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Araldite ARA-400001 15ml 2-Tubes Standard Epoxy
Araldite ARA-400001 15ml 2-Tubes Standard Epoxy
Price: £5.20

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not what it used to be, 13 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Always used to be great stuff. However, this "New Formulation" is not as good as the original. I specifically sought out Araldite from Amazon as all the other brands available in my local DIY stores had poor temperature performance (or nothing specified). The original Araldite used to be good for 150degC. Not this stuff - 65degC max! Would barely survive in a dishwasher.

Bathlift Bathmaster Sonaris Handcontroller
Bathlift Bathmaster Sonaris Handcontroller
Price: £115.95

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1.0 out of 5 stars 3 out of 3 units dead on arrival. Amazon good about it, Patterson Medical couldn't care less., 23 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've just had 3 out of 3 of these dead out of the box. For the long story, see my review of the BathMaster Sonaris itself. Amazon replaced units without question until I got fed up with it all and bought something different elsewhere. Patterson Medical couldn't care less.

I'm amazed that the other reviewers give this 4* or 5* - shows you how low our expectations of products have become. From the other reviews, it seems a battery pack will typically last a couple of years, which at £117 I consider a complete rip-off. They are only NiMH batteries, not Li-ion; the cells themselves will have cost Patterson about £1 from China. If you are going to package something as expensively as they do, it would be worth getting some quality cells in the first place.

Sonaris Bathmaster Blue Bath Lift with Covers
Sonaris Bathmaster Blue Bath Lift with Covers
Price: £380.57

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1.0 out of 5 stars 3 out of 3 units dead out of the box, and the manufacturer couldn't care less., 23 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The chair is ok, the battery packs are dire, and Patterson's "customer relations" is atrocious.

I originally bought one of these a couple of years ago for my mother-in-law (then 93). It worked fine, a good product really, but then it stopped working. With hindsight, we could probably have got away with replacing just the battery pack, but the covers were torn and it was all understandably getting a bit grotty. So, looking for the easiest if not the cheapest solution, we bought a complete new unit, and took it over to my M-in-L's house 35 miles away. It worked for a few days, then the carers reported that it wasn't charging. Ordered a complete replacement unit (the only easy thing to do with Amazon). This was dead out of the box. Battery completely dead, wouldn't accept a charge. This time I spoke with someone at Amazon, and persuaded them to send me just the battery pack (FOC, arrived 9am next day - Amazon are great!). This battery seemed ok, as it went through the right sequence of light colours on the charger, ending with a green light after a few hours. However, when connected to the chair, it wouldn't move it - just made a few noises! Shortly after disconnecting it, the battery pack on its own started making a loud whine, which continues for about 36hr and I couldn't get it to stop (put it in the garage until it shut up!). As my M-in-L had now not had a bath for about 8 days, we bought a (much more expensive) unit of a different brand from a local shop and took it round.

Amazon were, as always, very good about it all, and the whole lot of Bathmaster junk has gone back for a full refund. Patterson Medical in UK weren't in the least bit interested in the fact that 3 out of 3 units had failed, just kept telling me to contact Amazon. Their only comment about the duff batteries was to blame Amazon for selling old stock. As the battery packs were dated 2013 and 2014, that's a bit of an indictment of a product if the batteries have a shelf life of less than 2 years! I also emailed Patterson in USA, no reply. What a shower!

So, although I am not financially out of pocket (apart from the cost of about 300 miles to and fro to my M-in-L's house delivering and retrieving duff chairs), the whole episode has caused an enormous amount of hassle, and taken up an enormous amount of time.

Patterson's Quality Control is obviously as bad as their customer service. You might be lucky and get a good one. But even a good one will cost you £1.20/week if it only lasts a couple of years. The battery pack is £117 which is a lot for a small pack of NiMH batteries - not even Li-ion.

