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Nutri-Meds, Adrenal Cortex, 250 mg, 120 Capsules
Nutri-Meds, Adrenal Cortex, 250 mg, 120 Capsules

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5.0 out of 5 stars I'm taking this product in its most powerful formulation: number III, 16 Feb. 2014
I didn't buy this product here, because I think the price quoted is totally out of the question.
I went to the Nutri-Meds website, because the product is 44 dollars in the country of origin e.g. New Zealand.
If you look on the nutri-meds website, they tell you that rather than have it shipped from NZ, you can buy it from
their European partner. Same product, exactly the same origins, but a WHOLE lot cheaper than the price quoted by an
independent seller on here. The European partner is in Kent. The product arrived packaged like the crown jewels, tracked etc. I paid £30 for one bottle of these.

This product is the best. I'm taking a whopping 675mg of various raw products of bovine origin, but primarily Adrenal Cortex that has been dried and powdered and put into capsules, with some key nutrients that assist with absorption. My adrenal fatigue registered in a completely different way this time round and took me by surprise e.g. 3 of the most colossal migraines you can imagine, the last of which prompted me to write my will. (I really don't think anymore that a body can withstand so much trauma in this way and still be 'OK afterwards'.)

I had this problem, exactly one year ago and took Thorne Research Adrenal Cortex. Which was fine and a lot cheaper. But this time round my problems are a lot worse, so I thought I better put my money where my mouth is and try and save my left hand adrenal, which is in real danger of atrophy. I get pain from that region, and as I understand it, the pain won't go on that long before the entire gland claps out.

Anyway, I bought 2 bottles of this stuff, they each contain 90 capsules. The way they work is that they enable your adrenals to rest, as the body registers there is desiccated cortex in your system.

First day I took it I felt calmer. Slept very well that night. For the next 4 nights I slept very deeply, the likes of which I hadn't done for about 6 months. By the third day of taking it, the pain in my left adrenal stopped.

I'm determined not to end up on steroids and feel pretty sure that after taking these for 6 months, my left adrenal will be feeling a lot better. I think in the future, if I have sustained periods of unusually high stress, I'm going to take some adrenal cortex, just in case this left adrenal starts getting funny again.

Sorting out the health of your adrenals is critical to avoiding all-out metabolic syndrome.

N.B. I didn't buy this product expressly for its BSE-free claims. Because Thorne Research's version is BSE-free too. I got this product because of its potency.

Update: 22/02/14
It turns out that my migraines may have been made considerably worse by an undetected Candida Albicans overgrowth. I had to take a lot of anti-biotics last year due to a tooth abscess and should have realised earlier that added to my high oestrogen status, this digestive yeast would take over my system (Candida thrives on high levels of oestrogen). A lot of my symptoms have died right down since detoxing Candida with Sodium Bicarbonate etc. It looks to me now that taking raw Apple Cider Vinegar probably killed it off in my GI Tract, but the horrible little parasite probably went systemic. I also had no idea of the harm it can wreak on your adrenal function, in that it robs us of B12 and B5, hence the terrible fatigue.

Update: 04/03/14
Having completed my Candida cleanse and taking Probiotics to re-populate the gut with good bacteria, I can see my adrenals are actually not as clapped out as I thought? Basically, Candida robs us most of the very nutrients that are meant to power our adrenals e.g. B5 and B12, hence you feel so exhausted. Sensing there was something not right, but unable at that stage to say what it was, I actually took more of those nutrients in order to cope. Little did I know that I was probably just feeding the already established overgrowth? Hence my migraines got worse and worse in one agonising, sorry, month and now, after eliminating candida, they've finally stopped! Candida seems to take hold in times of stress (last year for me), and it seriously affects serotonin. Can you believe the bug actually rewards you for eating what it prefers to eat. Acetaldehyde is the chemical it produces and I'm not entirely sure at this stage, but this might have been the toxin that caused my headaches, which is also is the main component of 'hangover'. "Acetaldehyde is an irritant to human skin, eyes, mucous membranes etc, causing nausea, vomiting and headache" (source: wiki). Funny how my migraines also caused nausea, vomiting and headache? The more I look into the link between Candida and migraines, the more I wonder which came first, chicken or egg?

