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by Scott Sigler
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Scott Sigler is the next biggest thing to hit the publishing world, 15 April 2007
This review is from: Ancestor (Paperback)
Ive had the pleasure of following the podcast novel versions of Siglers books since ancestor then earthcore then infection(infested) and then The Rookie.Sigler is the vanguard of the digital publishing revoultion. He was the frist to give out a podcast only novel with earthcore and followed this sucess with his other subsequent novels.

This format is highly sucessfull as it bridges the author-audience gap and builds a solid relationship between him and the audience. This is relatively unique within the publishing world and has resulted in a huge sigler following online.

As a result His frist novel , earthcore was sucessfully published with Dragon Moon Press and can be bought on

Sigler's main style is a fast faced, well written mix between hard science, Thriller and Horror.His style can be comparable with stephen king, michael crichton.

Ancestor itself is a amazing thriller. i tuned into this podcast week in and week out. As a novel it is absolutely mindblowing as i managed to read the free ebook version posted on his podcast feed.I am a totall sigler Junkie!

Ancestor is set on a remote island where a biomedical organisation called genada is trying to create a chrimera animal based on the ancestor of all mammals so that human organs can be grown for transplantation. Around the same time other biomedical organistations are trying to develop a similar goal. Ancestor begins with another of these such companies mistakenly creating lethal virus that humans have no ammunity for. This sets a overture for the rest of the novel which emcapsulates death and a race agaist time for the genada scientists to break through with there reserch.

The main plot focuses on these scientists and the lead character PJ colding to protect the mission from the external agencies out to destroy them, the very people that he works for, themselves and eventully the ancestors they create.

Sigler creates a sense of fear and anxiety in the audence with his clever choice of remote locations that are isolated from the wider world.As well as his ensamble of characters that reflect differnt aspects of the human condition thats acts as critique on the human condition and many of the characters are faced with harsh realities of ther own morality that often lead them to breaking piont within siglers feirce situation. You get a sense of doom for the characters all throught the novel that grips you and keeps yopu on the edge of your toes, even the weather seems to be out to get them.

Whereas this is fiction some of the issues brought up within this novel is very real with the advances in scientific reserch and animal experimentions surrounding the idea of genectics. whereas in his other novels siglers threat comes from alien lifeforms in ancestor the threat is wholey created by humans and there quest for ultimate knowlege and power of science and nature. This is where sigler tapps into our culturall paranoia in this new sceintific era.

I am a pure Sigler junkie so ive maybey read way to much into this and his themes but i do strongly recomend listening to his novel from and and then buying the print novels for both ancestor and earthcore. Siglers genius has captivated the imaginations of over 40,000 listeners and keeps on growing. If you like this format i also strongly advise listening to the 7th son trilogy by JC Hutchins also available on

Siglers Ancestor is genius and captivating.It also has some romance and comedy within its pages. Try it and maybe you will get caught up with the online media phenonmenon that will rock the publishing world. Its not often you can truley say that you was throughly entertained, and at this sigler is a master at the art. Be a junkie to!

Shane Veerabadren

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