Iphone 6 White Flip Leather Wallet Case Cover For Apple iPhone 6 by TB1 Products ®
Iphone 6 White Flip Leather Wallet Case Cover For Apple iPhone 6 by TB1 Products ®
Offered by Top Bargain1
Price: £3.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Very bulky, otherwise not bad, 29 Oct. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this without actually owning an iPhone 6 (yet) because I'm not sure I will get on with the large format - I still have an iPhone 4 - and it's a big leap in size. So I thought I'd buy a cheap case and put it in my pocket for a week.....
This case has good points and bad:

The good:
Very cheap.
Good protection - the phone clips into an all-round plastic holder which is stuck inside the "leather" flip case, which protrudes well beyond the phone, so it looks like it will protect the phone very well if dropped. (Can't say how well it fits, tho'!)
Good access to most ports/switches, a big cut-out for the camera BUT no cutout for Lightning charge/sync cable (why do they almost all do this?)
Unlike some other flip case/wallet combos, the card pockets point in towards the phone, so your cards won't fall out when you have the cover dangling down while making a call.
Very secure magnetic clip closure.

The bad:
VERY thick and bulky. Overall thickness of the case is 18mm, 21mm over the closure, and that's without any cards in it. Overall dimensions 75x148. Compares with 138x67 for the iPhone 6 itself, 158x78 for a bare 6+
No cut-out for charge/sync.
The closure, while secure, is a bit awkward to open & close. A bit of practice and you can open it one-handed, but you need to use two hands to close it again.
The picture (but, to be fair, not the text) implies that a screen protector is included. It isn't, and I think you'd want one.

All in all, not bad for the price, if you can put up with the bulk. Probably ok for a handbag, probably too big for a pocket, even if it does (as I'd hoped) replace the need for a separate wallet.

Fuel Can 2lt.
Fuel Can 2lt.
Offered by Motorcycleparts UK
Price: £13.95

2.0 out of 5 stars Spout too small to fill from petrol pump!, 13 May 2014
This review is from: Fuel Can 2lt. (DIY & Tools)
Bought one of these elsewhere, but the same design. Bought for outboard fuel for a boat tender. OK for what it is, if rather expensive, but beware that the spout is quite small (about 18mm ID), far too small to fill it directly from a petrol pump. You need to fill a regular can first and decant using a funnel. Very fiddly. Also, even if you could fit a petrol station nozzle in it, the can does not have the markings required to legally fill it in the UK.

jnt (the thinnest leather case in the world) 1mm edge thickness aluminium coated PU Leather Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4 4G 4S (black)
jnt (the thinnest leather case in the world) 1mm edge thickness aluminium coated PU Leather Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4 4G 4S (black)
Offered by jntworld
Price: £6.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent case for the price, just doesn't protect corners, 23 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Very thin, looks good, fits well, reasonable protection, closes well and opens easily, good access to all ports. Front and back well protected, but not much protection to corners if you drop it (as is obvious from the pics). Replaces an Apple bumper (free after AntennaGate), which finally gave up the ghost (rubber torn) after nearly 3 years. That had the opposite attributes - good protection to edges and corners, no protection front & back (I kept films on), tight access to ports (3rd-party dock connectors wouldn't fit, only Apple ones). Yes, the "hinges" on the jnt do cover the bottom speaker ports, but not a problem in practice - I can't hear any difference between case open or closed, and the "hinges" have to go somewhere.
On the whole, very pleased with this jnt case. Highly recommended unless you are in the habit of dropping your phone onto concrete.

Forefront Cases Leather Case Cover/Stand with Magnetic Auto Sleep Wake Function for Apple iPad Mini - White
Forefront Cases Leather Case Cover/Stand with Magnetic Auto Sleep Wake Function for Apple iPad Mini - White
Offered by Forefront Cases
Price: £39.99

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent product at bargain price, 26 Nov. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Yes, agree with all the others, this is an excellent product, better in every way than Apple's Smart Cover. The problem with the Smart Cover is that it is too floppy, and when open, it is actually quite hard to hold the iPad. This is (almost) perfect. The back offers excellent protection with really good access to everything, and clips to the iPad really well. As one reviewer pointed out, the main "hinge" (which is just the leather) does not fully constrain the angle of the cover when folded back, so it can sit a bit skewed; but it's fine. The suede on the inside of the cover is not slippery, making holding it easy.

What would improve it? Grippier "suede" on the inside of the cover (to make holding it when open easier); somehow, a more defined hinge line, but I don't see how they could do this; otherwise, pretty well perfect.

