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Grand Tours Of Scotland: Series 1 [DVD]
Grand Tours Of Scotland: Series 1 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Paul Murton
Price: 13.75

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1.0 out of 5 stars BUT DOES IT HAVE SUB-TITLES?, 21 Aug 2013
I will happily re-rate these DVD's if someone confirms it has subtitles. Have seen the series on TV, WITH sub-titles and the series is brilliant. But without subtitles it is unsalable to us at least.
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Africa [DVD]
Africa [DVD]
Dvd ~ David Attenborough
Price: 10.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars Misinformation from the master, 17 Feb 2013
This review is from: Africa [DVD] (DVD)
Once you hear Attenborough make the ridiculous statement that Africa is now 3.5 degrees warmer in the past few years you know this DVD is a bummer. There has been NO warming anywhere for over 20 years. There is no such thing as Global Warming and Climate Change. The World goes along its merry way and nothing mankind can do will change it.
Even the BBC had to delete Attenborough's claims in the past few days from broadcast versions of the programme. Read up on Lord Monckton instead for a balanced view of of the World Weather.
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Duchess of Death: The Unauthorized Biography of Agatha Christie
Duchess of Death: The Unauthorized Biography of Agatha Christie
Price: 6.41

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1.0 out of 5 stars Worst Bio I have tried to read in years, 31 Dec 2012
The cover claims that 5000 letters and documents were read. Somehow I doubt it. It is just Agatha's own auto bio cobbled together with hearsay and trivia. As a previous writer said Hack is a great name for the scribbler. The fact he did not check English spelling usage is unforgivable. Spend your hard earned cash on Agatha's own book and enjoy. Hack starting the book with the 11 missing days, says it all. The fact he had written other bio,s tells me one thing. He is a non starter. My copy is in the rubbish bin already! English for trash can in the US.

Canon Powershot A1200 ( 12.7 MP,4 x Optical Zoom,2.7 -inch LCD )
Canon Powershot A1200 ( 12.7 MP,4 x Optical Zoom,2.7 -inch LCD )

5.0 out of 5 stars The Viewfinder is a great boon, 19 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My wife and I have recently spent a long holiday in Europe. I was using the first A1200 bought last year and she used a camera without a viewfinder. After a few days we downloaded both cameras to our laptop. What a difference the A1200 had superb photos and the other had numerous hit and miss pictures because of the screen only view. In bright sunny conditions it was a case of point and shoot and hope for the best. Where the A1200 won hands down was inside shots of castles and chateaux etc. Result was the more expensive camera was packed away and the A1200 came into its own. On returning home I found the A1200 no longer available in Australia so turned to Amazon and bought a new one from their Marketplace.Postage was a bit steep, but we now aviod the hit and miss of the other style cameras. Finding a small camera with a viewfinder is very hard these days. Another great plus with the A1200 is that it is pocket sized and light and you really forgot you have got it with you.

Frozen Planet - The Complete Series [DVD]
Frozen Planet - The Complete Series [DVD]
Dvd ~ David Attenborough
Price: 8.50

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1.0 out of 5 stars When will Attenbore ever retire?, 12 Dec 2011
Little wonder that most countries that bought this series refused point blank to buy the last episode. Attenborough pushing the climate barrow a step too far. The endless 'propaganda' by Attenborough and his ilk flogging the completely failed science of climate change to all and sundry, without letting a single voice get a word in edgewise to squash the myth once and for all.
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Coast - BBC Series Six [DVD]
Coast - BBC Series Six [DVD]
Dvd ~ Nicholas Crane
Price: 11.25

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2.0 out of 5 stars BUT DOES IT HAVE SUB-TITLES?, 20 Sep 2011
This review is from: Coast - BBC Series Six [DVD] (DVD)
My never ending query with most of Amazons DVD's. I wish they would tell us in the information section whether or not there are sub-titles included. So if someone can advise if this series includes them or not, I will say thanks in advance either way.
Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Feb 18, 2013 3:28 PM GMT

Road Atlas Britain 2012
Road Atlas Britain 2012
by AA Publishing
Edition: Spiral-bound

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5.0 out of 5 stars SPIRAL BINDING IMPORTANT, 27 Aug 2011
Thank you to the above reviewer Ann for pointing out that the atlas is 'spiral bound' which I find is the best way to read the inside edges of the atlas without breaking the back of the book. I agree Amazon need to supply fuller information on all the book and DVD products, especially DVD's as to whether they are SUB-TITLED or not. I am hard of hearing and the S/T's are a great addition to any DVD or film.

