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The Extra Ordinary Life of Frank Derrick, Age 81
The Extra Ordinary Life of Frank Derrick, Age 81
Price: £1.19

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4.0 out of 5 stars Loved it, 5 Jun 2014
Frank Derrick is eighty-one. And he's just been run over by a milk float. Okay I don't know about you but that's one of the best openings to a book blurb I think I've ever read. I had no idea what to expect from this book and really, it's like nothing I've ever read before. I read mostly crime fiction, chick lit, thrillers, true crime and autobiographies. So this book was very different from my normal read but I absolutely loved it.

Frank is a wonderful and hilarious character. I warmed to him straight away and he had me laughing many times throughout the book. He lives somewhat of a lonely life as his wife has passed away and his daughter lives abroad. When he is hit by a milk float his daughter arranges some home help which at first Frank does not want. When he meets Kelly Christmas however he is left having second thoughts, and wishing that he had made a better impression. No sooner is she out the door after her first visit and he's counting down the days till she returns. Soon they form a lovely friendship and Frank has to resort to finding ways to keep her coming round and also to pay her which makes for some funny scenes.

The book is incredibly funny, and I could fill a review with some of the one liners but I think this is a book which should be read and discovered by the reader and they to can fall in love with the story. It's quite a life affirming read and left me actually questioning my own life. At 24 I already have some regrets about what I have and haven't done and that really shouldn't be the case. With older people in particular I think people sometimes forget they were young people themselves too, with hopes and dreams. Frank wakes up each morning counting the aeroplanes flying overhead and thinking if he stays in bed he will feel young, rather than getting up and looking in the mirror or feeling his aches and pains.

The author says in a Q&A in the book that this isn't a book about an old man but a book about a man who just happens to be old. Why because someone is old can't they still enjoy the things they enjoyed when they were younger? I think this will be particularly interesting in this day and age, with so much reliance on technology and the Internet etc when we ourselves are in our 70s and 80s will we abandon all of that? I don't think we will. I used to visit my Nan and Grandad every day when I was younger, I try and visit often now but perhaps don't go as often as I should. This book reminds me that I should. Despite the sad parts, alongside the humour this really is an uplifting and wonderful read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Ice Creams at Carrington's
Ice Creams at Carrington's
Price: £1.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars PERFECT read this summer!, 5 Jun 2014
THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING! Ahem. It's 3.15am and I've just finished it after starting it just a few hours ago. I read Cupcake's at Carrington's last year but didn't get around to reading Christmas at Carrington's until yesterday (May 23rd). The setting of Carrington's and Mulberry-on-Sea is just wonderful and I would just love to holiday there. As long as I could meet Georgie, I would absolutely love to be friends with her. Georgie is happily in love with Tom, Mr Carrington and thanks to being the star of a reality TV show is somewhat of a celebrity. The real celebrity however appears to be the fantastic Eddie who is now pretty much an A lister with his own TV shows and Simon Cowell on speed dial... He is also managed by Claire Powell!

One of the first things that stood out to me was the writing. With this being Alex's third book, as with most authors, I felt like she is just so much more comfortable and confident with her writing and her characters that it was just a joy to read. The previous two books are both well written and I'm really crap at trying to explain what I mean here! But you can just tell when an author really loves what they are writing about and loves the characters and stories as much as the reader. The world created just feels incredibly realistic and every character was extremely vivid in my mind. When an author puts so much effort and love into a story it really makes it that much more enjoyable for the reader.

This time the story centres around a summer regatta and after two books it makes sense to move the action away from Carrington's but at the same time still have it playing a big role in the book. And of course the setting of Mulberry-on-Sea just works incredibly well for this sort of story. Or so I thought... Unfortunately for Georgie just a few things go wrong and this makes for some pretty shocking and hilarious story lines. Georgie is the face of Carrington's during the regatta and is warned by Tom's formidable mother not to make a mess of it. She also faces obstacles and criticisms from Meredith who is the PA of Mulberry's MP. Alexandra writes such brilliant bitchy characters that you just want to see given a good slap.

Not only does the story take place away from Carrington's, parts of it take place away from Mulberry! And that's all I'm saying on that! It was BRILLIANT and I pretty much went through every emotion with Georgie. She is just a fantastic character. I was happy, sad, laughing my head off and then halfway through the book practically screaming at my Kindle which at 2am in the morning isn't good... Alexandra has written one hell of a story here, just when you think Georgie can't have any more bad luck something else happens. It's written in a way though that you feel sympathy for Georgie but it's hilarious at the same time.