When I ordered it, it was only £3.99 + £2.90, a real steal. Still a bargain at £6.99. Someone mentioned an included screen protector - not included with mine, but I don't think you need one with an iPad if you have a cover like this anyway.

My only little gripe is that charging £2.90 postage for such a small, flat & light item, you'd think they'd send it First Class; it was sent 2nd Class, never arrived, and the replacement took nearly a week to arrive.

Intenso 3530470 16GB Micro Line USB 3.0 Flash Drive - Black
Intenso 3530470 16GB Micro Line USB 3.0 Flash Drive - Black
Offered by hightechpaket
Price: £11.54

5.0 out of 5 stars Worthwhile speed improvement even on USB2 (Mac), 21 Nov. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I don't yet have USB 3 (5-yr-old iMac - they just last for ever!) but this gives a very worthwhile speed improvement even on USB 2, especially at this price. Quick test gave 13 MByte/s write, 28 MB/s read on USB 2, with no difference between plugging it direct into my iMac or via an old Belkin USB2 hub. This is just over twice as fast as a 1-yr-old cheapo USB stick (7-day shop). At £7 for 16GB (21Nov12), excellent value (even excellent value at the £8 I paid a few days ago - not complaining!!)
Also very neat, slim and compact; whether you prefer the easily-lost but sealed dust-cap to the swivel shields of other makes is a matter of personal preference.

SanDisk SDSDWIFI-004G-X46 4GB Eye-Fi Wireless Class 4 Memory Card with Adapter
SanDisk SDSDWIFI-004G-X46 4GB Eye-Fi Wireless Class 4 Memory Card with Adapter

51 of 58 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Great product, appalling software & user interface, 4 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is in principle a great system but ruined by the very confusing and unnecessarily complicated set-up and UI. Even one of the more enthusiastic reviewers (Phil UK) said he got it all up and running "in a couple of hours"!! What low expectations we sometimes have!! It should take a few minutes, not hours!!! And why is it necessary to connect the card to the internet every time you want to change some settings, when you don't want any pics uploaded beyond your local network? The confusing and sometimes contradictory user instructions are scattered around a variety of web pages and help screens, treating the user as an idiot one moment and as an IT expert the next. The iOS App instructions show screens that don't exist!

The main function of transferring pics from camera to a desktop computer via a local wireless network is fairly easy to set up, and works fairly well (most of the time), but is of limited usefulness (IMHO). Modern multi-megapixel cameras producing 5MB JPGs will generate a lot of data very quickly (and for HD video, at a ridiculous rate!), and it is much faster and simpler to pop an ordinary SD card out of the camera and into a card reader on the desktop. Since you can't do anything useful with the pics on your desktop computer unless you are sitting at it, there seems little benefit in uploading them over the network. Transfer speeds are very erratic - sometimes pics transfer in a few seconds, sometimes it takes forever. It seems to need to be close to the wireless access point - and it rather defeats the object of the exercise to have to take the camera over to near the router and leave it there to transfer the pics.....

Far, far more useful is the ability to send pics to an iPad, to be used for instant gratification on a decent-sized display. Here, the picture (!) is very confusing. Eye-Fi's "Direct Mode" works very well, but ONLY if no other "known" networks are around, as it has the lowest priority when Eye-Fi tries to find a network connection. So, if you are out and about, away from known networks, it is great; but you do have to tell the iPad to connect to the EyeFi card every time, which it will only do while the Eye-Fi is transmitting, which it will only do AFTER you've taken a picture, and only for a short time before the camera goes to sleep again. It all works ok if you remember all this, and set the iPad app to not go to sleep, and perhaps extend your camera's sleep time too (both risking flat batteries). But trying to get pics to transfer to the iPad when at home where there are "known" networks can be very erratic. It is also difficult if, eg, visiting family where your iPad (but not your Eye-Fi card) "knows" their network; every time the Eye-Fi stops transmitting, your iPad will reconnect to your family's network (unless you tell the iPad to "forget this network"; a pain if you then want to Google something 5 minutes later and have to re-enter a password everyone has long forgotten...). Or you could tell the Eye-Fi card to recognise your family's local wireless network - except you can ONLY do this by plugging the card into a card reader in a computer with internet access!!! A further anomaly with the iOS App is that it is not at all clear how to delete pics (apparently, you have to change Apps to Apple's "Photos" App and delete them there - why??). And I still haven't worked out how to get the pics to transfer from my iPad to my desktop over my local network.... there is an option called "Relay Transfer" but I think this involves sending them via Eye-Fi's servers - the documentation is vague on this point and I haven't managed to get it to work. Easier to take the card out of the camera and.....

