Can Tom Hanks do no wrong,not in this case because alongside Kevin Bacon and others he brings this magnificent account of the near 1970 disaster of the Apollo 13 moon mission into one of the most frilling and brilliantly directed films to come out of Holywood for many years.

Ron Howard (Ricky in Happy Days) won a deserving Oscar for this incredible film,the cinematography and script make this an especially memorable film.

Now the last Saturn 5 space rocket took off from the Kennedy Space Centre with Apollo 17s successfull moon mission in 1972.The launch sequence in this film is as realistic as it is possible to get to the real thing way back 35years ago even down to the control centre itself.

Thankfully Ron Howard obtained the help of NASA itself to make this film,the weightlesness in orbit sequences were filmed in NASA very own test aeroplane that vertically dives from an altitude of around 36,000ft resulting in the zero gravity effect.Remarkably Hanks and his fellow actors were standing on boxes to film the majority of the space shots but Howards direction and quality acting desgises this magnificently.

I can go on and on writing about the realism and use of actual events to make a memorable film into a great one but there is no need because im sure there would be few bad words said against this film.

It took two Oscars at the ceremmony and those were more than deserved.

Its a film you can watch again and again and never become bored with it,in my opinion its Tom Hanks best film and if you have never seen it it comes highly reccommended for the visuals alone.

McVicar [DVD] [1980]
McVicar [DVD] [1980]
Dvd ~ Roger Daltrey
Price: £4.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars Daltrey could have been a serious actor was it not for THE WHO, 24 Dec 2007
This review is from: McVicar [DVD] [1980] (DVD)
Recounting the life of habitual criminal John MCVicar who was in prison for a 23 year stretch for armed robbery with intent on causing death by use of firearms.
This magnificent film made by the same producers of the other WHO films,Quadrophenia and The Kids Are Allright sees Roger Daltrey in superb form as McVicar before he was sent to prison,life behind bars to his escape and eventual and powerfully acted capture after months on the run.

The cast is equally impressive with Adam Faith adding that extra touch.

A film very similar to Phil Collins "Buster" but far more gritty in language and acting.

Daltrey is so good he could easily have made a good living as an actor.

The film like others has that seventies early eighties feel to it but the acting is really superb and makes this one you will watch again and again.

If his acting was superb his singing of the title score to the film is brilliant, Daltrey is a jack of all trades.

Pure One DAB/FM Portable Radio - Black
Pure One DAB/FM Portable Radio - Black

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5.0 out of 5 stars Superb performer at a Groovy price, 7 Dec 2007
As with all Pure Dab radios you receive a top quality product and top quality components.
This smart radio weighs remarkably little,you pick it up and you instantly realise digital technology has become centralised around the processor and a few transistors (i know because ive seen inside their more expensive Sonus model)and even though the sound is stunning there is little inside to produce that sound.

This model even though it has only one speaker produces a crisp linear sound and stereo at that maybe because Pure have included a rather impressive telescopic ariel far longer than your usual radios to improve reception.

If then Pure can produce a top quality radio that can receive Stereo broadcast using a single speaker why then do you have to pay £30 extra for a separate stereo speaker the higher up the range model you go.

It also has the function of Fm Stereo transmission for those wanting a Dab radio but cannot yet receive that digital signal .

It has many of the controls it more costly brothers have like one touch automatic tuning,a nifty blue backlit screen telling you what you want to know and more importantly RDS reception for that Fm broadcast.

It is the choice of components that make Pure the current leaders in the DAB market.Even the normal Fm stereo reception is trully firstclass.

Sound,quality of finish and a simply stunning price make this radio a star buy to replace an older model or to introduce yourself to digital radio.

The biggest PLUS for this radio is the combination of Dab Digital and Fm Stereo with Rds for those who as yet cannot pick up digital broadcasts but can have a radio that will entertain you whilst you wait for those transmitters to become available in the near future.

