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Price: £2.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars MUCH better than I thought., 22 Sep 2007
This review is from: Rudebox (Audio CD)
I bought this album for Christmas back in 2006 after I heard the absolutely fantastic 'Lovelight' cover, the second single from the album. I was a little weary about buying it, as the first single, Rudebox, in my honest opinion, was - and still is - absolutely dire. I flicked through some tracks now and then, but it wasn't until tonight when I actually sat down and listened to it - the whole way through. This album, filled with hip-hop, dance and electronic beats, cuss words and drug references through-out, may remind you of 2007's best dance effort, Calvin Harris's I Created Disco. I do not approve of the drug references through-out the album, which is more or less why this album only receives four stars out of the five possible. However, you'll find that, on songs like The 80's and The 90's, this is by far Robbie's most personal work, therefore making it the best. Due to lack of promotion, the album sadly went unnoticed and the direct change of music also. It became Robbie's lowest selling album in the UK yet, but still sold a reasonable amount, and was yet another number one for him in this country. However, it would only debut at number two on the World Chart, with sales of almost 400,000. It fell off the charts quickly, even with the help of brilliant follow-up singles Lovelight and the controversy that is She's Madonna.

1/ Rudebox/ 4:48
As I've said before, I hate this song. It's catchy but the lyrics are absolutely ridiculous and not approving at all. I'm sitting here wondering why this, of all other great songs on the album, was chosen as the first single.

2/ Viva Life On Mars/ 4:51
An absolutely brilliant beat in this song, gives you a taste of what's to come on the following songs. Way better than the terrible previous track.

3/ Lovelight/ 4:02
The second single, produced by the fabulous Mark Ronson. I can't stop playing this song; it's just a joy to listen to. Unfortunately, this did not gone on to be as successful as Rudebox.

4/ Bongo Bong and Je Ne T'Aime Plus/ 4:48
At first I wasn't sure of this song, it will grow on you. After a few listens I absolutely loved it.

5/ She's Madonna/ 4:16
The all-controversial third and final single - in most places in the world - which the 'Queen of Pop' and her record label did not approve of. Robbie would go on to release it anyway; sadly it would miss the UK Top 10, but still proved popular with critics and die-hard fans alike.

6/ Keep On/ 4:19
A very funky, groovy song featuring Lily Allen, who I really cannot stand, but Robbie, and Juan Gabriel, who produced it, save the song easily.

7/ Good Doctor/ 3:16
Noticably the introduction on the album to the heavy drug refences; Robbie mentions several drugs at many times, and endlessly repeats, "Give me loads of pills, I don't feel proper." Also introduces the slang language that many chavs nowadays have came to use.

8/ The Actor/ 4:06
Robbie sings about fame and acting. Weird and strange lyrics, but that's good!

9/ Never Touch That Switch/ 2:47
Completely forgettable. Glad it was the shortest song on the album and over quickly.

10/ Louise/ 4:46
A very personal song about a person you once loved; you haven't seen them in years, and then they pass you by. I'm sure every one can relate - very nice indeed.

11/ We're The Pet Shop Boys/ 4:57
Produced, obviously, by the Pet Shop Boys. Duh. Excellent song. Enough said!

12/ Burslem Normals/ 3:50
Yet another round of slang lanuage used in this song. Even though I don't approve of this either, it's somewhat a nice song to listen to. Very relaxing in my opinion; it takes Robbie about ten seconds to sing each line, so it's a very slow song!

13/ Kiss Me/ 3:18
One of the forgettable songs on the album, another cover.

14/ The 80's/ 4:18
The first of two songs on the set about Robbie's life. By far the heaviest use of drug reference and cuss words on this song. Robbie claims how things were 'better off at the start, that's how the 80's broke my heart.' Very touching piece and my favourite song on the album.

15/ The 90's/ 5:34
The second of the sequel. Though I don't like it's as good as the first, it's still an amazing piece of music and really personal. Suggests what kind of relationship he had with his former boyband members Take That and his mum. Robbie sings: "I got no GCSE's, nothing higher than a D, I couldn't tell my mum she'd batter me," and "So f**k the band, give me Sambuca and Gak, now we're all a bag of nerves, not a band of brothers." Like I said before, I don't approve of the drug references, but it really makes me feel for him for what he went through as a child.

16/ Summertime/ 5:41
I thought it could be a little shorter, some of the ending is too repetitive, but still a very nice way to close the album.

