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Wolf Whisperer (Mills & Boon Nocturne)
Wolf Whisperer (Mills & Boon Nocturne)
by Karen Whiddon
Edition: Paperback

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2.0 out of 5 stars paranormal romance/mystery, 31 July 2012
Wolf Whisperer was an action packed read full of adventure, mystery and forbidden romance. After the death of his wife, Pack Protector Mac had his children taken from him. Shifter Kelly has been in forced isolation for years, but when her kind start disappearing, she must go looking for answers...and Mac must join her.

Initially both distrust the other, but after Kelly binds them together to save Mac's life, neither will be the same.

Mac thought he could never love anyone else after his wife, but Kelly awakens feelings inside him that have been dormant for a long time. Kelly begins to trust Mac and realise that not only can he help find her missing kin, but he can also find her.

Wolf Whisperer flew by. It was a pleasurable read that takes little effort. I felt the story was little repetitive, like I'd read the same paranormal romance a few times before, but the characters kept it fresh and enjoyable. Whilst being a fairly saucy read, the descriptive scenes were kept to a minimum. The mystery element, even though it was predictable, was still entertaining. The book's best feature was watching Mac and Kelly fall for each other and work through the obstacles in their path.

Temptation (Harlequin Teen)
Temptation (Harlequin Teen)
by Karen Ann Hopkins
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.58

3.0 out of 5 stars Refreshing YA romance, 23 July 2012
aRose and her family move to Meadowview after the death of Rose's mother. Together with her two brothers and her father, she thinks there can be nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere. But when the family next door introduce themselves, Rose can't help but be awestruck by Noah, and think maybe her moving there was fate after all.

But nothing can ever happen between Rose and Noah. Because he is Amish. And she is not. Everything about Rose is dangerous to Noah. She speaks her mind. She doesn't look after the men in her life. She dresses how she likes. For Noah, she is free with her kisses.

Noah is a puzzle to Rose. One moment he is a normal boy, riding his horse alongside hers, making her laugh, and stealing her heart a little more every time they are together. But the next moment he talks about babies and marriage and women minding their place and she knows they are a world apart.

Temptation was a delicious novel about forbidden romance in a very fresh way. I knew little to nothing about Amish traditions before reading this book, and I am pleased to have learned something new.

The story was pleasant enough, though at times it did feel repetitive. It was left with plenty of room for a sequel, and I am intrigued as to how it will pan out.

The Selection (The Selection, Book 1) (The Selection Stories)
The Selection (The Selection, Book 1) (The Selection Stories)
by Kiera Cass
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.59

4.0 out of 5 stars Very enjoyable, 23 July 2012
The Selection had a little bit of everything. Part dystopian. Part reality show. Part romance. Part love triangle.

For any girl, getting to be a part of the Selection is a chance in a lifetime. Prince Maxon needs a wife, and must choose between thirty five girls whilst the nation watches.

But getting chosen isn't America Singer's dream. In fact it's her worst nightmare. By being chosen she must leave Aspen, the boy she really loves. Aspen refuses to be selfish, and urges America to go through with it, for he is a lower caste of society than America, and can't give her the future she deserves.

America thought Prince Aspen was a weakling, a wimp who was spoiled and shallow. The reality was something quite different, and despite her preconceived notions, the pair embark on an easy friendship. And as the number of girls dwindle and America remains at the palace, her heart begins to soften to Maxon.

The Selection is a book you can't help but fall for. It was a very easy read, but only in the sense of it was achingly easy to fall into. I found myself hating having to put it down to take care of mundane things

America herself was a likable character, and Maxon was the epitome of dream prince. I slipped into this world so easily I didn't want it to be over. The author wrote herself such a good book that the wait for the sequel is sure to be agonising.

Dark Inside
Dark Inside
by Jeyn Roberts
Edition: Paperback

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3.0 out of 5 stars Raw & Edgy Dystopian YA, 23 July 2012
This review is from: Dark Inside (Paperback)
Dark Inside is a raw and edgy YA dystopian novel following four teens as the world around them crumbles.

The earthquake was the beginning of the end. Aries, Michael, Mason and Clementine each have their own problems as the aftershocks come not from the ground, but from everyone else around them. People they have known their entire lives, strangers, neighbours, classmates, are taken over by a murderous rage that is intent on destruction.