Remember the vast majority of Dab radios are Digital only and cost nearly twice what this little number costs and the big plus is that its available in shocking PINK which is a must have.
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The Best Of The Stylistics [Reissue]
The Best Of The Stylistics [Reissue]
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £8.81

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5.0 out of 5 stars Seventies nostalgia Classic Soul from a most pleasant group of singers., 12 Nov 2007
Ive been a steward at the North Wales Theatre at Llandudno for over five years and have seen the Stylistics on four occasions and they are still one of the most professional and harmonious soul coloured groups in the business.
I have also met them in person and was very impressed with their willingness to sign their cds this one included and pose for photographs and also have a chat with admiring fans.Some people ive met not saying any names are the direct opposite of their stage personality but the Stylistics are really pleasant guys.

Their music on the other hand is superb with gorgeous harmonies not dissimilar to the BeeGees but very Motown Soul.

To hear them sing "Cant give you anything" for the first time having remembered it when it first came out in the early seventies was really special like the rest of this cd,its easy listening and quality music by a group which still has four of its original members still performing together after over thirty years of hit making.

If you are familiar with their music then this cd will go a long way in reliving those memories of the early seventies when they were turning out hit after hit.

Laurel & Hardy - The Collection (21-disc Box Set) [DVD]
Laurel & Hardy - The Collection (21-disc Box Set) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Stan Laurel
Offered by rileys dvds
Price: £139.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Greatest Comedy BoxSet available anywhere in the known Universe., 4 Nov 2007
Apart from three of their movies which Universal do not hold the copyright to,this boxset includes every movie and short the duo ever made with the Hal Roach studios ,and all have received digital enhancement to improve what must rate as the greatest comedy duo ever to have lived.

Be aware though that there are two similar box sets,the original released in 2004 were housed in white DVD covers,and were exactly the same ones available individually in the shops.

These original releases looked far more upmarket and also included brief yet interesting inserts about each individual disc.

The more recent box set possibly due to cost does not appear quite as plush,with cheaper black DVD cases and no inserts at all.

The boxset also includes films that Stan and Ollie didnot feature together (ie before Hal Roach signed them up as a comedy duo) but appeared in walk on parts, and to show how popular they were worldwide some of their foreign films in both Spanish,French and German are included.

The majority of us brought up with their timeless antics will be amazed aswell as shocked to see them speak their dialogue in a foreign tounge.

Now way back then in the 1930s the dubbing of voices was almost impossible,and we must not forget the silent movie era was less than a decade earlier, so to remain as true to their acting ability they both learnt their lines in varying languages and a fine attempt they make at it aswell.

Now to see Stan and Ollie speak their lines in different languages to the normal English is quite an experience,so popular were they that it was demanded by foreign studios.

Each of the 21 discs (disc 21 features a rather disappointing commentary that offers the devoted fan little he already knew) has its own title that their films were characterised into.
My favorite disc entitled " A Job To Do" includes my two favorite shorties Hog wild and the Oscar winning The Music Box where they try and deliver that pianola up a flight of steep steps in todays seedier part of downtown Holywood.

There is a very interesting site under The Sons of the Desert fan club which tries to find the original steps that they used.
They are eventually located in a less than popular neighbourhood of downtown Los Angeles, and more recent videos on YouTube give those interested in their location, an indication on just how steep these steps really are.

Apart from a rather neglected metal plaque laid into the concrete ,very little seems to be done to signify the importance of these steps in Hollywood history.

This boxset is far from cheap but when you actually work out what you are getting and the countless hours of pure entertainment you will get it ranks as superb value.

This is one set you will never tire of,and if looked after properly they could be handed down to your kids to enjoy in later life.

The three films not included in the set, Babes in Toyland being one of them are available elsewhere so being able to compile every single film made by Stan and Ollie under the Hal Roach era and beyond is quite an achievement.

To fnish off,Universal have done something true fans will either love or hate and that is to digitally colour enhance all their films possibly to please the younger audience.

Now to watch classic film images I have loved since a boy in colour when they should be in Black and white does nothing for me,but others I am sure may prefer them that way.

I donot find it annoying like some may,but atleast you have the option to watch the films in either format which is a bonus i suppose.

All these discs are available separately, but you will end up paying far more,which stands to reason, but any boxset that includes Hog Wild and the Music Box on the same disc is bound to be an investment.

The asking price may be high but when that beautiful presentation box containing all 21 discs arrives on your doorstep the financial loss will become a distant memory because you will be the owner of the greatest comedy boxset money can buy.