Update: 19/11/14
I'm really pleased to report this very worthwhile product has completely healed my adrenal glands ! I know this for certain because of sustained energy levels throughout the day, and because I recently had 2 awful shocks, about 2 months apart, and neither of them caused my adrenals to regress.

I only wish now that my 3 aunts, who obviously had (severe) adrenal fatigue, didn't receive this kind of help when they needed it back then.
Well done nutrimeds !!
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Polycell LS500 500ml Liquid Sanding
Polycell LS500 500ml Liquid Sanding
Price: £3.35

15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars excellent product to help me switch from solvent based to water based paint, 16 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I used a similar product to this for my garage doors a couple of years back. I switched to this brand with some hesitation, as not all the reviews are that positive. I needn't have worried.

I would disagree that its the equivalent of using cream cleaner. For a start, if you spill it on the carpet - which I did - it does something very different to a cream cleaner e.g. it ruins it! So, whatever is in this product, it must have some power?

I apply it with a dry cloth over palm-sized area, then pour some more out and continue in this way. It dries very quickly, but I think you have to use it reasonably thickly.

I did a door frame in this way in about 12 minutes. The bottle says you should then leave it on for 15 minutes, but the Dulux website says to leave it on for 30 minutes. I left mine on for about 2 hours.

When you return to wash the stuff off, you can immediately feel the paint is very rough to touch. As you wash it off, shine does return, which is a bit alarming, because you want a matt surface. However, and its a BIG however, if you run your fingers over the surface you can tell it is super, super squeaky clean and in parts looks quite matt. If your finger cannot brush over the surface easily, you know you've achieved the elusive 'key', and your fresh paint will adhere to the surface.

I then painted over old solvent paint with water-based undercoat (for wood and metal) and dried it all in under 30 minutes with the assistance of my little fan heater. (The fan heater also helps to reduce brush marks.)

Before I applied a second coat of undercoat the following weekend, I tested the strength of the paint's adhesion in various areas. Pleased to say, the paint is stuck down thoroughly and there is no chance of chipping it off, or skimming it away if you brush your nail along it. So, Voila! I would say its about 85% less elbow grease than previous paint prep jobs.

Can't wait to apply my water-based gloss and dry that in a mere half hour too. I know the shine is not going to be quite as deep as old-fashioned solvent-based gloss, but I've seen some doors recently completed in this way by a professional decorator, and I thought the shine was very glossy, for an acrylic.

P.S. The Americans have been using this stuff for years.

Update 07/03/14:
Started on a couple of radiators. Applied this product and forgot about it. Unknown to me, someone turned on the heating for a short while. Panicked, as I saw that the solution had become discoloured on the radiator? Turned the radiator off and quickly wiped the chemical off, thoroughly. The strange thing was, that the heat had actually helped the product to work even harder? this meant the topcoat was abraded with next to no effort from me. Thought in future I'd apply heat similarly, say with a hair-dryer, especially on jobs that are going to need a lot more time.

Update 25/03/14:
Started prepping the front door. Dealing with a lot of flaking paint, so had to use my Bosch sander for the rough bits. Decided to tackle the larger areas with this stuff, coz I know it will save me a lot of work. Using solvent paints on the front door, not because I want to but because I've got a load leftover from last time. Old paint can last for years if its kept frost free and has a seal round the lid e.g. when you've finished and put the lid back on, turn it upside down once.

Kärcher K4 Premium Eco Home Water-Cooled Pressure Washer
Kärcher K4 Premium Eco Home Water-Cooled Pressure Washer
Price: £216.02

5.0 out of 5 stars The suction hose and filter IS included in this kit deal!, 15 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I haven't used the machine yet but am a bit peeved that the description of the contents of karcher 4 eco kit is not as described.
It clearly states at the top of the description that the suction hose and filter have to be purchased separately. Which I did.
Opened the box and suction hose and filter WERE included!

