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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Offered by APE-GAMES
Price: 9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Survival of the fitest., 18 April 2005
Even as the worlds biggest Metal Gear fan, i still found myself approaching the release of Snake Eater with some skpetisism. After all, this was the first MGS game since the 'critaccly acclaimed', (and regularly abused) 'Sons Of Liberty', and again creator Hideo Kojima was introducing more radical ideas; 60's prequel setting, playing again as someone other than snake, and eating, yes eating animals in a jungle environment. People can be forgiving for the doubt that filled their minds.
Before i begin, i will firstly state that i am very fair-minded and honest when reviewing games. I am indeed a huge fan of Kojima and the MGS series but i am by no means a puppet to help their sales. This review is honest. If its bad, i'll say so and vice versa.
What the original had that everyone fell in love with (even if they cant quite put their finger on it) was an unrivalled atmosphere and emotional envolvement. This was as close to 'being there' as could ever be. MGS2 missed the mark slightly. The tanker environment was as engaging as MGS' Shadow Moses Island but as the story progressed, players found themselves distant from the game as they quite simply couldn't understand the too complex story line. Thankfully Snake Eater is a return to that atmosphere. It gives you goosebumps to simply look around in First-person View. From the opening cut scene, you know things are getting better. Superbly directed and Voice acted, the cut-scene haters are hard pushed to find fault here. In regards to the Radio, t'self-obsessed- drawn out codec calls DO return, but they are substantially less often and less lengthy.
The gameplay is staggeringly dtailed if not all the time necessary. The survival element of the game includes a 'Camo Index', 'Food Gathering and eating' and a 'Cure' system. The camo index works superbly making way for a setting where you can remain hidden even if the terrorist soldiers are looking your way. A percenatge lets you know how well your doing and there is no greater satisfaction than watching a guard walk blindly by, as your hidden against a tree with suitable camo and face paint on and slip gently back into the undergroth and proceed. The food gathering is well handled too. The forest is literally teeming with wildlife, flowers fruit etc (snake eater really has raised the bar for jungle settings) A 'stamina' meter now acompanies Snakes Life Bar, and it gradually decreases (faster if exerting yourself, slower if your are slower and well paced) To regenerate this you need to find food, hunt it and eat it. Of course, snake likes and dislikes food, some are poisonous, some can be used as weapons on guards (spiders and snakes) Some make snake sick if they go rotten and some even help you cure injuries....
This is the cure system. When snake is injured; bullet wounds, broken bones, leeches, cuts etc, the Survival Viewer ( a place where all food, camo and cure is done) lets you x-ray snake and cure his afflictions. The problem: Probably too many healing items to begin with means its not quite as daunting to risk getting injured as it probably should be. Also, whilst these are refreshing and sublime bouts of gameplay, it wouldn't be unreasonable for people to be slightly disheartened to have to leave gameplay and enter the 'Survival-Viewer' screen everytime they want to do something. Also, there is no skill to curing yourself. You are told how to heal a wound so you just use the requested items. It can sometimes make the process monotonous. It was a late addition in Snake Eaters development and you feel it needed a bit more work on it. A place it does come into its own though is the Boss fights. Boss fights are Ingenious with one sniper fight in particular capturing the essence of a tense duel to the death perfectly!! Everything you do effects the fight so the 'tactical' in 'Tactical Espionage Action' truly come sto light in Snake Eater.
The depth of gameplay is astounding and an innovative use of the 'PS2 clock' allows for complete strategy. If you save a game and turn of the PS2, snakes body will heal over time, as will his stamina as he's resting. This can help no end with boss fights and tricky situations and in some instances, trigger slightly different outcomes in sub-plots. Dont leave for too long though as food can go rotten!!!!
Its that 4th wall barrier broken again just like in MGS1 with the controll pad moving and searching for frequencies in the games packaging. Things you do outside of the game effect the inside of the game. Every action has a reaction. Blowing up enemy supplies makes them hungry and run out of ammo. Chuck them some rotten food, watch them eat it and run off sick...Excellent!! Theres too much interactivity to go into but a wealth of weapons, and stealth-helping low tech gadgets along with Superbly intellegent A.I make for an undeniably engrossing and engaging ride.
The story is subtle and sublime sitting perfectly next to hollywood music guru Harry Gregson-Williams's score and the best graphics to come from a PS2. Im not going to go into it as im obviously not trying to spoil the experience for anyone but its a major improvement over Sons Of Liberty. Theres still ahost of nutjob characters but the relationships between characters are handled beautifuly, reminiscent of the original. Just dont expect too many of those nagging questions left at the end of Sons of Liberty answered any time soon.
To sum up, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater really is one of the best games ever made and its mainly for that reason. Its a game! Hidden extras, boss fights, fantasy characters and unprecedented involvement. This will eat away at your life and quite rightly so. Its gameplay is honed to near perfection and its story as engrossing as any film your likely to see. Denying yourself this would be to deny yourself the greatest satisfaction you could get from your Playstation 2!
Graphics 10/10
Gameplay 10/10
Sound 10/10
Longevity 9/10

