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Lowepro Topload Chest Harness
Lowepro Topload Chest Harness
Price: £17.00

3.0 out of 5 stars Not for the Cyclists Amongst Us, 29 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I purchased this accessory for my 'Toploader Pro' holster camera bag in the hope that I could transport my DSLR camera more easily while cycling from point to point. Unfortunately because your body is pitched over towards the handle bars, and the jiggling that takes place during pedalling, the bag has a habit of rotating forward (top moving down), putting a lot of pressure on your chest, which is constrictive; to say uncomfortable. Not even further tightening the straps improved the situation; it just added more pressure to my chest.

To be fair, I've taken the bag with the holster for a long walk and it works fine, no rotation. I think something like a more substantial harness that allows easy breathing is the remedy, but not one I am interested in pursuing in acquiring. The most logical thing would be to buy a spacious light-weight camera backpack, with enough room for your few pieces of gear, any paperwork, plus bicycle repair kit, etc.

Hähnel MK-200 Dual-Mono Microphone
Hähnel MK-200 Dual-Mono Microphone
Price: £99.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars This Microphone Delivers Good Quality At A Resonable Price, But Is Let Down By Canon's DSLR Audio Capabilites, 11 July 2014
For those in the know, Rode Microphones of Australia have set the benchmark capturing high definition audio on a DSLR. If you are reading this opinion, no doubt you are trying to find a decent alternative to the 'Rode Video Mic Pro' that isn't as costly, particularly if you're a 'weekend' videographer. And I think you may have found it.

I've undertaken tests with my Canon 6D and a high quality audio, and I have to report that the Hahnel MK200 is a solid performer. Saying that however, despite the large outlay, Canon's DSLR still manages to inject too much noise into the audio soundtrack (despite adjustment), even when the microphone is in its +10 DB setting. At this point, if absolute audio silence in a quiet room is necessary it may be worth offering up the 60 or so pounds (including the 'dead-cat') for the Rode Video Mic Pro, but for about everything else the MK200 is fine.

As I alluded to earlier there is very little to dislike about Hahnel's offering. It conveniently runs off two AAA batteries, rather than the competitions costly 9V cell, and comes with it own custom 'dead-cat', which normally is an essential and costly accessory. One of the other selling points is its relatively compact size, as opposed to the standard Rode Video Mic (which is at least twice as long), which it shares the same price bracket with. The only things I don't like about the MK200 is the rotatory Off/On dial, which can be confusing sometimes and the high gloss/ metallic black finish, which likes picking up finger prints (what's the problem with the standard matt and textured black finishes we are used to?) Seems to me a product designer has been let lose on it!

In conclusion I think this microphone is excellent for the enthusiast photographer turned casual videographer!

Hahnel HL-E6 Li-ion 7.2V 1650mA Battery Canon Type Replacement for Canon
Hahnel HL-E6 Li-ion 7.2V 1650mA Battery Canon Type Replacement for Canon
Price: £26.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Positive Performance for an Off-Brand Battery, 8 July 2014
I'm partial to a discount; we all like a deal. Hahnel is a descent third-party camera accessories manufacturer, and before purchase I had no qualms about buying off brand batteries (obviously based on existing owner feedback first!). In general Hahnel is a brand you can trust when buying such equipment.

I bought a pair of these for £30 a piece, and to be honest they aren't quite as powerful as the OEM's from Canon; they just are not as durable. That said Canon's roughly retail for about £50 each, so buying in quantity it certainly saves to go off-brand. Unlike some users (with other batteries) I have not had trouble using the batteries in my EOS 6D, and I have been able to register the batteries in the 'battery info' dialogue in the camera menu.

So all in all, fine performers and I would buy again!