I then had the thought of going to bed and finishing the book in the morning, well, that went out the window and there was no question of me sleeping until I reached the end. I absolutely love this book, the excitement around it on Twitter from other bloggers is huge and I'm sure and hope it'll be a roaring success for Alex. I can't recommend it enough. I'm just wondering whether this is the end of the Carrington's story? I for one hope not as Georgie is a character I could never tire reading about and I'm sure her legion of fans wouldn't either! I would love to read more from Georgie in the future even if it's a short story! Please do not hesitate to buy and LOVE this book.

The Bone Seeker (The Edie Kiglatuk Arctic Crime Series)
The Bone Seeker (The Edie Kiglatuk Arctic Crime Series)
Price: £6.59

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4.0 out of 5 stars Original. Authentic. GRIPPING, 5 Jun 2014
The first thing that drew me to the book was the cover, and then I read the blurb and was straightaway intrigued to read this book. I received a free proof copy in return for this review so thanks to the publisher for that. As crime fiction is my most read genre, it can get a bit repetitive and so I like to look for books which are a bit different, whether that be in setting or in story, and well this book is probably the most different I have read in a long time. It's not a crime story with countless murders, it's about the solving of a murder alongside a decades old conspiracy of sorts which was very gripping especially considering the setting and the characters. I've never read a book in this setting before and I enjoyed it immensely.

Ordinarily I don't like to just jump into a series without having read previous books. As I like to meet the character at the beginning of their journey and 'get to know them' however as a blogger I've got too many books to read at the minute to have read the previous books before this was released so decided to take a chance and it was more than worth it. After reading this book it can definitely be read as a standalone, enough information is given about the characters and enough teasing information to interest new readers in the earlier books.

I loved the Arctic setting of this book. It was just so different to what I normally read. I felt that the author captured it exceptionally well and I had no trouble picturing it. I have always wanted to visit somewhere where it is 24 hour daylight, just the thought of it being daylight in the middle of the night is fascinating, however for those that have to live with it it's a different matter. I found some of the words and language used a bit hard to understand and found myself Googling quite a few words, this is where reading on Kindle would've helped with the built in dictionary! It didn't really hamper my reading experience though and it's clear the author knows the area and people she is writing about.

I really liked the character of Edie and warmed to her straightaway. We learn a bit about her history, she nearly died the previous year and her stepson was murdered. So when one of her students goes missing, Edie has a particular interest in wanting to know where she is as she feels guilty for not doing more when her stepson was missing and she is scared that the same thing could happen to Martha. Martha's body is then found and she has been murdered in quite a violent and horrible way, obviously all murder is horrible but this one was particularly awful. Ordinarily the body would be left until the ME arrived but here the ME would take 3 hours to arrive and there's a bear prowling the area so the police, namely Derek Palliser have to move the body. Edie is left to break the news to the family, Martha's father is quite an unlikeable character who doesn't like Derek. Suspicion falls on the local encampment of soldiers that have recently arrived in the area. Running alongside that is the story of the polluted lake by the decommissioned radar station and the mystery surrounding why it is suddenly cordoned off.

The book has more than enough going on to hook the reader and keep them interested. I stupidly started this book before going to bed and found myself awake still reading long after I should've been asleep. That is of course the sign of a good book and this was a brilliant book. McGrath is a wonderful writer, this is one of the best written crime fiction books I have read in a long time. She really captures the atmosphere of her setting and the writing is incredibly descriptive that it was just a joy to read. The mystery element here is great too and had me guessing right up until the end. That said though I felt at times it was a bit too intelligent for me, I'm not stupid by any means but this is such an intricately woven and well written story that you really need to read every word and take in what you are reading.

For crime fans looking for something a bit different I strongly recommend picking up this book. I will certainly be hoping to read this author's previous work just as soon as my review tbr pile is looking less horrifying.

Written in the Stars
Written in the Stars
by Ali Harris
Edition: Paperback
Price: £3.85

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hugely enjoyable read, 5 Jun 2014
This review is from: Written in the Stars (Paperback)
This was my first Ali Harris read but it definitely won't be my last. I've actually had Ali's books on my tbr for the longest time, especially Miracle on Regent Street I've just stupidly never got round to reading them. I loved the blurb for this book though so didn't hesitate to request it on NetGalley and I'm glad I did because it was fantastic. I just loved this book. For me she seems to write the sorts of books that go beyond chick lit and tell stories that remain with you and I can't wait to get my hands on her previous books.