Are You Being Served? - The Complete Series 1-10  & Christmas Specials [DVD] [1972]
Are You Being Served? - The Complete Series 1-10 & Christmas Specials [DVD] [1972]
Dvd ~ Mollie Sugden
Price: 32.46

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5.0 out of 5 stars PLEASE ADVISE IF THIS BOX SET HAS SUB-TITLES, 5 May 2011
I would love to buy this box set but if it doesn't have sub-titles for the hard of hearing then I will have to give it a miss.
I wish Amazon demanded that the DVD makers put sub-titles on all the DVD's they sell. They are missing out on a huge market of people with hearing difficulties.
So if some kind person that has this set let us all know what's the score with HOH!
Comment Comments (6) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Nov 24, 2011 9:18 AM GMT

Deliver Us From Evil [DVD]
Deliver Us From Evil [DVD]
Price: 10.02

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This review is from: Deliver Us From Evil [DVD] (DVD)
This difficult to watch documentry needs to been seen by all parents with children before they get to their teenage years. In fact no later than 9 or 10 years old. As it clearly shows that parents who are devout in their religion will rarely challenge what their church might be doing to their young ones.
This is most important in the school situation where clergy are either in charge of the school or college or as teaching clergy.
The number of times little boys of 9 or 10 years old go home after school and tell usually their devout fathers that they were interfered with while alone in someone's study supposedly for punishment for a simple reason such as talking in class.We are talking about the year 1950.
Often the punishment was teacher or headmaster hitting them with his bare hand on their bare rear after removing their pants and fiddling with them. You don't need the details.
The father quite naturely explodes with anger, NOT at the perpretrator at the school, but at his son calling him a 'liar' and 'dirty little boy' etc.
He then punished his beloved son twice over, thrashing him far harder than ever before. Their relationship fails at this point and never quite recovers ever again.
So, the boy is sent back to the school and in this factual case,beginning in 1950, is continued to be sexually abused by the Head of the school, a senior clergy member of his faith, for more than another three years.
After a particularly violent attack the boy goes home and on the way home runs deliberately runs into traffic trying to get himself killed and rid himself of his evil abuser.
The boy survived with appalling injuries and scars that he carries to this day. The abuse was not detected after the "accident" and after spending months in hospital he was sent back to the same school where some time later the abuse continued by the same man. It took more than another year before the truth came out and the man was confronted by his bishop and the boy's father in the very study that the abuse took place.
The result was typical for the early 1950's the boy left the school and all hopes of a brilliant career in aviation dashed. The Head of the college kept his position and abused young boys until 1966 when he was removed from the college overnight and sent to a country parish where he died in 1968, still without ever been charged with any sort of offence.He had had help at the college in the form of other clergy teachers that "spotted" and "groomed" boys for this monster of evil throughout his 16 years of abuse. In his sixteen years he had more than 3000 young boys to chose from. The number of abused boys is staggering.
Until one month ago he has not talked to anyone, not even his wife of 40 years,about the abuse against his young body 61 years ago.
Then quite by chance he heard via the web that the truth was coming out about this person.
The local Bishop had issued a wishy-washy apology in the middle of March 2011, a mere 61 years since the young boy went home to his disbelieving father, who had died a broken man in 1958 at just 50 years old.
He was told about "Deliver us from Evil" and watched it realising the magnitude of the problem that has been in our communities for so many years.
Tom Doyle who features in this documentry is helping the now old man to come to terms with the horrors he faced alone so many long years ago.
And this didn't happen in America but in a large Industrial city in northern England.
Tom Doyle and others,such as Paul Malpas in Ireland,have spread their wings far and wide all over the world to help countless victims to understand that they are no longer alone.
I note a few sad cases here of people being critical in their views.
To them I will just say this:
You need to be have been a VICTIM to understand!
The DVD needs a 10 star rating!!

World War II: Behind Closed Doors [DVD]
World War II: Behind Closed Doors [DVD]
Dvd ~ Laurence Rees
Price: 12.48

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5.0 out of 5 stars COUPLE THIS WITH THE 'SOVIET STORY', 27 Mar 2011
I am sorry W Prodmore has a problem with this series. It is one of the best of its genre for a long time. The re-anactments, sometime I normally avoid,have been very well done for a change.
May I suggest W Prodmore gets himself the DVD 'SOVIET STORY' and sit down and watch it. It will open his eyes a lot wider to the horrors of the Soviet System that murdered untold numbers, probably approaching 75 million during Stalin's lifetime of terror alone.
Remember always the NKVD ,later the KGB, ran training camps for the Gestapo, showing their methods of Gulag construction and running, and worst still, the finer acts of the cruelest methods of torture ever known to man.

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