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OJ Skillman-Wilson "Olninyo" (Devon)

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Tearaway (PlayStation Vita)
Tearaway (PlayStation Vita)
Offered by Shaw's electricals
Price: £16.94

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5.0 out of 5 stars Tactile and Wise, 3 Dec. 2013
This game is really special, it uses the hardware it was made for in logical and inspired ways, its art direction is completely unique looking, and the way it involves the player builds towards a masterful ending that turns the player's journey into a personal and memorable story. A really beautiful experience.

FiiO E1 Headphone Amplifier - Black
FiiO E1 Headphone Amplifier - Black

5.0 out of 5 stars Bypassed my Ipods faulty headphone jack., 5 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I had a fault with the headphone jack on my 4 year old iPod classic, and, after figuring out it wasn't the headphones themselves, began to resign myself to the thought of forking out for a new iPod. Fortunately my friend told me about devices such as this one that allow you to bypass the headphone jack by using a kind of "line out" device. This product not only solves this problem very nicely, but also boosts volume significantly without sacrificing clarity, gives you extra buttons for volume and track control, and has a neat little clip for attaching to your belt or whatever.

For the price its amazing. The build quality of the clip isnt great as it snapped off pretty quickly (so many dangling wires and its impossible to avoid tugging the thing every now and then).
But the thing performs amazingly.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PC DVD)
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PC DVD)
Offered by games.empire
Price: £4.25

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4.0 out of 5 stars Requiescat In Pacé, 27 Oct. 2011
"For me the appeal of exploring a place thoroughly and outside the bounds of what is socially acceptable has that childhood allure of climbing over the fence into the neighbour's garden just to try their slide (or this is how you justify it but really its the thrill of trespassing), or crossing the stream and looking back, to see what home is like from the outside. The citizens of Roma make Ezio aware of his noncompliance with their approved methods of travel, recreating the very same trespasser's thrill. They remark on how he'll hurt himself if he falls from that height, 'He must be late...or she's very pretty.' or 'He must be drunk!' All this enhanced my mischievous sense of treading on forbidden ground. Being above the rules. Above the city."

Read the rest here:


Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter
Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter
by Tom Bissell
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Games Matter, 2 Sept. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I Love Videogames.

Because of this I read a lot of news on a website called IGN.

Because of this I became aware of, and read articles authored by, Michael Thomsen. He wrote articles about games that made me think beyond my blind love of them, they made me expect more from them, they frustrated me because they pointed out the obvious flaws that had only previously existed only in my subconscious during gameplay.

Michael Thomsen did an interview with author Tom Bissell who wrote a book called Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter. This book simultaneously recited my hopes for gaming as a medium, as well as lamenting how pathetic most videogame's attempts at narrative were and continue to be. It shared my most personal emotional experiences with games and gave me insight into some of the industry's visionaries.

Tom Bissell wrote about people like Jonathan Blow (Braid), and Clint Hocking (Splinter Cell/Chaos Theory, Far Cry 2), Leigh Alexander, Michael Abbot, who wrote or talked about games in such interesting ways, taking game critique to analytical levels that I'd previously only experienced in media theory.

I have since played the masterpiece that is Braid. I don't want to talk about it. I just want people to go and experience it for themselves, give it their time, and their thought.

I have played Far Cry 2, found the experience unpleasant, I persevered, grew accustomed to the awful things it asks the player to do, and then finally realised: thats the point! Its an FPS, its about shooting people in a war torn african country as a mercenary with malaria, you should feel like a bastard until you become an unfeeling monster. What else should you expect from a game were the play revolves around the single most violent and disturbing act a human can commit against other humans. Murder. Far Cry 2 is an important game because it goes so far beyond "its just a game", and "games should be fun", that it makes a point about the human condition through its gameplay. How many games do you know that do that?

