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Let's Get Digital: How To Self-Publish, And Why You Should: Updated Second Edition (Let's Get Publishing Book 1)
Let's Get Digital: How To Self-Publish, And Why You Should: Updated Second Edition (Let's Get Publishing Book 1)
Price: £2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A must-read for anybody considering self-publishing, 21 July 2011
Let's Get Digital is a book of three parts. The first part explores the 'digital revolution', why now is a great time to be a writer, and lessons the publishing industry should learn from the music industry. With sections such as "Could Piracy Be Good For Authors?" and "E-book Dominance Is Inevitable" this section is the definitive statement on the state of digital publishing at the moment.

The third section is a series of success stories. 33 different writers, some well known and some not so much, talk about how they got into digital publishing and the kind of ride they've had since. Some of these stories are a bit on the short side, but all of them are interesting and inspiring. You really get a feel for how digital self-publishing is empowering so many different writers, and could do the same for you.

The second part of the book is what I like to think of as the meat in the sandwich. Or the burrito maybe. I never did like sandwiches all that much. But then burritos have a really thin wrap, which is a little unfair to sections one and three, so maybe sandwich is a better metaphor after all...

Anyway, the second part of the book is meaty, telling you exactly what you need to do to self-publish. From writing to formatting to promoting, taking in cover design and editing along the way. There are other books which go into more detail about specific aspects, but 'Let's Get Digital' gives a really good overview of the whole process, with pointers to where you can get more information if you need it. It also goes a little more into the 'why's than many books do, with two parts of the section on promoting your book titled "Don't Be A D*ck" and "Do Unto Others." The advice to stay on the ethical side of the line has to be good for anybody seeking longevity in their writing career.

All in all, this is a must-read for anybody who is thinking of self-publishing. Whether you're a traditionally published author thinking of moving their back catalogue onto Kindle, a new writer who's frustrated with how long it takes to get an agent, or just someone who has a couple of poetry collections they'd like to share with the world, you'll definitely get something out of this. For the price, it's a bargain.

Serial (Lucy's Prequel to Serial Book 1)
Serial (Lucy's Prequel to Serial Book 1)
Price: £0.77

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5.0 out of 5 stars Delightfully twisted!, 20 July 2011
Given the way this was written (Konrath wrote the first scene, Crouch wrote the second, they wrote the third together but without either having read the other's scene yet) it had the potential to fail, to be just an interesting idea which just didn't quite work. Luckily (or maybe luck has nothing to do with it and it's simply down to skill, and a rapport between the two writers) this didn't happen, and Serial is a well-written and delightfully twisted short-story.

It was gruesome enough to make me wince in a couple of places, so if you're extremely squeamish then it might not be for you, but for anybody who can enjoy the darker side of fiction, this is an excellent short read. The 'bonus material' of a conversation between the authors is an interesting look into the unusual writing process which produced this tale. It sounds like they had as much fun writing it as I did reading it!

How To Sell A Gazillion eBooks In No Time
How To Sell A Gazillion eBooks In No Time
Price: £2.19

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4.0 out of 5 stars Thoroughly entertaining satire, 20 July 2011
A very funny satire on self-publishing, self-help, and self-abuse. Well, maybe not so much the last one. John Locke receives particular attention, as the title should make clear, but this isn't just a straightforward parody of 'How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!', rather it's a wry look at the kind of approach Locke, and others like him, puts forward.

There are many laugh out loud moments, and while I felt that the book could have been trimmed a little (it's the fact that some sections felt like they went on a bit too long which led to me giving the book four stars, rather than five), it's a thoroughly entertaining read nonetheless.

Marketing on Amazon: Making your fiction or non-fiction book a better seller
Marketing on Amazon: Making your fiction or non-fiction book a better seller

3.0 out of 5 stars A brief overview of the topic, 19 July 2011
This is a very short, very basic guide to marketing your book on Amazon. It doesn't go into too much detail, rather just gives suggestions on the kinds of things you should be doing.

If you're looking for a quick overview of the subject then this book is fine, but if you want to go deeper (and if you're actually interested in the success of your self-published books, you should want to go deeper) I'd recommend reading Let's Get Digital: How To Self-Publish And Why You Should (Kindle) and How I Sold 1 Million eBooks In 5 Months! (Kindle) instead.

Incompetence (GOLLANCZ S.F.)
Incompetence (GOLLANCZ S.F.)
by Rob Grant
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Rib-bustingly funny, 16 Jan 2008
Not many books make me laugh out loud but Incompetence made me laugh out loud on pretty much every page. I'm buying a second copy as I lent the last one to a friend and never received it back. Nothing less than comedy genius.

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