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You Can't Hurt Steel
You Can't Hurt Steel
Price: £11.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great metal album, 28 May 2011
This review is from: You Can't Hurt Steel (Audio CD)
A young English metal band let rip with a monster. They are hard to define, almost glam at time and then suddenly really quite heavy. The vocalist can change his voice really quickly. it's a solid album, not as good as seeing them live coz they really go for it live. Buy the album and see them play live.

Intermission [DVD] [2003]
Intermission [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ Cillian Murphy
Price: £3.70

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4.0 out of 5 stars Glorious comedy, 28 May 2011
This review is from: Intermission [DVD] [2003] (DVD)
No typical Hollywood fare for Colin Farrell as he play a right old street thug. Early Cillian Murphy film. Colm Meaney has a field day as a hard nosed cop. The Irish tourist board probably as happy about this as Bruges was about In Bruges (Intermission precedes In Bruges by the way. Hard to talk about with giving too much away. If you liked In Bruges I reckon you'd enjoy this.

Anvil - The Story Of Anvil - CD and DVD Double
Anvil - The Story Of Anvil - CD and DVD Double
Dvd ~ Sacha Gervasi

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great stuff, 19 July 2009
First off, the differences between this version and the regular DVD. Simply packaging and the inclusion of "This is Thirteen".

The film is a cracker. To see members of three of the "big four" thrash bands compliment Anvil for what were doing in the early 80's puts things into perspective. These guys should have made it.

It is inevitable that comparisons will be made with Spinal Tap. This could lead to a misconception, this film is way more than a comedy about a rock band. This is a documentary about human beings trying to realise their dreams. Yes it is funny at times (extremely so) and yes it has metal in it but it does also show the pain and the hardship these guys have gone through. Thoroughly excellent.

The cd

It's their latest album "This Is Thirteen" which is good old school metal. A few of the tracks up the tempo showing leanings to thrash metal speed but i would say this is a heavy metal record. And it sounds good.

In short, if you are not a metal fan, buy the regular dvd. If you are, buy this edition, it is the cheapest way of getting their latest album (you have to order it direct from them otherwise)

Light.. Camera.... Revolution
Light.. Camera.... Revolution
Price: £24.05

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Album, 28 Jun. 2009
The guys continued their momentum as they knocked great album after great album. Metal firmly part of their sound, this is a high energy album that I have fond memories of and still sounds good today. I believe this was the first album that Rob Trujillo (now doing the rounds with Metallica) played on.
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Midnight Chronicles [DVD]
Midnight Chronicles [DVD]
Dvd ~ Christian T. Petersen
Offered by videosanddvds
Price: £1.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars This is the pilot, 28 Jun. 2009
This review is from: Midnight Chronicles [DVD] (DVD)
This is based on the setting for a role play game called Midnight. The premise is that the Dark God was cast down onto the world and then sealed off. This has the effect of the mortals being cut off from the other Gods. The Dark God Izrador wages war and eventually wins. In Lord of the Rings terms Sauron won - advance 100 years.

This is a very small budget film, more accurately a pilot that the makers hope to turn into a series. It obviously does not have the gloss of the Middle Earth films. At times the budget shows but there are some nice effects in there. I thought the acting was fine, in terms of TV grade, there's no Hollywood stars here.

It's not perfect but a decent attempt. I want to see more, preferably as a series. There is a rich detailed setting that could really be fleshed in a series. It gets 3 stars. One deducted as it does lack a little gloss and the other deducted for the cover as whilst it's accurate to the setting, you don't see anything like that in the film
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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2 Disc Special Edition) [DVD]
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2 Disc Special Edition) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Steve Burton
Offered by DVDBayFBA
Price: £3.03

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1.0 out of 5 stars Do not watch unless you are a FF fan, 19 July 2008
Incomprehensible story if you are not familar with the FF characters. I watched it with a fan and he did appreciate it more. The bottom line is the film does not tell a story on it's own.