Now have to go to the bother of returning duplicated item. Methinks its a left arm not knowing what the right arm blah scenario....

P.S. Set the morning aside to put the K4 together, because it looks like a lego kit!

Update 18 March 2014:
This machine is amazing! I'm very glad I bought it. I bought it mainly to clean patios. Used it for the first time yesterday. Patio slabs are now very bright! The video on YouTube with the short guy is not a lie!

The Dirtblaster lance is a very good little invention. I use water from a jerrycan to run the karcher.
As the patio area is pretty discoloured, its taking a while to finish each flagstone. But I can see that after that, on a maintenance basis, I will be able to use the 'Eco' mode mainly. Glad I got this model that is water cooled. As the air cooled models can't take suction hose from a jerrycan.

Dirtblaster lance needs to be tapped on the floor now and again, to free up the ball-bearing.

Putting it together was alright in the end. Except the short green hose that fits into a brass fitting on the right hand side, really needs to be pulled up quite a way, in order that the wire clip can be fitted securely. I rang Karcher to check I was doing it right and was told to 'just turn it on and see' . Fraid to say, if I had done that, I would have caused a really big mess. Glad I worked it out for myself. Tip: it needs to be pulled up by about and inch and a half.

Price has come down a lot since I bought this. It is heavy, but such a worthwhile item, who cares! To transport it, I put it behind the front passenger seat, in an upright position. Sits in there nice and snug. Make sure the detergent bottle is turned up the right way for transportation, or else it will spill in your car.

Country Life Life, Gluten Free, P-5-P (Pyridoxal 5' Phosphate), 50 Mg, 100 Tablets
Country Life Life, Gluten Free, P-5-P (Pyridoxal 5' Phosphate), 50 Mg, 100 Tablets
Offered by iShopNutrition
Price: £15.53

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5.0 out of 5 stars Proper B6, 14 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I took vitamin B6 for years - I mean years - on the recommendation of my doctor when I was suffering from really bad PMS.
In the habit of buying and taking cheap B6, I never stopped to question if it was doing me any good. Then as I started to overhaul my nutritional profile and decided to go for P5P because its supposed to be the most bio-available form of B6.

B6 is in food, but its mainly destroyed during cooking. Then supplemental B6 turns out to be only 40% absorbed, if that.

So I bought these expensive pills. I noticed a difference after about 2 days. Basically I was taking all of the nutrients in the acetylcholine metabolic pathway as well as a stack of amino acids, but it was only when I took this version of B6 that it all came together and I had the most incredible amount of energy. Thrilled at this sudden change in my metabolism, I kind of went a bit nuts. I started taking on more and more stuff. The energy was insane, I just went on and on, tackling so many things that I had been unable to face for months.

Then I had the most almighty migraine headache. During the migraine and afterwards, I had pretty bad pain from my left adrenal. Basically, I'm ill with my adrenal insufficiency again, which is very boring but I'm going to treat it with more expensive Adrenal Cortex. I know that stuff works, so I'm not too worried.

I just wish this product was more readily available in the UK.

Solgar Vitamin B2 100 mg Vegetable Capsules (Riboflavin) - 100 capsules
Solgar Vitamin B2 100 mg Vegetable Capsules (Riboflavin) - 100 capsules
Offered by Union Jack Health
Price: £9.10

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars 100mg for migraine prevention, 14 Feb. 2014
I'm taking this dose with the aim of migraine prevention. We're told to take 400mg for migraine prevention, but I'm not really prepared at this stage to go up to that amount because of the contra-indications as regards eyesight that you read about.

Apparently Riboflavin increases the incidence of floaters, and eyesight generally, is vulnerable especially in sunlight, if taking high doses of riboflavin. I'll stay with 100mg for now.

