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??????????????? Key to Life
??????????????? Key to Life
Price: 0.99

4.0 out of 5 stars deep meditative chant at a new level.., 16 Jan 2014
Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato SammÄ Sambuddhassa
(Homage to the Blessed One, the Worthy One, the Perfectly Self-awakened One)

àààà¡ ààààà àààààààà àààààààà ààà¡à¡à ààà¡ààà-ààààà
(ààààààààà¡àà"àààààààà¡ààààààààààà ààààààààààà ààààààààààààààààààà'ààà àààààààààààà"ààà"ààààààààààà)

Album Story:

A Devotional modern Buddhist Soundscape focusing on Siddhartha Gautama's controversial rejection of classical divinity in favour of a self-salvation. The album essentially centres on the theme that there is no authority but yourself.

The essence of the Album is about finding your own feet, direction and road in life. A road where only we ourselves bear responsibility for our actions and choices and the absolute rejection of the concepts of pre-defined destiny, creationist dictatorship or law and government directive.

By looking at the collecting thoughts of the spiritually evolving Siddhartha Gautama and the journey that brought him to achieving the status of Buddha, we can open and see a path to enlightenment, without outside socio- religious dictates.

Spoken Word / Vocals:
Alexander Oliver, Iboongza Neeranatpuree, Andrew Downey-Lamoureux

Thai Language Translations:
Alexander Oliver, Andrew Downey-Lamoureux, Rishi Ultramundane

Synthesisers / Trumpet / Electronica:
Andrew Downey-Lamoureux [...]
Chase at Tank Drum[..] Andrew Downey-Lamoureux [...]
Penny Rimbaud, Andrew Downey-Lamoureux, Rishi Ultramundane, Alexander Oliver

Art Team:
Fishinabox[...] / Uncornered Market [...]/ Kirsty Pang at [...] Rishi Ultra Mundane, Nattawan Sujaritjaga

Project - Key to Life
- 2013 Andrew Downey-Lamoureux (All rights reserved)

Price: 0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars The next step in trance percussion story telling, 28 Oct 2013
This review is from: Home (MP3 Download)
This is a soundscape, A musical Story basically told through instrumentation.
Scroll to the Bottom for translation and full song lyrics.

So What, is the story ? This is a tale of a Young woman Living overseas, and returning to her flat in an evening. Being in an a foreign land all the sounds around her seem unnatural and foreign,. her heart accelerates which each new sound, wondering straining to hear and make out the things she hears, the wind chasing at her back , a storm coming ?, she turns to check ,.strange insects, vibrations in the ground from the subway trains and trams , night falling , light rains, whispers , shadows,. and her mind starts t imagine around this snakes in tall grass by the roadside , winds returning, circling her as she walks like dragons or spirits.

She stops, closes her eyes and to settle herself thinks back on a welcoming place, she remembers her home,. in her minds eye she returns there seeing the morning sun shine through the window, the sweet tinkle of her Mother;s voice and the scent of fresh flowers. She remembers sitting on the lawn her toes in the grass feeling the soft mound ans she turns pages in a book lazily. Remembering being served hot jasmine tea in an afternoon ands relaxing with sewing in, out over and under , in , out , over and under the never ending path of the needles through cloth. Then the scent of cooking, of family at the table and the chatter and laughter around the table. She feels warm , Love happiness and calm.

As the scene unfolds in her mind she steady's her pace and a smile breaks on her lips,. she is on her way home. The unknown sounds and world around her fall into the background .

I love the way this song ends with the slam of her door and in the vibration you can hear all the night noises that were nipping at her heels shudder. It is a classic case of the light driving away the dark .

It has only been released globally this week but in the first two days release took over 50,000 hits online outside of China.
The full song lyrics are included in the below.


回家 Home Calling

身在异乡,打开对家的记忆, 记得 Away from home, in a stranger's land, I open up memories of home, and remember:
那扇窗 that sky through the window,
那道门 that voice behind the door,
那盘花 that scent of bouquet,
那株草 that softness of the lawn,
那本书 the notes in that book,
那壶茶 the warmth of that cup of tea,
那缕线 the longing of the thread,
那根针 the touch of the needle,
那杯酒 the richness of the wine,
那道菜 the memories of mum's cooking.