Road Angel Compact inc 6 Months Blackspot Speed Camera Database
Road Angel Compact inc 6 Months Blackspot Speed Camera Database

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5.0 out of 5 stars A nice quality visual alarm for those with a LEAD foot., 26 Oct 2007
Once you have figured out how the web page operates for this camera detector it is simplicity to use.

First of all you have to register your Road Angel with Blackspot the manufacturer and then download all the updated camera locations nationwide which is changing on a weekly basis.After this you just plug the cable into your cigarette socket in the car and allow the unit to search for all the satelites in space.

Road angel uses the Global positioning system to find your exact location on Britains roads by tracking a minimum of four satelites.

The unit gives out a constant indication of your speed far more accurately than your speedometer which is usually three or four miles per hour out,and with the database built into the unit Tiff Nedell warns you of upcoming cameras and danger spots that have seen many accidents.

Thankfully during my 27yrs of driving i have only been booked for speeding once and that was within the first six months way back in 1980.

This unit gives you peace of mind by warning you of upcoming cameras so that you can adjust your speed accordingly.

My mother was caught last year doing only 34 in a 30 area,hardly excessive but still £60 and three penalty points.This unit would have given warning over 100 yds before the camera and with a highly accurate indication of your speed avoiding action could have been taken.

This is a unit millions of motorists say they can do without but why pay the chancellor any more revenue than is neccessary.

Depending where you buy your unit you could save a fair bit of money and your driving licence aswell.

Until you have actually used one in your car you cannot imagine what a usefull product it is.It gives a far more accurate reading of your speedometer (my Citroen C1 is 4 miles faster than indicated and with a laser gun pointed at you,you think you are travelling at below the limit when infact you may be going a little quicker than indicated.

This is the main reason people get caught.The laser gun as with this Road angel unit is far more accurate than your cars speedo and hey presto theres 3points on your licence.

The main thing i like about this unit is that throughout your journey it remains totally silent UNTIL you approach a camera or accidend Blackspot.It will then wake up and alert you to the oncoming camera.

In normal driving without this road angel you will meet the cameras head on without realising their there.Thats why nearly three million drivers were caught last year.
With an audible warning you can save your driving licence and help your bank balance aswell.

Finally after the six months subscription to Blackspot you get free with the unit ie to help them maintain their database, all you are then expected to pay is £2 a month or 50p a week.

Now that seems like a bargain and with the governments proposed doubling of the current 3 points to 6 per offence this unit may become a neccessity rather than a luxury.

You decide,two speeding tickets and there goes your licence for a year.

The Prisoner - 40th Anniversary Special Edition - Complete  [DVD]
The Prisoner - 40th Anniversary Special Edition - Complete [DVD]
Dvd ~ Patrick McGoohan

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amongst the finest 60s serial dramas and beautifully restored., 17 Oct 2007
Patrick McGoohan plays the mysterious prisoner set in a futuristic world but with the magnificent backdrop of Snowdonia and the sands at Portmerion near Porthmadoc in North Wales the storylines are rather confusing but that,s where the brilliance of the series originates from.

The original series is occasionally shown but not in its entirenty and the picture quality is decent considering its now over fourty years old,but the remastering of this transfer to disc is magnificent and being able to watch the series once again you can try and fathom the unusual storylines.

I was lucky enough to purchase one of those ultra rare Corgi Toy models of the Mini Moke featured in the series costing me £45.
A few years ago on a visit for the afternoon (i live in Llandudno only an hours drive from Portmerion) two of the original cars featured in the series were on display during the annual Prisoner convention and they were in remarkable unrestored condition.

Unfortunately Patrick McGoohan has never returned since making Portmerion famous but who knows there are rumours he may visit for the fourtieth anniversary.

To describe the series to someone unfamiliar with it is very hard,you have to watch it but even then it remains confusing but emensly watchable and now the entire series is available on dvd it is a golden opportunity to relive No6 and his quest to escape from beautifull Portmerion.

Monopoly Property Trading Game (2007 version)
Monopoly Property Trading Game (2007 version)
Offered by EnjoyToys
Price: £9.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Still successfull after nearly seventy years at the top., 16 Sep 2007
= Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars 
There cannot be many people in the English speaking world who havenot played or atleast seen a box containing a momopoly set.