I had the most horrible migraine about 2 weeks ago and four things stopped it dead, they were: riboflavin 100mg, niacin 100mg, Thiamine 100mg, Pantothenic Acid 500mg. I don't think its any coincidence that most of these nutrients also help to fuel your adrenal output. (I have a suspicion that a lot of migraines are due to adrenal depletion, especially after the age of 35 for women.)

I also believe that a lot more people are deficient in B vitamins than any blood test will ever confirm. As someone said recently 'you have to be almost dead for the blood tests they give you these days to indicate anything is wrong'.

The RDA on vitamin pills for this vital nutrient - and all the rest - is totally pathetic. 1.2mg of riboflavin is never going to float it for me.

Its like when they tell us we all eat 2000 calories a day. I don't think I've ever eaten 2000 calories a day and nor do most of my friends. Then there are others that eat 5000 calories a day and yet have weak bones. Nutrition and health are supposed to go hand in hand, but in this day and age of fertilisers, pesticides, depleted soils and additives, I'm not going to rely on the supermarket any more to keep me well, because it didn't.
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Green Pasture - Fermented Cod Liver Oil - 120 Capsules
Green Pasture - Fermented Cod Liver Oil - 120 Capsules
Offered by The Health Cloud
Price: £28.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars Stops habitual suicidal thoughts, 4 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I started taking this product for its pure DHA about a year ago, after reading 'Brain-Building Nutrition by Schmidt and learning that most people are deficient in this vital nutrient, and that the central core structure of our brain is made up of DHA.

The first thing I noticed was that it cured my dry eye syndrome, which I'd had for about 5 years and was often so bad, it prevented me from driving. I think it took about a week for me to notice that improvement.

The next thing it did was to quell symptoms of mild OCD, which were particularly bad during episodes of anxiety. This benefit was also noticed by my husband, who had moderate OCD at times. Basically we both stopped 'checking' things after taking two of these pills a day.

The most important thing this substance has done for me however, is difficult to talk about, but on reflection perhaps ought to be brought out in the open. It stopped me thinking about killing myself.

Habitual suicidal thoughts had plagued me since a teenager. I think I'm a bit too realistic to have ever actually gone through with it, although I must admit I did attempt it about 3 times. The really funny thing was that the suicidal thoughts always overlapped with the OCD cleaning thoughts, and I could never get my head round the mess that 'self-murder' would inevitably create. (That was not a joke!) I also noticed in the past that if my energy/mood was particularly low, then the suicidal thoughts would multiply. This does not happen anymore.

I have come to realise over the last year, that it doesn't matter how tired I get, or how many things are 'sent to try me', my thoughts never go down that path again. In fact, what's interesting is, that after a long year of sometimes incredible mishaps (raging jaw infections, natural floods, dying dogs and fleeing on a busy motorway from a burning car) I can now see that the habit of suicidal thoughts is not 'fuelled' in the same way anymore e.g it does not cross my mind any more, and if it ever does (because it was a pretty ingrained habit) it very quickly seems a very stupid idea, that I dismiss immediately. I was not able to dismiss it in such a way, before I took this product.

Our ability to manufacture DHA is drastically reduced after the age of 20. Human breast milk is a rich source. Low levels during infancy is linked to lower I.Q. Low levels during pregnancy is linked to increased post-natal depression.
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Cif Easylift Kitchen Spray 6x750ml
Cif Easylift Kitchen Spray 6x750ml

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5.0 out of 5 stars amazing new product, 1 Feb. 2014
Was looking to re-stock on Power Cream but noticed the range has been replaced by this product. Thought I'd give it a try as I'm kind of Spring cleaning (very low key). Had cleaned the outside of kitchen units with the usual, then used this stuff. Did one cupboard, but had to do the lot, as the residue it was lifting off from the previous clean was pretty amazing. It leaves things incredibly squeaky clean, without lots of elbow grease. Not sure what's in it, but its very effective.

Not content with just cleaning the outside of the units, I'm now doing the insides. One wipe round, leave for 3 mins then rinse off. Could not believe the results.

The trouble with CIF over the years has been the amount of rinsing it required. Well, it looks like they've sorted that aspect out, because rinsing is very straightforward now.

