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What About Now
What About Now
Price: 12.57

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4.0 out of 5 stars A reality check in the world of Bon Jovi!, 24 Mar 2013
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This review is from: What About Now (Audio CD)
i have reviewed a few releases from BJ in the last 10 years and before getting into the review wanted to mention that this is their first release since These Days which i didn't actually purchase on the release date. I was on holiday and had the Amazon box waiting for me when i returned a week after the release. Reason for mentioning this is that I have always formed my own opinions before reading press reviews etc. On this occasion I read some online reviews and the sentiment were pretty negative.

As an overview this is a very good album by BJ which is full of songs which are quite different compared to each other and also represent who they are today and what they think music is in essence. It would have been an embarrassment if they churned out SWW or New Jersey as they are now in their 50's. Time moves on, lives change, experiences shape who we are and this is also reflected in their music. The maturity of the music is what stands out for me. This is not stadium-friendly -punch-your-fists-in-the-air-hard-rock. But this is a selection of enjoyable songs which are sitting very happily on my iphone, CD player and car.

A measure of a good release is how many times you listen to an album end to end without skipping tracks. There have been very few releases by BJ since These Days which have afforded this pleasure (with the exception of Have A Nice Day and to a certain extent Lost Highway).

The downsides to the release is by far the very cheap, look and feel to the CD product itself. As many BJ songs are based on the story telling it's a disappointment to find no lyrics, songwriting credits or photographs either - but yes it is a very cool album artwork cover for sure. The lyrical content does at times feel weak and rushed in some songs where the impression of laziness appears.

Because We Can: radio friendly and easy to listen to. The next gen of BJ fans such as my 7 yr old and son and 4 yr old daughter are jumping around to this - so should be happy with that! 3/5
I'm With you: amazing sound and brilliant structure - quite dark and serious subject matter. Also has a red hot scorcher of a guitar from Master Sambora. My favourite song 5+/5
What About Now: a song which has the potential to be better lyrically. Again quite simple in nature and could have been better with more effort on lyrics and solo. Also feels a bit short 3/5
Pictures Of You: a song again which is off the beaten BJ track but the lyrics and atmosphere have me on the hook. My daughter also likes me singing it to her 5/5
Amen: this is unplugged at it's best and the acoustic stringing of Master Sambora bring this to life with some pretty epic vocal efforts from Jon 4/5
That's What The Water Made Me: it's a reasonable song with a decent up-tempo which lacks in many of the other songs but feel the repetitive nature will soon get the skip treatment 3/5
Whats Left Of Me: would badge this with a new jersey Springsteen feeling and something which is a natural fit with Lost Highway. It has a hook and some decent lyrics 4/5
Army Of One: Thumbs up for taking a risk on format of song and structure. I like the marching nature of the song and the chanting with the lyrics and again Master Sambora shines with his solo 5/5
Thick As Thieves: A pretty good power ballad which is what these guys have shyed away from for quite a while. Some questionable lyrics about an electric chair for robbing a bank though!? 4/5
Beautiful World: A typical up-tempo track which shows they can roll out a rocker when they want to and without being over the top, it it the best up-tempo track on the album 5/5
Room At The End Of The World: wow what more can I say! Another off the grid song with depth, emotion, and some great subtle guitaring from Master Sambo 5/5
The Fighter: acoustic end to the standard album and would rather have finished with "Room" personally as this feels a little empty and the album ends slightly too flat 3/5

With These Two Hands: WTF is this not on the standard album!? It has great tempo and an addictive riff which I think is first class. Very worthy of being in the album and could see this working live 5/5
Not Running Anymore: gets skip treatment after listening to "with these 2 hands". It's a JBJ song and reminisce of songs from Destination Anywhere. A decent song yes but feels out of place 3.5/5
Old Habits Die Hard: by now the spark and charm of the album ended 2 songs ago and this doesn't do anything for me. Doesn't get any airplay 1/5
Every Road: Master Sambora showcasing how fine his album Aftermath Of The Lowdown was. Nice to give it some time on the BJ album but if you know your music you will have this already 5/5

