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The Fight for Us
The Fight for Us
Price: 2.37

4.0 out of 5 stars Once he realized he didn't hate her, he started falling in love with her., 11 Jun 2014
This review is from: The Fight for Us (Kindle Edition)
I really love when a hero thinks he hates the heroine, and then the next thing you know, he's consumed in a totally different way, full of sexual need and love for her. This hero really starts out prickly and kind of a jerk to the heroine, and I so love a jerk hero. Just makes it sweeter and sexier when that type of hero falls hard into love.

I thought Isaiah was really fine. Very sexy and complicated, deep and needy, and I loved how he kept thinking about Joss. Even when he thinks he hates her, he still can't stop wanting her. The sexy times were hot and erotic and passionate. I loved his sexy and sweet dirty talk. But more than that, I loved that when he said something he regretted, something he wished he'd never said, he was able to apologize not once but twice to Joss.

As for Joss, she's such a needful and sweet character as well. At first, I wasn't sure I'd like her, in the first few pages of the book, but soon you care about her when you find out how much she's suffered and continues to suffer from her abusive ex-husband. Man, did I hate her ex. If any woman needed a good man, a strong man, to fight for her and convince her of her own worth, it's Joss, and when Isaiah did that, it was very romantic to read.

Not a light read, not with what Joss goes through, and not with the family/relationship drama at work; it's complicated and emotional, with flawed but sweet human characters who need love and want to be loved. Sweet, sexy and romantic, and just very, very good.

Guardian [New World Book 6]
Guardian [New World Book 6]
Price: 2.44

3.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable read with some new developments happening, 1 Jun 2014
The hero in this book, Roam, is the Castian who temporarily kidnapped Zuri in Zuri's Zargonnii Warrior [Unearthly World Book 2]. So I was really excited to read about him and see him find his own human female to love. I liked Roam enough. He didn't quite flip my switch, but he was a good guy: protective, sweet and ready to mate. He and Jinx are cute together, sweet, with a little steam going for them, and it was pleasant. Just not sexy-wow for me.

What I liked most in this story was seeing how Roam and Taz interacted, working against all those pre-conceived ideas about each race/species, and what this new brotherly dynamic means for the Castians and Tonans as a whole. That was interesting. Also, we see the Zargonnii again here, and I loved that best. Finn shows up, and that was so funny, Jinx's reaction to him. I kind of have the same reaction myself! I can't wait for his story. There are also new and intriguing developments concerning the evil Gargano.

Overall, an enjoyable read, fun, easy, just not totally consuming, but I did enjoy it. For me, it was worth reading to see this series connect up with the Unearthly World series, which is the one I'm most into. I love the Zargonnii guys, and hope that's the series book the author writes next.

The Bastard (Baddest Boys in History Book 1)
The Bastard (Baddest Boys in History Book 1)
Price: 2.43

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4.0 out of 5 stars Bad boys need love too, 1 Jun 2014
This was a fun read, full of action, and with a pretty believable romance working for it as well. Considering the action taking place and all the terminology and world-building, I was still invested in seeing the romance unfold. There was a sweetness to this couple, and that sweetness helped balance the action for me. The main fight is the eternal battle of good against evil. We have archangels, fallen angels, minions, Satan, righteous warriors and forsaken warriors. It was very interesting seeing how the author worked some historical fact with myth, lore and Biblical doctrine to create this world and her characters. I knew names like Michael, Samael, Gabriel, and who our forsaken warriors turn out to be from history and myth, which was pretty cool.

I'm not sure how she's going to make me love a couple of these guys when it's time for a book of their own, but that's what makes reading anti-heroes so fun. Can you understand such a man? Can you even like him? Those can be some of the best heroes to read, the flawed and imperfect ones. And with Erik/Vike, how can you not be interested to see a Viking berserker fall in love? What I liked about this is that he's paired with someone very caring and kind and gentle. I love when a hardened hero is paired with a soft-hearted, determined heroine. She is his salvation; he is her destiny.

I think this is a great start to this new series. Solid world building, strong, likable characters, and vile baddies to hate. A couple times the bad guys made me sick. Satan is evil, and you see it here. There's fighting, and some blood, and gritty scenes. There's also friendship and loyalty and love. A fun, entertaining read that was both light and dark at times. Pretty well-rounded with action and romance. The next forsaken warrior to get his book is Rex, and I'm up for that.

Be sure to check out the Table of Contents first and reference that Cheat Sheet when needed.

Shift Happens (Carus Series Book 1)
Shift Happens (Carus Series Book 1)
Price: 3.06

4.0 out of 5 stars Got this as a Prime pick, and it turned out to be one of my better picks., 1 Jun 2014
If you're looking for a badazz kind of woman who can throw down, then Andy's your woman. She's the kind of self-reliant heroine I enjoy reading, and the type of paranormal I liked to read about most. The story is told from her POV in first-person, and she's really the star of the show. I liked that she's lean and tough but still a sexy woman. I also liked that she's biracial, although I don't think enough was really added about that, but I think that has more to do with keeping Andy's true past more a mystery to the reader until later.

