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The Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike)
The Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike)
Price: 1.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Great story, hard to read through., 29 Aug 2013
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This book contains a lot of words in the English language I never knew existed; adjectives that no other word could match what Galbraith/Rowling was conveying, and yet, in parts I found this book very hard to advance through. Wonderfully descriptive, and a really fantastic and fascinating tale with an incredible conclusion!

The Semi-pro Sixties
The Semi-pro Sixties
by David J. Caulfield
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Really interesting read!, 8 Dec 2012
This review is from: The Semi-pro Sixties (Paperback)
I'm a young (21) singer in a rock band, book and I brought this book to find out just how similar or different, easier or harder it was back then to become an underground success. The book is a wonderful and insightful collection of interviews from semi-professional musicians of the day, some of them made it further.

I personally wasn't interested in musical influences and first guitars and set-ups, (i.e. the start of the book) probably because i wasn't born in that generation. i persevered, however, and i'm glad i did. I loved the anecdotes about the commute, and the good and bad gigs. Some of the stories were unbelievable: the invention of the black box that cut off the power if you played too loud! Wow! And the social secretaries!

I'd really recommend this book to people whose stories will take them back and to people of my age that are curious, like me, of how it was back then. Prepare to be amazed!

Belkin TuneFM3 without CLA
Belkin TuneFM3 without CLA
Offered by PreisCompany
Price: 44.42

4.0 out of 5 stars Great piece of kit!, 28 Jan 2012
This is the second transmitter of the same kind that I have brought but don't get me wrong, the first one I had lasted a good three years before breaking beyond repair (I had managed to crack the iPod connector at the top.)

I thoroughly recommend a wireless FM transmitter to you as opposed to one that will work if you plug the adapter into the cigarette lighter. Yes, the drawback is it will eat your iPod battery in about 3 hours of constant play but you can play your music through anything that has a radio built into it, which is a lifesaver when you're a painter and decorator. Very simple to use too; use the left buttons "1" and "2" to save a frequency that doesn't get annoying white noise in the background of your music, and the "+" and "-" buttons allow you to adjust the frequency.

You are able to charge your iPod through the transmitter; it has a small socket at the bottom to allow you to do this. However the cable does not come included and you will have to look elsewhere for it. Occasionally; it can also be unresponsive. This was a problem I had with the first transmitter I had as well as the second, but I found that disconnecting the iPod and then connecting it again solved the issue 99% of the time. Lastly, there is the fact that this transmitter does not have the option to find you the "clearest" frequency as opposed to some other models.

Otherwise, a fantastic purchase!

Qwik Tune - Snark All Instrument Clip On Tuner
Qwik Tune - Snark All Instrument Clip On Tuner
Price: 9.72

3.0 out of 5 stars It's just too fragile!, 28 Jan 2012
I think you should buy these in pairs; they're absolutely brilliant but as mentioned in the title they just break far too easily and you should have a spare handy! Admittedly, I could treat my tuner with a little more care; I keep it loose in my bag amongst the hundreds of other things I have in there but I wouldn't expect to have to buy a box to keep an item as common as this in. The tuner part itself is attached to the grip by a circle of plastic that holds a movable "stick" (so that you can change the angle of the screen.) I fortunately bought a pair of the same tuner 6 months ago and I am on my second tuner after 4 months; the plastic circle I described broke in half from moving the tuner-part around too much. This second has had a battery connection issue from day one; I have to press the back of the tuner hard in order for the screen to light up properly.

However, there isn't a lot else you can do about the design of tuners. I certainly think this might be the best of its kind.

Professional Tambourine (Tunable, headed 8". Wood finish)
Professional Tambourine (Tunable, headed 8". Wood finish)

4.0 out of 5 stars Sturdy for the most part. Does the job., 27 Jan 2012
As mentioned in the title, the tambourine does the job; I realize it is a standard feature or any drum, but the key included really can make the difference between a pleasant beat and just an annoying noise.

The metal "poles" used to hold the sets of jingles are starting to loosen and fall out of their holes. I would have now owned the tambourine for a year, and I don't think I'm treating it with any less care than anyone else.

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic design! One of my favourite things to wear!, 27 Jan 2012
As is typically me, I didn't even realize that the design of this "hoodie" was in reference to the film! I brought it simply for the fact that I liked the pattern.

I've owned this hoodie for well over a year now, and perhaps it is a good thing that I've took this long to create a review because I can tell you that the material or zip hasn't frayed, and the design hasn't faded either despite the many times I have worn it and washed it! This is a very thin hoodie though, one to wear in the summer evenings; it will not keep you warm enough in the winter! Finally, a small personal frustration; the actual zipper is on the right hand side of the jacket; (in the UK (where I live) the zipper is on the left-side of any hoodie/coat etc as standard,) so it can be slightly annoying for me at least.

