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You're Only Making It Worse
You're Only Making It Worse
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5.0 out of 5 stars greatgoodbrilliantetc, 7 April 2005
I know nothing of Reno Divorce and discovered them through a favourable review in a magazine. I am so glad I did - They have restored my faith in punk music that you can sing along to and not feel like a busted fan. Songs of betrayed romance, Politics, drinking and a bleak outlook Springsten would be hitting the bottle at, are the order of the day, all this is wrapped up in brilliant punk melodies and a throaty delivery. Sounds a bit like a young Tom Waits fronting Green Day with Bob Dylan writting the tunes, which is oddly enough a reccouring musical fantasy of mine. Check it out give it a few spins and you will be humming the tunes for week.

Welcome Home Loser
Welcome Home Loser

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Alt country album ???, 11 Mar. 2005
This review is from: Welcome Home Loser (Audio CD)
I have always guarded Broken Family Band secretly after discovering them on the rough trade country compilation a few years back there songs are fantastic it's a wonderful feeling of smug satisfaction sitting on the train listening to them whilst others are afflicted with lesser tunes.
Welcome Home, Loser is their second full-length album, after the majestic Hot Water Songs. To be honest I was dreading hearing this could it possibly be as good as its predecessor? Would it have songs as good as Devil in the Detail or Hitting Woman or Mardi Gras Rescue? The good news is the album is breathtaking.
Songs like 'living in sin', 'coping with fear' & 'where the hell is my baby' really shine and are altogether a much darker experience than before, without sacrificing their trademark humour and wicked sarcasm. The soundtrack to the best black comedy never made, lets hope Broken Family band personify the song writing craft of Smiths & are the best Alt-country band (despite being British and having only played one gig in the US)
Buy this you will not regret it .

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4.0 out of 5 stars rock and erm roll, 26 Mar. 2004
This review is from: Blastronaut (Audio CD)
With the White Stripes, the Von Bondies and The libertines tearing up the charts with blues laiden punk rock - its good to hear a band that done it all years ago. Their albums have been few and far between due to an excessive lifestyle but when they do get the time they rip it up. Blastronaut has rock n roll swagger in abundance. The opening track the magnificent The Greatest man who ever walked the face of earth is a minute and a half of pure adrenaline held together with a superb riff. From there it just keeps ratching up the style and attitude never at the expensive of the tune - see the hip grinding chainsaw riff at the centre of Brontosaurus.
this is the album for one of those parties you really should not have (you know the one where the TV meets the pavement)
The lyrics are obviously in bad taste and the song subjects are complete nonsense - but if you want political thoughtful records buy the levellers or Radiohead. If you want hedmistic, guitar shape throwing goodness buy this.
Proper Rock n Roll by a proper rock n roll band - everyone take note this is how it should be done!

Price: £6.02

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5.0 out of 5 stars happy, sad & mostly thankful for Elliot Smith, 15 Jun. 2003
This review is from: XO (Audio CD)
Elliot Smith flirted with fame with his contribution to the Good Will Hunting soundtrack. Off the back of that poor film but inexplicable popular film this record appeared. It's a really special recording; it draws you in and encompasses so much with a really basic sound. The charm of XO is that it is not instant it grows and grows until it becomes the standard by which all other music should be judged. Often I have put this on and tried to get friends to love it but it just is not like that only after you lend it to someone and they listen to it by themselves (its a very personal record) do they really begin to see the majesty of Elliot Smith. Throughout the XO Sad and mournful songs like bled white sit comfortable with the celebratory mood of songs like Amity this contributes to a quiet awkwardness and insecurity that makes Elliot Smith just better than anyone else. listen to Elliot Smith and hear music the way it should be.

Your Favourite Weapon
Your Favourite Weapon

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4.0 out of 5 stars Can't stop listening, 15 Jun. 2003
This review is from: Your Favourite Weapon (Audio CD)
I saw Brand New Live, supporting Finch, and they were fantastic, I knew nothing at all about them so they were that rare thing a support band that seizes their chance. They blew Finch off the stage and pulled off some of the greatest guitar moves since Angus Young first decided a school uniform would suit him. Their album therefore disappointed me a little. After a while though it grew on me and now I hooked specially on 7 times seventy and Jude Law..... They are fantastic punk songs. Scuzzed up vocals and raw production make the record sound like it was recorded at 4am in a garage and its better for it. The songs now tumble round my head all day, I sit on the bus singing "have another drink and drive yourself home, I hope there's ice on all the roads, so you can think of me when your head goes through windshield” I get strange looks from the other members of the traveling public but I am happy in my punk rock lost love heaven.

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