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Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology
Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology

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5.0 out of 5 stars Devo: Here to Go, 11 Dec. 2003
Here is a very good career spanning collection with decent sound quality, a nice packaging, and a 52-page booklet which includes the band's biography and pictures. I was only rather recently introduced to Devo and as a start, a few years ago I bought both of the 1990's Greatest Hits and Greatest Misses albums. After a few listens --considering my particular music taste-- I was not very much impressed by the songs I heard. I put the discs away on the shelf for another couple of years, barely having paid any attention to the fact that except for one song, the final three Devo albums from 1984, 1988, and 1990 were not represented on either of the Hits or Misses CD's. Luckily though, shortly after the release of this anthology, I suddenly decided to invest in buying it, and I am not at all disappointed to find out there are lot's of nice upbeat tunes from Devo's later albums on the second disc. After a bit of meditating, and with the intention of reducing my CD collection to the bare essentials, I decided to sell both of the Hits and Misses CD's to our local music store. Interestingly, due to my music taste leaning heavily towards the 80's synth-pop, I very much like both of "Shout" (1984 - now out of print), and "Total Devo" (1988) albums, despite most fans dismissing them as un-inspired works. By the way, the omission of the rare track "Penetration In The Centerfold" is probably an oversight, but this collection does include several of Devo's contributions to the movie soundtracks which were non-album tracks. This is all the more justifying why "Pioneers Who Got Scalped" is very likely destined to be an indispensable addition to your music library.

Headlines And Deadlines: The Hits Of A-Ha
Headlines And Deadlines: The Hits Of A-Ha
Offered by MediaMerchants
Price: £3.69

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Official Best Of Collection, 11 Dec. 2003
I have noticed that in some countries (such as Brazil) there are other a-ha 'Best Of' compilations available, but 'Headlines and Deadlines' is the only official international hits collection at the time of this writing. This 16-track 1991 collection CD encompass the first four albums of the trio, including the soundtrack version of the theme song of the 1987 Bond movie "The Living Daylights", and four remixes of the album tracks. (A different version of 'Move To Memphis' was later included on their underrated but very good 1993 album.) I really wish that some day soon someone releases a 12" Mixes / B-Side anthology for a-ha, since the few extended versions of theirs I have are excellent. It is great news that since 2000 the band has made a comeback; their 2002 album is definitely worth checking out.

The Best of Cutting Crew
The Best of Cutting Crew
Offered by trec002
Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Cutting Crew's 80's highlights collected, 9 Dec. 2003
"Cutting Crew" was formed in England in 1985 with "Nick Van Eede" (vocals), "Kevin MacMichael" (Guitars), "Colin Farley" (Bass), and "Marin Beedle" (Drums). After releasing three albums "Broadcast" (1986), "The Scattering" (1989), and "Compus Mentus" (1992), they quietly disbanded in 1993. The four-piece band scored a #1 hit in the U.S.A. back in 1986 with the smash "(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight", but other than that they remained mainly as a 80's one-hit-wonder (I am not sure how they turned up in the UK and other European or East Asian markets.) Given the fact that Cutting Crew's last two albums have been out of print, this Greatest Hits compilation on the virgin records, which includes 16 tracks at a length of about 67 minutes, offers a unique opportunity for people, both young and old, to obtain a taste of Cutting Crew's musical endeavors. Unfortunately though, no songs from 1992's "Compus Mentus" are included, and the sound quality is not all too stellar by today's standards either. Moreover, the two versions of the track IJDIYAT on this disc are almost identical, making you think either there is a mistake in track selection, or the second version should not have been included. There has also been a more recent Cutting Crew "Best Of the 80's" compilation CD in the market, with more or less similar tracklisting, except that it misses the two very good 1990 B-sides "Everything But My Pride" and "Contact High", both included on the 1993 collection. On the other hand, on the 2000 CD, you instead get the extra tracks "The Broadcast", "Sahara", and "It Shouldn't Take Too Long". All said, I let you make your own choice as to which disc to purchase, assuming of course they are both in print when you read my review. Just recently several of the classic out-of-print albums from the 80's, and early 90's were reissued on various record labels (example: the 1992 solo debut album of Tony Hadley, the former Spandau Ballet frontman.) It is my personal hope and belief that now is high time Cutting Crew's 1992 Compus Mentus be given the treatment it deserves and to become available once again for the legions of their present and future fans.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Synth-Pop Album, 30 Nov. 2003
This review is from: Disconnect (Audio CD)
Iris are an electronic duo from Texas, USA, and Disconnect (1999) is their brilliant debut album on the popular synth-pop label, A Different Drum, in Utah. The 10 tracks (recorded between 1994-1999) clocking roughly at 50 minutes showcase a number of upbeat and catchy songs, as well as a few midtempo numbers thrown in for good measure. The highlights are the club favorites "Annie Would I Lie To You", "Saving Time", "Lose In Wanting", "Danger Is The Shame", and "Endless". The final track, "The Picture", is an excellent cover of the English version of the 80's hit-song by the German electronic trio Hubert Kah, and is one of my all time personal favorite musical tunes. Iris have also released a sophomore album in 2002 (on a different label) which is less club oriented and more mainstream, but certainly worth checking out. In mid-2003 ADD released "Reconnect" a companion album to Disconnect which features several old and new remixes of the tracks including remixes by the other synth giants such as The Echoing Green (USA) and T.O.Y. (Germany). Since apparently you can't get it here, Disconnect should be available directly from ADD, and while you're reading this, make sure to check out "Ganymede", another great American Synth-Pop band from San Francisco who are on the Ninth-Wave label with releases in 2000, and 2001.