Final words from me on this are that I would like to have seen Richie flex his riffing and solo muscles further on the album. I think there are enough songs which lend themselves to his high emotional style of solo's and i was wishing some of the solo's went longer. But as a now 40 year old fan listening for 27 year I should be pretty grateful to say they are still making the music I enjoy and have been able to pass on to my kids who both were excited to hear the album - and even more so with Richie's album last year. So overall, all is good with Bon Jovi and this is a good album full of decent music. Enjoy!!!
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StilGut UltraSlim Case Cover with Smart-Cover Function Support and Stand for Apple iPad 2 Wifi & 3G - Black
StilGut UltraSlim Case Cover with Smart-Cover Function Support and Stand for Apple iPad 2 Wifi & 3G - Black
Offered by StilGut
Price: 59.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best iPad 2 cover in the world!!!!, 25 Sep 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I recently bought the iPad 2 and was concerned at the lack of quality cases or covers for it. The apple ones are a waste of money and frankly they have missed a trick by not offering an back to front quality case.

Read the reviews on amazon for the stilgut product and the overwhelming senses was one one that ticked all the right boxes for what anyone would want from a case

To save repeating the's my summary

1. Excellent hand made leather product
2. Tight fit and professional look and feel - not bulky at all
3. 4 good groves for different view & typing angles
4. iPad does not topple over when watching movies
5. Can hammer the screen while typing and iPad remains firmly in the grooves!!
6. Power off auto when the cover shuts
7. Excellent customer service from a new german company
8. 50 is good value as is far superior than apple product

This is simply the best ipad2 case available at present. Well done to Stilgut!


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4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant...but teasing!!!, 19 April 2007
This review is from: Dominator (Audio CD)
Blackie Lawless is a legend. Heading the band with an image, style & controversial history as WASP have had for over 25 years, it's kudos to him for keeping the engine running for so long & so well!!

There has been a contrast in WASP songs over the last 20 years. The rock n roll, wild, party, macho, sexist good times songs which were evident in WASP, Last Command, Helldorado & KFD. Then there was the politically awake & socialogically wise songs of Headless, Dying for the world, Black Enough & Unholy Terror. Finally the conceptually creative stories of Crimson Idol & the Neon God 1 & 2.

What WASP have done here with Dominator is take a liitle bit of them all to produce a pretty well balanced album containing the aforementioned constituent parts.

Production wise, they have hit the nail on the head. The sound mix is almost perfect with vocals clear as can be for a man like Blackie, the drums are enormous & the guitars are lound, crisp and meaty.

The variety in the songs is evident, with a blend of heavy rock, emotional vocal led songs & some well contructed epic songs with a mixture of power metal, harmonic vocals and good use of keyboards to build an atmospheric arena of sound.

The CD construction - this is where they fail. In my opinion the best 5 songs of the album are at the start. Then that leaves 4 more left over of which 1 is a reprise of the original at track 4. So ewssentially the 2nd half of the album is weak, short and more forgettable after the blockbuster opening 5 songs.

The value issue is raised as the album comes in at 42 minutes and for 9 songs, there is a feeling that this album is perhaps 2 good songs short of being a classic, and perhaps exceptional album.

Nevetheless, this is a solid album which in my view is the best they have done since Crimson & I believe this is down to more emotion being evident in Blackie's vocals and the sounds mix improvement & melodic choruses of the first 5 songs.

No track by track analysis - but this is well worth the buy!!!

"give me the love to shelter me, only love can set me free"

Have A Nice Day
Have A Nice Day
Offered by Dirty Deals UK
Price: 6.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars Last Men Standing, 9 Nov 2005
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Have A Nice Day (Audio CD)
I have reviewed several BJ albums on amazon & to this day nothing has come close to matching the energy, power & soul evident on 89's New Jersey.
It's 16 year's since that album & over 20 years of BJ making rock music. A feat they have managed by keeping themselves relevant in a fickle music industry.
H.A.N.D is a welcome release from the guys. Where Crush & Bounce I feel were attempts to lay a foundation for the new millenium and for BJ to appeal to a new breed and generation of rock music that had been fed nu-metal & punk-rock like Blink 182, Linkin Park etc.
This album shows that the band are most comfortable when playing full on rock n roll, with catchy choruses, decent melodies and tuneful riffs with the odd guitar solo thrown in for good measure.
I am quite a cricical fan and have been one for just under 20 years & I was pleasantly surprised to put this on the CD last night and im still tapping my foot and nodding my head to the vast majoirty of the songs !!!
There are no pure boy meets girl ballads on here, which is a good thing, as BJ have never been able to match Bed of Roses, Always or I'll be there for you. These songs are a blend of mid tempo to full on rocking up tempo rock...more reminiscant of some of their songs from the 80' sounds strange at times, when i think these guys are in their 40's, but this could be a yound twenty something band playing this as the sound is very contemporary
The general vibe in the songs are of facing uop to adversities, back against the wall, standing your ground, believing in yourself, having hope and not giving up whatever youre facing
I wont do a track by track but here is my summary:
Excellent: H.A.N.D., Dirty Little Secret, Last Man Stand ing, I want to be Loved, I Am, Novocaine, Welcome to Wherever you Are,
Good: Who Says you cant go home, bells of freedom, Story of my Life
Bad: Wildflower
Joke: Unbreakable - I have to say when i listened to this i wasnt sure if this bonus track was a joke or a tongue in cheek inclusion, as its bad, really bad - think of some dodgy 80's synth dance song, with some backstreet boys lyrics with a poor guitar riff throughout ! i laugh at it, because its so addictivley bad !
Dirty Little Secret is what Bon Jovi would sound like if they went the Motley Cruew path ! it is amazing !!!

Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy (2CD)
Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy (2CD)
Price: 9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Legacy Of The Kings !!!, 7 Nov 2005
Helloween, the masters & pioneers of one of the most popular & accessible genres of heavy metal ...speed/melodic metal, have in my opinion pulled off one of the most difficult, yet widely anticipated acts in the history of this genre!
The band released 2 albums back in 87 & 88 called The Keeper Of The Seven Keys Parts I & II. Now if you are reading this review, I suspect you will already know that these were both considered masters of their time. This release using the same title yet over 17 years more mature, with a developed line up boasting just 2 of the original 'ween line up could very easily have been a disaster.
Helloween have had a history of new dawns following record company, band member or musical directional issues (not mentioning personal tradgedy..RIP Ingo)which has affected the quality or potential for what this band could have achieved.
However I am a fan & have all their albums & rate this release as high as the previous Keeper albums & add that it contains evidence of a band comfortable with who they are, what they are good at & where they can go in the future...
The album is definitely split into 2 discs for a reason. Disc 1 songs are certainly in the vein of 'typical' Keeper-esque songs...linked to the story of the 7 keys with trademark sounds to support them...speed twin guitar assault golo's, speed double bass drum at ferocious speeds, high pitche melodic choruses, orchestral backgrounds & sing - a - long - choruses.
Disc 2 shows how the band is in 2005. A mixture of modern sounding tunes, yet capturing the essence of Helloween ...much of their lyrics are simple which allows them to be more creative with musical structures for intro's, solo's, bridges etc.
So the keeper linkage works particularly well & with an opening album track 'king for 1000 years' galloping along at 15mins this should keep all Keeper fans very satisfied...and the album ends on a Keeper not with the wonderful 'my life for one more day' which really is such a perfect song from Helloween and an excellent album closer.
In between I was really impressed with the social concern of child abuse behind 'silent rain' listen & be warned.
The most adventurous moment in this album is the clever growing song 'occasion avenue'. Hard to work out what this song means but its very complex in lyric & in sound and at 11 mins in length is the most creative moment on the album.
Other stand out tracks are the catchy chorus of 'invisible man' the interesting 'pleasure drone' the funny yet easy to like 'mrs god'& last but not least ballad with duet female vocals on 'light the universe'
Please do not compare this album to eitehr Keeper Part 1 or 2.
Listen with ears wide open & let Helloween take you on a magical ride which touched more than just a few musical notes with me
Welcome back the Legacy of the Kings ...Helloween !!!

100 Million Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong [4CD + DVD]
100 Million Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong [4CD + DVD]
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 32.43

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5.0 out of 5 stars 100m very happy fans, 23 Nov 2004
In 1986 I was a lonely 14 year old kid without direction, association or general identity. One Thursday evening, I believe I saw a video for 'you give love a bad name' on TOTP....since that day, Bon Jovi has been the story of my life.
This is the kind of sentiment I think many of those 100m fans will relate to, and for which buying this box set will mean so much to as well. It is a real thank you from the band to the people of the world who made them who they are.
The songs are a selection of unheard material that did not make the albums between "Bon Jovi" & "Bounce" - there are some songs that hard core fans will have picked up from movies, B-Sides and bootlegs, but for the 80% majority of the box set - it's all new.
The band have been clever not to order the songs in a chronological fashion, and have not provided the year of the song either, as I think, they probably didn't even know themselves, lookin through the archives !
What is great about this set is the quality of the sound, and the polished, well constructed FEEL to each of the 4 discs - as it really is an album orientated feeling...rather than the bunch of songs thrown in to mark their 20th anniversary.
The DVD is dialogue to accompany some of the songs, and also contains previously seen (for hardcore fans) footage from the Access All Area's & These Days video. There is one amazing revelation in a Jon interview, where he talks about what the original idea and story behind the name of Slippery When Wet, before it was SWW...its amazing, and it makes you wonder what would happened in the world of rock, had it happened ! :-)
What is certain from this box set is that Bon Jovi are moving forward in an exciting new world. This box marks not only the end of some major reflects on the 80's & the 90's era of Bon Jovi against the world and then the machine...moving forward, we can expect a different, but relevant Bon Jovi.
As they say in the band...see you guys on the road !!!