At present it has been printed in 34 different languages and as the basic rules are within the grasp of most people from single figures to triple figures.

Looking at the rules you would think this was a game of chance really desided on the luck of the dice but this game is played at championship level and if you know the odds of how the dice may land its almost possible to win every time aslong as you know what properties you need to buy.
I have a book written some years ago outlining the properties that you will land on no matter what you throw.

As you may have gathered the most expensive properties in Green and Purple can and easily be missed several times.Those Orange,Red and Yellows may be a little cheaper to develop but you are guaranteed to land on them far often with dire consquences if they have been developed.

By the time your opponent has landed at Park Lane or Mayfair you may be out of the game.

Monopoly can be played by all ages and the fact that Speers games have kept the price down over the years must say something about its popularity and sales.

Marathon: From Start to Finish
Marathon: From Start to Finish
by Sam Murphy
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Its All Or Nothing For Most Beginners- This Book Will Help You Decide, 8 Sep 2007
There are many people out there who watch the London Marathon and capture the myth and excitement of THE MARATHON.

Originally at the turn of the last century the magic distance was just a shade over 22miles but during the London Olympic Games all those years ago the Royal Family (God Bless or curse them in this instance)thought it would be a spiffing idea if the race could finish outside Windsor Castle thus adding that horrid extra 4.1miles to the already crazy distance.

To take part in the Marathon at whatever standard involves a fair deal of preperation.Now there are no rules in the world of Athletics saying you cannot walk the full distance,you will certainly have completed the race but anybody of average fitness can do that.

What you want to do having thought about reading this book is to try and complete the distance to the best of your capability usually in around 4and half hours or so because you must remember 26.1miles is an awful long way.

This book as i found out provides you with step by step training for all levels from total beginner to seasoned athlete.Being able to see the exact distance or time on your feet to effectively complete the race is very rewarding.

If you are not going to do some training at whatever pace then this book is not for you.It is designed for somebody who is genuinely interested in competing in the race at whatever standard.

Think of it this way,can you jog or semi jog-walk 16-18 miles.If not then you will certainly find the race difficult.

This years London was terribly hot,imagine how they must have suffered.Imagine how you would suffer without somesort of training.

I have been running now for well over 16years but only attempted my first marathon in London 2005 and finished very tired in 3hrs 16min.I thought i knew everything about running but i can certainly say Mr Murphy's book gave me alot of usefull advice on how to train and eat properly for the race.

Ive read a fair number of books on Marathon training and i can honestly say this one was above average in its advice.If you are still interested in punishing yourself for over four hours buy this book because it will certainly ease your discomfort over those many miles.

The Queen [DVD] [2006]
The Queen [DVD] [2006]
Dvd ~ Helen Mirren
Price: £3.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Well acted but what was all the fuss about at the Oscars., 6 Sep 2007
This review is from: The Queen [DVD] [2006] (DVD)
The Queen was a very enjoyable piece of drama and i was surprised how convincing Helen Mirren was at portraying her majesty,slightly undernourished but a very good likeness and most impressive.

I know that the Americans go nuts for our Royals but i do think Helen was a worthy winner of the academy award her manerisms and regal air were quite spellbinding.The public walkabout after arriving from Balmoral was especially fine and reminded me of the real event ten years ago.

The Blairs especially Tony were superb,after a while i thought the real Tony had been given the part and the storyline and script involving the Diana affair was cleverly done.

The Queen mum unfortunately was a let down (may she rest in peace)she looked nothing like her and gave little towards the story.

It was very interesting to compare that other superb monarchy drama "Mrs Brown" played magnificently by Dame Judy Dench and The Big Yin himself Billy Connolly.Both shared a similar atmosphere in the Balmoral scenes and having seen both films back to back i cannot decide which is my favorite.

All the fuss at the Oscars was understandable because Helen Mirren was magnificent but i cannot help wondering did the subject matter of the Royal Family help her cause.Prabably not but the film left me wondering what all the fuss was about,it was very watchable and entertaining along the way but it will not rank as one of the best of films to come out of Britain.

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