Sometimes I felt I had too much information, and other times, not enough, but the author's background about Feras, The Purge, and how all this supernatural change came to be was interesting. And the dynamic between weres and vamps was different, too. I want to see how this dynamic changes as Andy learns more about herself. As the story ends, we still have more to learn about Andy and her special abilities. Not a cliffhanger per se, as the current storyline is resolved, but there's definitely much more to find out. There also seems to be another love interest for Andy, one besides Wick.

If I have one complaint about this story, it would be that I wanted more time with Andy and Wick together. I hope the next book develops that more; more romance/a few more smexy times would be nice to balance the action. But other than that, I enjoyed this. Just a couple of small bumps in an otherwise solid first book. As a series getting its footing, this was a pretty good read, and I'd be interested in seeing how the series continues. More so than romance or love everlasting, the focus is on Andy, her choices and her open options; her shadowy past and her uncertain future. It'll be fun to see how it goes and what's in store for her.

Embattled Home (Lost and Found Book 3)
Embattled Home (Lost and Found Book 3)
Price: 2.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A sweet, wounded warrior romance, 7 May 2014
I love reading a hero who's an honorable man, a man who does what he says he'll do. Make him sweet and gentle and caring, and he's even better. Not to mention the appeal of the wounded hero, scarred inside and out, and you just get a really sweet and vulnerable hero to enjoy. It's nice to read an alpha hero who's more subtle. Still gets the job done, protecting his woman, but he's not pushy or demanding. And this really worked well with our heroine, who definitely needs a soft touch.

Like Chad, Lora has had her share of pain. I don't normally go for a prickly heroine, and Lora is surely prickly, but I did like her. Still fighting an abusive ex, Lora's not ready to trust a man again. She cuts Chad no slack at all in the beginning, but this made a lot of sense for her character, for things she'd suffered and put up with. So the relationship builds as they spend time together. It's a slow, gradual romance, with no sex happening until late into the book. The action before that is more sweet and slow as Chad gains Lora's trust. And when the sex did happen, it was sweet but passionate and sexy.

While the element of suspense and what happens was a bit predictable, how it would play out, it was still enjoyable to read. I liked that bodyguard feeling going on, with the h/H being forced together as he protects her and her child, and as she learns to lean on a strong, trustworthy man. The ending was super sweet! Loved this scarred military hero. So sweet and patient. A sweet, slow burn romance with a very tender kind of alpha hero.

Rule's Obsession (The House of Rule Book 1)
Rule's Obsession (The House of Rule Book 1)
Price: 1.78

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4.0 out of 5 stars Well, damn, that felt good!, 26 April 2014
This was straight-up Lynda Chance romance the way I like it. Great alpha-male hero in this one. Gruff, over-the-top, and kind of scary-intense, shooting brooding looks while grabbing his woman and going off all bossy and possessive on her. I like 'em almost non-PC and practically verging on being a throwback, and Damian Rule gave me that. And don't forget that he comes "super-sized." Now, that's a Happy Meal.

The sex was hot, with good sexual chemistry and dominating action in and out of bed. No bdsm. Just a hot man in control. As for the heroine, Angie was sweet but also a little sassy, which I liked. There's a sweet epilogue, too, set many years later, and it was a nice final touch to the romance for me. I like seeing my couple locked down in their happiness.

I also really liked Damian's mother! She was adorable. I enjoyed that little side-story with her and Rick, thought it was endearing and cute, and really, kind of wish LC had maybe added just a bit more of it. I hope we hear more about Justine as the series continues. For me, she was a nice, surprising stand-out to the story. Cute, funny and sweet. I think this will be a fun, sexy series, with stories about Damian's siblings to follow.

Novella in length, this was quick and easy to read in one night. Light but good, sexy fun. Looking forward to the next sexually aggressive and over-the-top alpha-male hero! At the end of the book, it says Nick's story is next up.

Hard Time
Hard Time

3.0 out of 5 stars Loved the hero, but barely liked the heroine, 23 April 2014
This review is from: Hard Time (Kindle Edition)
I absolutely loved the hero in this book. He's truly special, raw and beautiful, sweet and romantic. And you might ask how a man serving time could be any of those things, given the violent act that got him there in the first place, but this is the kind of man who does what he believes to be right, according to his own honor code and moral compass; the kind of man with a strong belief in duty and loyalty; the kind of man who would protect a loved one with his life, even at the risk of his own freedom. A real Gary Cooper kind of hero. I thought Eric was divine.

My problem with this romance isn't the story or hero; my lack of love is with the heroine. It wasn't until the very, very end of the book that I began to feel some tiny bit of like for Annie. I don't think she deserves this hero. He's so damn heartbreakingly romantic, so wanting to be whatever it is that a woman like Annie would need or want, to be someone that she deserves to be with, and all the while, I felt that SHE was the one lucky to have this noble man, con or not. At times, I felt she manipulated him, even somewhat used him, and deep down, I felt she wanted to change him, make him over, to suit her own expectations, or conditions.