Death's Legacy (Warhammer:  Blood on the Reik)
Death's Legacy (Warhammer: Blood on the Reik)
by Sandy Mitchell
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Probably being bit generous, 19 July 2008
More accurately I would probably give 3.5 stars for this book. I prefer Death's Legacy more than Death's City but tht is principally because of the ending. Prior to that the books flows in a similar manner to City. I agree with the previous reviewer that the end of the book is quite sudden, I supppose that is the curse of the mass market paperback ie fixed size. The ending is good mind and redeems the series a bit for me. You do get a feel for the dangers of Chaos in the Warhammer world.

Middle of the pack, not the best Warhammer series but not the worst either.

Death's City (Death on the Reik)
Death's City (Death on the Reik)
by Sandy Mitchell
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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3.0 out of 5 stars Vol 2 in the Blood on the Reik trilogy, 19 July 2008
Picking up from Death's Messenger left off, it continues the story of Rudi and Hanna fleeing from the witch hunter. It lacks something from the first book. I didn't really feel there was a great progression in the characters. Not bad but not brilliant. Below par if you compare to Sandy Mitchell's Ciaphas Cain 40k novels - far better

Ed Greenwoods Castlemourn Campaign (Castlemourn)
Ed Greenwoods Castlemourn Campaign (Castlemourn)
by David Reynolds
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £31.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent OGL Campaign Setting, 17 July 2008
Ed Greenwood's name above the title should indicate it's pedigree. After the contents pages, there's an introduction and then a short story by the man himself which gives a good flavour of the world. Then the book starts proper.

Chapter 1 Characters
This has the Castlemourn take on the races (two new races) and classes (one new core class and six prestige classes), a quick description of the different lands in terms of character's birthlands (bonuses when in your own birthland) and new feats.

Chapter 2 Magic
A quick synopsis of magic in Castlemourn both past and present. Present magic is much rarer than in standard rule books (4th level and above spells not commonly known. Some new spells and magic items (the magic items especially have a flavour for the setting).

Chapter 3 Religion & Astrology
The main gods of Castlemourn, the Seven are described, along with suitable classes and alignments for followers. Various stars are also described.

Chapter 4 Lands of Castlemourn
Nearly sixty pages of descriptions of the different lands highlighting population mix, government type, rulers, language etc as well as a writeup detailing the people, flora and fauns of each land. Some adventure hooks are also given.

Chapter 5 Life in Castlemourn
A short chapter giving a breakdown of the calendar used, travel, folk customs, dress and currency.

Chapter 6 Schemers and their schemes
As the title suggests, this chapters lists the movers and shakers of Castlemourn (CR ratings and classes given) as well as what they are up to.

Chapter 7 Mysteries of Castlemourn
Mysteries are either greater or lesser and hark back to the past of Castlemourn. They add flavour to the setting and can be used as foundations for adventures for the player characters.

Appendix 1 Creatures of Castlemourn
A small group of creatures unique to the setting with standard stat blocks for each one.

Appendix 2 A Brief History Of Castlemourn
Twenty five pages of Timeline detailing the various events that occur.

The book is solidy put together with good quality paper and binding. It also has a fold out map of Castlemourn which is very nice. The cover is different to the Amazon illustration and much nicer in my opinion. The art on the whole through the book is good, it's a mix of drawn and computer generated art. i prefer the drawn stuff but that is my personal preference. Pages are nicely laid out with, with the exception of the introduction and short story, two columns of text typically per page.

This is a setting with a lot of character and a very good setting designed for 3rd edition D&D. I have not seen 4th edition (as I do not intend playing it) so I can't comment on ease of converting, I guess that'll rely on the resourcefulness of the DM. Anyone sticking with 3.5, this is a good setting that is worth your consideration.
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Songs of Darkness, Words of Light
Songs of Darkness, Words of Light
Price: £9.92

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Masterpiece, 25 July 2006
My Dying Bride are one of the finest metal bands Britain has produced. This album is slow and mournful. If you like your music doomladen, I would struggle to recommend another band as better. The other reviewer goes into deep detail so I won't overlap. If you like this style of music, buy this album

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