Hellfire Club
Hellfire Club
Price: 10.04

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4.0 out of 5 stars Blazing Fury from Edguy !!!!, 27 April 2004
This review is from: Hellfire Club (Audio CD)
Edguy - if you havn't heard of them before, you have probably stumbledupon them from hearing about their correlations with Maiden and Helloween...not the worst bands to be compared to at all!
If you want to see how this band has progressed since the mid 90's to themodern day..I cannot recommend thbeir previous efforts hightly enough -very good power, melodic, thrash, speed, orchestral, high octaine metal -that can also be pleasant on the melodic ears at times as well !
Here is my speed readers' track by track of Hellfore Club:
Mysteria 5
This opens the album in an unrelenting double bass speed metal assault ofthe senses. Great verses and catchy lyrics backed by a very tight ryhtmand lead section. Superb opener !!!
Piper Never Dies 5
Amazing follow 10 minutes ong I was expecting many mood changes,build ups etc...but once it gets going after a minute or so, it is aclerverly contructed tune with enough melody to keep you repeating thechoruse...just like the pied piper leading ou away...lots of good thingsabout this song!
We Dont Need A Hero 4
More straight head metal here, but the chorus and riffing is exemplarary,with some fine backing vocals, giving this a powerful atmospheric feel
Down To The Devil 5
This kicks off with a damn good piano intro and contains possibly thecatchiest chorus in the album. Hard to ciriticise and the piano introlinks to the Lucifer in Love (see later)
King Of Fools 5
The song that was released as an EP. Has a very riff and fuzzy verse. Easy on the ear and good chorus again. Not as heavy as Hero, but thevolume is turned up for this one
Forever 5 ++
There is no rating greater than 5 butr Edguy are good at writing powerballads. Use of orchestra instead of keys helps...but this is powerfuland sentimental stuff indeed. Something here even the ladies canappreciate
Under The Moon 4
WOW ! What an intro...machine gun riffing wakes you up after the serenityof Forever...this is hard, heavy and tight, you feel as if this album ishitting ultimate heights...every song so far is awesome..what can go wrong???
Lavatory Love Machine 1
i detest this joke of a song. The lyrics are comical, the music is cheesyhard rock from the school of the is a shame that the moodand build up the album is let down byu this joke filler song !
Rise Of The Morning Glory 3
Pretty good and I think would hav fitted better after Moon...but seemsoddly placed after LLM..and I think I tend to forget about it due to itbeing after the aforementioned joke. This has a good chorus and is not abad song
Lucifer In Love 1
It isnt really an instrumental but has the similar piano background asDevil...but the moans of a beast clearly demonstrating its carnalknowledge ruins the flow of the album (if LLM hadnt already done that). Common sense tells me this should have been track 3 before Devil...
Navigator 3.5
This is again not a bad track but does suffer from placement. It is notas original as other tracks here and has the eastern influence of Babylon,etc from previous Edguy albums. Quite a mellow guitar solo that iswonderful to the ears!
Spirit Will Remain 3
An orchestra led song with just singing. Good demo of tobias' vocalskills but too Manowar for my linking, but not as cheesy by any means.
Overall a very good solid release, the first half is head and shouldersabove the 2nd half. I generally stop after track 7 and go back toHysteria, as im my opinion the placement of a few of the 2nd half songssuffers due to a few poor fillers
Buy this and expect to be singing out loud to these master of melodicspeed from Germany...the Fury of the Hellfire club is released !!!!!
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The Neon God - Part One - The Rise
The Neon God - Part One - The Rise
Offered by inandout-distribution
Price: 9.39

