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Sony CDX-R6550 - In Car CD Radio
Sony CDX-R6550 - In Car CD Radio

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent for the money!, 13 Mar. 2006
I can happily say this is one of the best car stereos i have ever used. Not only does it look good, but the sound quality is fantastic. It is very fast at reading discs (Audio CD and MP3), in fact much faster than my old Clarion which i was told is better than Sony. There are pre-set sound modes for different music styles or you can define your own setting very easily. As for connectability, thew unit has 2 RCA outputs which you can run to amplifiers. A handy option is to run the "rear" output as standard or "subwoofer". Selecting the latter option gives you the ability to adjust the volume of the amplifier powering the sub independantly. If you are a real bass head then this is a must! the internal amplifier (4x50w max) is more than enough to run most uprated speakers and the quoted 100db+ signal-to-noise ratio means you get a super clear sound even at high volumes (speaker dependant). I cannot fault this unit and advise anyone in the market for a new car stereo to give it a go. I'm supremely inpressed and i'm sure you will be too.... especially at this price!!

Battlefield 2 (PC DVD)
Battlefield 2 (PC DVD)
Offered by Gameseek
Price: £5.77

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5.0 out of 5 stars You'll forget about the faults very quickly!, 18 Aug. 2005
Where do i start? Well previous reviews detail the specs and the weapons/vehicles etc. so i'll give you the info from a serious gamers point of view.
Firstly, there ARE some problems, but you'll forget about them very quickly because you'll be engrossed in everything going on in the game. I've experienced lag, but that is partly due to my wireless network. And there are one or two bugs, but that's to be expected for a new game. The latest patch has fixed a lot of problems so gameplay is superb now.
Here's what you need... peace & quiet, a headset with mic, a decent mouse and lots of spare time!
The best feature of this game is the ability to talk to other players directly instead of typing, so you can co-ordinate your battles far more effectively. And the "Commo Rose" function is genius. Instead of typing "i see a tank! He's coming round the..." you have one key which brings up a menu where you can issue commands, highlight enemy units, ask for help, thank players etc. It really is a work of genius.
Now if teamwork is not your bag, don't bother with this game 'cos you won't win anything unless you're the worlds best sniper!
Each playing team has a commander (you can apply to be commander at the start of each game) who can overlook the battlefield in a map style and can issue commands or offer intel to players. Squads can be set up and squad leaders can talk directly with the commander. Squad leaders also have the option to talk only to their own squad. This means there is constant communication and you have a better chance of winning the game.
Awards are also available through combat which in turn lead to unlockable weapons. As you play and your score rises, your rank moves up too. I'm not great but i'm currently a Lance Corporal with a bunch of medals, ribbons, stars and a Purple Heart!
The graphics and game play are second to none, and anyone whio compares this ganme to Joint Ops are only pointing out that the 2 are war games. They are drastically different. I played JO last night for the first time since buying BF2 and i don't think i'll bother again!
Trust me, it's the most complete interactive war game around!
Nice one EA, can't wait for the expansion!

Revelation Space (GOLLANCZ S.F.)
Revelation Space (GOLLANCZ S.F.)
by Alastair Reynolds
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great for a first time SF reader, 23 Feb. 2005
I have never been a keen book reader but something made me want to get into some SF reading. I've been a big fan of movie and television SF so i thought i would try to find something that would suit me in a written form. After trawling through a work colleague suggested Revelation Space. So i bought it. It arrived 2 days later (fantastic!) and i got stuck in straight away. Alastair Reynolds' imagination is astonishing, and the mental pictures he builds are incredibly detailed and believeable. I found it a harder read than first expected but as i mentioned i am not a heavy book reader. That aside, i thought the story line was easy enough to follow. This is a real page turner, i hated having to put it down to go to sleep!
It's a must have!
And Chasm City just arrived (23/2/05) so i'll get going to read it right now!

Joint Operations: Escalation Expansion Pack (PC CD)
Joint Operations: Escalation Expansion Pack (PC CD)

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5.0 out of 5 stars It's war... but it's fun!, 29 Jan. 2005
I love this game! I bought Joint Ops after playing Black Hawk Down for a year and absolutely loved it. The Escalation expansion pack adds vehicles and weapons to the game and really adds a big fun-factor! For example, hopping on a dirt bike and screaming across the battlefield while dodging enemy fire and jumping off hills it just pure hooliganism! And if you like BIG things, jump into a tank. It needs 3 players to make up a full crew (driver, gunner and commander) but the firepower is awesome.
Want to go behind enemy lines? Grab a parachute, jump into a chinook and throw yourself out at 600ft! BUY IT!!!!

Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising (PC)
Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising (PC)
Offered by AllGoodDealz
Price: £7.71

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Online Only FPS!!!, 4 Dec. 2004
I have been a massive fan of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down since it was released but never realised it's full potential 'til i got a Broadband connection and played it online. OH MY GOD!
So when word came out that Novalogic were in the process of creating a new game to be played purely online i got very excited.
Here's what's different about it...
1. Vehicles
ATV's, APC's, Littlebird's, Black Hawk's, Armoured HummVee type vehicles, Dhingy's, Gunboat's, Hovercraft Transport's..... They're all at your disposal to drive where you like and shoot at whatever you want. No more vehicles on pre-set paths like in BHD!
2. Map's
As big as you like, full of detail, very impressive design!
3. Player Capacity
As mentioned in previous reviews, there are servers with capacity for 150 players at one time which makes large maps less empty and small maps pure chaos! It's the most redeeming factor of the game in my opinion.
4. Constant Updates
If you have not played the game in a while and an update has been released, the game will not allow you access the game servers until you download the latest updates using it's own downloader. This is great as they're constantly fixing bugs and making the game more realistic.
5. Different Game Types
Team King Of The Hill, Advance & Secure, Team Death Match, Seek & Destroy, Co-op... these are just some of the game types that are available so there's always something to suit your gaming style.
So there's not much more that i can say other than BUY IT!!!
And i'm buying the Escalation expansion pack today so i'll review that soon.
Hope this helps with your choice!

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