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Panasonic DMP-BDT130 Smart Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player - Black
Panasonic DMP-BDT130 Smart Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player - Black

2.0 out of 5 stars Love-hate, 3 Feb. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have tried to get along with this player but our relationship just didn't work out. It's my first ever item bought on Amazon I had to sent back.
The dimensions are a bit awkward as mentioned by other reviews. I didn't mind that as I was aware before I bought it.
The remote has plenty of buttons but there isn't a dedicated button for the subtitles. I find this simply unacceptable.
The Netflix button is driving me mad. First of all why is there a dedicated button for it.. what if I don't use Netflix and would rather have something else? It's too close to the navigation buttons and you'll end up pressing it by accident. To make it worse it takes ages to open the application and close it.
The "DVD Home" button is bizarre and most of the times does not take you to the root of the DVD.
None of the above however comes close to the annoyance I was getting from the sounds the player makes. It's simply too loud. When reading the disks it makes this "hrrr hrrr hrrrr" sounds. I don't mind it in the "action movies" where there is music, loud audio effects etc... you can't hear it. It's when there is no or barely any sound in the movie you can hear the player reading the data. It's infuriating. You sit there on the sofa, enjoying whatever you are watching and there comes this "HRRRR HRRR HRRR" sound. Worst of all Mr Panasonic doesn't consider this a fault. I was going to send it back as faulty but something prompted me to read the manual and there it was. The player is not considered faulty if it makes any sounds when reading the disks. Well Mr Panasonic, our 10 year old Philips is dead silent compared to this so you have a lot to learn. The loud reading noise is there no matter what disk I put in it. Normal DVD, Bluray, old disk, new disk - no difference.
Two days before I sent it back it froze twice and wouldn't respond to anything. Only way to sort it out was to pull the plug out.

Now the good bits.
I liked the 1080 upscaling and the digital audio.
It loaded Bluray disks rather quickly. I mean normal ones, we don't have 3D.
DNLA worked flawlessly.
Card reader, you don't see that often on a DVD player. It can be very handy if you have a digital camera and want to see your photos right away.
Two USB ports, again you don't see this often (if at all!)

All in all it could have been a good piece of kit but it wasn't. I had a love-hate relationship with it and really took me a while before I decided to send it back.
Now I'm on the market for another Bluray player (the 10 year old Philips is back on the stack) but there isn't much of a choice. I will not touch anything Samsung with a stick, current Sony players have this bizarre shape which prevents you from stacking anything on the top, Philips seem not to be what they were, LG and Toshiba seem to be a bit of a hit and miss. Hopefully 2015 will bring some new models worth considering.

Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Diecast Plus Windlifter
Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Diecast Plus Windlifter

2.0 out of 5 stars Good idea ruined, 9 Dec. 2014
First of all didn't buy it here.
Second I was really looking forward to opening and playing with this with my youngest. Be aware that some of the pictures on Amazon represent different Windlifter. The one I'm commenting on is the most popular one that says DELUXE on the packaging and has three pairs of retractable rotors.
Once you retract the rotors they tend to group back together without putting much effort, which can be quite frustrating. I'm quite tempted to superglue them. Also the rotors are poorly planned because the bottom pair is so low it hits the top of the engines. After one of the engine got hit few hundred times in the space of few days it became loose.
And there is the detachable pod. Locking mechanism is... well it's lame. We have a Matchbox Thunderbird 2 made over 20 years ago and the T4 release button works like magic till this day. It's simple one-push release button (or click, to attach).
Not to mention poor paint job. We are talking about £10+ diecast and I had to go through 6 different Windlifters to find one which was ok(ish) and I was desperate to buy one there and then.

Very disappointing considering this is one of the most sought after characters from Planes 2.

Planes 2: Fire and Rescue [DVD]
Planes 2: Fire and Rescue [DVD]
Dvd ~ Roberts Gannaway
Price: £10.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Patch, drop the needle!, 9 Dec. 2014
This is a massive improvement compared to the first Planes movie. I disliked it so much I spent 20mins writing very negative Amazon review, I hoped on every opportunity to poke it and make jokes about it. The Fire and Rescue however is different kettle of fish.
The opening 10-15 minutes are Planes-1-like - it's slow, filled with failed jokes, nothing exiting overall, the TMST scene being the only exception. After that we get some good adrenaline filled, fast paced action movie.. if you can use that terminology when you talk about animated movie. Some of the dialogs are well written and I found few of the lines funny.
The new characters have more depth, charisma, individuality and are more likeable than the old ones. Personally I just can't stand Chug and Sparky.. but each to it's own. Them two combined don't even make half a Mater (for those who claim Planes are "Cars with wings" and Chug is the equivalent of Tow Mater)... little diggresion there.