As I said before, this is Robbie's best and most personal work. He picked some top producers for the album and most of the song writing is great on the personal tracks. Pass on Rudebox, the song. Casual fans of Robbie, who have liked his past work, will not approve of this record, it's for die-hard fans only. Suprisingly, I'm not a die-hard fan of Robbie, I only own this and Intensive Care out of his collection, but I thought it was finally worth a listen anyway. It's not as bad a some people make it out to be, though I certainly see why those who are dissapointed, are slating this album. I recommend this to die-hard fans - casual fans may be better off just buying Take That's most recent set Beautiful World, Robbie's ex-band, which is even better than Robbie's newest offering.

High School Musical Original Soundtrack
High School Musical Original Soundtrack
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great start to this wonderful sequel!, 13 Aug 2007
Original premiered in American in January 2006, the first version of High School Musical made its way to UK TV screens in mid to late 2006, and boy was it hyped! People were going crazy about it, and it would soon prove to be the start of a so far brilliant sequel.

1/ Start Of Something New/ 3:16
The opening song, and one of the best known. Performed by the wonderful Gabriella and Troy, Start of Something New is an awesome ballad basically about love or friendship. But you've heard it anyway.

2/ Get'cha Head In The Game/ 2:27
Performed by Troy, despite its hype and popularity, this is actually one of my least favourites, but it's incredibly catchy and still loveable.

3/ What I've Been Looking For/ 2:03 & 4/ What I've Been Looking For (Reprise)/ 1:19
The former, performed by Ryan and Sharpay; my second favourite on the set. A wonderful, catchy sing-a-long tune and you'll find yourself tipping your toes to. The latter is the same track performed in ballad form by Troy & Gabrielle, though the full song is not used. My least favourite out of the two.

5/ Stick To The Status Quo/ 4:28
Yet again one of the more popular songs. This was not released as a single, yet still managed to enter the UK Top 75 on downloads alone due to its insane popularity. It's the only album track on the set to have achieved this.

6/ When There Was Me & You/ 3:00
This seems to be one of the most hated songs on the soundtrack with critics and even fans alike, yet I don't understand it because Gabriella's vocals are absolutely astounding.

7/ Bop To The Top/ 1:47
Ryan and Sharpay's second song on the album, and my favourite. Awesome song.

8/ Breaking Free/ 3:27
The first single from the set and the one that got everyone going crazy about the soundtrack. This started off as my favourite song on the set, but as I got to learn other songs I quickly grew tired of it. Performed by Gabriella and Troy, it's still an appaulsable track.

9/ We're All In This Together/ 3:51
The final track used in the actual film and the 'party' song of the album. Great closure to the film.

10/ I Can't Take My Eyes Off You/ 2:51
Despite not being used in the film, this is still a favourite of mine.

11/ Get'cha Head In The Game (Performed by B5)/ 2:45
The instrumentation is a little different from the original performed by Troy, noticably the introduction. I find the song on the whole a little pointless, I don't think it should be included.

12/ Start Of Something New (Karaoke)/ 3:20 & 13/ Breaking Free (Karaoke)/3:26
Title says it all.

Overall, although as not as good as the follow-up, High School Musical 2, this is still one hell of a soundtrack and I advise you buy the film along with this. Originally sparking controversy when critics found out Zac Efron (Troy) was not actually singing (the high notes on his parts are performed by Canadian singer-songwriter and actor Drew Seeley), Zac would go on to use his own - improved and excellent - vocals in the second soundtrack.

High School Musical 2 Original Soundtrack
High School Musical 2 Original Soundtrack
Price: £5.47

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5.0 out of 5 stars Better than the first!, 13 Aug 2007
Anyone who is fimiliar with the first Soundtrack should buy this one; it's even better! The songs are just as catchy, the vocals are great but this one has a little more edge to it. Great for kids, but it's also fantastic for all ages!

1/ What Time Is It/ 3:20
The first single from the album. A fantastic song, very upbeat, and the one everyone knows the words to. Just what we've came up expect from the guys.

2/ Fabulous/ 3:01
Performed by Ryan and Sharpay, my personal favourites. A brilliant tune, it's all about the glam! ;)

3/ Work It Out/ 3:04
A nice enough song, has a mild rock beat to it. Even though it is great, I don't think it's as good as some of the other songs on the soundtrack.