After all this rain, cleaning the inside of cupboards is a pretty damp business, even with the heating on. Decided to speed the whole thing up by pointing a fan heater into the cupboard to dry every last corner.

Like the scent too.

MET-Rx BCAA Muscle Growth and Strength Capsules - Tub of 120
MET-Rx BCAA Muscle Growth and Strength Capsules - Tub of 120

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Unexpected results, 30 Jan. 2014
I started taking these in an effort to redress the muscle wasting that my recent adrenal fatigue had caused. So, in an attempt to provide 'protein sparing' I took these, without food, as you're supposed to. I didn't realise that the way they work is that they reduce brain serotonin, thereby limiting the results of fatigue. Well, my serotonin levels were very low anyway, as per hormone profile, so what I ended up with was the most colossal migraine of all time.

However, Valine is one of the amino acids included in this group and it is known to help tissue repair/renewal, like skin and muscle. So strangely enough, while I was taking it and going down, down, down with serotonin my recent injury was actually getting significantly better and is now completely healed.

I don't know whether to be happy or not with this product. I intend to continue taking it, because my elbow needs extra help to recover from its recent injury, but I think I will just have to take extra care to balance things out a bit more with carbs.

I suppose my advice would be, if you have any kind of insomnia, take care when taking this product, as it lowers brain serotonin even more.

Update 30/04/14:
Since I cleaned out my gut of Candida, my migraines have stopped and this product seems to be really doing the trick. My weight is stable and I've not had any more muscle wasting. I only take two a day, in the morning, but they help all my other aminos to work better, especially with regard to joint regeneration. Cannot believe how much stronger my back is since addressing this need for gelatine in my body.

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unbelievable product!, 28 Jan. 2014
I take this supplement along with Lysine, Proline and Glycine. I took them originally to help lubricate and strengthen my joints, especially my painful knees and elbows.

I had NO IDEA that this classic combination of all the specific aminos to help you make good connective tissue would do so much amazing stuff for my skin and general appearance.

Basically I must have been totally starved of the raw ingredients to make good collagen because, boy, am I making it now.

I take 2 capsules of proline, twice a day, and one glycine, twice a day. All the rest once a day.

First you don't notice anything, then after about 4 days you notice the pain in your joints easing up. Then gradually you start to notice that when you get up in the morning, its no longer a creaky slow motion affair. Then you notice your knees don't creak as much. Then you notice the joints in your fingers start to get stronger and you do things like open jars without using a special appliance. Then and only then, do you notice your face filling out. Then my tummy muscles pulled in and last of all the skin over my knees pulled in, I kid you not!

While all of this was going on, I noticed my spine becoming stronger. I didn't think my spine was that weak, but when I look back, I can see, that too needed a lot of collagen support, because it is surprisingly supple now. I think the base of the spine is where I now notice the improvement most, because for instance, its a lot easier to do things like bending down from standing, and bending to pick something up whilst sitting.

I know some people will most likely laugh at this, but because I'm a person that has dieted hard in the past, the change I've noticed in the overall appearance of my skin is like my entire body has had a face-lift? I thought I was imagining things at first, then I realised my skin was becoming very smooth. To think I've paid all that money on expensive skin conditioners in the past, when all along I should have tackled the problem of making proper collagen from WITHIN.

The science is that: cysteine enables newly formed collagen to have elasticity. And that's the amazing thing that's happening, the skin, especially, gets plumped out and pulled in, because its finally got more elastic inside it again.

Can't really define how much younger you might look look, but the effect on my complexion is to make me look significantly less tired and less wrinkled. I suppose another way to define it would be, the overall effect makes me look as if I'm wearing foundation, when I'm not?

I've nearly finished my first bottle of proline, but I only started to notice HUGE changes after I took n-acetyl-Cysteine along with it.

If this product is doing this much for my outward appearance, can you imagine what its doing for my organs and connective tissues? Because I'm so encouraged by the physical changes this product has brought about, I decided to speed up the process by making bone broth every couple of weeks. (Its very inexpensive, you chuck it all in a pressure cooker and have enough for 4 days.)

