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Magicbox Kitchen Digital DAB/FM Radio with Soft Touch Controls
Magicbox Kitchen Digital DAB/FM Radio with Soft Touch Controls
Price: 51.06

1.0 out of 5 stars Don't waste your money on this, 16 Mar 2014
Order this product at your peril.

I first bought this radio 2.5 years ago. The speaker stopped working after 6 mths, so I sent it back; I hadn't heard anything for 6 weeks so I rang to chase it up. The repairer apologised and said they had sent it to the wrong address. Eventually the repaired radio arrived, and then shortly after the soft touch controls stopped working. I sent it back and it was returned about a month later 'repaired' - but the soft touch controls still weren't working property then a week later stopped working at all. I spoke to the repairers and said I was unhappy, and they agreed to send me a brand new unit. I waited 6 weeks but nothing arrived, so I chased it up - they apologised and the unit turned up a few days later. That new unit stopped working completely after a month.

In summary in the 2.5 years I had this unit it has probably only worked for a total of 4-5 months. Plus I paid a small fortune in postal costs as it had to be sent registered post each time it was returned for repair (I was only sent a pre-paid sticker the last time I had to send it back). And I still don't have a functioning unit.

What a total and utter waste of my money!

Silentroar Silent Roar Nitrogen Based Fertilizer 0.5kg
Silentroar Silent Roar Nitrogen Based Fertilizer 0.5kg
Offered by Online Garden Centre
Price: 9.99

1.0 out of 5 stars not very effective, 20 Nov 2012
I'm not sure if this product only works with certain types of cats. I used a couple of handfuls of this product on my relatively small garden, as instructed on the box, but it made no difference. I ended up spreading the whole box onmy garden which seemed toput off some of the male cats. But the female cats weren't bothered in the slightest by it - in fact, it seemed to attract them even more! :x I'm so disappointed as my neighbour's female cat has destroyed an entire 2m x 2m patch of my garden by using it as her latrine and it hasn't stopped her one little bit. I've tried everything else - citrus, ammonia, egg shells, lavender, vinegar, special repellents & gels, water, a sonic device, netting (which she thinks is brilliant fun).
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Master Of None
Master Of None

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5.0 out of 5 stars wonderfully-crafted pop gem, 30 Aug 2011
This review is from: Master Of None (MP3 Download)
Jonnie Common is a Scottish singer-songwriter-producer unfamiliar to many, but on the evidence of this album will soon be a household name. Formerly known (and criminally-underrated as) Down The Tiny Steps, Common plays everything on his debut self-produced album. It's a heady combination of catchy melodies, cleverly multi-layered acoustic & electronic sounds, topped with Common's distinctive rich Scottish-burred baritone and intelligent yet heartfelt lyrics. Highlights for me include the beautiful, hymn-like 'Heir To The Throne', the sparkling banjo-bleep-glockenspiels of 'Infinitea', the church organ-rocking 'Hand to Hand' (in which Common ponders 'Can't skateboard to save my life...but I like to imagine what kind of bizarre scenario might need me having to do so'), the trouser-flapping deepgroove of 'Bed Bugs' and 'Summer Is For Going Places' ('winter is for watching films'), which culminates in a hoe-down breakbeat which I guarantee you will not hear the likes of on any other record this year.

This album demonstrates a craftsmanship & song-writing ability which is finally gathering Jonnie Common the attention he has long-deserved, with several fans at 6Music including Lauren Laverne. Get on board now, because it won't be long before these shiny pop gems will be sparkling on every radio/tv station in the galaxy!

Price: 13.89

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5.0 out of 5 stars a wonderfully eclectic album by a superb talent, 22 Aug 2009
This review is from: Boys (Audio CD)
There are some albums which reward the listener with every play, revealing new sounds, nuances and melodies. Cortney Tidwell's second album is just one of them. The palate of styles introduced by her first album, Don't Let The Stars Keep us Tangled Up, is expanded further here, producing an album that sounds like Bjork, Loretta Lyn and Liz Fraser got drunk one weekend with a box of classic songs & 70s synthesizers, then invited Brian Eno and My Bloody Valentine over for a jam. Tidwell's vocal talents have never been in doubt, but the breadth of this album really allows her versatility to shine through - it's been a long time since such a wide range of vocal styles has been heard on a single album. 'Watusii', a cracking fizzball of ethereal upbeat electropop, was a great choice for the first single to be released from the album (the video is also superb! - check it out online) but for me the stand-out track is 'Solid State' - a smouldering bluesy epic that wouldn't have sounded out of place on the soundtrack of Twin Peaks.

A definite contender for Album Of The Year.

These Were the Earlies
These Were the Earlies
Offered by encorerecords
Price: 7.39

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5.0 out of 5 stars A timeless slice of beauty, 11 Jan 2007
This review is from: These Were the Earlies (Audio CD)
If I could I would give this album 6 stars.

From the gorgeous tinkling harmonies of opening track "In The Beginning..." to the upliftingly expansive closer "Dead Birds", the quality is breathtaking and the love with which it was crafted obvious. Repeated listening rewards the listener too, as the intricate layers of production slowly unpeel themselves into your ears. Not that they are so precious as to extract all humanity from the music: listen closely and you'll hear the odd giggle, instruments being dropped, extracts from memorial services, quiet cues - even the odd "eh,what?!" between band members.

Unusually, the lyrical content matches the quality of the music - at turns sombre, uplifting, admonishing, but always with a refreshing honesty.

Albums like this are a true rarity and should be cherished as the gems they are.

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