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Offered by APE-GAMES
Price: 9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Jungle Revolution!, 4 May 2004
I once thought it would be impossible to better the previous imstallments of the series, but in the past six months, after watching all the footage and reading all the details and interviews, i must admit i am wrong. The whole setting for the third game, and the gameplay features add up to a game with limitless possibilities in terms of scenarios. In depth close-quarters combat mixed with in-depth camouflaging index, mixed with the ability to hunt, kill and eat food, mixed with the ability to injure yourself, suffer fatigue, suffer dehydration,food poisoning. Thrown that all into the jungle with mountains, waterfalls, caves, snow, fire, night, day, rain, sun, buildings and scrutinisingly detailed enemy A.I and physics and...(phew!) you have a game with a limitless amount of possible scenarios. It wont just be how good your aim is, it'll be how well you judge a situation. Do you eat now and miss a chance to proceed while the coast is clear, or do u chance it that you'll find more food soon somewhere else? Do you nurse a broken bone or severely limit your chances and proceed injured? Climb a tree or don some black camo and lie in the mud? Swim, or run? Fire a weapon and be heared, or chance a fight with a guard and knock him out before someone sees you? I could go on...and on and on but my point is that in espionage, everything effects the outcome, every decision and every move. In metal gear solid 3 this is EXACTLY the case. It WILL be the greatest stealth game ever, and i'll eat my hat if i'm wrong!!

Results May Vary
Results May Vary
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars About time too!!!, 19 Sep 2003
This review is from: Results May Vary (Audio CD)
I am a MASSIVE bizkit fan. from 3dollar bill to choco starfish i was there, buyin the lp's and screamin the lyrics but at the end of the day i was always slightly dissapointed. Why? Because they never quite did themselves justice! limps unique nu-metal style meant that only a select audience would, albeit religiously, follow it! Being a die hard follower i have listened to the underground stuff most people never get to see and ive always thought they were more 'musical than they were lettin on' No one's gonna be singin Rollin' or Break Stuff' in 10 yrs (well me perhaps) but i always knew they had it inside them to create not only a classic nu-metal album, but a classic all round musically sound album. UIve heared Results May Vary...many times (thru cos i cudnt w8) and it really is amazing, and i mean that from a sensible point of view (i dont pretend to like ALL their stuff just cos im a massive fan) It really is a class album. 'Underneath the Gun' is probably the best song ive ever heared [proving that limpbizkit still have it...and in bucket loads. The only stickin point is that in all honesty, it probably wont sell as well as it deserves or gain the appraisal it deserves due to the fact that its been such a long time since 'starfish' and theyve already had their 'new trend hype' thing like oasis in the mornin glory days. Still, it'll prove all the haters wrong, and i mean all. It really is a superb piece of musical competence. It is definitely their best album to date and it is by far the best album to come out of the nu-metal scene since....well limps last effort. 5/5 Awesome. Truly awesome!

Eat You Alive
Eat You Alive
Offered by firefly-music-store
Price: 0.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars This should shut up all the haters!, 12 Sep 2003
This review is from: Eat You Alive (Audio CD)
God its been a while! Almost 3 full years since choco starfish and almost 2 full years since their last single 'Boiler' I am a huge bizkit fan but i myself was doubting the significance of their comeback...until i heared 'eat you alive' that is! I dont think anyone who's into nu-metal or limpbizkit can honestly say that this new single is anything short of amazing. It's definitely one of the most well-rounded and finest songs limp have yet produced. Fred is in fine form and the new guitarist Mike Smith shows he's more than capable of taking over from Wes Borland. Bring on 22nd September i say, and limps new album 'Results May Vary'

Metal Gear Solid - Platinum
Metal Gear Solid - Platinum

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5.0 out of 5 stars As close to perfection as your ever likely to see!, 22 Nov 2002
Straight to the point: In millions of years when some form of extra terestrials take over our planet, they will look back on our history and cultures and worship this game as a god. It's THAT GOOD!!. Gameplay, cinematics, and storytelling have never before been so seemlesley blended into such an atmospheric and emotionally involving videogame. Metal Gear Solid demands every last bit of your attention, and creates an atmosphere so amazingly realistic and vivid, your as good as ON shadow moses disarming Fox-Hound terrorists one by one. You cannot help but be amazed. The experience is so indepth and emotionally charged, it cant help but stand out from the crowd, and stand out about 100ft above all else. If compared to film, this is the 'shawshank redemption' rather than the 'rambo' type games that almost all others categorise themselves into. It's thought provoking, inspiring and above all, so damned FUN! The tension you feel when lightly armed and facing a room full of fully trained heavily armed terorrists is as good as real, as is the feeling of accomplishment when you slip buy unnoticed! The gameplay is so original and ingenious, one can't help but applaud at certain set pieces throughout the game... you will be amazed!. The Graphics are astonishing too, and by far the best seen on the PSX. Your cold breath can be seen outdoors in the cold conditions, gunfire rips up the terrain, and footprints are left in the snow. I could go on forever but i won't. The bottom line is this 'Metal Gear Solid is as close to perfection as your ever likely to see' and i mean it!!!

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