Mcoplus - Auto Focus Macro Extension Tube Set for Canon EOS Digital SLR - Set of three Macro Extension Tubes: 13 mm, 21 mm, 36 mm - for Canon EOS 1000D 550D 500D 600D 450D 400D 350D 300D 60D 50D 40D 30D 20D 10D 7D 5D 5D Mark II 1D 1Ds 1D Mark II 1Ds Mark II 1D Mark II N 1D Mark III 1Ds Mark III etc.
Mcoplus - Auto Focus Macro Extension Tube Set for Canon EOS Digital SLR - Set of three Macro Extension Tubes: 13 mm, 21 mm, 36 mm - for Canon EOS 1000D 550D 500D 600D 450D 400D 350D 300D 60D 50D 40D 30D 20D 10D 7D 5D 5D Mark II 1D 1Ds 1D Mark II 1Ds Mark II 1D Mark II N 1D Mark III 1Ds Mark III etc.
Offered by Mcoplus
Price: £44.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Why buy other more expensive alternatives?, 30 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After parting with my 60mm Macro lens after transitioning to a Full Frame Camera, I was desperate to have the ability to closely focus without having to go through the expense of acquiring another lens, when I had a few choice primes to choose from. Obviously making use of a proper Macro lens in theory would be more ideal if you were to be using it a lot. However for the occasional Macro photography moments these extensions tubes are pretty practical, considering their weight and cost. The only compromise, which is a compromise in general to extension tubes, is that they reduce your infinity (or long distance) focus ability.

These particular ones aren't too bad at all, and my usual reservations about cheap knock offs where quickly laid aside. Obviously they are not as well constructed as the Canon 12 and 25mm versions, but they do cost a 1/5 price of the OEM versions together. When taking into account the Kenro set (which markets for around £130), there is not much advantage for this well known third-party product too when build is concerned.

They have metal lens mounts which appear to be die-cast (rather than mill cut mounts on the camera lenses), which should be fine for the occasional use that they are destined. Other cheaper extensions tube sets seem to suffer flex, but I haven't detected any barrel flex in these. The plastic release catch isn't too bad either; possibly a little notchy as opposed to the lens release on the camera body which is nicely damped.

In Conclusion, if you are interested in taking low budget macro photos, but find that the cost of a 'compromised' alternative to a dedicated Macro are just too expensive for what they are, then these examples are a must have for the hobbyist at large.

Lowepro Toploader Pro 70 AW for Toploading Camera Bag for DSLR Camera
Lowepro Toploader Pro 70 AW for Toploading Camera Bag for DSLR Camera

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3.0 out of 5 stars This Bag is for One Camera and One Lens; Don't let the marketing material tell you otherwise!, 8 July 2013
For starters lets get these points out of the way: This bag is well made, strong, comfortable and modularly flexible; what a keen, or professional photographer should expect.

I am an enthusiastic photographer; I have bought a lot of gear in the last 6 years since going digital, that has enabled me to do much since my days of 35mm. The compulsion however to carry around most of my lenses and other paraphernalia (hopefully in a bid to use them all) has been a strong one, even on the shortest of outings. This has lead me to understand what physical fatigue is about, after having all that weight on my shoulders (and sometimes shoulder).

My motive to buy this bag was to downsize for short outings and where a lot of walking around would be involved. After not using a top-loader/ holster bag since the days of my EOS 300 film camera, the experience so far has been a revelation; so free to move! Right enough about the 'back' story!

This specific type of bag is a rare one (and expensive as a result), given that it can accommodate a professional body (or battery gripped one), with an attached standard zoom. In my particular case I have got a gripped EOS 40D with a EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 with it lens hood reversed, plus my folded camera strap. And that's all it can accommodate on the inside; do not believe written or video claims that other equipment can be housed inside the main compartment (particularly a medium sized flashgun). I removed both of the Velcro dividing inserts to open up the bag for my lens + large petal hood, which makes me question whether this bag has the same internal dimensions as advertised.

The pockets front, side and top are useful for polarizers, cloths, batteries, trigger releases, pens and a mobile phone, which is what I expected from them; not am Aladdin's cave. It's got a 'sliplok' loop too, for attaching other small bags such as a lens or flashgun case, which in the case of the latter I may have to buy! Would have liked to have had two loops; one for a fast prime, one for a flash. However, that is verging on a much larger bag than the Toploader Pro started out on, and in that instance, where I feel I need TO carry more accessories I should swap bags.

The Toploader Pro is also equipped with an All Weather cover which stows away in a concealed side pocket(side away when looking at the photo). When stored this cover sure does fill out its pocket; so much in fact that it starts to displace its mass into the main compartment. This again makes me question whether the dimensions of the materials used are short, causing the bag to be smaller than intended and it contents restricted within as a result. In closing on this feature, I would have fitted the All Weather cover on the rear of bag where it is wider, with access at the top, not the bottom.