Bea Bishop is marrying Adam but she asks her best friend Milly how she knew her husband Jay was The One, and Milly replies with the obvious answer that you just know when you are in love. So Bea is walking down the aisle having doubts about marrying Adam when she sees someone from her past, her first love Kieran. After a accident walking down the aisle Bea wakes up, twice. In one world she marries Adam and in the other she runs from the church leaving Adam at the altar. At first I thought I would struggle to follow the two lives that Bea is now leading but I didn't struggle at all and I loved it. It's such a different and interesting way to follow a character's story!

We learn that there was a tragedy that made Kieran leave, promising he would return but he never did and so Bea moved on with her life. But now she's questioning everything, her relationships and her life and she sets out to start again from scratch. She also blames herself for the tragedy all those years ago and wonders whether her and Kieran are meant to be. That's in one world, in the other she's happily married with Adam and at the same time is reevaluating her life there, regarding her job and personal life. There are some similarities in the two worlds that she's living in but also some major differences. It's hard to really talk about the story without ruining it, as it's best to discover for yourself just what happens to Bea in these two worlds.

Bea is a fantastic character as is her best friend Milly. I was definitely rooting for her in both worlds. Since her father walked out on her she has felt like a huge part of her life is missing and has spent most of it trying to fill the space he left, her brother Cal however hates him and can't understand why Bea wants him back in her life. There are some huge developments in the book regarding this but again to elaborate would ruin the story. I found myself thinking about my own life and how differently things might have gone if I'd made different decisions, the chance to see your life how it would have went had you done things differently is both fascinating and horrifying.

Ali is a fantastic writer, I just lost myself in the book and just couldn't put it down (until I had to and I was really annoyed waiting until I could continue reading it). Not only did I have no idea where Bea's story (or two stories) would go but I also didn't know how she was living these two lives and how the story would end in terms of wrapping up these two worlds so it was a very exciting read. In this genre it's always fantastic when an author writes something a little bit different to the other books out there at the minute, it's a bit boring when books are so similar and this one was very different and unique so was a very welcome read. I cannot wait to read more of Ali's books and will be hoping to do so ASAP. Don't miss this one.

Red Light (Katie Maguire)
Red Light (Katie Maguire)
by Graham Masterton
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £12.91

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4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, 4 Jun 2014
My first Graham Masterton read but definitely not my last! Of this crime fiction series of his anyway. Over the last few months I have read some absolutely brilliant crime fiction books set in Northern Ireland, specifically Belfast and Dublin and so was both excited and intrigued to read this book set in the Republic, in Cork. As a prolific reader of crime fiction certain elements of it can get repetitive and I really enjoyed reading about Irish policing.

Our main character in this book is Detective Superintendent Katie McGuire and I liked her immensely. Some authors tend to create the bog standard male detective, macho, usually with a drinking problem and usually an unwillingness to follow orders from their superiors. And so I especially like reading books where the main detective is a woman. Having not read the previous books I obviously didn't know anything about Katie going into the book but Masterton tells the reader enough to bring us up to speed and also to make us want to rush and read the previous books. For that reason it can definitely be read as a standalone.

The book opens with an estate agent and his client checking out a property when they come across a foul smell. Thinking it to be rotting food from the previous owners they enter one of the rooms to find that it is in fact the rotting body of a man with his hands cut off and his face blasted away. Hovering over the man is a scared, half-naked girl. Straight off the bat Masterton does not hold back with the very vivid descriptions of how the man was murdered. For me, the gruesomer the better, but definitely not for the faint hearted. Especially as the book progresses and we are treated to even more brutal and gruesome murder scenes.

It turns out that the man is in fact a pimp, and when more men across Cork are killed in similar ways it becomes clear that someone out there won't rest until they have cleared the city of its pimps. Katie has to question whether she actually wants to catch this person who is really just making the city a better place, right? I found myself wondering the same thing. The men who are being killed are vile men who think nothing of bringing girls, some children, into the country and selling them for sex against their will.

Masterton is a wonderful writer. The book really was a joy to read. Usually I am put off reading books over 400+ pages unless it's by an author I have previously read. However the 439 pages in this book flew by. I loved the setting which has been captured perfectly, especially in the dialogue between the characters. In terms of the plot it was quite a simple one. Not hard to guess the reasonings behind the murders but still a good read from beginning to end that I would recommend to all crime fiction fans. I'll definitely be hoping to get around to the first two in the series sooner rather than later.