Trusting anyone is a risky decision that could end horrifically. You can't even turn to the usual people who serve to protect. Seemingly innocent and harmless people can turn. Can be hiding their homicidal urges. Everyday is a battle for survival.

Dark Inside is told in alternating viewpoints of Clementine, Mason, Aries and Michael as they all struggle through this new and terrifying world. Whilst it was a very dark and disturbing book, with the worst crimes against humanity something that becomes an everyday sight, there was almost something inspirational about it. As a book about the survival of these four teens, more than once they stand up for others and protect when they can. Some become leaders when others can't.

There wasn't a single point in this book when I wanted to put it down. As each chapter finished, I had to know what was going to happen next.

Jeyn Roberts is definitely an author to watch. And I am waiting with baited breath for the sequel.

Alchemy (The Mercian Trilogy)
Alchemy (The Mercian Trilogy)
by K. J. Wignall
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Vampire YA mystery, 17 July 2012
Alchemy is the second book in the Mercian trilogy, following the adventures of vampire Will, or, William of Mercia, and teenager, Eloise.

After forming their unlikely friendship in Blood, the pair are closer than ever having found out their destinies are intertwined. Many more questions are raised as Eloise and Will try to figure out who they can trust and who may be betraying them. They must find a way to destroy Wyndham, who is much more powerful than they could ever have imagined and ensure their destinies are met.

Eloise and Will face more than their share of obstacles. Alchemy is riddled with mysteries and I read each page as though the rug was about to be ripped out from under me, or the walls would shift and my surroundings be something totally different and dangerous.

The chemistry between the characters was believable. Eloise struggles to come to terms with the side of Will that forces him to be a murder in order to survive. And all Will wants is to be able to have a future with Eloise that cannot be possible.

While Will isn't exactly the tortured vampire, he is familiar of others in recent vampire novels. This doesn't take anything away from the story or even make it feel like anything else I've read. The Mercian trilogy is more mystery than romance and it more than keeps me on my toes as I try (and fail) to guess what might happen next.

What I Didn't Say
What I Didn't Say
Price: £1.94

4.0 out of 5 stars Sweet, poignant & romantic, 3 July 2012
This review is from: What I Didn't Say (Kindle Edition)
Jake Hayes has it pretty good. Decent grades, star football player, great family. But then a few beers, one seriously bad decision and a t-post changes his world forever.

When he learns that he will never talk again, Jake thinks it is the worst thing that could ever have happened to him. No one understands, no one gets how hard it is, no one could possibly understand how he feels. Jake lashes out, his anger at the situation boiling inside him. He expected people to be nervous around him, to say something stupid or avoid him altogether. What he didn't expect was the way his whole community rallied around him to make things easier and show their support.

With his school schedule readjusted, Jake now has way more time with Samantha Shay than he did before. Samantha Shay. His one regret - never telling her he was in love with her. And now thanks to the accident, he will never speak the again.

Slowly, Samantha brings Jake back to life. She shows him ways around his inability to talk and how he may not have chosen to lose his voice, but how he deals with it is entirely up to him.

What I Didn't Say was inspirational and achingly romantic. Jake's frustration radiated off the page as he struggles to get used to life without talking. I loved the interactions between him and his family, who treat him exactly the same. Samantha's subplot helped keep the story interesting as the couple face yet more obstacles in their path.

One for a rainy day to curl up on the couch with.

Immortal City
Immortal City
by Scott Speer
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Fab new angel novel, 8 Jun. 2012
This review is from: Immortal City (Paperback)
Maddy Montgomery isn't interested in the angels that look over Angel City and protect its richer inhabitants. She doesn't watch the shows, read the gossip blogs or pay any attention to anything angel orientated. But when Jackson Godspeed, an up and coming angel that the whole world has its eye on, blows into Maddy's life, she has no choice but pay attention.

Maddy and Jacks are from two different worlds. Jacks has everything money could buy and world fame. Maddy has a handful of friends and works all the hours she can just to get by. Neither fits in the other's world, but they can't live apart, either. Only Maddy sees Jacks for who he really is - not the public persona and world-famous angel.

Quite simply, I absolutely adored this book. Immortal City was a breath of much needed fresh air. With the rise in popularity of angel books, a new and edgy take on them was just what fans of the genre needed.

Split POV books tend to be a hit or a miss with me, usually I end up liking one voice more than the other. But I loved both Jacks and Maddy. Both of them lead the reader through the story, making them a part of their world. There were plenty of twists and turns, and a whopping mystery to keep all attention focused on this book until it was finished.