This book introduced me to these industry visionaries and games whilst putting them into the context of the author's life and his experiences with them. Its an extraordinary, and important book.
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Mary & Max [Blu-ray] [2009] [US Import]
Mary & Max [Blu-ray] [2009] [US Import]

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5.0 out of 5 stars MAXimum awesomeness., 5 Jun. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I saw this film at the bradford animation festival before it was released on blu-ray and this is what i thought at the time and is still true now.
also if you're worried it wont play on a UK Blu Ray player, it will. it played fine on my PS3.

"That night the first feature was screened- "Mary & Max". It blew my mind, the naive perspective of the child allows the audience to connect with the emotional journey of the films two main characters. Thats the beauty of animation, Mary & Max could handle the themes of mental illness in such a way that it was comic, but not mocking, and powerful, but not preachy. An authentic representation of day to day worries but displayed in the context of an entire lifetime. The narrative cleverly jumps around between the two characters and their pasts through the letters they exchange and the dialogue of each overlaid on the flashbacks. A thing of beauty. Another australian film, from melbourne this time. So many Australian animations, French too."

please watch this, its very very good. dont be fooled by the medium though, this is for adults.


Heavy Rain (PS3)
Heavy Rain (PS3)

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Future, 11 Mar. 2010
This review is from: Heavy Rain (PS3) (Video Game)
Heavy Rain. The game I've been going on and on about to anyone and eveyone who'll listen, the game I've mentioned several times on this blog, the game I've heaped mountains of unreasonable expectations on, is here...

...and it blew my mind.

Its gameplay is unique, its approach to story is unique in that its all about the story rather than the high score or the next headshot. Its handling of emotion is unparralled in gaming. It looks gorgeous too.

The only reason I'm not still playing it and unlocking another of its multiple endings is that the PSN is down and a trophy error is preventing me from loading it up.

I've mentioned before why this game is so important, not just to me but to the entire gaming industry. In summary, its pointing the way, maybe not in terms of design but in terms of tone. This is what this medium can do at the highest level, unmatched interaction storytelling based on a massive range of emotions.
What I love about Heavy Rain is the way consquence is engineered. There are no game overs or retrys. You carry on regardless of wether a character dies, screws up, you make a specific moral decision on in their shoes, or they succeed. This means when you arrive at the ending the context and weight behind every decision is so much more profound because it belongs to you. Your choices, your mistakes. And, in the end, your feelings.

Thats why Heavy Rain is both hard to concisely explain and experience with constraints. You need to sit down and experience it in it's entirety. And probably more than once too.

I mean, how many games can boast of scenes in which the player (spoilers): changes a nappy, prevents a suicide, has a shower, kills an innocent man and has to live with it, cuts of his finger, has sex, sits bored, plays with his kids, loses his son in a shopping center, performs first aid, cooks an omelete, saves a life, takes drugs, kicks the habit, frees a innocent man, plays piano, makes an architectural drawing, plays basketball, falls in love, dies permanently. And you feel every minute of it, its powerful stuff.


The Incident
The Incident
Offered by the_record_factory
Price: £9.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars The very essence of progressive music., 30 Oct. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Incident (Audio CD)
This album is the 10th from "progressive rock" band Porcupine Tree. If you like many genres of music encompassed and grounded in sonically and musically interesting rock conventions, then Porucpine Tree are the best its going to get. If you are a fan of Opeth, Nine Inch Nails, Frost, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Meshuggah, Sigur Ros, Muse or just about anything else, you will find something for you here, cleverly woven into the aural fabbric of this record. Ambitious yet personal "The Incident" is yet another evolution of what Porcupine Tree are: hence the term progressive.
Even if you are just a fan of inspiring production values, layered soundscapes and masterful songwriting this record has all of those things. Whats special about Porcupine Tree besides their musicality is the ethos and concepts that are perpetuated throughout the lyrics and emotion of each song, Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson goes into an "incident" in each song and tries to imbue with the emotion and poingancy that it once had before it was sanitised by the media that feed us these news stories. This theme forms the backbone of "The Incident" and is adds gravitas to the beauty, melancholy and brutality off the music, a combination that is so lacking in today's mainstream music.


Key tracks:

the lot, this should appreciated as one stream of consciousness as it was written, as it was intended to be experienced.


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