Some of what she wanted, I could see the logic in, but how can you want to change a man's basic character, the true heart of a man, when that man is made like this one, all loyal and true and ready to love you? Annie was the one in need of redemption, at least in my eyes. She didn't seem strong enough for a hero like Eric, and I just don't think he got a love worthy of him. I ended the book with a sad feeling that Annie would always, somehow, want to change Eric in some way. Loved this hero all the way, but Annie left a more bitter than sweet taste in my mouth.

Up by Five (Counting on Love)
Up by Five (Counting on Love)
Price: 2.47

4.0 out of 5 stars Just his type, whether he knew it or not, 9 April 2014
I love Conner and am very happy to have his romance at last. For me, it was like a comfort read: sweet, likable characters who are easy to read, easy to love, and some sexy chemistry/push-pull to make me smile and enjoy. A fun, feel-good kind of read, as well as sweet send off to the series.

I love when friends become lovers, and I also love when h/H are forced to spend time together and see each other in a different light. So when circumstances force Gabby to room with Conner, it leads to some sexy temptation. She's not his type (so he says), but he just can't resist her. They're fun together, and sexy and sweet, and I really liked that he was first attracted to Gabby without the make-up or girlie stuff. He fell for a real girl, and not one of his easy, forgettable 'sex girls.' And Gabby sees the real Connor and not just the easy-going, charming playboy, but the romantic sweetheart and genuine guy that this hero is.

I loved Gabby's family, too. I really like how this author writes families/siblings/friends and how they interact with each other; loving and teasing, learning and growing, needing and caring for each other, all the complication and love. Connor is great with his sisters, but Gabby is great with her family, too. Just makes Connor and Gabby even more right for each other.

This is a cute, sweet, and sexy romance with a lovable rascal of a hero who finally meets his match. Conner falls in love, and it was fun, sexy goodness.

The Outlaw's Dirty Dancer (The Grizzly MC Book 2)
The Outlaw's Dirty Dancer (The Grizzly MC Book 2)
Price: 3.09

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4.0 out of 5 stars A biker bad-boy who growls his dirty talk, 4 April 2014
"You can't just come into someone's house and go all alpha, like I'm your piece of property or something."

And that's why I enjoy this author: Her heroes do go all alpha, pushing their way into the heroine's life and claiming her heart before she can tell that man to go take his bossy self somewhere else. I love reading that kind of hero, especially when he's paired with a sweet, soft heroine.

I liked that Brick's a big brute, scarred, hard-edged and needy. Darra's only 24 years old but has lived a hard life herself. She's soft, sweet, and full of curves, and it's her soft touch that brings out the hero's unused gentle, read-to-love side. There's a fourteen-year age gap between h/H, and I wish more had been made of that, but I guess it was unnecessary as Darra has an old soul vibe about her. Brick and Darra's painful pasts and scars add a nice vulnerability and make them right for each other.

The romance does happen with speed, but both h/H come across as sexy, likeable and in need of love. There are some gritty moments in the story, but mostly, it was a fun, hot and easy read. The sex talk is hard and dirty; the sex scenes rough, hot and dominating. This is a short, easy read (112 pages on my kindle), but it's big on alpha bad-boy and sweet, curvy heroine.

Teach Me a Lesson
Teach Me a Lesson
Price: 7.50

4.0 out of 5 stars Detention and punishment from a sweet, sexy, older hero, 3 April 2014
This review is from: Teach Me a Lesson (Kindle Edition)
Teach Me a Lesson is the follow-up to The Naughty Corner. We see that previous couple again (a good HEA update), but this second book works as a stand-alone. It's similar in feel with the older h/H and with the theme of sexual discovery, and as always, the author writes some dirty, kinky and hot sex scenes. I also really liked the forbidden feeling of this story. Lance is the high school principal, Charlotte the guidance counselor, and they're naughty at and away from school, adding some erotic risk to the story.

I loved this fine older-man hero who's both bossy and sweet. He's 48 years old and Charlotte 38, and I loved that he felt his age a little but was invigorated by Charlotte and their sex games. He's sometimes in charge, other times vulnerable and unsure of Charlotte. She felt that Lance was too controlling, too old for her, but I thought he was hot and she was lucky to have him. She wanted the sex no-strings, and it was sweet to see the hero wanting more. Lance is practically enthralled with Charlotte, but it takes Charlotte longer to appreciate him.

I needed her to be more intimate with Lance. Sure, it makes sense for her character (she's afraid of losing her will, her say), but this also caused me to feel the erotic more than the romantic in this one. I think what bugged me about Charlotte was that she confused being submissive with being a doormat. I felt it took her forever to realize that a woman can give up control in the bedroom but still keep control of her life outside that room.

JH writes truly arousing and erotic sex scenes, and I love the dirty talk she uses, sex talk like "my pretty, perfect little wh0re" and "dirty slut." Maybe not for every reader, but I like the dirty talk to be extra dirty and unblushing. Those kinds of words, along with a little spanking, very light bondage, risky sex outdoors, and some hot dom-sub role playing made for a very hot read. It's all m/f, too; no sharing.

Liked the h some of the time, loved that hero all the time, and the sex was super hot and kinky to read. I love JH's way of writing sexy, grown-up characters who aren't too old to learn something about themselves, not too old to have hot, exciting sex, and not too old to fall in love.

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