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3.0 out of 5 stars Neon lights fading ....., 22 April 2004
Blackie Lawless took a lot of time out to make this project happen. Sothe army of WASP fans would be waiting in baited breath for something toblow their mind, especially as this was part I of a two piece conceptalbum.
Now before going into the merits AND flaws of the album, I'd like tomention a few other things:
1 Queensryche made the most complete concept album ever with OperationMindcrime in 88 - i recommend this TOO highly anyone to listen to
2 WHY did WASP feel they needed to milk this out over 2 CD releases ? Surely the fans do not benefit from this in any way possible...And willhave to pay in the region of 25-30 altogether for the whole story...ofcourse WASP will profit from this, but for a band who has had loyal fandevotion of 20+ years wouldn't a better offering been a double concept CDalbum?
3 The plot - well of course there is escapism and fantasy, butWASP since the 90's had had a reality grip in their music and writing(excluding KFD) but I did not grasp how many people or WASP listeningpeople would relate to the "new messiah, good/evil, abuse ridden, rags toriches" story here leadt Crimson had some relavance to Blackie'sreflection of life
So onto the album itself ... I did my best to avoid making comparisms tothe Crimson Idol which is over 10 years old and had a different line up. I have listened to this twice so far, and I have a feeling it will grow onme (as did "strill not black enough).
I felt that the production on this album was sub class...we are in 2004and WASP were in no hurry to nmake this record so I think the soundsufferend immensely...where is the double bass drum ? the guitar solo'sare fuzzy...the riffing lacked meaty full sounds...and unfortunately asalways, Blackies vocals are lost in the mix at times...and I wonder whythis is the case on many of their releases
BUT the positive on this is that regardless of the lack of productionquality, the structuring of the songs are 1st classs...there are some goodlyrics and melodic choruses, which is good news !
The album is concept style so the songs are broken up myinterludes...which really means there are 9 proper songs and the rest arebridges to the story
For me the best songs are on the 2nd half of the album as the main songsint he 1st half - Wishing Well, Sister Sadie are not great
Asylum 9, What i'll Never Find (beautiful power ballad AKA the Idol), XTCRiders and the Raging Storm on the 2nd half are mind numbingly powerfuland class !!
the parallel of the crimson idol is the repeat use of some riffs on anumebr of songs...which hung well and reminds the listener of the linkagesof the songs
I give this 3 due to the poor production, the lack of ballads, the absenseof pictures in the CD, cheely money making tactic of releasing this in 2parts
FANS - if you are benchmarking against Crimson then expect to bedisappointed, as that was a hard act to follow (but there is still part IIto come of course)

Adaptation [DVD] [2003]
Adaptation [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ Nicolas Cage|Meryl Streep
Price: 3.77

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1.0 out of 5 stars Orchids as the meaning of life !???!, 7 Mar 2004
This review is from: Adaptation [DVD] [2003] (DVD)
Having watched Memento and finding it a masterpiece of cinema, a friend (who didnt understand memento) suggested watching this...
SO...thinking this would make for a great evening of post pop corn debate and discussion...we put it on
To say we walked away empty would be an understatement of grand proportions
In summary:
- if you admire Orchids watch this
- IF you like bland and poor scripting watch this
- If you dig random ambling plot lines watch this
give someone a free meal in Africa

St. Anger
St. Anger
Offered by rmdcoleford
Price: 6.50

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1.0 out of 5 stars R.I.P. Metallica, 13 Jun 2003
This review is from: St. Anger (Audio CD)
In short this album is a messy mixture of noise that suffers poor production, unstructured songs, non melodic lyrics, ovetr the top drumming that suffers from a poor tinney sound, guitars which lack distortion/ reverb, power or feeling, a new bass sound that lacks any punch...last but no least not a single guitar solo on the whole album.
Do not be fooled by the marketing and the reviews calling this a return to the old school..there is nothing in this album that is reminiscant of any of the previous Metallica albums.. there are songs on Load & Re-Load that are better than any of the songs on offer you should bea ble to work it out for yourself!
Not sure what has happened to Metaliica in the last 10 years or so...have they sold out? Have they become corporate fat-thrash-cats? Have they evolved? Do they simply think the market is so different for music now that their 80's brand of music is not relevant anymore?
I will remember this band at the summit of their careers....touring the world with Guns N Roses....
It is a shame and I can't see how they will ever retain their status as the hardest metal band on the planet
I wish there was a rating lower than 1 STAR

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