I absolutely cannot wait for the next instalment in this series.

Dead Time: The Murder Notebooks
Dead Time: The Murder Notebooks
by Anne Cassidy
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.99

3.0 out of 5 stars YA Crime, 8 Jun. 2012
When Rose witnesses the murder of a loud-mouthed boy from her college, she is thrown headfirst into the middle of a mystery. Rose and her stepbrother, Josh, are no strangers to mysteries. They have wondered for five long years what happened to her mother and his father, when they didn't come home one night and haven't been seen or heard from since.

Rose is caught in the middle of trying to help Josh let go when all he wants to do is dig deeper into their parents' disappearance, and uncovering the truth in the recent murder. But when another body is added to the list, it may be more than Rose can handle.

Dead Time was a great murder mystery book that didn't clobber its reader over the head with details. Rose was a very likeable character who lead us through the story easily as she flits between new clues in her mother's disappearance and the spree of murders of her classmates.

I loved the emotional elements to the book. Rose now lives with her cold grandmother who just wants Rose to make something of her life. But Rose knows what she wants and it isn't what her grandmother has in mind. Especially if that means having anything to do with Josh.

This is a great opening book in what is sure to be an amazing series. I am genuinely looking forward to the next one.

Screaming Snowflakes
Screaming Snowflakes
Price: £3.55

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3.0 out of 5 stars Dark romance, 29 May 2012
Screaming Snowflakes follows Eleanor as she embarks on a new journey in her life. After moving to London for university, she has to get used to not only a new city, but starting her courses and making new friends. She falls in with a new crowd and she soon enjoys a fun social life.

Then she meets Raphael. After a rocky start to their friendship, Eleanor and Raphael quickly become great friends. They are often found studying together at their homes or eating out in delicious restaurants. Eleanor adores his friendship and always looks forward to the time they spend together.

She knows Raphael is hiding something from her, something important about who he is. But Raphael is scared to let her in and show her his true case she should run screaming in the other direction.

Eleanor being the open minded person that she is, accepts Raphael as he is - even though he threatens her very existence.

I really liked the lovers' interactions and watching them slowly fall for each other. The premise was an interesting on, and even though this is a subject that a lot of people would say has been beaten to death, the story was fresh and original and had intriguing characters to keep things moving along.

The only negative thing I would say about the story, is that a lot of it could have been cut down. A little `fat trim' with unnecessary information would have helped the story move along a lot quicker, giving it a faster pace. That said, I enjoyed this read, and would recommend it to friends.

Hope's Daughter (The Ambrosia Sequence Book 1)
Hope's Daughter (The Ambrosia Sequence Book 1)
Price: £0.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great dystopian, 29 May 2012
Hope's Daughter took me totally by surprise. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but what I got was so, so much more.

The world Cassie lives in is totally different from ours. It is set in the future after Earth has been destroyed, and the surviving humans live on a space station called Hope. The story starts with Cassie as she is sitting her exams when a boy across the room catches her eye. She has known Balik for years, has noticed he is very reserved and doesn't say much. Except today, when he draws her into conversation and Cassie can't help but take him all in.

Cassie and Balik are together for work placement and Cassie finds herself looking forward to the time they get to spend together. At first she doesn't notice the subtle changes in her feelings, how Balik can seem to see straight inside her and his soft questions probe her mind. It seems the more time she spends with Balik, the more curious her parents become of him.

It isn't until Cassie's best friend elopes to the Married Quarter that she begins to really question what is going on around her...and if they dreams she has been having, and the voices she hears, are really true after all.

Hope's Daughter had me on the edge of my seat from...oh, page two. I loved the way Cassie slowly fell for Balik, how it wasn't a sudden eruption of feelings and instant love. The book is written in soft, dreamy prose that enchant the reader and lull them into a false sense of security. And then the author rips the rug out from under us.

In the best possible way, this book creeped the heck out of me. All the hairs on the back of my neck stuck up and I almost felt like I was being watched, that somehow I was being observed through my Kindle, my reactions recorded for data. Yes, I have a very active imagination. But also the author deserves one massive round of applause for making my imagination run away with itself.

This book had me constantly guessing what was going to happen next. It had more than enough plot twists and turns, and beautiful character development. I fell head over heels for these characters, and Balik, I simply adore you.

Read this book and love it. As far as YA dystopians's up there with Divergent. Seriously.

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