De Blob (Wii)
De Blob (Wii)
Offered by WorldCinema
Price: 9.17

4.0 out of 5 stars Good, clean (pun intended) and now cheap fun! A cult classic!, 26 Jan 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: De Blob (Wii) (Video Game)
This is a fantastic underated game that just didn't get the success it deserved and I would put that down to the lack of promotion (because of budget, something that the developers hoped would not to be a problem with the sequel) and speaking of the developers, a majority of the public are reluctant to buy anything from what is effectively a "brand" that they've never heard of before. Ironically, because this game is now so cheap no matter where you go, it draws people in to buy it (like you if you're looking at this review.)

Onto the game. The plot is simple: the joyful colour of the island is being stolen and sucked out of buildings by Comrade Black; it's up to you and your colour absorbing abilities to return the city to the way it was. The cut-scenes are very funny, and similar to that of the LEGO series; (like Indianna Jones & Batman) they're silent in terms of dialogue but you can understand exactly what is going on. In order to progress through the level, you need to collect enough points; done by defeating enemies, completing challenges and colouring in the buildings. You can either speed through and collect the minimum amount required (which will take you a fairly long time, about 7-8 hours) or if you're a perfectionist like me, it will take a great deal longer. I found getting 100% completion to be a very difficult but enjoyable & theapeutic experience.

Given that it was the developers first try at having a go at a game for the mainstream market, it's not without it's annoying glitches, and the controls (for the Wii at least) can be rather fiddly. Despite that, I still think that this is a brilliant game and more people need to know of it's existence.

My Appetite for Destruction: Sex & Drugs & Guns 'N' Roses
My Appetite for Destruction: Sex & Drugs & Guns 'N' Roses
by Steven Adler
Edition: Hardcover

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4.0 out of 5 stars How sad., 29 Dec 2010
Every time I got to the end of a page of this book I thought, "surely this can't get any worse for this guy?!" And then I turned the page. Throughout his story I got the feeling he was saying to me & all the other readers, "I just cannot learn". Overdose after overdose after overdose. He's been clean since he made friends with Slash & got his, his friends, his new band & his wife's help now but after reading this book you can't help but think he'd go back to drugs the minute one of those leaves his life. He mentions that he hides his troubles behind a smile when with other people, & that's positively chilling. How he can still smile after all he's been through is beyond me!

If you like GNR for more than the music; i.e. the charisma & danger that followed them, then this is an essential read to get more of a feel of the life they lived. With Duff's supposedly coming out next year, it's just Izzy & Axl to go, & I think everyone would be interested in getting ahold of the latter, even if you're not a fan!

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!, 29 Dec 2010
These are surprisingly convincing contacts lenses! I bought these in time for Halloween, & they looked so good & realistic, that I wore just one before the day & found many people doing a double take thinking it was an abnormality (my eyes are naturally blue & the lens completely hid the colour!) The outline of the lens is completely invisible, & provided it's done correctly, they're so easy to insert.

A problem that I did have was not with the lenses, but with the solution that is included. If you're planning on using these lenses more than once, there's simply not enough solution provided in order to clean them with which is extremelly important for eye health. I bought a meduim sized bottle of solution that was the same price as the lens, so bear in mind you may be spending 25-30.

Of course there are better contact lens, but there are a lot, lot worse & I think the price of these ones are just right!
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Stereo Earphones (White)
Stereo Earphones (White)
Offered by Magic&Gorgeous
Price: 0.96

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4.0 out of 5 stars As good as Apple earphones, 17 Oct 2010
UPDATE: It's roughly been three months since I bought these, & all three have blown...

When you think that genuine Apple earphones from the Apple store range from 25-30 each, I expect you, like I was, to be more than a bit skeptical about these. On a good day, you can buy roughly 7 pairs of these earphones for the same price!!

Like many other reviewers of this product say, I can assure you that these are NOT genuine Apple earphones. Or rather they are shoddy replicas. I must admit, they do feel a lot cheaper than the real deal and while I haven't had any experience of headphones falling out of their own accord [yet], they certainly feel looser than my originals.

However that doesn't explain why I've given this product 4 stars. I personally feel that [for the price they are] the sound quality is great!! Some reviewers have mentioned that there is a loudness issue. I disagree, but regardless of opinion we live in a world that now has volume restrictions so as not to cause permanent hearing loss and therefore lawsuits. Like it or not we won't have "crank it up to 11" loudness much longer.

I've bought 3 pairs of these earphones because I don't expect them to last as long as Apple's, but I'd get these over Apple's own any day!

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