4/ You Are The Music In Me/ 3:28 & 6/ You Are The Music In Me (Sharpay Version)/ 2:29
The former is performed by Troy and Gabriella, and is slower than the latter where Sharpay replaces Gabriella. Both great songs; I prefer the Sharpay version for obvious reasons and it's also catchier.

5/ I Don't Dance/ 3:37
At first I did not like this song at all; it takes awhile to get used to but now I love it. It takes quite a different direction from the other songs on this soundtrack or even can't be compared to everything on the first one. It's different and that's what I like about it.

7/ Gotta Go My Own Way/ 3:42
Mostly performed by Gabriella; she provides absolutely wonderful vocals. Troy is also included. I suppose this can be classed as the album's "When There Was Me and You", although it's upbeat instead of a ballad, and of course a lot better. ;)

8/ Bet On It/ 3:20
Not really fimiliar with it. My least favourite on the soundtrack though I do enjoy listening to it. Performed by Troy.

9/ Everyday/ 4:38
Performed by Troy and Gabriella, a wonderful ballad about love and friendship when you are young and celebrating every day making the most of it.

10/ All For One/ 4:15
Yet another fabulous song from the soundtrack as we come to the end of it.

11/ Humumumunukunukuapua'a/ 3:10
Despite being hella annoying to type (!) it's a great way to close the album. Performed by Ryan and Sharpay, by far my favourite on the record. Absolutely hilarious, especially when Sharpay is 'fish-talking' and putting on a male-like voice!

So, as I said at the beginning of my review, this is an absolutely wonderful soundtrack; any HSM fan should buy it. I can't wait for the film to premiere and I have high hopes for the third High School Musical. =P

Do I recommend? Absolutely!

Welcome to Loserville
Welcome to Loserville
Offered by Direct Entertainment UK
Price: £12.93

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5.0 out of 5 stars Err...GET A CLUE!, 3 Jan 2006
This review is from: Welcome to Loserville (Audio CD)
Who cares if they're British and using American words! These songs are fun at best, and that's what I like about them. I was a fan of Busted, but I think that Son Of Dork (SOD) are so much better! James really done a good job - *IN MY OPINION* - here, of getting a new band.
Ticket Outta Loserville - Great first single. Reached number three on the U.K. charts. Deserving chart position. 10/10
Eddie's Song - I actually think this is one of the weakest songs on the album, and not much of a worthy choice for second single. It's still a great song though. 9/10
Little Things - Nice song, but probably, like the previous one, one of the weakest. 9/10
Party's Over - This one is one of my favourites. Great song, with somewhat stupidly great lyrics. 10/10
Boyband - My favourite. Some of the lyrics and vocal effects on this are hilarious, but it's fantastic. 10/10
Sick - Weird song, probably the weakest on the whole album. The intro is nice and haunting. 8/10
Slacker - Great lyrics and overall, good song. It's one of the best, and really fun. 10/10
Holly...I'm The One - This is typical Busted/McFLY stuff here. All the stuff all the *FANS* used to love. 10/10
Wear Me Down - Another nice song, though some of the lyrics are lousy. 9/10
Murdered In The Mosh - Second favourite, I really agree with the lyrics: Don't be a faker, just be yourself. The choir at the end is great! (You need to fast foward atleast ten minutes though, lol.) 10/10
Overall - 95/100. You will probably love this album if you like the childish lyrics of the likes of James' ex band and McFLY. The music is somewhat through what Busted's next album would've been like, yet a hint of Green Day. I'd seriously recommend this, it's a very strong debut, IF YOU'RE A FAN.

Offered by thebookcommunity
Price: £20.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars In Complete Wonderland!, 10 Dec 2005
This review is from: Wonderland (Audio CD)
This is what we've been waiting for! McFLY are finally back with 12 tracks to entertain your lugholes - but are the songs any good? Of course they are! The lads have grown up a bit since Five Colours In Her Hair but girls are still on their minds in rockin' tracks such as I've Got You and Ultraviolet. There are magical melodies, sweet vocals and upbeat numbers. There's even an instrumental to sway along to! Yep, it's all you'd expect and more from the phwoarsome foursome. Go get your copy, like, NOW!!!!! This limited edition features a glossy digipack, but there are no extra tracks or special features. It's still well-worth it if you are a true McFLY fan.

