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Kindreds: An Alliance of Bloods (Book 1 of the Kindreds Series)
Kindreds: An Alliance of Bloods (Book 1 of the Kindreds Series)
Price: 0.77

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4.0 out of 5 stars Well Crafted Dystopian Novel, 18 Sep 2013
Tani Mura has created a very detailed dystopian world set far into our future. A world divided into several races, where intermingling is punishable by death. Children resulting from any such illegal relationships are called 'mongrels.'


The story begins by introducing several main characters in a backward, almost medieval setting. This was the part of the story I enjoyed the most, with a richly described setting and intense conflicts that threaten the well being of the MCs. There was one scene, however, that was quite shocking, with the MC not going the way I expected (demanded!) her to go. Following this story segment, the plot takes a completely unexpected twist. World detail was again quite comprehensive, though I felt too much world background was presented through conversation and characters thoughts, rather than let the reader try to puzzle out the world themselves as the story progressed. I also would have liked to have seen more conflict throughout the book, eg more cliff hanger chapter endings. The novel appears to be aimed at young adult readers, and though it touches on topics such as genocide, rape, racism, and murder, it does not give them gratuitous attention.


There were a number of unique characters, of whom the MC, Raine, was the most compelling, with great potential for who she could become and achieve. And although a woman is a man's world, she constantly carves out a place for herself. The character Leife's obsession with plant life throughout the book was most amusing, however, he did not seem to have any impact upon the story itself.


The novel's writing was top notch, flowing easily and thoroughly edited.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of 'Kindreds, An Alliance of Bloods' by the author for an impartial review.

Information Cloud (Tales of Cinnamon City Book 1)
Information Cloud (Tales of Cinnamon City Book 1)
Price: 0.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Well Worth the Read, 15 Jan 2013
At first I was almost put off reading Information Cloud due to the multiple points of view, including a Security Force commander, a little known hacker, the Security Force CIC, a slippery diplomat, and so on. However, upon continuing I was in for a wonderful surprise. The multiple points of view were woven together to form an amazing scene of such complexity and originality that it was a delight to read. What was supposed to be a simple recon mission in four legged 'Croc' APCs would spiral into something else entirely. It was the opening phases of this scene, which is the focus of the book, that warrants the 4 stars.

The characters were all uniquely individual, although the Security Forces seemed to lack any form of rigid command structure, which had an impact upon how the characters performed. I also would have preferred more background information on Cinnamon city when it was first mentioned, and also on the reasons for the conflict with the Kamari, who somehow had infinitely better technology than the Security Forces.

The ending seemed a tad rushed, tying up most ends but not quite in the depth I would have preferred. However, a most enjoyable read.

Self Help for Your Nerves: Learn to relax and enjoy life again by overcoming stress and fear
Self Help for Your Nerves: Learn to relax and enjoy life again by overcoming stress and fear
by Dr. Claire Weekes
Edition: Paperback
Price: 5.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars I am indebited to this book., 3 Mar 2010
I am indebited to "Self Help for your Nerves" for the very major role it played in my recovery from depression back in the early 1990s. Only after I read it did I truly understand what was wrong with me and how I had gotten into such a state. When I put into practice the amazing, practical advice shared in this book, hope re-entered my life as I began making great leaps forward in my recovery.

Here are some excerpts from my diary, dated 28th July 1990, written after reading the book:

"This book goes on to...describe EVERY single thing I have been suffering from for the past eight months...I had no idea all of the strange things in my mind, body, and emotions, were ALL interlinked and caused by the same thing! And it even says how I've been sitting and wondering what happened to me, and wondering if I'll ever be the same again? The book explains everything, right down to obsessive thoughts...

"And for the last 8 months, as always, I've reacted to these distressing symptoms in the same way. I have been scared of them, and feared all the many side effects and things that were going wrong with my mind, body, and emotions. And my other reaction has been to fight against it. And now I have learned from this book that these two reactions are the wrong reactions, because they both only make the symptoms worse worse...

"This book has taught me how to react so that the [the fear-adrenalin-fear cycle] will be stopped. And it's teaching me how to react whenever it strikes again in the future."
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