听到熟悉的声音,看到熟悉的身影。 The sound of familiar voice, the sight of loving smiles.
那里有许多笑声也有几多烦恼!那里一....家....同.....心! With both laughter and sorrow, with hearts mingled as one.
家....是一个温暖,有安全感的地方,你可以卸下重担,做回自己。 Home, where warmth linger, where safety is found, where burdens are shed, and your true self is bare.
家里有一盏灯在夜里为你开着,照亮你回家的路途。 There a lamp that will always be lit, to guide your way back home.
家,就是可以让你自由接受爱和给予爱的地方! Home, where love is freely given, and abundantly received.
无论我们走到哪里,身在何方,我们的家和家人都在我们心中! No matter where we go, or where we are, heart is where our family shall always dwell, where we call home.

其实任何一个有爱的地方,都有家的痕迹,所以有人四海为家。 Where there is love, there are the traces of home, Thus one makes home, wherever one maybe.
回家, 就是....回到一个....你能感受到爱和被理解的地方,一个完全接纳你的地方。 To come home, is to come back to a place where you will be loved, understood, and totally accepted.
我....走在回家的路上了!你呢? I... am on my way home. Where are you?

Velveteen and Mandala
Velveteen and Mandala
by Jiro Matsumoto
Edition: Paperback
Price: 10.79

4.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Art, Disturbing and Challenging Story, 29 Jan 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Velveteen and Mandala (Paperback)
Firstly - The Art, exceptionally good edgy Japanese horror manga art similar to Uzumaki/Uzumagi. it creates the atmosphere beautifully. and cannot be faulted, if you buy for art then this is a good purchase for you.

The story is in parts disjointed and actually quite hard to follow on all levels on a first read, it seems as if form the character side, the intention was to write a story through the eyes of an unintelligent materialistic teenage school girl who just so happens to live on an edge of the apocalypse battlefields. This does come through very strongly but thee is a lot more than that to these characters. It is as if the writer intended to capture this mind-set to cover or make light in there minds of the serious abuses they are and have been subjected to, well then if that was the intention then this is quite simply a work of genius because to all intensive purposes the story line actions and reactions mirror than brain dead airhead teenage mentality perfectly. Personally it's not a mind set that I value and cannot relate to or be found of the characters in any way, thee are two other elements of the story that have not translated well from the Japanese Culture, one is the change of language that Mandala undergoes after eating traditional Working Man's stew. The attempt by the author was to parody Mandala in "CHARACTER" with the meal but its lost in the English translation and just confuses, In the words of Velveteen - stop that stupid way of taking or I will kill you ! The second is the use of the sound effect "tape recorder" When Mandala cannot face the reality of her obvious sexual abuse she blocks her ears and "hears" the sound of a tape recorder (whirr / chuck whirr / chuck) or makes the noise herself to block out her " realization". I get it but it doesn't make sense translated on the page so just look out for that. There are a number of translations /cultural issues like that that make you want to skim the book across the room and certainly on my first reading by the time I got to the Zombie assault / Rape I actually was happy to see if happen as all you want to do is shoot the main characters in the head and drop them in a very deep well .

On the flip side though there are some fantastic socio/religious after life concepts in this book, Firstly the idea that in fact the Riverside is like the "light at the end of the tunnel" and the air bombers the administration of heaven dumping the dead (See Asian Japanese influenced government organised traditional hierarchical heaven structures for more info). The errors that the bodies are being dropped with personal effect instead of just the souls is a clever turn to the errors of god etc.. there are other factors as well such that Mandala and Velveteen are actually dead or comatose it's not clear but certainly they do no die from the toxic air of the riverside as the "humans" do and also that they cannot communicate with the dead and interact with them suggest a spirit form element. Other factors of interest are the subtle references through the book to the author as a god like figure or god add depth of the thought process of the writer that he in effect sees the story as his worldly domain to lord over, to "play" with the characters and abuse them as he sees fit and how the characters at time make reference to thee distaste for the author or god. Personal favorite. The bully girls from school , Diarrhoea, the human death with mask off and the vomit in the gas mask in the shelter..

Also look out for how the bombs are actually human bodies (is the world already dead ?) and check the details in the images of the Supers basement for hints on the bigger picture this story represents

So overall I give this a four - It is very different, the art is amazing the story line either the work of a genius of a madman, I cannot decide whether it deserves a place on my book shelf with the other classics or immediate list on ebay..

Its one of those.. It plays on your mind , love it hate it...It's a weird one off, try it if you are willing to take the time to read his 2 or 3 times, if you are willing to think of the subject matter objectively, if you are willing to take risk on a book that doesn't fit any traditional molds and are not bothered in any way by disappointment where it is fragmented and seemingly does not deliver then go for it.. Otherwise I would recommend other sold titles by other writers that always deliver in this genre.