A House of Knives (Breen and Tozer)
A House of Knives (Breen and Tozer)
Price: £4.89

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5.0 out of 5 stars My new favourite crime fiction series, 4 Jun 2014
Having only recently read A Song From Dead Lips, book one in this trilogy I was very excited to see that book two was out soon after I'd finished reading! I received this book for free in return for my review so a massive thanks to Quercus and William Shaw for that.

As a prolific reader of crime fiction I love it when a book comes along which is different than the rest. This book is set in 1960s London and so definitely fits that bill. I loved the first book so had high expectations for this one. After finishing I would say that the storyline in the first book was more enjoyable and gripped me more than the one in this book. What stood out for me more in this book though was the character development of Breen and Tozer. Both are brilliant characters. I'm just a bit disappointed this is a trilogy and not a series as I would love to follow these characters for a few more books at least.

William Shaw is a brilliant writer, but he's that good I really had to take my time with this one and take in everything I was reading. His writing style for me took a bit of getting used to. That, along with the plot of the book meant it was 80 or so pages before I was comfortable with the book but after that I was gripped and so I am glad I persevered. But he is incredibly descriptive with everything he is writing about, even the small things. For me this is 'clever' crime fiction as opposed to the throwaway kind you often find where you read, forget it and move on.

After a burned out body is found and established to be that of probably a homeless drunk Breen is the only person who seems to care. Another burned out body is found and this time the victim is the son of a very high profile MP who of course expects answers. Francis Pugh is the victim but his father Rhodri seems more concerned about protecting his image than finding out what happened.

While this is all going on Breen is receiving threatening notes and then something quite shocking happens to him which finally makes him sit up and take notice. Beforehand he was a bit blasé about the notes. Working alongside Tozer he sets out to find out the truth about what happened to Francis by retracing his steps, checking his bank accounts and talking to the people he was involved with. One such person being Robert Fraser who I am led to believe is real and had to Google to find out more although I'm sure those familiar with the era won't need to. My knowledge of Sixties London is mostly about the Krays and other gangland figures.

For me the story surrounding Breen's threatening notes and his friendship/relationship with Tozer was the story I enjoyed the most. Tozer especially as she faces much discrimination from her colleagues and superiors and as I read a lot of crime fiction where the top brass are sometimes women it's interesting to read a book where they are treated like dirt basically by the men.

The setting of the book is wonderful. Sixties London is completely brought to life by the author and the images in my head were so vivid. Everything from the dialogue to the scene setting just feels so authentic. Of course anyone can look up a list of dates and reel off events that happened at the time their book was set but for me Shaw has really added authenticity to the events and the whole book just feels so much more realistic and enjoyable because of it. The difference in policing back then is especially interesting to read. It's a book I would definitely recommend to crime fiction fans and one I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Roll on book three!

One Night in Italy
One Night in Italy
by Lucy Diamond
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £13.60

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4.0 out of 5 stars One Night in Italy... via Sheffield, 4 Jun 2014
This review is from: One Night in Italy (Hardcover)
So I settled down a few nights ago all ready for a nice summery read only to find out this book is set in Sheffield. I was a bit disappointed although a part of the book is set in Italy and those parts really were wonderful. That said of course the setting is only one part of a book and so it was up to the story to reel me in and keep me there until the end! I'm pleased to say that it did. This is my second Lucy Diamond read, my first being The Beach Cafe which I loved! So I had high expectations for this one, especially after fellow bloggers speak so highly of her other books. Although for me the biggest excitement before reading The Beach Cafe in 2012 was that Lucy is children's author Sue Mongredien!

We have three main characters. Anna, who in the opening chapter I found pretty dull. She was moaning about her relationship and I wondered whether I would struggle to like her. We also have Catherine who basically lives for her children and is heartbroken that they are finally escaping to go to university, she takes them both to their new homes and returns early to find her husband in bed with some random woman. Finally we meet Sophie, who is in sunny Italy. But not for long as she receives a call telling her that her dad has had a heart attack. Having not been home for eight years she reluctantly steps on a plane and goes back to the one place she never wanted to return to. Lucy creates the most realistic and believable characters. Catherine in particular at the start of the book came across to me as one of those pushy, needy mothers I just hate. And when she found her husband cheating I wasn't surprised. I was surprised however at how much I ended up liking her as the book went on!