By far the least useful "use" IMHO is the ability (in theory) to upload your pics directly from your camera to various Cloud services. Uploading 5MB pics to Facebook or whatever is just plain daft. With my broadband upload speed of 250kbit/s, it takes 3 minutes per picture. Most people don't realise that their "10Mb" internet service is (a) Megabits, not MegaBytes and (b) the download speed, not the upload speed. Most UK consumers have a nominal upload speed of only 250 or 500 Mb/s.

All in all, a good device if you think the limited benefits are worth potentially hours of hassle. It could be so much better with (a) a completely re-written user interface and (b) a stronger WiFi signal.

******UPDATE a few days later******

With thanks to a Mrs Y who commented on my review:

I think a large part of my problem was due to weak WiFi signals from the Eye-Fi card, combined with generally poor WiFi coverage in my large old house, despite several access points. Deleting all the other networks from the Eye-Fi card forces it to work in Direct Mode to the iPad, which by definition is close to the camera when I'm using it thus. I still need to manually select the Eye-Fi network on the iPad, AFTER taking the first pic; and I've increased the sleep time on the camera as otherwise the iPad reconnects to the home network again when the camera sleeps - a pain if taking a number of pics with significant pauses in between.

And then, as you say, setting up the iPad to transfer the pics to my desktop works well; I just need to relaunch the Eye-Fi App on the iPad when I'm finished and the iPad has reconnected to my home network (tho' for the reasons mentioned in my original review, it's still just as easy to pop the card into a reader if there are a lot of pics). And my comments re sending large pics via the internet are obviously misinformed; as I don't want to do this anyway, I hadn't delved into the options to send smaller files.

So, many thanks for your help. I'd give the product another star now; but I still think the set-up is unnecessarily difficult and confusing.

One other minor issue is the slowness of the iPad App in "processing" pics - when you browse pics within the App, there is a delay of 2 or 3 secs before each pic transforms from a very-low-res thumbnail into a sharp pic. This delay is much greater than when doing the same thing within the Photos app, and the buffer seems smaller too (only 2 or 3 pics "remembered" at full res in the App, cf lots more in Photos). Perhaps I need a "New" iPad (have only the original one!)
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FiiO E1 Headphone Amplifier - Black
FiiO E1 Headphone Amplifier - Black

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Small volume increase on iPod Touch, none on iPhone/iPad, 4 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Like D Walker, I wanted this primarily to increase the volume when playing (voice) podcasts through the Aux input on my Merc, which for some reason has a very low sensitivity. Music is usually ok, but voice is never loud enough to make out over the road noise at speed. The E1 produces a small but probably just adequate volume increase when using my old (1G) iPod Touch as the source, but no perceptible increase at all using my iPhone or iPad (yes, I've got all the gadgets....). The same is true using several different sets of earphones. And yes, I've checked, I don't have the Volume Limit set.

I also agree with other users that the controls are annoying, as it is impossible to adjust the volume without accidentally pressing the skip buttons. I also agree that there is no need for a long, relatively inflexible lead, coupled with a very oversized dock connector. The form factor would have been much better if it were a single module with the amp and dock connector in a single block, with no cable.

I was going to return it to Amazon but decided it wasn't worth the hassle and it does just about produce a useful volume increase with the iPod. It is also the only unit I could find that uses the iPod as a power supply, a good thing in my opinion, as the alternative is a messy combination of eg Fiio E5/E6 + dock cable + separate USB charging cable for the E6 - it gets very messy.

PS - perhaps the reason it works with my old iPod Touch may be something to do with EU volume limits mentioned by others - perhaps my iTouch predates these? The real culprit seems to be the low volume of voice podcasts from the BBC, tho' like D Walker, I have previously just burned MP3 CDs which work fine....

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