Sweet Like Chocolate
Sweet Like Chocolate

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5.0 out of 5 stars Everyone loves a bit of Chocolate !, 11 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Sweet Like Chocolate (Audio CD)
Zomba Records relesaed this CD on the continent and emplyed a revolutionary CD pressing technique at the time to allow for a CD "Picture Disc" Taking the regular CD release and adding a bit mark in the side of the CD, Yeap all great fun, the second great add to this isthe track list, the additional mixes on the Zomba import means you get 19 Minutes and 46 seconds of Sweet Like Chocolate remixes on this CD. I would recommend the Zomba release if you are looknig to buy. You get more fun and more music for your money.

Track Listings
1. Sweet Like Chocolate (Metro 7 Remix)
2. Sweet Like Chocolate (Shanks And Bigfoot Radio Edit)
3. Sweet Like Chocolate (Shanks And Bigfoot Original Mix)
4. Sweet Like Chocolate (Ruff Driverz Vocal)

Best of Kaf Malbar
Best of Kaf Malbar

5.0 out of 5 stars Tropical Twist !, 13 Sep 2012
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This review is from: Best of Kaf Malbar (Audio CD)
1h40 minute double CD of Maurician / Reunionais Sega / Ragga fusion from Mauritius and La Reunion Islands, kreol (french fouded) language. Basically this music is a clever more social / political version of west indian ragga style. If you want your tropical music to have some point and meaning then go for this.

This style of Music is organic to the islands and carries a cross beat (sega) tapped out on a ravanne wide skin drum as well as the usual sudo african instruments(djembes etc or drum machine equivalents) picked up in other ex colonial island music - adds an element to the music for sure.

Other factors are that rather than being just a tropical sex fest of daggering comments and inuendos. Music from mauritius and reunion concerns itself more with political and socail impact issues., people family and the state. Along with theat kreol (maurician) is an excellent language that leans to double meaning and as such the lyrics are cleverly put and intelligent.

Ragga/ Seggee evolution in music was quite late growing through the 1990's from a traditional Sega dance (traditional indian oceans music) and Reggee roots. the twist happened and hit the island music main stream in the late 1990's after the death of Kaya the seggee Rastafarian singer in the hands of the police and the ensuing riots.

Since then the music is now the core mainstream island music along side the teraditional Sega and has picked up elements from Ragga and also madagascan music.

Its one to get involved with.

The Maurician and Reunionais musicians are exactly that, they are concerned with music not "bling bling" and media so they wont come to you, You have to go to them and the best way to do that is to Buy this album,

look out as well for Malkitjah, Blakayo, MonAster, Loic Painaye, DJ Tiam (974 Sound) and on the Sega traditional side try CASSIYA and Lindzy BacBotte for a taster.

Needless to say all music is pressed in limited editions so you will have to hunt and hunt hard to get a copy of this and the other artists work.

Includes tracks such as -
Ils veul ma peau
Fé attention
Like sa
Coq la kour
Formidable tune
Donn a moin pou vivre
Min dan la min
A la nou la
Kafrine dofé
Donn ma limé

Sucker Punch [DVD] [2011]
Sucker Punch [DVD] [2011]
Dvd ~ Emily Browning
Price: 2.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars THE DARKNESS WILL GET YOU IN THE END, 15 Aug 2012
This review is from: Sucker Punch [DVD] [2011] (DVD)
You see.., the whole film occurs in the space between the entry of the needle to the eye and the completion of the lobotomy jut a few minites later, but she has to fight to survive, her mind works our that to get out.. she has to collect the necessary elements to give her a fighting change, he lighter the map etc.. she puts all her energy into fighting her own darkness ,. the reality id though that as victims of abuse we can never escape our abuser and in the end the abuser will destroy us.. basically you can only really get that is you are a victim of abuse.. its really very heavy but makes perfect sense to me in this context.. if you ae wondering about the rabbit ? well its not just a big gun its "walden " the rabbit. based on Walden the rabbit hat helps a little girl called Fig ESCAPE from reality into fantasy worlds and there fixes life the niverse and everything for her.. Walden is a feature of "the house of mystery". This is a film about why we fight to survive when the odds are against us. there is no salvation for the damned no matter how innocent.