Best of
Best of
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £22.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Music to make you feel so good, 5 Oct. 2002
This review is from: Best of (Audio CD)
Attention Beloved fans (circa 1990): the CD album you have just reached on this page includes a decent slice of nice, happy, shiny, danceable synth-pop music. Book of Love was a synth-dance music quartet from New York formed with vocalist Susan Ottaviano and the keyboard players Lauren Roselli, Jade Lee, and Ted Ottaviano (who is no relation to Susan). They got their start with the club hit "Boy" in 1985 and released four albums: "Book of Love" (1986), "Lullaby" (1988), "Candy Carol" (1991), and "Lovebubble" (1993) before going on an extended hiatus from the music scene. This greatest hits collection (2001), although leaves out a few highlights such as Yellow Sky, contains most of the important tracks, some unreleased remixes and a couple of new songs, so it has something new for the old time fans as well as folks who are starters or casual fans and are looking for a quick overview of the band. The last two albums have been out of print, but if you want more Book Of Love after listening to this disc, don't hesitate to treat yourself to the first two albums which are actually easily available; they happen to contain some of their best work by the way.

Clan Of Xymox
Clan Of Xymox
Price: £11.39

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5.0 out of 5 stars The full-length debut, 5 Oct. 2002
This review is from: Clan Of Xymox (Audio CD)
Clan of Xymox was formed in 1983 in Amsterdam (Holland) playing gloomy, gothic, fast beat analog Euro-dance/synth-pop music. The original lineup included Ronny Moerings, Pieter Nooten, Frank Weyzig, and Anke Wolbert. This excellent 1985 debut on the 4AD label is very similar in style and delivery to Alphaville's 1984 debut, "Forever Young". I highly recommend their first three albums to all the 80's music fans. In the following you will find the album discography for the Clan to date (December 2009). Note that from 1988 to 1996 the band had shortened their name to Xymox.