Planes 1 is a Bollywood style, very childish, naive, unrealistic (borderline of absurd) children's cartoon.
Planes 2 is action packed, animation for kids AND their parents. And most of all it's more realistic. Take Dusty's gearbox fault and compare it with Planes 1 when he "drowned" in the Pacific and Dottie used parts from 10 or 15 different aircrafts to fix him. Not to mention the makers have spent some time with the Californian Department of Forestry and Fire Protection BEFORE they actually started making it.

It's a strong 3*, probably 4* movie.. but because of the AC/DC track I can't give it any less than 5!

Remember... With thunder comes lightning. And with lightning... comes fire!
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Price: £0.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars Poor beyond belief, 27 Oct. 2014
This review is from: Gravity (DVD)
Lots of people recommended this movie to me. Lots. The thing is this movie is so poor the words can't describe it. They've tried to make it realistic but the end result is quite shocking. You don't have to have PhD in physics to know quite few things are NOT realistic and are made up on the go. It took only half an hour for me to start laughing and starting to checking the time. The only good thing is the CGI but to appreciate it you need a bigger TV/projector. But then again why bother when you can pick up more interesting and educational BBC documentary about our planet.

Planes [DVD]
Planes [DVD]
Dvd ~ Dane Cook
Price: £7.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars Sweet mother of all that is good and pure... what the hell was that, 27 Aug. 2014
This review is from: Planes [DVD] (DVD)
Bought this from the local "Every Little Helps" supermarket as our 2.5 year old spotted it while we were pushing the trolley down the aisle. I haven't watched it myself because from what I remember it didn't get a lot of positive reviews... but then again a lot of other good movies didn't get them either but they were good. So what the heck, I thought, lets buy it...
Now let me point out that we are huge Cars fans at our household. Our 2.5 year old knows all the main characters by name, as well as some which only appear on screen for literally few seconds (Nitroade, Suki, Harumi, Barry Diesel, Dexter, Trunkov etc.). We even have some rare die casts which have not been removed from their packaging. We have seen Cars 1 and 2 at least 50 times and I don't get bored with it yet. Household. Cars. Fans. Period. Got it? Good.
Planes movie is NOTHING like "Cars with wings". In fact it's so shallow and hollow it's nowhere near the Cars franchise. Cars 2 which by many is considered a mistake is heck of a lot better than Planes. This is so bad I don't even know where to start. The question is do I want to start though? Waste my time writing about a movie I don't like. And neither does my son.
The beginning (first 10-15mins) is sort of ok(ish). The storyline is a typical Disney no-brainer but you can quickly forget about that because there are some nice flight animations which unfortunately end very quickly. And after that everything just goes downhill... even the story line, it's getting from bad to worst. El Chupacabra's love adventure should be deleted from the history books/movie tapes. It's terrible. Dusty's romance with Ashani isn't much better either.
The back of the box says "Contains no material likely to offend or harm". Oh really? Is that so? So what do you classify as shooting/killing a whole squadron of Corsairs? I remember many parents saying the "torture scene" in Cars 2 (Rod Redline being interrogated by Zundapp and the Lemons) was not acceptable.
How naive do actually the creators think the children are? Sure it is a cartoon, not everything is real but for Gods sake even a 5 year old will tell you you don't fish for planes from the bottom of the ocean. And that two aircrafts will not get stuck in a canyon. Yes it is a cartoon but this is a borderline of absurd. No wait it's way past beyond that point. Why? Because at the beginning the Skipper is trying to teach Dusty about aerodynamics, physics etc where an hour later a helicopter is fishing him out from the Pacific. Riiiiiiiight... sounds/looks legit.
Did I say I am Cars fan? Oh yes I did. I'm also aircraft fan. Been since I was 3-4. Planes should have been the perfect combination for me but it wasn't. It was painful to watch and my youngest thought the same. He is too young to be able to describe what he feels but I can read him by watching him and he wasn't enjoying it past the first ten minutes. The one and only time he got excited was when he saw the tractors. Simply because they reminded him about the tractors in Cars 1.

