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Datel 360 Xport -Docking Station (Xbox 360)
Datel 360 Xport -Docking Station (Xbox 360)
Price: £31.39

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= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
My 120 GB HDD is unusable now that I tried restoring the info I backed from my 20GB HDD into it.

There is apparently a security code in each HDD that prevents you from transferring data in this way. If you over-write this security code with another HDD data it will make your Microsoft warranty void and thus deem your HDD useless as it will not be recognised by your xbox 360.


So this device is strictly for back up... if your xbox 360 hard disk screws up and dies out, your backed info will be useless. Which kind of defeats the whole purpose of this product. Just don't buy it.
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The Corrections
The Corrections
by Jonathan Franzen
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars What an absolute gem of a novel..., 23 Mar. 2008
This review is from: The Corrections (Paperback)
The 653 page novel entitled "The Corrections" is a unique work of fiction. It is unique because first of all, it is a big novel, my hands literally got tired from holding it whilst in bed before going to sleep every night. I honestly think my biceps grew a bit bigger because of how heavy the book was. It is also unique because there is no "real" story; there is no "real" over-arching plot or narrative to it. The Corrections is essentially 5 stories each concerning one of five characters who are all connected by the very fact that they are members of the same family; to be more specific, the Lambert family.The 5 plots each have cameos from the other four family members and you will sometimes get to see the same situation but from the other character's perspective accompanied with their own commentary and view on what is actually happening. Franzen managed to pull this time jumping off and made it seem seamless.

After reading three of Dean Koontz's books (in a relatively short period, at least to me), I grew a bit frustrated for I kept feeling this totally predictable sensation when reading stories. I kept seeing a common theme not only in Dean Koontz's books but in almost all fiction novels I have read till now. A totally cliched, everything will end up fine in the end, kind of feeling. And if everything did not end with a disguised form of "and they lived happily ever after", they just end with a completely anti-climax ending that simply ruins the whole novel for me (an example of this would be Douglas Coupland's JPod). Another example would be where the main character will always look like he/she is either going to die or is in a predicament he/she cannot escape from unscathed, only to miraculously escape from it truimphantly - it's a common theme I have come to expect from such novels (an example of that besides ANY Dean Koontz book would be Dan Brown's books, and more specifically, Angels and Demons where the main character (Robert Langdon) was at one point towards the end of the story pushed out of a helicopter and he survived the fall by using his PANTS as a PARACHUTE... completely ruined an otherwise excellent book).

Franzen managed to reignite my otherwise dwindiling interest in novels by completely avoiding the aforementioned common theme landmines in his novel. He managed to do that by not having a "real" overarching plot. There are no real answers given to the complex issues that he deals with in his book, there is no patronizing "and they all lived happily ever after". It's a real story with real characters that are imperfect just like everyone of us. I will give a small description of the five characters without mentioning any spoilers.

Enid and Alfred are the parents of Gary, Chip, and Denise (in chronological order). Alfred was an engineer in this company concerned with making railway tracks. He quit his job just 6 months before he was entitled for retirement. Enid is the housewife who used to try her hardest to deal with her stubborn husband who not only quit his job he has worked on for years, but done so without telling her the reasons for quitting. Also, she refuses to acknowledge that Alfred has Parkinson's (I keep confusing it with Alzhiemer's for some reason) disease now. As a matter of fact, the story in essence relates to everyone, including Alfred himself, denying the existence of his condition until it gets too much to simply look passed...

Gary, the oldest son, is a successful man living with his beautiful wife and three boys in the city. His wife does not like his mom, Enid, very much. I will not say anymore about him or his plot except the fact that I enjoyed his particular plot the most.

Chip is the intellectual in the family, he lives alone and teaches in a college. He has a particular dislike for capitalist societies and the excessive commercializing in society nowadays. He is also working on a script for a play and owes his sister Denise a large amount of money which is something causing him great distress. I will not say anymore about him except to mention that it is the most unpredictable plot I have ever read.

Denise is a rising star chef working in the city. Her story is the juiciest story with lots of drama. Again, it was unpredictable and very satisfying how the character developed through the plot.

All these characters and plots are connected by Enid trying to get the whole family for one last christmas dinner in their home at St. Jude (their hometown and place where Enid and Alfred currently reside).

This book has been awarded the prestigious National Book Award, his acceptance speech is available on their website.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys well-written, original, immersive works of fiction.

24: Season Five DVD Collection [DVD]
24: Season Five DVD Collection [DVD]
Dvd ~ Kiefer Sutherland
Offered by Discs4all
Price: £16.20

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5.0 out of 5 stars Never in my life have I seen such an exceptionally well executed piece of work like this one, 6 Dec. 2006
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Season Five of 24 exceeds in almost every area over ALL (that's right ALL) other TV shows. Let me put it this way, Season Five of 24 has raised the bar so high that it is no longer fair to compare any other TV show to it. AAA Hollywood action movies hope to reach the exceptional high quality that 24 has set this season.It has a wonderful cast of actors who not only bring the characters to life but actually make you believe that these absolutely horrific circumstance may occur in a single day, which is no easy task!

It starts with an almost unprecedented season opener that I have ever had the pleasure to witness. I remember I was eating my dinner when I stuck the first disc in my DVD player and hit the play button. 5 minutes or so into the episode my jaw dropped to the floor with half chewed food still in my mouth (my brother did not appreciate that very much) and I couldn't close my mouth for the next 10 minutes (By that time my bro. had had enough and left the room).

After watching that episode, I couldn't help but think to myself that the plot can only go downhill from there because how can you top that? Well the next few episodes completely blew that theory out of the water. There is a constant stream of twists and surprises that are both completely unpredictable and very satisfying. Half way through the season it got so good I seriously wandered if it was illegal for any TV series to be this good. Season Five is absolutely phenomenal!

If you haven't seen any of the previous seasons and are wandering whether that would hinder your almost imminent enjoyment of this fine work then you would be glad to hear that the season premier has a small recap at the beginning of the episode that does a very good job at bringing you up to speed and summarises pretty well, the events that led to the certain state of affairs that the characters are already in.

Yes, you would understand this season better if you saw the previous season/s first but it will NOT hinder your enjoyment if you didn't.

This season got 5 Emmy Awards including Best Drama. Go buy the DVD.


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