Amusingly in the opening chapter Anna finds out that her father may be an Italian by the name of Gino. I thought to myself, surely not? The book being set in Sheffield I was half expecting Keith Lemon to jump out. For me it was Sophie who immediately stood out as the more interesting character, however as time went on I began to like all three of them. The three of them meet at an evening class where Sophie is teaching Italian and it isn't long before they become friends.

For me this is one of those books which whilst being chick lit it's a bit more 'real' than some of the other chick lit books out there and also a bit more grown up dealing with some serious, and relevant issues. There are less of the usual cliches and moments that just wouldn't happen in real life in this book and mostly what you get is the story of three very different women each attempting to move forward with their life after events in their own lives force them to do so. Usually when a book focuses on more than one character I wonder whether I will struggle to keep up with the story and care for the characters and end up missing them days after you've finished the book. Most chick lit books I read just focus on one character, but definitely no struggles here. The pages turned themselves and the book was almost over before I knew it!

Perfect for those looking for a fun read you certainly would be well advised to pick this one up. Escapism at its best. Hope to read more of Lucy's books in the future!

Want You Dead
Want You Dead
by Peter James
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £9.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars King of crime returns with a stormer, 2 Jun 2014
This review is from: Want You Dead (Hardcover)
I received this book for free in return for my review, and I hope that this review does the book justice. I found it a hard one to write as Peter James is one of my all time favourite authors and I have very high expectations when it comes to his work. With a Peter James book I expect the writing and storytelling to be impeccable and second to none. He is one of the best crime writers out there. The writing, as strong as ever and the story as gripping as ever. Certain stories didn't progress as much as I would like them to but that's a fault with me not the author or the book. This review will also contain 'spoilers' for those that haven't read previous books.

The Roy Grace series is one of the best, and one of my favourite crime fiction series of all time and I was very excited to read this book. Grace is a fascinating character and one that I just could never tire reading about. Along with Tom Thorne, Mark Heckenburg and Robert Hunter I think I have a pretty good bunch where favourite detectives are concerned. Grace is about to get married and is the very proud father of a new baby. I was interested to see how he was coping with this. Fans will know that Grace is the sort of police officer who is completely consumed by his job, everything else comes second. It caused untold problems between him and Sandy (more on her in a minute!) and Grace fears the same could happen between him and Cleo, though she does seem pretty understanding throughout this book when work gets in the way. I do like them as a couple, when they first got together it felt a bit forced to me but I love their relationship now and hope it lasts long into the future.

Now, Sandy... For the first few books I was gripped by this storyline. Where is she? Is she alive, dead, kidnapped, murdered, ran away? The reader is left as confused as Grace and as eager to find out what happened as he is. A few books ago however James revealed to the reader just where Sandy has been all of these years, however it has been dragged out over the past few books to the point where I am just screaming inside for Sandy to reveal herself to Roy. But at the same time Grace has ended previous books on some of the best cliffhangers I've ever read so at the same time I want the storyline to draw to a close but I love the cliffhangers!

Sandy does feature in this book, in a big way in some ways but in others it's very brief. This is where my confusion over how to rate this book comes in, I just felt that with book ten there would be a bit more closure regarding this storyline rather than once again a snippet or two and a cliffhanger. That said the cliffhanger was the best one yet and has left me dying to read book eleven. It was definitely a case of reading the cliffhanger and realising there were no pages left in the book and being furious! And so I suppose as Peter is the talented author and I am just the reader his skill of manipulating and hooking the reader in is definitely working! After the events of this book regarding Sandy I have no idea what will happen next. As much as I want her to reveal herself I think once/if it happens I will miss that aspect of the books! So I clearly have no idea what I want to happen with Sandy!

As for the storyline I think it was a good one but by no means his best. It was certainly gripping and all too believable in this day and age. Red Westwood has left her abusive ex Bryce Laurent and is in police custody. Bryce however is living in the same building, and has access to pretty much every aspect of Red's life. Her keystrokes are logged, her phone calls and texts intercepted and he knows where she is every hour of every day. Bryce is also some sort of super magician, and there were some questionable sleight of hand aspects but I guess that's the whole point, when I see it on TV I'm left dumbfounded. One of my favourite parts of the book were the chapters from Bryce's point of view. I always love crime fiction which lets you get inside the psychopath's head and the bits here were certainly quite gripping. Bryce is a very disturbed and scary individual and one I wouldn't want stalking me!

