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Warrior On The Edge Of Time (Expanded Edition)
Warrior On The Edge Of Time (Expanded Edition)
Price: £18.48

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4.0 out of 5 stars Warrior 2013 3 Disc Release, 31 May 2013
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This is a bit of a mixed bag really but the first thing to say is that the the original album's music sounds amazing - a great remastering job with due respect to the original. Concentrating on the two CD's - On first listen both mixes have different benefits; the Stereo Mix stays close to the original album. Steve Wilson's Mix has instrumental passages bursting out of the speakers and the bass (certainly on Assault & Battery) is lower in the mix. Downsides: Personally I don't like albums being diluted with random bonus tracks that don't fit the mood of the original album. So, I would have preferred Motorhead, Soldiers At The Edge - Moorcock version and 'Dawn' as the bonus tracks on one CD as these fit nicely with the original. Soldiers is actually a nice 'Standing At The Edge part 2' and would have been great on the original. The Wizard (Turner version) is inferior to the original with Turner appearing to rush his delivery. The 'Spiral' and 'Soldiers (Turner version)' and Motorhead (Brock version) are ok. The other tracks would have been better suited to Parallel Universe if anywhere, On The Road is a short blues/ busking type of Brock piece that is well out of place as are the Watchfield recordings most of which have appeared elsewhere (the jam is built around You Shouldn't Do That and as it turns into Brainstorm it gets faded out!) I'd prefer to see a decent job being done on the whole Watchfield tape. Finally, the packaging is a bit disappointing currently on Amazon and the Cherry Red/ Atomhenge site the sleeve is shown, for all CD versions in the same design as the original album outer sleeve (minus the shield), opening out into a landscape view of the Warrior stood on the edge of a cliff with two moons. Maybe the 1 CD and deluxe box versions are true to the originals, but here the outer sleeve is a box (not a fold out digipack) and the whole image is on the front. The rear of the box is as per the image shown on Amazon. The discs are contained in cardboard 'inner sleeves'. The 3 x CD sized inner sleeves and booklet are based on the picture inner sleeve from the original album. So, good to have the album presented well. Overall the 3 disc version is the best for a Hawkwind fan due to 'Soldiers' and 'Dawn' and at around £15 was a good deal for me - although it's now gone up to £21!

Shaking The Habitual
Shaking The Habitual
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £5.75

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3.0 out of 5 stars Flabby, Needs A Good Diet, 21 May 2013
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This review is from: Shaking The Habitual (Audio CD)
Both CD versions need a trim. Take all the tracks over the 2 CD version and you would get an excellent CD. Now, I dont mind a bit of experimentation (Pere Ubu, Bjork, Eno) it can be very rewarding but direction and continuity always helps an album. The first five tracks are excellent but A Cherry does highlight the CD's problem with a low key, false start. Also, after the electronic cyclone of the first tracks where does the ambient electronic chill of Old Dreams come from? A real curve ball, and one that is totally at odds with what has gone before, and unnecessary given that Fripp and Eno did the same sound 40 tears ago on No Pussyfooting. In many ways there was no point doing another Silent Shout as Fever Ray is in that particular sonic territory and consequently Habitual is the right way for The Knife to go, but it just needs to be edited to be more rewarding.