01. Clan Of Xymox (self-titled) 1985
02. Medusa 1987
03. Twist Of Shadows 1989
04. Phoenix 1991
05. Headclouds 1993
06. Metamorphosis 1993
07. Remix (edits and mixes from the albums 5 and 6 above) 1994
08. Subsequent Pleasures (1984 EP reissue + bonus tracks) 1994
09. Hidden Faces 1997
10. Creatures 1999
11. Live (2xCD) 2000
12. Notes from the Underground 2001
13. The John Peel Sessions (Recorded in 1985) 2001
14. Remixes from the Underground (2xCD) 2002
15. Farewell 2003
16. The Best Of (including the 80's re-recorded versions) 2004
17. Breaking Point 2006
18. In Love We Trust 2009

You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess [European Import]
You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess [European Import]

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5.0 out of 5 stars Yello: The Coolest Band Ever, 5 Oct. 2002
This 1983 release is the third album by the Swiss duo of Dieter Meier (vocals) and Boris Blank (instruments), my second most favorite of theirs after 1985's "Stella", and the first record of Yello I ever purchased before becoming a fan. This one includes some of their best memorable songs, and makes for a perfect starting point for the new fan. It is great to see that the duo have continued recording on a regular basis throughtout the 80's and the 90's. What I really like to see is a 12-inch anthology/B-sides collection for Yello, much like the recent releases for Cabaret Voltaire.

Best of Dance Hits
Best of Dance Hits
Offered by Books2anywhereUS
Price: £9.43

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5.0 out of 5 stars 12-inch best of collection, 5 Oct. 2002
This review is from: Best of Dance Hits (Audio CD)
Hubert Kah was a electro/techno pop trio based in Germany who recorded several abums in the 1980's, both in German and English. This U.S. 1990 release contains six excellent Hubert Kah extended/dance versions from the late 80's, a couple of which are actually non-album tracks. The version of Angel 07 included here is sang in English, the original album version was sang in German on the album Goldene Zeiten (1984). If you like artists such as Alphaville and Howard Jones, then defenitely check this group out. In particular, I recommend their two English albums, 1986's "Tensongs", and 1989's "Sound Of My Heart", both produced by "Michael Cretu" of Enigma. Also I highly recommend the following techno-pop music albums from the 80's (if you can get a hold of them!)

1. Boytronic - The Working Model (1983)
2. Devo - Shout (1984)
3. Moskwa TV - Dynamics + Discipline (1985)
4. Eurogliders - Absolutely! (1985)
5. Silicon Dream - Time Machine (1988)

The Essential Alison Moyet
The Essential Alison Moyet
Offered by Media Vortex
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Timeless Collection., 11 Feb. 2002
This collection contains the highlights of Alison Moyet's career including her time with the synth-pop outfit of the early 80's, "Yazoo". I have all her studio albums to date and can't wait to see her new album (in eight years) come out in 2002. One thing though that I really wish to see happen is releasing an Alison Moyet box set (just like Erasure, or Depeche Mode) bringing together her many excellent extended versions, remixes and non-album B-sides. I was planning on buying some used 12-inch vinyl records from out of print online music vendors but decided to hold my hands in the hope of seeing such a singles box set being released in the near future. Hopefully someone who can do something about this will be sooner or later reading my review and my wish will come true!

Tintin Au Congo (Les aventures de Tintin)
Tintin Au Congo (Les aventures de Tintin)
by Hergé
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars The 2nd Tintin Episode., 22 Nov. 2001
This was the 2nd Tintin comic book that the Belgian author Herge' (1907-1983) wrote in 1931 after "Tintin in the Land of the Soviets". In this episode the young reporter travels to Congo in Africa and takes on a bunch of gangsters whom he will meet again later in America in the third episode. This particular book has not been widely translated into English because it is considered to be racially charged and demeaning to the African people, and also contains several cruelty scenes to animals. Nonetheless I had to pick this one up since I have all the other books in English and needed to complete my collection of the Tintin books, eventhough I can't read French too well. Many years ago I also had this same book in my mother-tongue (Farsi) and back then as a child never even thought a "comic" such as this to be considered as racist. It was only when I came to the USA that I noticed there are so many sensitive racial issues here where one can easily be tagged as racist based on only a subtle remark. The moral of the story is that if you are politically correct you may as well want to skip this one, but be aware that a few of the other Tintins also had to be modified before their first English publication. (For example "The Black Island" episode, since the first edition from 1934 had apparently misrepresented the British people.)

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