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Doctor Who -  The Complete Series 7 [DVD]
Doctor Who - The Complete Series 7 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Matt Smith
Offered by Quality Media Supplies Ltd.
Price: £31.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Don't judge a show by its critics, 25 Nov. 2013
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As a lifelong dedicated Whovian you can either fall into the trap of following the many forums and blogs where negativity is currency or you can watch a programme on it's own merits and enjoy the ride that each show runner provides. This, series 7, ran by the indomitable Stephen Moffat, is a different kettle of fish to his previous two woven tapestries with the fact that half of it is all movie style, stand alone epic bluster that says goodbye to two companions that came on board at the same time as Matt Smith, and the other half are stand alone stories infused with a mystery that is weaved in up untill the last episode while also introducing us to the latest plot driven companion. So, as a whole, it does feel slightly uneven as a dvd boxset but worked well to suit the gapping in it's transmission. That said, each story brings it's merits to the table and there is not really a damp squib between them. Yes even the critically panned Rings of Akhaten had it's good side where both Matt and Jenna act their chops off against a green screen monster/god. While doctor who confidential is missed the special features, while not up to par with previous box sets, does have a fair amount of importance to them, whether it's the mini episodes setting up the main course or little bite sized online making of vignettes it still makes holding out on getting the 2 part vanilla-ish dvds for so long and waiting for this treasure chest of a whole series of timey whimy, dinosaur hunting, angel dodging, tardis exploring, cybermen reinventing fun

John Carter [DVD]
John Carter [DVD]
Dvd ~ Taylor Kitsch
Price: £5.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good Film. Bad Advertising., 6 April 2013
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This review is from: John Carter [DVD] (DVD)
To start off with Disney did an abominable job of promoting this because it has been advertised all wrong and aimed at the wrong demographic. It pitches itself as the "Star Wars for a new generation". Well, to me, comparing it to Star Wars is like comparing E.T. The Extra Terrestrial with Close Encounters of the Third Kind; they're both about aliens, they both have big spaceships at the end of the movie but they are two entirely different beasts altogether. When John Carter first came out I had neither the inkling who John Carter was or who created him and I scoffed at the idea that a film set on our own planet Mars was still applicable in this day and age and I think the powers that be at Disney had the same fears which is why they held off from calling it John Carter from Mars until the very end of the movie. The best bet would have been to go down the Indiana Jones route and called it John Carter and the Princess from Mars, in that way we would have routed for the character of John Carter as he had his adventures with the Princess of Mars. So I never watched it on cinema thinking it was to Star wars what Mac & me was to E.T. I also said pass to the initial Dvd release because it didn't have the most favourable reviews from the shark-like pretentious critics but it wasn't until I was swathing through the plethora of satellite channels that had conspicuously nothing on that it caught my eye as it was about to start and I had every intention of giving it 15 minutes - all because of poor reviews, all because of poor promotional advertising - but I was two thirds the way through the film when I shook my head and thought "this film is not what it was advertised to be". Just the fact that it started off, as it does in the book, with Edgar Rice Burroughs recanting the story of his uncle's adventures, it cleverly employs the notion that Mars, from our perspective at the time, is lived upon and could very well entertain the idea that a drop dead gorgeous Princess is in need of the services of a gravity defying hero. I was astounded at how much I enjoyed this film and yet disappointed that Disney, who obviously spent a lot of money in this labour of love that has been 100 years in the making, didn't shout out about it from the rooftops because it is a damn good film and is far better than any recent George Lucas franchises. I think if you've hesitated about this film in the past then you will really enjoy it.

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