Space Ritual
Space Ritual
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Maximise The Awesomeness, 10 May 2013
This review is from: Space Ritual (Audio CD)
Space Ritual - to buy the CD is now getting quite confusing. If you are going to buy the CD make absolutely sure that you are buying the 2007 Remaster, released recently in 2013 (not sure how a 2007 remaster comes out for the first time (?) in 2013) and not earlier versions. Sure you get a great album with any version but this CD really takes the quality to another level. This CD is catalogued HAWKSS 4. I don't usually bother buying an album again just for a remaster, we all know record companies rip us off with reissues, but there are loads of reasons why you should buy this, whether you have previous versions or not. I'll be brief: (1) First of all the sound has so much more clarity and power. (2) Brainstorm is no longer edited, this full version comes in at 13:46 with some 4 minutes of jamming restored. (3) An extended Welcome To The Future (with additional audience input) is crowned off with a brilliant You Shouldn't Do That (not the poorer version that was a bonus track on the previous CD). (4) You still get the previous bonus track of You Shouldn't Do That but two bonus tracks change with alternate night's performance of; Orgone Accumulator (with Turner's sax more prominent) and a storming 13 minute, Time We Left This World Today. (5) The packaging - this now mirrors the original vinyl album, the sleeve folds out into a poster with the same images as the original, the inner space behind the CD's features the same pattern that was on the inner vinyl sleeves and the rear image is much more in line with the rest of the design, unlike the last CD release. The print clarity is much better than the previous CD too. You do lose some images and lyrics from the previous CD booklet but who looks at lyrics when Space Ritual is on? Anyway, the music hear proves that the 1970's album should have been a triple album, easily. The fuller versions of Brainstorm, Time We Left and the addition of You Shouldn't Do That alone add an extra 22 minutes. But, the sound - wow, the sound is awesome. It's like a new album. Be careful you get the right one. Did I say the sound is awesome?
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Voices of Life
Voices of Life
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £16.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Le Mystere By Another Name, 20 Feb. 2012
This review is from: Voices of Life (Audio CD)
In short this Voices Of Life CD is fantastic. I have had it for about 8 years. I'm a great fan of Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares but, coming to them quite late, I did alot of internet research to track down their stuff as alot of the "Le Mystere..." choirs stuff appears under different names (such as this for the US audience). I review this CD for two reasons: 1, alot of people will be unclear that this is Le Mystere.../Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir and 2, the main value of this CD, which is mainly a compilation, is for the 3 tracks which Eddie Jobson (Roxy Music) has added instrumental accompaniment to. For me, still after 8 years (and noting that a US reviewer called these vacuous!) these three tracks are a revelation, truly haunting, treated with care and respect by Jobson. Why couldn't there be an album of their collaboration? In 'not so short' - Le Mystere by another name: seek The Bulgarian Women's Choir, The Bulgarian Voices Angelite (a name used in Europe for a number of years now, in fact the albums A Cathedral Concert and Melody Rhythm & Harmony can be found under both Le Mystere.. and Angelite names!) although more recently they have toured Europe again using the Le Mystere name! Confusing, but well worth the effort to track down all of their work, about 15 excellent albums, most recently on Jaro Records of Germany. Carefully check, what I think are three poor albums: From Bulgaria With Love (the pop album - yuk!), The Christmas Album (undistinguished) and Mercy For The Living (out of character).

Price: £15.16

5.0 out of 5 stars Belter, 21 Nov. 2011
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This review is from: Bruiser (Audio CD)
After somewhere close to 45 years listening to straight guitar/drums bands I very rarely hear a new g/d band to interest me. Of the last decade or so Duke Spirit are just one of probably two 'new straight' guitar/drums bands that have interested me. Bruiser adds to the quality that was delivered on Cuts and Neptune. Punchy rock/indie, great writing, neat little hooks, great instrumentation topped off by that ace female, rasping vocal. Absolute travesty that this band doesn't score with a top 20 album. Cherish them.

Object 47
Object 47
Price: £8.32

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4.0 out of 5 stars Object Of Desire, 13 July 2008
This review is from: Object 47 (Audio CD)
We all have our favourite bands that have never gained the recognition that they deserve. Wire is definitely such a band. If they hadn't been so determined to challenge their live audiences in the late 70's perhaps they would have had the success of, say, Blur. Wire have, over 4 decades, consistently re-evaluated, changed and managed to slot into the musical landscape of the time without straying too far from the Wire identity and whilst creating excellent music at every turn. We had no right to expect 21st century Wire to provide music that was of more than a passing interest but Read and Burn 1 & 2 and Send astounded with music that met the challenge of a back catalogue that has been a major influence of many bands. For me this year's Read & Burn 3 was a little disapointing but Object 47 sees Wire back at the top of their game. Tuneful, noisy and driving, reflecting this decade not some past glory. Male guitar bands have generally left me cold over the last 15 years but Wire (predominantly drums and guitar) are still using the genre to remain challenging and creative. One star lost as the CD is only 35 mins long. One of the top ten bands that this country has ever produced. Franz Ferdinand et al, listen and weap.

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