When you read into why people are generally so deficient in good collagen, its because we don't make bone broth any more and as a species are (sadly) only consuming lean cuts of meat. Furthermore, the really neat thing about making bone broth is that it is an age old way to ensure 'protein sparing'. This means you can eat less protein per day, but your body will not cannibalise its protein stores for energy production e.g. you can prevent muscle wasting whilst on a calorie controlled diet!

N.B. I would add, that the main reason I think this regimen has worked for me, is that for the process to be complete, we are told you must include adequate levels of vitamin C. Well, I don't drink shop-bought fruit juice anymore, or take any Vit. C supplements, but I do juice up half a grapefruit and 2 oranges every morning e.g. one tumbler full a day. (Furthermore, I feel pretty certain, the consumption of ascorbic acid alone would not produce these amazing results.)
The other thing worth mentioning is that I take adequate Essential Fatty Acids (EFAS) too, in the form of cold-pressed nut oils (3 teaspoons per day).

Update 09 Feb 14:
My Proline ran out for about 2 weeks but I continued to take all the aminos in the usual way. Noticed my lungs started to have a big clear out, the likes of which I had not experienced before. I had a cold too, but colds never usually go to my chest, this time it did and resulted in what we came to refer to as sci-fi levels of snot. Now I'm not sure, but this could be that my lungs are clearing out gunk from younger hedonist days?

Occasionally I take Branched Chain Amino Acids, especially just before a heavy gardening or decorating session. One of the aminos in that group is Valine, which is also recommended for repair of damaged connective tissue. I do think that helped too, but I take them very infrequently, because they tend to reduce serotonin and I have to watch the calendar that I don't get caught out on that.

Update 28/03/14:
As a measure of how much stronger my joints and spine are, get your ears round this. Had a bad leak in the garage, seems to be from waste pipe section that is in the loft of the garage. Suggests item was not lagged. No surprise, must have been 'a Friday afternoon' job, as builders refer to it. Anyway, Tarzan had other things to do, so I was left to empty the garage of 25 years of tut, single handedly.! Now that would almost certainly have made all my joints, especially my back and wrists kill me by the end of the day. On the contrary, there is no isolated area of overuse, most interestingly, there is almost no generalised feeling of being shot to shreds, yet - this is the third day of lugging stuff backwards and forwards. I suppose I'm ready to return to the gym now, but quite honestly I'd rather straighten out the house, as I was below par for a whopping 18 months.
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Offered by Homecare Essentials Limited
Price: £8.92

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wow, why didn't I buy this years ago?, 23 Jan. 2014
I bought this product because its a Which? magazine award winner.

I cannot believe the results I achieved with this excellent purchase. My oven was so bad I was thinking of calling round the professionals. Using this, I managed to clean it in about 2 hours, so it possibly wasn't as encrusted as I first thought?

I've always considered scrubbing oven racks a very tedious job that I dreaded because it involved so much elbow grease. Using this product meant I didn't have to do anything more than rinse the things afterwards - how good is that!

I was concerned about fumes - well that was easy, there aren't any.

The other thing that worried me was how to contain the dribbling mess, as it inches its way down the sides of the oven. Again no worries, this is where this product is so cleverly designed, it smears on thickly, like say vaseline and is thereby very controllable. In fact it dries completely without dripping (except in the corners where I had applied it extra thickly).

Next time I use it I think I'll apply it more thickly, as this time I applied it once, left it for an hour, cleaned it off with kitchen paper, then re-applied the solution.

As the oven racks are now a breeze (you just pop them in the large bag supplied and pour in a good deal of solution and fold the bag and swill it round) I can see myself tackling this job more often. I would add that I put the bag containing the racks in the garden, out of harms way and went out every 30 minutes or so to swill the stuff around a couple more times before I was done.

I won't even reach for another brand from now on. (I've never used Oven Brite though, and that seems to be a similar product with great reviews also).

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