For most of the book though I felt Bryce was all talk, he kept saying what he was going to do but not actually doing it however something then happened which left me speechless. Sometimes I think writers are a bit hesitant to write certain storylines and it's so hard to say more without giving it away but I definitely wasn't expecting a certain storyline which occurred here! After that it was fair game and I had no idea what Bryce would do next and couldn't read quick enough to find out. Also featured of course are the brilliant characters from previous books including one of my favourites Glenn Branson and the brilliant but awful Norman Potting, who actually went up in my estimation in this book. There's also the return of one of Grace's nemesis's who is about to become his boss, awkward! This leads Grace to question his future in the police and he worries that he may be pushed out. Towards the end of the book something significant regarding this does happen and I can't wait to read more in the next book.

I think Peter's fans will agree this is a solid read and very worthy of the asking price. You know with a Peter James book you are in for a brilliant read, just don't go into it expecting closure regarding Sandy. Just another massive cliffhanger that will tease you for the next 12 months! Well I say 12 months, there is another Roy Grace next year, right?!

Dead Man's Gift: Part Two
Dead Man's Gift: Part Two
Price: £0.49

5.0 out of 5 stars Noooo, need part three NOW!, 29 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I downloaded this at 0.05 and have just finished it at 0.30! For those that missed my review of the first part of this serial, I said that Simon Kernick is perfect for serialisation. It's a cliche but he writes the sorts of books that have you on the edge of your seat and forgetting to breathe, as one of the best thriller writers in the world I was wondering whether such a short story, cut up into three parts could be as gripping and hook me in like his full length books do. Well after part two I can safely say that they do!

In part one we were introduced to MP Tim Horton who arrived home to find his son's nanny murdered and his wife distraught after his son is kidnapped. What the kidnappers want in return is for Tim to take his own life. Tim called for help from his ex-brother in law, Scope who is ex-army. Scope then got himself into a bit of a sticky situation and the book ended there. I was wondering how Scope would get himself out of the situation, a house surrounded by police as he stands next to a dead body... Well he does get away and catches up with Orla, the woman partly responsible for arranging the kidnap of Tim's son.

We also learn that one of the men involved in the kidnapping is a high ranking police officer but we don't know why... The police officer, Frank finds out that the dead body in the house isn't who it should be and it becomes clear that Tim has disobeyed orders and has called for help. You would imagine it to be difficult to add depth to characters or draw emotion from readers in a story so short but you really feel the Horton's pain and share in the adrenaline that Scope must be feeling and only a very talented author can succeed in doing that.

And then as the story is so short it's hard to 'review' it further. Safe to say that it was a thrilling read packed into some very short chapters. No sooner had I settled back into the story than it was over! This is both exciting and infuriating as once again I have to wait a week for the final instalment! It's pretty shocking what Tim Horton is asked to do to save the life of his child. For me though I'm wondering how the next book will progress and whether what I am hoping will happen is going to happen and whether I am a bit wrong for wanting it to!

Thriller fans don't hesitate to pick up both parts of this three part serialisation and the third part on June 5th! It's perfect for the commute to work, or for half an hour in the bath. I can't wait to see how it all concludes!

Dead Man's Gift: Part One
Dead Man's Gift: Part One
Price: £0.49

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Need part two NOW!!!, 23 May 2014
If ever there was an author made for serialisation that author is Simon Kernick. I consider him one of the best thriller writers in the world, his books literally take my breath away and have me on the edge of the seat reading at lightning fast pace. That however is with a full length novel, with this serialisation you have to wait a whole week in between releases! Which means after the cliffhanger in this book I cannot bear to wait for a week! As Kernick himself says in the Author's Note, the crime and thriller genre is pretty much perfect for serialisation.

I received my NetGalley acceptance email at 4.05 and finished the book at 4.35. So not a long read but a gripping one all the same. MP Tim Horton arrives home to find his wife distraught, the nanny murdered and his child kidnapped by unknown perpetrators who have fitted cameras in his home and have given him the demand that should he want his child to be returned safe, he must take his own life. Call it a Dead Man's Gift...

This book screams Kernick. You just know when you are reading a book from this author. The writing is gripping and the story moves at a quick pace. Horton of course doesn't just sit around the table weeping about his son he calls on somebody for help, Scope who is ex-army and sets out to find the kidnappers before they can kill Horton's son. And then something major happens and the book finishes and I was practically screaming! The second instalment cannot come quick enough as far as I am concerned!

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