Be in no doubt this is a well made bag for those who prefer gripped bodies! Just don't let yourself be taken in by the descriptions that Lowepro provide. This bag is for ONE CAMERA, ONE LENS, with the ability for expansion to ONE other piece of equipment.

WD - 2TB Desktop SATA Hard Drive - OEM - Green
WD - 2TB Desktop SATA Hard Drive - OEM - Green
Offered by Equipement de Pointe
Price: £59.09

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4.0 out of 5 stars I recommend 'Green' for silent and durable storage..., 17 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If you're interested in the WD Green range of mechanical HDD's, know what you're buying.

I bought this HDD as a 'Media' drive to free up my WD Blue of all my photos and music. This has certainly made operation a lot easier and faster on my system, with just the operating system and programs left (+ scratch files) to stretch their legs.

The WD Green is very silent + unobtrusive, whilst being responsive when accessing at variable speeds (apparently 5400-7200RPM). I would say that I wouldn't want it as a Boot drive due to frequent idling in a bid to be energy efficient (I would buy the Blue or Black or even a SSD for that). However on the flip side of that, when it sleeps it will help lengthen the life of the drive, easily enabling it to be durable in the system that will replace my current machine.

So great for vast Media/ Backup or scratch applications but a more suitable drive can be bought for boot, due to its environmental design, hence the name Green.
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PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2012 - 3 Computers, 1 Year Subscription (PC)
PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2012 - 3 Computers, 1 Year Subscription (PC)

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Not Bad; but it does have limited effect, 14 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
In theory this product should breath the life back into your older system (mine nearly being four years old).

It puts all the tools that are commonly found in Windows plus more at your fingers tips, making it a speeder process to soup-up your PC, without the intervention of trying (sometimes in vain) to physically upgrade your system.

Its quite nicely laid out with tabs (those being 'performance', 'privacy', 'recovery' and 'settings') taking you to a series of different tasks, which are explanatory as to what each tool will do. When you launch Performance Toolkit you are greeted by the 'dashboad', which is a run down of your system and performance. Most obvious is the system health dial (going from red to green) with '1-click optimization' below it. This function should lift the performance of your machine by carrying out a series of tasks to lift performance and turn the dial to point at the favourable colour of green. For me its still stuck on red despite making a very convincing hack at my computers cholesterol.

As for some of the headlining tasks on offer I am sad to say that the 'Clean Your Registry' and 'Compact Your Registry' functions didn't make much of a dent in trying to speed up Windows performance on boot to an idling desktop (despite the 100's of issues it underlined and dealt with). I would argue in favour of the program that I've got a number of devices, such as an external hdd, monitor calibrator and a host of third party graphical and design packages that slow the performance down on start up. I think I've reached the limitations of my vintage i7 Dell.

However, however! Under the 'privacy tab' there are three options: 'Clear Your Windows History', 'Clear Your Browsing History' and 'Clear Your Third-Party Software Traces'. These three tools combined managed to regain over 150GB of uselessly occupied hard-drive space; a third of my main drive. Excellent!

The price: £10. Its an honest number for three licenses and a 1 year subscription, given that it may not effect your PC as the box's taglines says it will. In addition if you go to PC Tools website, they want £40 for it. ?????

So its a mixed bag really. It seems to do a decent job of getting rid of the extraneous data and registry code, but it may not turn your 'put out to pasture' PC back into a thoroughbred again.
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Blackadder Remastered - The Ultimate Edition [DVD] [1982]
Blackadder Remastered - The Ultimate Edition [DVD] [1982]
Dvd ~ Rowan Atkinson
Price: £15.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars If you like Blackadder...., 13 Dec. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This restored verson lives up to its name. I took the reviews on this new addition with a pinch of salt when they said that there was minimal signs of restorations and that the old pressing was as good. Add all the bonus materials other than the four original series and its a very compeling update. I would have given it all five stars if it werent for the fact that BBC have held back the original and unaired 'pilot' episode of Blackadder (with a much more different cast, I will add), that is currently doing the rounds on Youtube.

On balance I would say you wouldn't miss that sketchy pilot and if you love Blackadder like I do, pick up a copy, otherwise stick your underpants on your head and some chop sticks up your nose and pretend your mad.

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