Demos 1977-79
Demos 1977-79

4.0 out of 5 stars RAW !!!!, 5 July 2012
This review is from: Demos 1977-79 (Vinyl)
IF you thought that Crass were "raw" then this caps it all. the original demo recordings from the band, this is like finding an early picasso where the work has no re-finining, editing, self sensering but all the passion that drove the Crass project. Its a masterpeice and actaully easier to listen to than Yes Sir I will..I wold say make it an add to your collection just to remind tyour self that Music can be powerful, political and meaningful beyond whats written on the score. despite the hard edge to the Album its fascinatingly enjoyable.. get it, get addicted , get the message its trying to tell you and it will open a door in your mind.

This LP is NOW AVAILABLE ON CD as well as VINYL though a bit of a struggle to find in stores..


1] Heart Throb Of The Mortuary
2] I Can't Stand It
3] Do They Owe Us A Living?
4] Who's Side Are You On?
5] Angela Rippon
6] End Result
7] G's Song
8] General Bacardi
9] Securior
10] Punk Is Dead
11] G's Song
12] Count In
13] Mother Earth
14] Fight War Not Wars / They've Got A Bomb
15] Shaved Women
16] Tired

by Yo Yo
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Crazy Korean Manga with a twist (English Language), 1 July 2012
REVIEW - OK This is really very wierd indeed, but acutally very funny too. Ireally enjoyed this, it was chaotic full of the most bizarre ideas and characters but the story flowed (oddly) from one visitor in the open house she runs to another, from one disaster to another , from one spell , or drinking session or the next thing that puss in boots does.. its just totally off the wall. It really is of the most appealing titles you will ever have. The writer "Yo Yo," is actually a collaborative effort courtesy of the studio Dive to Dream Sea, founded by veteran writer Myung-Jin Lee (Ragnarok, Lights Out). How much of this off the wall creation may be attributed directly to Lee cannot be assumed but and there are definitely strong whiffs of his signature drawing style in the depictions of some of the characters--but it is otherwise quite a departure from his usual, mainstream fare.

The tale brilliantly combines the edgy pop stylings and narrative pacing of an indie comic with the charismatic, big-eyed character designs of a Japanese anime. It does borrow a little from Tim Burton-esque horror kitsch and occasionally from Harry Potter-esque occidental wizardry ("owl mail," anyone?), overall the series has an exuberant, fresh look to it, richly evocative of hip, hyper-modern South Korea. The panel layouts, well i have never seen anything of the like before in Manga, its like a US underground comic . a freak brothers style boxed up panel to panel all the way with "crazy" writing basically deliberately haphazard in position and in the outlines; many pages average ten or more. Yet they seem practically to burst at the seams with clothing, bookcases, and furnishings drawn in scrupulous detail. I LOVE IT , ITS WIERD BUT SOMETIMES WIERD IS COOL.. THIS IS COOL

Laya Han is a young witch who lives, along with her persnickety, chain-smoking cat Puss ('n boots), in a modest cottage deep in the forest on the outskirts of the town of Red Pooh. While during her student days she was not the most attentive of magical students, she now makes an ostensible living brewing potions for the townspeople and various magical denizens of the forest. However, in actuality she spends most of her days procrastinating, trying out new meal recipes, and entertaining a random, rotating series of semi-welcome houseguests, including Niky the Fox, the crow Snowy, a Brain Candy duo, aspiring apprentices Choco Pie and Mikah, and former classmate and current extorter Aniku. This is an up close and personal account of Laya's so-called life.

String Color L'album
String Color L'album

3.0 out of 5 stars BEACH RAGGA ......, 6 Jun 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: String Color L'album (Audio CD)
OK its all on one beat pattern its a soft ragga, stronger than a caribean zouk but definitly a soft touch to the usual harder dancehall styles.. If you want a beach party back ground disc then this does it , easy to dance to and end to end followed the same beat pattern, nothing out of the ordinary but sometimes thats just what we want a easy dance background cd.. well this is it..

Frankie Say Greatest [Special Edition]
Frankie Say Greatest [Special Edition]
Price: 10.68

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4.0 out of 5 stars ALMOST THERE but not quite, 10 Mar 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Well it is almost the greatest except for - dooesnt have The world is my oyster and it does'nt have the version of Two Tribes from the 12 inch ep with the penny whistle , at best it could have picked up the price charles speech cover form welcome to the pleasuredome that has the penny whistle two tribes backing track. but no.. endless two tribes and relax 12 inch remixes and no penny whistle..dissapointing you listen to it ans say wow thats cool but humm what about the penny whistle...actually its so winding mw up i am going to sell my copy ..............

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