Daniel Powter (U.S. Release)
Daniel Powter (U.S. Release)
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.07

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5.0 out of 5 stars BLAND is the NEW EXCITING - Oh, I don't think so!, 5 Dec 2005
Daniel Powter? Bland! Oh, please! What a rubbish comment!
So let's get these points straight, then. Daniel Powter is a breath of fresh air. Really. He's also had EXTREMELY early success with the people here in the United Kingdom, which explains his popularity and how he's a breath of fresh air. When Bad Day got released and hit number 2, it gave Powter an ultimate smash. This may just be the biggest hit of his career for years to come. It stayed at that position for three consecutive weeks, and spent thirteen weeks in the top 10. It's currently at its nineteenth week, and has only just left the top 20! This album was also a top 5 smash, busting some great hits! My favourites are Song 6, Free Loop, Jimmy Gets High, and of course, BAD DAY! Long live Dan!

Showgirl - The Greatest Hits Tour [DVD] [2005]
Showgirl - The Greatest Hits Tour [DVD] [2005]
Dvd ~ Kylie Minogue
Price: £13.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Ultimate Showgirl., 3 Dec 2005
Kylie Minogue is by far the U.K's greatest tour girl - up there with Madonna, of course. And so she brings you Showgirl - her All The Feathers tour performed and shot in its entirely. Kylie performs over twenty-five of her amazing Greatest Hits (Better The Devil You Know; Especially For You; Love At First Sight; I Believe In You; who can forget Can't Get You Out Of My Head?), and songs she's never done on any of her tours before (Dreams), and a few fantastic cover versions (Somewhere Over The Rainbow; In Denial). There's also a twenty-minute documentary and video projections in their full. Futhermore, the twelve-page booklet with stunning, never-before-seen pictures, makes this release SO WORTH WHILE. *GET WELL SOON, KYLIE*
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B In The Mix - The Remixes
B In The Mix - The Remixes
Offered by waipamusicuk
Price: £12.90

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4.0 out of 5 stars good remixes... not enough promotion, 3 Dec 2005
The remixes on B In The Mix shine as one of the best remix albums released in ages. I don't particularly like many remixes released these days, they change too much from the original. The ones on Britney's album, however, are remixed with brilliance and picked by good DJs. Of course, there are noticable obmissions from the album (where's Oops...I Did It Again, Sometimes, and From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart?, etc...), but if Britney is your thing, this is for you. If I were to rate the tracks, I'd give them:
1 Toxic 4/5
2 Me Against The Music 3.5/5
3 Touch Of My Hand 5/5 (the BEST one)
4 Breathe On Me 5/5
5 I'm A Slave 4 U 3.5/5
6 And Then We Kiss 4.5/5
7 Everytime 5/5
8 Early Mornin' 4.5/5
9 Someday (I Will Understand) 4/5
10 ...Baby One More Time 5/5
11 Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know 5/5
On the U.K version, you also get two additional bonus remixes: Stronger and I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman. Both are worth 5/5 stars. So this remix album takes a few original songs not many people liked in the first place (Early Mornin' is an example of an under estimated Britney song), and the DJs remix them to great standards. All the album needs is more promotion, because it's not selling much. In the U.K, it's said to be charted low, and it only opened up the Billboard charts (U.S) at #166, selling just 14,000 copies... Still, a rather fantastic remix album.

Cross Road: The Best of Bon Jovi
Cross Road: The Best of Bon Jovi
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars This is where the 6 star option is needed., 27 Nov 2005
This is one of the best Greatest Hits albums ever released. It's essential. It features 15 of their greatest hits including my favourite song of all-time-- LIVIN' ON A PRAYER!
I completely recommend this to die-hard Bon Jovi fans or beginners. Need I say more? :P

Presents Crazy Hits: New Version
Presents Crazy Hits: New Version
Offered by meliarecords
Price: £4.99

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Can't say I enjoy this "thing"!, 25 Aug 2005
I don't believe in cruelty to animals, but when it comes to the Crazy Frog, that's just one thing you gotta wanna shoot! The next song should be a re-make of Audio Bullys dance track "Shot You Down", featuring Nancy Sinatra, and the frog should get shot at the end in the video! I want to make an advert with loads of Crazy frog's on screen and then I shoot them all. "Ring ding ding ding ding ding, baaaaaaa" KER-POW! None of the tracks are good, don't buy it.

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