I've taken back the DVD for a refund and let me tell you I have never, ever in my life returned a movie before. If I saw it at carboot sale for 50p I would haggle with the seller as I think even than is too expensive.

Now... where is that Mater's Tales DVD which is also absurd but on entirely different level...

Anti-Static Wrist Strap Grounding Wrist Strap / Band / Grounding / Band ESD Discharge - Prevents Build up of Static Electricity - Comaptibles E-Shop
Anti-Static Wrist Strap Grounding Wrist Strap / Band / Grounding / Band ESD Discharge - Prevents Build up of Static Electricity - Comaptibles E-Shop
Offered by accmart
Price: £0.95

4.0 out of 5 stars Choose your seller wisely, 19 Aug. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Well it's an antistatic wrist band and it works.

If you decided to buy one look who are you buying it from. There is an option of buying it cheap and waiting longer to have it delivered or slightly more expensive with shorter delivery time.

Thermaltake 20 cm LED Silent Fan - Blue
Thermaltake 20 cm LED Silent Fan - Blue
Offered by Tick Ltd
Price: £26.27

3.0 out of 5 stars Silent? Don't think so, 8 Aug. 2014
I have three of these fitted to my Thermaltake case and let me tell you they can shift A LOT of air around.
They are not silent however. Not even close to silent unless you have components which tend to make sounds which can only be compared to jet engines. I don't. Passively cooled graphics, massive Noctua on the cpu and psu can be heard only when you put your ear next to it. These fans are by far the loudest things in my PC even on the low settings. The nine year old 12cm fans from my old Thermaltake chassis are quieter.
Would try and swap them for something else but there isn't much of a choice when it comes to 20cm.

UniBond 1593891 50g 100Percent Power Glue Bottle
UniBond 1593891 50g 100Percent Power Glue Bottle
Price: £4.39

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1.0 out of 5 stars Possibly the worst glue ever made, 15 Jun. 2014
Bought this from the local DIY store as it was on special offer (15% off).
Tried it on several different materials and it's just not fit for purpose. Calling it "glue" is a HUGE overstatement It looks and feels more like a liquid silicone. It just does NOT stick you need to hold the objects for very long periods of time because the drying time is close to infinity. For example I used it on one of our dining chairs (wooden, no paint), I've hold it together for over 5 mins and the glue still wouldn't start to dry. Eventually I tied the chair up hoping the glue will do its job in few hours. Checked 7 hours later and it was ok.

Tried to glue some cardboard over the weekend. It won't even do that properly. 10mins after I applied it still won't hold it together. Checked three hours later it was ok. THREE HOURS.
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CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad
CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad
Price: £29.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Quite possibly the worst potty I've ever seen, 20 Dec. 2013
... and that's coming from a person whose little "pride and joy" is 20 months old and going on the potty for nearly half of the time.
I don't believe and never believed in the (old fashioned), so called, potty training. Begging, bribing and doing everything in between to try and get your young one to do the business on/in the potty. No thank you.
You introduce it and show it to them gradually. Yes you might have wet floor and carpet from time to time but that's less stressful for you and your child. When the time is right and they feel ready they will start going on it without you pulling your hair out.

Nevermind the fact that the first 36 months of the child's life are crucial and they should not come into contact with TVs/laptops/tablets/mobile phones etc
If you really want to interact with them in the similar way while they are on the potty get a normal notepad and crayons... remember those?

So yea all-in-all another great product from "over the pond" to help you start dumbing down your child from an early stage.

It might be slightly beneficial if your child has, say, learning difficulties but I don't see this product being advertised that way after watching the 2mins+ video.

Mannesmann 150mm Precision Vernier Caliper in Plastic Box
Mannesmann 150mm Precision Vernier Caliper in Plastic Box
Price: £13.04

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1.0 out of 5 stars Don't bother with this one, 16 Dec. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It looks cheap and it feels cheap. It's very sharp on the edges and not balanced at all. Getting it to slide is a bit of an effort - considering it's a precision tool and you need to be gentle with it.
It comes in a box but it's not secured or anything you can hear it rattling as soon as you start carrying it.
I doubt it has been made in Germany because of the poor quality.

For that price it doesn't deserve more than 1 star. I'm seriously considering sending it back and getting something cheaper (and probably better at the same time).

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