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Unreal Tournament 2003
Unreal Tournament 2003
Offered by scaddingk
Price: £8.77

28 of 33 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Return to the Dark Arenas of the Future, 21 Sept. 2002
Unreal Tournament was the original contender to Quake 3 arena, having been released at the same time. Unreal Tournament eventually came out on top because of its wide variety of game types, maps, weapons, and online support. It also managed to nab GOTY (Game of the Year), proving its greatness over Quake 3...
The Unreal Series returns once more in Unreal Tournament 2003, combining many of the great features of the original, with some of the better features of some other games, resulting in one great multiplayer game! You can now play through the Single Player ladder, taking your customised team of bots across several worlds to compete in intergalactic tournaments based on several game types, including: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Double Domination, and the new original game type: Bombing Run, mixing football with fast-paced FPS combat!
The new game includes 8 characters from each of the game worlds, and also some 'hidden' characters to unlock with your progress through the Single Player mode. And you can then take yourself or your team of bots online into a faced paced fight to the death in ANY of the games maps and gametypes. Male and Female models for each race, such as the Jugganaughts, who are gene-boosted humans in cyber-suits, to the robot Automations, all the way to the Gen Mo'kei aliens from the planet Arborea. Each and every model fits in with the games sci-fi like theme, and you may have too many to choose from to decide on a favourite.
Use brand new weapons, and prepare for the return of old favourites such as the Shock Rifle and Flak Cannon. Super Weapons help bestow fear in your opponents, using either remote controlled Nuclear Warheads or the ground targeted "VAPOR" Space-Based "Ion Cannon". And the new "Link Gun" brings a new level of teamwork into games, allowing you and your team mates to "link-up" to gain MASSIVE increases in firepower!
Try out the brand new physics engine developed by MathEngine, a UK company resposible for the infamous "Karma" engine! This engine removes all those death sequences youve seen over and over again, clutched to their stomach before rolling onto the floor, or blowing into pieces... With "Karma" each and every death in the game is generated using the engine to be unique to that situation, and you will never see the same thing twice. Expect to blow your oponents into the air, only to wrap around a girder on the ceiling, or roll down somebody elses body down stairs just as you would expect in real life. Commonly known as the "Ragdoll" effect, because deaths really are just like throwing a doll of somebody at a wall to watch what happens. Youll be committing suicide over and over again just to watch how you will die! Brilliant!
Mutators allow you to endlessly customise your game, by allowing you to set up each game with ANY mixture of mini-gametypes. Why not play "InstaGib" giving every player nothing but Super Powered Shock Rifles with instant hit-kill! Or use "Quad Jump", giving you the power to jump into the air 4 times! Or mix both of those together with "Low Gravity" at the same time, giving you the power to mix and match endless amounts of mutators into any game you set up. And hundreds more will be available form the internet, as well as being able to create your own with the provided editor.
As with the original game, Unreal Tournament 2003 ships with "UnrealEd", the exact same game editor that the Developers themselves use to create their own maps, gametypes, and mutators. The easy to use program will allow anybody to be making new levels in no time using their new "prefab" system, allowing you to drop pre-made items directly into your maps, there is no limit to the editor stopping you from creating maps that surpas the quality even of the developer made maps! The original UT had this editor and the custom content available to download from the internet means that after 4 years, there are still thousands of maps available to download and play form the internet as well as Mods, modifications to the game created by players for the players that forever increase its value.
Unreal Tournament 2003 will undoubtedly be Game of the Year once again, it is just that good. Anyone who loves FPS games should consider buying this, any one who loved UT shouldn't have need to read this far to realise they should be buying it right now!

Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VI
Offered by marxwax
Price: £67.97

29 of 30 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Dated Graphics, yet Best of the Series, 24 Feb. 2002
This review is from: Final Fantasy VI (Video Game)
Final Fantasy VI (6) finally on PSOne, will now allow all the recently converted Final Fantasy fans to experience the Final Fantasy game that was, and in some aspects still is, the best Final Fantasy in the series. While it was only originally published on the Super Nintendo (known as Final Fantasy III), Square have taken the game and ported it to the PlayStation.
If you already own the original version from the Super Nintendo, there is little different, as the entire game has been left intact, complete with its original SNES graphics. However, Squaresoft have taken it upon themselves to include a whole set of CG videos such are like all those present in all later PlayStation Final Fantasies, giving a breathtaking view on the story.
The game itself contains the largest set of characters in ANY Final Fantasy game (over 12 of them) and is regarded as the best piece of work in the series, as it manages to flex the story to make every one of them important to the story in some way. This is unlike the later games that always have characters that have little reason for being in the party story wise (Such as Yuffie (VII) or Quina (IX)). In the game, you start as a group of rebels against the Emperor and Kefka (his general, and a brilliant working of evil lunatic). The game is huge and provides hours of gameplay, and just when you think it is over after reaching the climax of it all, you will find out your only half way though!
The battle system shows where most of everything has come from in the later Final Fantasies, including the Espers (that you may know as Summons, G.F.s, Eidolons, and Aeons). With a mixture of the VII, VIII and IX ability systems to have party members with unique abilities that can ALL learn magic and summoning, using the 4-character battle system present in IX.
You will love this game as a fan, it is a pure Final Fantasy and you will not be disappointed with the game itself. If, however, you are someone who does not like dated graphics regardless gameplay, you may be cautious, as the game has had no real update in the games own graphics department (apart from the CG work) even though these graphics were top-notch for a Super Nintendo at the time.
There is also a little extra for people who purchase this game, as you will be presented with a playable demo of Final Fantasy X (PS2 Only), where any European players can finally get a try with Squares latest for the first time. The demo is to include two separate areas for you to explore in, it may be a small demo, but if you have been waiting forever for this game to be released, now is your chance to try it early.
If you are a Final Fantasy fan, and do not already have the SNES version, you should get this game. If you had/have the SNES version, you might want it for nostalgia or just to see the new CG work. but you will already know what the entire game will be like. If you are not strictly a fan, then its dated graphics may be enough to keep you away, although the Final Fantasy X demo might just be enough to justify a purchase. Final Fantasy VI is a game I have completed many times, yet still believe to be the best of the series.
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